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  • Womens Villanous Madam Wig

    Womens Villanous Madam Wig

    BLACK & WHITE & A MILLION SHADES IN BETWEENShe’s not entirely bad, she just likes the finer things in life. Does that make her a villain? We don’t think so. Her fondness for fur, fashion and extreme hairdos is cool. There’s far worse things she could be preoccupied with, like how to steal over 100 puppies, skin them for their coats and proudly wear them all around town. Don’t worry, she’s not really going to do that, she’ll just think about it and pretend to do it on Halloween. Nothing wrong with that! Whatever dark thoughts you’ve been mulling over, entertain them on Halloween. Wear the women’s villainous madam wig and get in touch with your dark side just for an evening. This wig disguises the “you” everyone is use to seeing in a temporary fashion. Style it the way you’d like then scheme away— just please, stay away from our dog!       PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s villainous madam wig is a Made by Us creation so it’s high-quality and high-fashion. The synthetic shoulder-length hair is slightly wavey and parted with one side colored white and the other black. This wig certainly stops traffic by itself but consider adding a faux fur stole for a more extravagant final look.

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  • Dallas Cowboys Womens Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Sweater

    Dallas Cowboys Womens Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Sweater

    This is a Dallas Cowboys Women’s Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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  • Mens David S. Pumpkins Costume

    Mens David S. Pumpkins Costume

    What’s the Deal With Pumpkins?Who is David S. Pumpkins? We’re not sure. Where did he come from? No one really knows, aside from those skeletons that are always dancing next to him. What’s with the dancing skeletons? It’s a mystery. Why does he like pumpkins so much? We think it has something to do with his last name, but we really can’t confirm or deny that. So then, what does the S stand for? Okay, here’s a question that we CAN answer. It’s Simon. David Simon Pumpkin. Why do we like him so much? You know, we don’t really have a good answer for that.Despite not much being known about Mr. Pumpkins, he is totally amazing. You either look past all of the questions and get it… or you stare at him and just wonder what the big deal is. This David S. Pumpkins costume is for those who get it. Everyone else? Well, they can just look at this costume making a weird face while mumbling, “I don’t quite get it.”Product DetailsThis costume is an officially licensed outfit based on the Saturday Night Live character. The jacket is black and has plenty of orange pumpkins on the exterior. It has buttons in the front, but everyone knows that the real David likes to keep it loose and open. He’s a casual guy. The matching pants continue the flow of the outfit and have an elastic band in the waist for fitting. The tie adds the finishing zing to the costume, so you’ll be ready to give every a solid Halloween thumbs up this year.Dancers in the MixOf course, it’s hard to be David S. Pumpkins without some skeletons dancers in the mix. Make sure you find a couple of friends to dress up as your beat boy crew to get the full effect. Not everyone will get what’s going on, but that’s all a part of the David S. Pumpkins fun!

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  • Womens Gold Goddess Heels

    Womens Gold Goddess Heels

    When you’re invited to one of Zeus’ annual parties, you really have to dress the part. The paparazzi of the gods are there in full force just looking to capture any fashion faux pas, or cultural slip of any kind. For a goddess like you that means getting exactly the right look even more stressful! Luckily, we got your shoes covered with these gorgeous goddess heels. Not only will Zeus approve (and likely make some kind of salacious remark) but the paparazzi will be snapping photos of you left and right, and hark! you may even appear on ‘Mt. Olympus Weekly’ looking fabulous in your glimmering high heels.

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  • Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Do you believe in fairies?As children we find out that certain things aren’t real. Santa Clause does not come down your chimney. There is no such thing as Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Not even the Man in the Moon is real, he is just some trick of light, and shadows.We will believe people when they say that mythological figures don’t exist. We will believe that there is no such thing as a politician who only speaks the truth. But we will not accept that fairies aren’t real. They do exist. They exist because we believe in them. We said the words “I do believe in fairies,” and poof. Fairies are real, and they are beautiful.There will always be nonbelievers however. All you’ll have to do is whisper “I do believe in fairies,” as you put on this Women’s Tinkerbell Fairy Costume. And you’ll have everyone at your costume party believing in fairies. Who knows maybe some of the other things we were told don’t exist, are real. Maybe if we say we believe in Nessie she will come out of Loch Ness to show herself off. Don’t be afraid to show off your flying skills. We do believe in fairies. We do believe in you. *Fairy Dust not included*

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  • Stone Cold Steve Austin Mens Costume

