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  • Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

    Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

    Loony ExpectationsPicture this: it’s 1996. You’re riding the Hogwarts Express to the start of term. Luna Lovegood offers you a copy of the Quibbler. There’s a free pair of Spectrespecs inside. You accept. You’ve been worried about wrackspurts causing your best friend to act a little funny lately. You put on the specs and join your friends in an open compartment. There are no wrackspurts to be seen. All is well. You’re ready for a great year.Unfortunately, it’s not the 90s anymore and you didn’t get the chance to meet Luna or read the semi-reliable Quibbler. That means you don’t have a pair of Spectrespecs to check your surroundings for interfering creatures. There’s no quick and painless way to check why your friend has been acting odd unless you ask… You could assume since fall is here that it’s the approaching holiday that has your friend worked up. After all, you have started getting antsy about masquerading for Halloween too. However, now that you’re thinking about it, you know the perfect costume!Product DetailsIt’s time to become the ever interesting and wonderful Luna Lovegood. With these Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs, you’ll have just the right accessory to compliment any classic Luna outfit. These officially licensed specs are made of plastic for a more durable accessory and feature blue and red lenses. The design of the frames is detailed and patterned to reflect the style seen in the films. No Luna Lovegood costume would be complete without her statement-making spectacles. Spectacular RealityLet’s try a new visualization: it’s Halloween. You’ve got your Ravenclaw robes on. Your radish earrings are in. You’ve just finished wiping the lenses on your Spectrespecs when you hear a knock at the door. Your friends have arrived and they too are wearing Hogwarts costumes. You join them on the front steps and make your way to the first costume party of the night. The air is crisp and children run from door to door in their own costumes. It’s just one night, but life is good.

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  • Disney Toy Story Toddler Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume

    Disney Toy Story Toddler Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume

    THE INFINITE FRONTIERWoody talks a lot about exploring the wild west, the great frontier that is filled with adventure and danger. Well, maybe Woody doesn’t talk about that so much as his voicebox does when someone pulls his strings. Come to think of it, Woody isn’t really that much of a cowboy when he’s just speaking on his own. Buzz, on the other hand, is a true to life Space Ranger. Well, again, he’s actually just a toy version of a Space Ranger, but at least the guy knows what’s up!With a catchphrase that wins folks over every time—way better than snakes in boots!—Buzz is certainly the more authentic toy of the two best buddies. We can’t blame Andy and the rest for seeing Buzz as the newest and most epic of toys. The Wild West might have been a pretty amazing frontier, once, but “infinity and beyond?” We all know which one we’d rather choose! So, it’s no surprise that your tyke is ready to take off and join the Space Rangers, too. We can help!PRODUCT DETAILSWith this officially licensed Buzz Lightyear Classic costume, your toddler is about to become the favorite character in all of Toy Story fame! This costume is a comfortable jumpsuit that features all of the iconic design of Buzz Lightyear’s space armor. The bottom half is white with green accents and the top is a blend of white, purple, and green. The fabric hood pulls over your kiddo’s head and is made of comfy fabric. All they’ll need now is to perfect that signature line! BUDDIES ABOUNDThe best part of being a Space Ranger is that you’re never alone. And Buzz has even more friends than most. Your kiddo can team up with Woody, Jessie, and the rest with our line of Toy Story costumes and truly feel like they’ve reached the infinite frontier. 

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  • The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    Go Red Ranger, go!Is your kiddo all about the Beast Morphers Rangers? Alright! That’s a great way to be. He or she is sure to love watching the intense action of the latest Power Rangers series, but we’re here to let your child know that there’s a new way for them to get involved in the fun. By suiting up in our Red Ranger Beast Morphers costume!With this officially licensed costume, your child can show off their Power Rangers style by going as their favorite character, the Beast Morphers’ Red Ranger. Devon Daniels wears the suit and has amazing powers like hyper speed and his Beast Racer Zord. You might still be catching up on the show to learn the ins-and-outs, but we’re here to let you know your kid is ready for the action. So, suit them up!Product DetailsPower Rangers and Hasbro officially licensed, this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Classic comes with a super-detailed jumpsuit and mask. The fully printed jumpsuit has fiberfill padding for muscle effect, and extra touches like an attached belt and transporter on the shoulder. It secures with a simple hook and loop fastener in the back. The rigid mask completes the theme, with a red see-through visor and elastic band in the back it covers the front of the face. Suit them up in this costume, and while they might not be ready to pilot a zord, they will definitely be ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween night!Tired or WiredTired: Watching the Beast Morphers on TV.Wired: Suiting up as the Beast Morphers to save the day!Rest assured, the Rangers are most certainly not tired when it comes to the youngest fans. So, grab this Red Ranger Costume, and shop our entire selection of Power Rangers Costumes to outfit every member of your child’s team!