    Stone Cold Steve Austin Mens Costume

    Wrestling RoyaltyIf you’re a fan of viral videos then you’ll definitely remember the sensational Stone Cold E.T! Disguised in an E.T. mask and gray hoodie, the video shows a man pulling up to a White Castle drive-thru demanding cheeseburgers while impersonating the one and only, Texas Rattlesnake. While intimidating the White Castle worker for a bag full of fresh sliders, Stone Cold E.T.’s voice sounds uncanny to the pro wrestler’s. In fact, it makes us recall all the instances Steve Austin got into the ring and unleashed a vicious tirade of insults upon Vince McMahon. It’s an awesome video and if you haven’t watched it yet, then we definitely advise you to get on Youtube immediately. Stone Cold E.T. became a viral sensation in 2012, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been a successful Stone Cold impersonator since. The world needs another Stone Cold E.T. which begs the question: could the next amazing Stone Cold impersonator be you?We should warn you that pretending to be the disrespectful beer-drinking wrestler won’t be an easy task. If it were, the world would be crawling with tough guys who speak in a southern drawl. In your free time, you’re going to have to work on your Steve Austin impersonation, but currently, we can hook you up with a costume that will at least have you looking like the former Heavyweight champ’s stunt double.Product DetailsThis Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume for men consists of a faux leather vest featuring related insignia, elastic waistband blue shorts, a pair of wristbands, black knee pads, and a goatee. Go ahead and pair an E.T. mask with the look so Stone Cold E.T. can make a comeback. Avid Youtube watchers will be overjoyed to receive that notification! Stone Cold CostumeWhether you hit the ring or hit the party, this Stone Cold Steve Austin costume will transform you into certain wrestling royalty this Halloween!

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  • Day of the Dead Womens Veil

    Day of the Dead Womens Veil

    BEYOND THE VEILEven though the day is all about celebration, Dia de Los Muertos is considered a very macabre holiday. Sugar skulls (or Calaveras if you’re fancy) and rosaries are everywhere, complemented by many burning candles and the possessions of deceased loved ones. The day calls for wearing all-black clothing, offset by tiny red rosebuds. For the most part, everyone is dressed this way so standing out in the crowd is almost impossible…until now.The Day of the Dead veil is the one accessory that shrouds your identity while also setting you apart from the other celebrators. It’s a remarkable piece that will go with any and all of your Day of the Dead garb. Honor the spiritual journey of passed on friends and family members by crowning yourself the ‘unofficial’ queen of this special holiday with the Day of the Dead veil.                    Design & DetailThe Day of the Dead veil has everything you could want from a Dia de Los Muertos accessory: fake roses, a plastic skull and a long mesh veil with a lacey edging.SUGAR SKULL SOPHISTICATIONIf you really want to go all out for the event (and why wouldn’t you?) then pick up a colorful face makeup kit and a full Sugar Skull costume.

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  • Womens Oktoberfest Fraulein T-Shirt

    Womens Oktoberfest Fraulein T-Shirt

    Oktoberfest is a magical time of year. It’s a bit chilly, but the leaves are turning, and the beer is flowing, and everywhere people are singing “Roll out the Barrel” and playing Hammerschlagen. Day drinking and hammers? What could go wrong?All Hammershlogen jokes aside, Oktoberfest is pretty great. You’ll never find a more delectable fare. There’s crispy sauerkraut, sizzling sausages, and freshly baked pretzels that can be dipped in mustard or cheese. Sure, it’s not healthy but it’s food you can daydream about. Whether you’re heading out to a party this October or just celebrating with some friends, you should totally wear our Fraulein tee. It’s a lot more comfortable than wearing the traditional dirndl, that’s for sure!Just slip on this t-shirt and it will transform you into a beer maiden instantly! It has cute details like the pint glass on the necklace and printed on corset details. So before you head out for some beer and Wienerschnitzel this year say ‘Guten Tag’ to this incredible costume tee for women!

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  • Womens Deluxe German Costume

    Womens Deluxe German Costume

    Why wait until Oktoberfest to break out a dirndl? This Women’s Deluxe German Costume has a cute and classic German look that will make you want to dress like a German girl every day. Just don’t be too surprised when everyone feels like celebrating the Bavarian holiday all around you!This lovely German-inspired dress will make it look as if you left your tiny hilltop village for the first time and you‚Äôre ready to party in the big city. Whether Halloween is right around the corner or you plan on joining in on the festivities of Oktoberfest, this year this outfit will be perfect. You can show off your love for Bavarian culture with this easy to toss on costume. Just slip into the dress and zip up the back. The cute apron with the flower prints is already attached, so it will always look perfect. Then you just need to tie the handkerchief in your hair and you‚Äôll be ready to head back to the old country! Or, at least, ready to have tons of fun in the party scene. We designed this costume ourselves, in hopes of capturing the light-hearted, fun-loving spirit of Bavarian culture, and we really feel like we nailed it!So if you‚Äôre ready to celebrate your German heritage or just Bavarian culture in general, then grab this easy to assemble ensemble. Maybe find an accessory or two to personalize this deluxe costume as well, like a picnic basket or one of our beer stein purses!

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  • Clueless Dee Womens Costume

    Clueless Dee Womens Costume

    Are we like, totally buggin, or is Dionne the epitome of a perfect best friend? Ugh, why does Cher have literally, everything we want! Okay, we admit that we’re SO jealous of Cher Horowitz because she’s popular, pretty, and lucky enough to call Dee her BFF. Not only is Dionne extremely stylish (hello, who else could pull off a Dr. Seuss-esque hat with such ease), but her sassy demeanor can easily dominate any social situation. For example, at the Valley party, she found out her man, Murray, was shaving his head in the bathroom (ugh, as if!). Dee puts a stop to that by reaching for her cell phone and dialing up Murray’s mom’s ASAP. Ta-duh, problem solved. See, not much is out of Dee’s control, well except when it comes to merging onto the freeway. Don’t worry though, she’ll get the hang of it as long as she remembers to breathe and keep her hands on the wheel! Now you can become Cher’s Beverly Hills bestie and you won’t need a virtual closet in order to do so. This exclusive Dee costume will turn you into the fashion-forward Dionne Davenport from Amy Hecklering’s hit 90’s movie, Clueless. You’ll look like a total Betty when you’re dressed in this layered checkered ensemble. The skirt with matching blazer will make you look ready to drop some major cash on Rodeo Drive, while the sweater crop top adds just the right amount of color to the outfit. Accessorize with a pair of black thigh-high stockings and some black heels for a look that will get you noticed. Also, have your cell phone close by at all times because you never know when Murray will do something reckless. You can diffuse that catastrophic situation by simply dialing up his mother, of course!

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  • Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Womens Costume

    Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Womens Costume

    This is the Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Women’s Queen of Hearts Costume.

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  • Womens Sexy Nurse Costume

    Womens Sexy Nurse Costume

    Usually, nurses have to do all of the dirty work around the office. Taking blood pressure, filling out incomplete questionnaires, and paperwork. SO much paperwork. Rumor has it, though, that some nurses just skip all of the boring stuff. Because when they find a patient that catches their eye they get dirty in a whole different manner of speaking… We’re not sure if it’s a reality or just a fantasy but it would be a violation of the nurse’s code of conduct. If you feel like breaking the rules, just suit up for duty with this Sexy Nurse costume. We’re sure all of your patients will be leaving you 5 star reviews!

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  • Womens Siren of the Sea Costume

    Womens Siren of the Sea Costume

    Halloween is coming up and a lot of people are going to be running around as supernatural creatures from all sorts of different myths and legends. You can bet that you’ll see werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and many varieties of demons. People will be trying to dress up as the scariest versions of these creatures but you don’t need to worry about being the most horrifying. No, you’ll be the most radiant mythological beast swimming through the party scene this year. All you need is this Women’s Siren of the Sea Costume.A siren is a creature very similar to a mermaid. One key difference between the two is that while mermaids tend to be helpful towards humans, sirens enjoy luring sailors to their demise. Also, another quick difference lies in the appearance of each creature. Mermaids have always been half-human and half-fish but the depiction of a siren has been that as well as half-human and half-bird… With this costume, however, you will be the aquatic version of this creature from Greek mythology. Now the sirens were always notorious for causing sailors to crash their ships into rocks by distracting them with a beautiful singing voice. So you may want work on your pipes if you want to properly depict these infamous beauties of the sea.This costume comes with a glamorous corset and a V-shaped skirt with a lovely fin to cover your feet. If you want to swim the extra mile then you can even take a look at the many colorful wigs we have in stock to complete this mystical transformation. When you enter the party in this costume you’ll leave everyone like fish out of water, breathless!