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  • Infant Lion Costume Bunting

    Infant Lion Costume Bunting

    Why does Toto always get to be the one Dorothy carries under her arm in all the “Wizard of Oz” group costumes? We think it’s about time for a change. Since your little guy has a roar that can wake up the whole animal kingdom, why not the lion? Because let’s face it, making a trip to the Emerald City dressed as a little terrier just isn’t his style. You know the king of Oz’s jungle suits him much better. So suit him up in this adorable Infant Lion Bunting and take your lion with you on the Yellow Brick Road this Halloween!The path to Oz is fraught with a little danger here and there, like the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys. So it’s a good thing that this costume will make your lion comfortable (and maybe just a little less cowardly, but if not, that’s okay too) when he faces them along the way. With its zipper running inconspicuously along the side, you can easily get your baby in and out of it. On top of that, the placement of the zipper makes it so the lion’s belly is seamless, because we wouldn’t want to throw off his cute quotient! And in case Halloween’s a little cold this year, no worries. Baby will be able to keep warm bundled up in the suit’s satin-lined yellow microfleece.There’s simply no cuter way to pull off a Wizard of Oz family costume. With a stuffed tail sewn to the back, and a hood with a fleece mane and lion ears, this Infant Lion Bunting is the key to a perfect first Halloween for your little guy!

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  • Grease Pink Ladies Infant Costume

    Grease Pink Ladies Infant Costume

    This adorable outfit brings you the outfit worn by the Pink Ladies from the hit movie, Grease. The only difference is that it’s in a size that your little girl can wear! The officially licensed costume comes with a onesie with leg snaps, which means easy diaper changes. The jacket has a zipper in the front and has the “Pink Ladies” design on the back. It also comes with a tiny pink bow to match the jacket, so your baby will be one happening little lady!Once your child has this on, she’ll be ready to hang out with Rizzo, get her hair done with Frenchy and she can be the coolest girl in all of Rydell High. Be sure to check out our many adult Grease costumes to create a parent child costume, or your own group of Pink Ladies. She might even rise to the rank of leader when she gets into the swing of it. 

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  • Grease T-Birds Infant Costume

    Grease T-Birds Infant Costume

    Answering the Call of CoolYour little kiddo is just itching to be one of the big boys, isn’t he! We get it. Some kids are simply born cool. And your little guy has been rocking and rolling since the first time you saw him. If the doctors had been playing a sweet guitar solo in the delivery room we’re pretty sure he would have had a dance routine all planned out. (Cause that’s what cool guys do, right?) No worries, you can make it up to the little fella’. Let your little tyke join get in touch with his cool guy side in this Grease Infant T-Birds costume. Design & DetailsThis adorable costume helps transform your child into one of the greaser boys from the hit movie, Grease. The fully licensed ensemble comes with a onesie designed to look like a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. For diaper changing convenience, the onesie has snaps on the legs. The black jacket fits over the onesie and is designed to look like a leather jacket. The headpiece is super soft with a plush three-dimensional pompadour. It easily recreates a classic greaser hairstyle like Danny Zuko and Kenickie have. Your baby doesn’t even need to grow any hair! Your kid already had a cool attitude, now he’s got the cool look to match!The Boys are Back in TownWhile one little T-Bird tyke is quite adorable, there’s nothing that can beat a reunion with the fellas. Lucky for you, we’ve got a range of sizes for T-Bird and other licensed Grease costumes. Getting the gang back together couldn’t be more adorable. Just remember to take plenty of pictures to remind your child how cool he’s been since birth. Cause if you want to ensure that he’ll rock a pompadour at prom, you might as well get him started nice and early!