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  • Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Mrs. Incredible Womens Costume

    Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Mrs. Incredible Womens Costume

    Stretched a Little ThinShe gets a well-balanced meal on the table while her baby is literally erupting into flames and shooting lasers out of his eyes. She can help find her son’s hightops by blue tooth speaker as she’s speeding along the motorway on a high-powered motorcycle. Between saving the superhero reputation and keeping her family safe despite their insane powers, this mom brings a new meaning to stretching herself thin. We’ll just see how it goes when dad takes over for a day or two, should be easy, right? Now that we think about it, does this balancing act sound familiar? If you connect to the bend-over-backward, flexible ways of Elastigirl than you probably wouldn’t mind being recognized for your superhero skills every so often. Set a precedent and throw your powers in the spotlight with this instantly recognizable costume!Product DetailsYou’ll be ready for whatever the world is going to throw at you when you’re wearing this red and black stretchy ensemble. The top has a high neck with the proud Incredibles logo on the front. While the jumpsuit is ready to wear on its own, you can throw on the included skirt so you’ll feel comfortable at any event. Family MattersIt can be tricky to find a group costume that the whole family can agree on. Too often someone has to compromise and opt for a less than super night at a costume party. Not so when it comes to dressing the whole crew in Incredibles wear! Everyone can express their very own powers. People outside of the immediate family tagging along? People can go as Frozone or Syndrome. You could even recruit a child to go as the fashionable Edna Mode. All you need is a pair of round glasses, a flapper wig, and a trench coat and you’ve got yourself a tiny fashion maven. No matter how many people might be in your superhero family, this Halloween will be a night no one will ever forget!

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  • The Super Mario Brothers Mens Mario Deluxe Costume

    The Super Mario Brothers Mens Mario Deluxe Costume

    Next Level MarioSo, you’re a Mario master. You beat every Super Mario Bros game you ever laid your hands on. You’ve defeated Bowser, Wart, Bowser Jr., and you’ve even sent Wario packing. You’ve saved Princess Peach countless times and you’ve even duked it out with other Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. You can even beat everyone you know in a round of Mario Kart! So then, what’s the next challenge for you? Well, it’s time to take your Mario game to the next level. It’s time to take it into the real world!Yes, if you’ve already mastered Marion in video games, then it’s time to assume the role of Mario in the real world! This officially licensed Nintendo costume should help you do that with brilliant style!Product DetailsThis Super Mario Bros Deluxe Costume gives you a look straight from the video games. The costume comes with a bright blue jumpsuit with an attached red shirt, designed to look like the Italian plumber’s signature overalls. It fits with a simple fastener in the back for easy fitting. The gloves are one size fits all and stretch to fit. The bright red hat matches the jumpsuit and features the large “M” in the center and it fits with an elastic band. Finally, the mustache attaches to your face with a strip of adhesive and can be used multiple times with the use of spirit gum (sold separately). Put it all together and you have a Mario costume that gives you an authentic look based on Nintendo’s iconic character.Mastering the LookWhether you decide to wear this Mario costume while heading to the Go-Kart track, or you just want to wear it to show the world that you’re the ultimate Mario master, it’s the authentic look that you’ve been searching for!

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  • The Super Mario Brothers Mens Mario Deluxe Costume

    The Super Mario Brothers Mens Mario Deluxe Costume

    Next Level MarioSo, you’re a Mario master. You beat every Super Mario Bros game you ever laid your hands on. You’ve defeated Bowser, Wart, Bowser Jr., and you’ve even sent Wario packing. You’ve saved Princess Peach countless times and you’ve even duked it out with other Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. You can even beat everyone you know in a round of Mario Kart! So then, what’s the next challenge for you? Well, it’s time to take your Mario game to the next level. It’s time to take it into the real world!Yes, if you’ve already mastered Marion in video games, then it’s time to assume the role of Mario in the real world! This officially licensed Nintendo costume should help you do that with brilliant style!Product DetailsThis Super Mario Bros Deluxe Costume gives you a look straight from the video games. The costume comes with a bright blue jumpsuit with an attached red shirt, designed to look like the Italian plumber’s signature overalls. It fits with a simple fastener in the back for easy fitting. The gloves are one size fits all and stretch to fit. The bright red hat matches the jumpsuit and features the large “M” in the center and it fits with an elastic band. Finally, the mustache attaches to your face with a strip of adhesive and can be used multiple times with the use of spirit gum (sold separately). Put it all together and you have a Mario costume that gives you an authentic look based on Nintendo’s iconic character.Mastering the LookWhether you decide to wear this Mario costume while heading to the Go-Kart track, or you just want to wear it to show the world that you’re the ultimate Mario master, it’s the authentic look that you’ve been searching for!

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  • Opposuit King Of Hearts Mens Suit

    Opposuit King Of Hearts Mens Suit

    Remember the days when people used to meet in person before they went on a date. Meet cutes could happen anywhere. In a book shop, while boogying in the streets, even while picking up an embarrassing amount of ice cream (for you and your many friends waiting at home). In today’s world of endless varieties of dating apps, your thumb can get tired of swiping. Plus, how many selfies can you really look at in one day? Wouldn’t it be great to go out in the world in something that says, “Look at me! I’m ready for love! Let’s meet cute.”? It’s about time you took your place on what we must assume is a velvet throne lined with glowing neon red lights, the throne of the king of hearts. Yes, there’s no need for you to make the first move or check your app when you’re wearing this stunning suit. It has a classic black back ground, a classic cut, and is bursting with a red heart pattern. All those people hunched over their drinks waiting for that Tinder date who may or may not show up will feel their hearts lift in hope when you walk in the door. Whether or not you’re interested in those poor passive, non-heart suit wearing people, it is you, brave soul, that is delivering that hope in this cold technological age. So, whether you’re wearing this to your first date or re-wearing it to your blessed nuptials (because really, who could not fall in love with a guy wearing a heart suit?) you’re sure to make a great impression to everyone present. Forget Cupid, you’ve got this one covered!

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  • Mens Arabian Chieftain Costume

    Mens Arabian Chieftain Costume

    This Mens Arabian Chieftain Costume is 100% polyester costume with plastic buttons on the tunic at the neck and at the sleeves. The robe attaches with a tie in the front and features gold accents, and the headpiece snaps in place thanks to a black- and gold-accented headband. We’ve got the hook-ups here when it comes to the ensemble, but to get your slice and dice on, you’ll have to grab the sword separately. Don’t worry, though, we have plenty of those bad boys. Best of luck on your epic adventures through the desert and well beyond! Just don’t forget to hydrate. That’s very important.

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  • Mens Slipknot Jumpsuit Costume

    Mens Slipknot Jumpsuit Costume

    When it comes to heavy metal, there really aren’t many bands that can go as hardcore as Slipknot does, they’ve got everything from insane, chaotic concerts all the way down to incredible costumes worthy of starring in their own horror movies. Every single one of them has a mask based on their personality. Maybe it’s time you started your own story?Who would you be if you were a slipknot band member? In their early years, they did change around members quite a bit. Could you be next in the lineup? The whole idea is to take away from what Corey Taylor thought were a bunch of hot guys selling bad music just because they were attractive, and instead wear a mask to make it all about the music. You’re going to have to put your personality into the costume then to completely reveal who you are on the inside, even if it is a little gross. That’s what the music’s about anyway, right? If you’re like us who have ever worn a mask or costume that completely covers your face, you’ll know that it’s incredibly freeing. You can become whoever you want and that’s pretty amazing. There have even been artists out there who do it in order to overcome stage fright!We can’t quite help you find the perfect mask for your band audition. We’ve got tons of them to work with but you’ll have to do your own soul searching in order to custom fit a theme for who you are. One thing we can help with no problem is hooking you up with a sweet replica of one of the band’s jumpsuits. It’s a perfect addition to open up your costume with a blank slate. All you need is a sweet mask to go with it.

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  • Womens Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

    Womens Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

    Being dreadful is one thing, but being delightfully dreadful, well, that’s another thing all together. It’s something that those low-class zombies will just never get and it’s something werewolves are just to wild to understand. Of course, being a vampire, you should understand the balance of elegance and terrifying nocturnal activity that it requires to be a dreadful, but delightfully so. The first step (aside from being afflicted with the curse of vampirism), is to wear the right outfit, that both exudes regal status AND makes mortals just a little bit more afraid of you.Introducing this Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress costume, designed for female vampires with a taste for dread and maybe blood. The costume infuses your style with vampirism using a blood-red color jacket that buttons in the front. A black lace dickie helps push the dark look and it even comes with an attached collar, since no vampire would dare walk into the moonlight without a high collar (just ask Dracula about that one). A matching black lace puts the finishing touch on the ensemble, to turn you into something straight from a Gothic horror novel from the 19th century. Of course, we have to say, we don’t actually advocate the drinking of any blood, no matter how much your vampiric desires take hold of you while wearing this costume. Instead, we recommend just taking a few sips of a nice Merlot. (It tastes way better and you won’t have to hurt anyone at the party).