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  • Child Ghostly Spirit Costume

    Child Ghostly Spirit Costume

    The days of wearing a bed sheet with holes cut out for eyes are over. Those costumes were so problematic, they were always sliding all over the place, blinding trick-or-treaters and tripping kids up. How disappointing for a spirit to see that their costume is the lowest bar out there? It’s about time those ghosts get more respect! There’s not much that can make a ghost cheery, but this glamorous costume might send a shiver of glee through their vapor. Phantoms don’t ask for much. Every once in a while there’s a rogue spirit looking for revenge or wanting everyone to get out of the house they once lived in. Usually, those poor specters are just looking to move to the other side. Maybe they even want to let us know where that chest of gold was hidden before they go. This Halloween, when your child wants to channel her inner bogey, let her do so in style. This ghost ensemble will impress all the souls in the great beyond, the white hooded robe paired with the long white wig has the mysterious countenance that might even spook a spirit. Just don’t take her trick-or-treating at that abandoned Victorian house at the end of Oak Drive, you don’t want the resident ghost to think some young sprite is trying to take his place. When your child is haunting the streets this Halloween she’ll feel like she’s straight out of a scary story. Be sure to practice your moaning and chain shaking before she fully transforms. When she does, she’s sure to be boo-tiful!

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  • Heavenly Angel Costume

    Heavenly Angel Costume

    Look as if you just descended from Heaven in our Heavenly Angel Costume. You will be a beautiful sight in white, looking truly angelic in this costume. We may be biased but we do think it’s one of the most beautiful costumes out there. I mean, just look at it, you can’t really disagree. What could be more beautiful than an heavenly angel?You’ll become a visionary while you don our floor length gorgeous angel white dress with gold accents. Looking just as angels do in the movies, you will have a beautiful, classical look that includes both the large white organza, gold laced wings and a gold tinsel covered wire halo. These largely wonderful wings slide right into slots in the back of your dress to look as if you are the real deal. You will look truly heavenly when you wear this Heavenly Angel Costume! This costume can be worn for a variety of occasions, wear it for a Christmas program or even for Halloween. Whatever the case, you are sure to be the star of the show. You can even leave the wings and halo at home and the dress could become a renaissance or ancient goddess costume. The possibilities are endless! You will be turning heads everywhere no matter which route you decide to take with how ravishing you will look in this Heavenly Angel Costume.

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  • Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Plus Size Hoodie Costume

    Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Plus Size Hoodie Costume

    YOU’LL BE ON CLOUD 9If there’s a Care Bear we relate to the most, it’s Grumpy Bear, hands down. If we were to meet this fictitious character, we’d probably go on a long walk in the rain and commiserate over our problems, real and imagined. He’d complain then we’d complain, back and forth like a very depressing ping-pong match using our woes as the tiny white ball. But creating then wearing this deluxe cheer bear costume has changed all that. We don’t want to wallow in our misery any longer because this spunky and lush costume has changed our lives! Without running the risk of sounding like a late-night TV infomercial, this officially licensed Cheer Bear hoodie costume has changed our grouchy disposition. When snuggled up in the faux fur hoodie, a surge of happiness rushes over us. It’s almost as though we could shoot rainbows from our bellies. It’s an indescribable feeling but you’ll understand what we mean once you’re wearing the plus size Care Bear costume!DESIGN & DETAILSForget tight jumpsuits and binding corset costumes because this hoodie and legging set is about pure comfort and convenience. Feel like you’re wrapped up in a fluffy cloud when wearing the plush pink pullover. Featuring a zipper yoke, drawstring hemline, and an embroidered and appliqued belly badge, the hoodie is also quite on-trend with other leisure wear for women. The shiny leggings are a spandex blend with an elastic waistband and an all-over rainbow print. The finishing accessory is an ear-to-ear smile but smiling is inevitable when you’re wearing the officially licensed plus size Cheer Bear costume. Even Grumpy Bear will crack a grin! CARE BEAR CONFIDANTSThis is a complete costume but there is one thing you can add to give it more flair: your group of friends. Gather all your pals and wear our other Care Bear hoodie costumes to form a fuzzy bright-colored Care Bear crew that can’t be missed!             