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  • Sexy Cop Mens Costume

    Sexy Cop Mens Costume

    On the caseIt’s been a tough case to crack, when the truck of valuable limited edition rubber chickens was stolen a week back, there were next to no leads. Then, after returning to the crime scene, you found that oversized shoe print in the alley where the vehicle had been parked and it led you straight to the local clown gang that’s been causing so much trouble lately. It wasn’t long until you found the vehicle you were looking for. It might have been a tiny car but, lucky for you, the whole gang was in piled in. The only question was, which of these clowns actually stole the merchandise? Every one of these clowns needs to be questioned and you’re the one to do it. Here’s the thing, whether you plan on playing good cop or bad cop, a quality costume is key to cracking the case. There’s no way these bozos are going to get away with their hijinks this time!Product DetailsYou’ll be ready to take a bite out of crime when you suit up in this button-up uniform. The shirt has a sophisticated sheen with functional pockets official looking shields and a structured collar. You won’t have to worry about wasting valuable investigation time by tieing ties, simply slip the attached elastic band under your collar. You’ll have an armband so people can’t miss your badge even while you’re showing off your guns. You’ll have to choose the pants and handcuffs of your choice but the rest of the essentials are included. The whole look is topped off with a hat that has faux leather trim and a structured shape.Hail to the CheifThere’s no case that can allude you! We knew it just by looking at you. After all, how many officers dare to bear arms like you? So, hit the streets and keep those naughty citizens in line. The world needs a tough on crime cop like you!

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  • Premium Ghostbusters Mens/ Womens Costume

    Premium Ghostbusters Mens/ Womens Costume

    Career PathsJob got you down? Maybe it’s time for a change in career paths. It’s time to follow your heart! You know, that childhood dream that you’ve always had ever since you watched a certain iconic movie from 1984…That’s right, we’re suggesting that you become a Ghostbuster! It might take some time and effort, but we think you can do it. You’ll probably need to invent a proton pack to use against rogue phantoms. You might need to make a few breakthroughs in ectoplasmic science in order to create a Muon Trap to transport captured specters. And you might need to upgrade your automobile to look a little more like the Ecto-1. First thing’s first, though. You’re going to need a brand-spankin’ new ghost-hunting uniform. Leave that part up to use!Product DetailsBased on the classic movie, this Premium Ghostbusters costume comes with everything you need to look like one of the crew. The costume comes with a tan jumpsuit that zips up in front. It has pockets in the chest and along the legs. It comes with 4 name patches, Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddemore, which can be applied to the chest. The included backpack is made of 3D foam and is shaped to look like the device used by the team in the movies. It slings easily around your shoulders with adjustable straps. The canvas belt fits quite simply around the waist, while the gloves and elbow-pads really complete the look.New JobWhen you slip into this classic Ghostbusters costume, you’ll have no problem assuming the new role of supernatural investigator. You can try it out for a night to see how it feels at the next costume party. Just make sure you get to inventing all of those neat gadgets if you plan on taking this new career path seriously, since you’re going to need some serious tech if you plan on going toe to toe with all of the ghosties out there! You also might need a team, so be sure to call up a few of your friends to head out as a group of Ghostbusters this year.

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  • Womens Santa Claus Sweetie Costume

    Womens Santa Claus Sweetie Costume

    There are so many Santa Claus costumes to choose from, picking the right one can sometimes take a Christmas miracle. If you’re looking for an elegant look to wear while hosting your winter festivities, our exclusive Santa Claus Sweetie Costume will get you into the holiday spirit!The problem with there being so many different Santa costumes isn’t having to search through all the possibilities; poking around on Pinterest and Googling different ideas make it pretty easy to sort through all the types of Santa costumes out there. The process gets tough, though, when you come across a variety of Santa outfit you’d never even considered before. It’s easy to rule out “sexy” or “extravagant” Mrs. Claus costumes when you’re not throwing a sexy or extravagant Christmas party. But when you see “pro wrestler” or “ninja” Santas, you start wondering what other kinds you might stumble across, and all of your other plans and decorations get put on hold until you make up your mind! Sometimes, all you want to do is throw a fun Christmas party without any gimmicks, but you still want to dress up nicely for it.We totally get it, which is why we created this cheerful Santa Claus dress. It’s a yuletide cocktail-style dress for any type of holiday get-togethers you’re planning for or heading out to; it’s cute, but not risqué, and traditional, but not old fashioned. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to decorate and prepare for your guests, instead of deciding what to wear!

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  • Plus Size Mens White Rabbit Costume

    Plus Size Mens White Rabbit Costume

    JUST IN TIME!We’ve finally figured it out. After decades of that poor White Rabbit rushing beyond Alice and crying about being late, we finally understand what went wrong! No longer will this little guy need to worry about angering the Queen of Hearts and risking his adorable noggin being lopped off. No longer will he have to sadly decline an invitation to join the March Hare for a delightful tea party with the Mad Hatter. (In fact, he just got a hat upgrade now that he’s able to make it on time!) Turns out that the whole time, the White Rabbit was bogged down by trying to get ready for all of his activities. One would think that a nice jacket would only take a quick minute and he’d be hopping down the lane and down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. But, nope! Attaining a reasonable courtly style takes quite a while. We should have figured, though. After all, with all the bunnies in the burrow, they hardly have the space to store their stellar suits! We have good news, though. We have a look that is going to be perfect and will have any rushing rabbit ready to go in a snap! DESIGN & DETAILSOur design team has been hard at work ever since discovering the cause of the White Rabbit’s delay. We’ve come up with this Made by Us costume that is sure to solve that problem and more! It is time to enjoy this White Rabbit costume! This look features a pair of white pants with an elastic fit, a vest with an ornate-looking custom print, and a red jacket with a tuxedo slit and a puffy white rabbit tail sewn on the back. The gloves and hood match the pants and the latter has large rabbit ears coming out of a top hat that looks like it was hand-delivered by the Mad Hatter. Complete your look with the proper bow tie! “WHERE WERE YOU?” You will be able to give the Queen of Hearts a knowing smile and ask where she’s been once you’re ready for your Wonderland day in a blink thanks to this White Rabbit costume. (Of course, we don’t recommend commenting on the Queen’s schedule—that’s a beheading waiting to happen!) 

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  • White Rabbit Plus Size Mens Costume

    White Rabbit Plus Size Mens Costume

    Can we ask you a strange question? If you stumbled across a rabbit wearing an overcoat and top hat, checking a pocket watch and complaining about promptness, would you freak out and walk the other way? Or, would you jump in, ears first, by throwing on this exclusive Plus Size White Rabbit Costume, and see how much stranger your day can get?When Alice followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and tumbled into Wonderland, she must have had some idea of what to expect. Maybe she didn’t know exactly what Wonderland would be like. But, we’re pretty sure if we saw a nicely dressed (or even poorly dressed) talking bunny, we’d know that finding other chatty, dressed-up critters were a good possibility. Even if we didn’t see any other talking animals, and instead found a magical pizza tree or a singing waterfall full of Dr. Pepper, we would totally be prepared for those too. The most fun part about wearing this bunny costume is that you get to take a stroll in the giant feet of the White Rabbit himself, and make some of your own Wonderland weirdness. The faux fur pants and feet give your lower half a bunny-like look, and thanks to the brown vest and purple jacket, your top half is a little more formal. Your hands and head are also nice and furry with the included mitts and top hat, complete with big white rabbit ears. Just add any other whimsical accessories you may need, like some eyeglasses or a giant pocket watch to flash around, and you’ll be ready to hop into your own wondrous adventure!

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  • Mens I Am Chewbacca Costume T-Shirt

    Mens I Am Chewbacca Costume T-Shirt

    When you’re Chewbacca the universe looks a little different… Can you imagine walking around with the ability to rip droids arms out of their sockets on a whim? Always thinking with your stomach, even when it gets you stuck in a net on Endor? I can’t even imagine the static cling problems Chewie must have (he’s a walking carpet, after all). But there’s a ton of positives to being a Wookiee, too, like being super tall, furry, and intimidating. You get to use a wicked bowcaster. How about flying those crazy wooden helicopter things on Kashyyyk? And every year you get to celebrate Life Day (the coolest winter solstice holiday since Festivus)! Yeah, being Chewbacca is pretty rad. Take the plunge into Wookieedom with our Star Wars Chewie tee!

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  • I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    Do you have a crush on the little red-haired girl in class, but you just can’t figure out how to get her to notice you? Your baseball skills are okay, but they probably aren’t wowing anyone and drawing the kind of attention you’re looking for. You’re not a bad dancer, but you only know a couple moves and they can get a little repetitive. Trying to impress her by kicking a football is completely out of the question. You do have a pretty cool dog that could do the trick, but he’s such a showboat that he’ll probably just end up stealing your thunder. Oh, good grief! If you are identifying too much with Charlie Brown when it comes to girl problems, we suggest giving this I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt a try. The bright yellow color and the big zig-zag stripe across the middle are bound to make her notice you! Looking like Charlie Brown is a good idea too since he is a faithful friend and just an all around good guy, even though he can be a bit of a blockhead sometimes. So don this shirt with pride and declare “I Am Charlie Brown!” If this still doesn’t work and get the little red-haired girl to notice you, we hear that Joe Cool has a few suggestions for you!