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  • Women's Spellbinding Sweetie Costume

    Women’s Spellbinding Sweetie Costume

    CHANNELING ALL SISTERS OF THE MOON Sisters, tonight is a full moon so let’s come together, join hands, and elevate our powers. It’s time to cast out the darkness lurking inside our hearts and unleash the magic trapped inside our very souls. The Goddess Hecate demands this of us! Let’s choose the light, banish all negativity, and become supreme witches, lightworkers, and guides from an otherworldly realm. Shall we, in unison, finally let go of all the things that no longer serve us, all the negativity and excuses as the moon glows, full and round? Please join me in a spell under this month’s full moon so we can reach our greatest potential and become the witches this world needs; the witches that will save humanity from their own wicked snares. Grab a satchel filled with dried lavender, all rose quartz and amethyst crystals (for self-love), your wand, and this costume, then meet at the abandoned cottage, shrouded in the woods, for a soul-transcending spell to guide us out of the darkness. Remember sisters, we are legion!           PRODUCT DETAILSAre you ready for a witch sister rendezvous? You have the crystals, wand, lavender and good intentions; all that’s missing is a women’s spellbinding sweetie costume. A Made by Us design, this high-quality and carefully constructed dress has stylish see-through sleeves and a high-collar neckline which cinches together with fabric ties. An attached belt made to look like bat wings gives the dress a fitted look. Finally, a classic witch hat, with a wide brim and cone-shaped top completes the beguiling ensemble.      A SPELLBOUND SQUADYou may think you have everything necessary for conducting the spell but no witch is complete without her coven. Gather up your spellbound squad and introduce them to our different witch costumes and accessories. We have the stylish witchy wardrobe your Wiccan sisters want!      

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  • Boys Toy Soldier Costume

    Boys Toy Soldier Costume

    Marching OrdersBom-ba-ba! Hear that? It’s the call to come and protect the kingdom! The toy soldiers are here to protect the china dolls and stuffed bunnies of the playroom. There might be a rat king lose, looking to terrorize the innocents. Or maybe it’s a battalion of stuffed bears powered by an older brother. Either way, the tin soldiers will take care of the situation!Think your kiddo has what it takes to put on the bright, proud colors of the classic toy soldier? Well, if he or she can follow orders and/or stand up straight, we’re sure they’ll make a great candidate. Don’t you? And better yet, get all the siblings involved. Playing toy soldier will be even more fun if you’ve got a whole garrison! Kids will love marching around the living room in an amped up version of Simon says. With a uniform this sleek, you’ll have a fail-safe plan of attack for trick-or-treating this year!Details & DEsignCreated right here in our Made by Us costume studios, this Toy Soldier costume bears all the traits of a exclusive. That means that the sharp style and stunning design paired with high-quality fabrics that can be worn again and again. Details like the gold braiding, tasseled shoulder pads, and gold-buttoned cuffs will make this look stand out in photos for years to come. At the same time, the elastic pants will make this costume comfortable enough to become a favorite in your kid’s costume collection. Nutcracker SweetWho wants to only wear a costume once? This tin soldier look is a lot of fun for Halloween and “oh-so” picturesque for a Nutcracker themed holiday photo shoot. Recruit the whole family! From ballerinas to an adorable mouse costume to make Baby Junior into “the rat king”, this costume can create a scene that will be treasured for years. Who knew soldiering on could be so cute?