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  • Womens Ghost Babe Costume

    Womens Ghost Babe Costume

    GHOSTEDCurrently, ghosting is a very serious problem in the world. It can happen to anyone. Perhaps you’ve had your own experience with ghosting? One day, you’re having deep phone conversations with a person you’re falling head over heels for and the next, a simple text isn’t being returned. Boom, ghosted, just like that. Or maybe, you’ve been the ghoster? Maybe you thought you had feelings for someone and then you heard them pronounce the phrase, “crispy chicken cutlets” as annoyingly as humanly possible so there’s nothing left to do but end the relationship, ASAP. Hurting their feelings and bruising their ego is not your style, so ghosting is the gentlest way to break things off without it getting too messy. They’ll get the hint, eventually.The act of ghosting is prevalent and many have strong opinions on the matter. Some think it’s totally fine and others find it reprehensible and immature. Whether you’re for it or against it, the ghost babe costume makes it all okay. Ghost the person (or people) you’ve always wanted to while dressed as a ghost and feel justified in your actions. Give ‘boo, be gone’ vibes to your former boo by saying nothing at all, and focus all your attention on unfinished business instead.  PRODUCT DETAILSWe support your savage decision to ghost someone but only if you’re wearing the Made by Us women’s ghost babe costume. The exclusive and high-quality asymmetrical dress has a jagged double hem and matching sleeves. A hood is attached while a ghostly, skeletal v-shaped inset is featured in the center.DO NOT FEAR, JUST DISAPPEARWhen you’re dressed as a ghost babe, a weight gets lifted off your shoulder while you ghost all the people you’ve always wanted to. Make your specter-status more official with a ghoulish makeup application and a pair of white stockings.

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  • Womens Rebel Costume

    Womens Rebel Costume

    We hear the Hells Angels have an opening in their motorcycle club. They are a pretty elusive club though. You might have to beef up your resume to get an invitation. You’ll have to fine tune your bike—make her purr, and practice your bar brawl techniques. You never know what they might get you into.Sure, you might have the chops to make it with the Hells Angels, but do you have the look? We’re not sure that they would really appreciate someone wearing a pretty yellow sun dress. They might laugh at your Converse, the ones with Princess Arora on them. No, and they really won’t take you seriously when you show them your cute cat ear headband.If you want to make it as a Hell’s Angel you will need to dress like one. This Women’s Rebel Costume will give you the proper amount of leather to skin ratio. They will see that you are as tough, and ready to take on any situation. After you assert your toughness, and your knowledge of how to make your motorcycle purr, perhaps you might become president of the Hell’s Angels. After that you can slowly introduce them to some other fashions, such as your cute cat ear headband. (Just make sure they are made of studded leather!)

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  • Womens Flaming Diva Costume

    Womens Flaming Diva Costume

    All Fired UpAhh, vacation. You’ve got years off from working in hell. As an immortal demon, a few years feels like a weekend so you’re going to make the most of your time on this earthly plane. How are you going to use this time? Why not learn a new hobby that you can use in the fire and brimstone depths of the pit. Do you know what would be a real blast? Perhaps you could bring the two worlds together by convincing a bartender to mix up some flaming drinks. The demons below are sure to be delighted when you bring back a recipe for the Flaming Volcano or a sweet and creamy Bailey’s Comet. Because who says a touch of tiki can’t make eternal torment a little more pleasant? Product DetailsThis flaming dress is a real stunner. Fresh with layers of sparkly flames, this dress will make you feel majestically mischevious. The dress zips up the front and has a deep sweetheart neckline with an attached “O” ring choker. Cutouts bound in ribbon accent the sides for a scandalous yet flattering look. The mini skirt hem has a flame-like ragged hem with gauze as well as orange flames underneath. Thick sparkles make this costume extra spangly for a show-time ready ensemble! The dress is topped off with a dramatically long tail as well as a pair of horns to top off this devilish look. Sins and SensibilityAre you ready to create a mischevious alter ego for yourself? This devilish costume is sure to stir up plenty of fun! Pair it with long gloves, wings, a pitchfork, or a pair of fun fishnets to customize this look just for your sense of style. Whether you’re at a costume party or mixing drinks for your demon friends, you’ll love rocking this spangly devilish costume!

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