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  • Plus Size Holiday Elf Costume

    Plus Size Holiday Elf Costume

    When you think about it, almost any human who gets as excited as we do about the holidays is a Plus Size Holiday Elf. So if you need one of these great costumes in a standard size, we don’t want you to think that you’re somehow deficient—we just want everybody to have an even shot at making Santa’s crack team of toymaking experts, or his top-of-the-line distribution chain.Of course we hope that we’re the ones he calls up to the big leagues of merrymaking. But if that doesn’t happen, we take pride in knowing that one of these cheerful costumes might at least give another candidate the festive edge needed to rise to the occasion.So we’ve put our most Christmassy foot forward with this complete package, suitable for any aspiring yuletide assistant. It comes in the green and red polyester flannel preferred by present-wrapping professionals, but we’ve added a few little touches that reflect our outstanding commitment to spreading joy and fun during one of our favorite times of year. Like awesome curly-toed elf-shoe boot covers, socks and sleeves that are striped like candy canes, and buttons that look just like refreshing peppermints!Do us a favor, okay? If you do land a job at the North Pole, put in a good word for us with the boss. And drop us a line if you wind up wearing our outfit while you’re helping to get everything ready for the winter!

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  • Infant Puppy Love Costume

    Infant Puppy Love Costume

    Everybody loves to watch a baby and a puppy play around in the backyard for the first time. It is one of the cutest things you could ever hope to witness. The only thing that could make their playtime even cuter is if you let your little ankle-biters romp around in this Infant Puppy Love Costume during all the fun!Could you imagine the adorable, puzzled look that will be on the puppy’s face when your wee lil babe starts crawling closer in this costume? One thing’s for sure, you will definitely want to have your camera close by. All your friends will want to see photographic evidence when you say that the cutest event in the history of the world happened in your very own backyard. After the endearing photo shoot is complete this costume will be perfect for your baby this Halloween. All your neighbors will think you have the most adorable bundle of joy in town! Just make sure to get sweets from them, no doggie treats… your little one probably won’t enjoy those too much and if they do, well, then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.If you’re ready to let the dogs out this Halloween, then this Infant Puppy Love Costume is just what you need for your little one. Grab some adult dog costumes as well and then the whole family can go around the block with a pack mentality. Give yourselves a good family name like the Barkers, the Woofers, or something like the Doggos!

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  • Women's Army Boots

    Women’s Army Boots

    Marching OrdersYou were born for these secret missions. Strategy is your middle name. Everyone knows it! When you walk in the mess hall your underlings jump up from their MREs and give you a hearty salute. Now, you’re not heartless. You don’t want people bending over backward for you but you do appreciate their actions because discipline is key to most of your plans. Your life isn’t only about combat, of course. You spend some time playing games with your unit. You’re a master at Risk, Battleship, and chess. And when playtime is done, it’s back to the real strategy board. Your marching orders are all about staying in place and using your brain. Good thing, too, cause your boots are not made for marching. Product DetailsFinish off any of our gorgeous military costumes with these stand out camo ankle boots. The stiletto boots strap up the front and have a faux leather tip. A belt wraps around the ankle with rivets and bullets making them shine!An Army of AccessoriesThese boots will go along with any branch of the military. After all, with these sleek heels, you’ll pass any inspection with flying colors. Browse through the rest of our army accessories and you’re sure to make your unit proud!

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  • Men's Red and White Lifeguard Tank Top

    Men’s Red and White Lifeguard Tank Top

    Simple is BetterWe get it. Costumes can be a hassle. Trust us, we know. We’ve all there is to see when it comes to costumes. Some of them have 50 different pieces that you have suit up in to get the full effect. But sometimes, simpler is better. Sometimes you just want something you just have to throw on in a second. Well, that’s when this Lifeguard Shirt comes into play!Product DetailsThis Lifeguard Tank Top is a simple shirt that fits over your head. That’s it. That’s all there is to it! It has “Lifeguard” printed on the front, along with a red cross, so you’ll look like a legit lifeguard. It’s sleeveless, so you can display your biceps to the world and it looks great when you wear it to any summer party. All you have to do is pair it with your favorite pair of shorts or a pair of jeans… and you’ve got an instant costume!Wear Responsibly!Just make sure to wear this responsibly! We would never recommend that you wear this to misrepresent yourself as an actual lifeguard on duty, so make sure not to wear it while at the beach or the pool.

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  • Women's Costume Clubbing Cutie

    Women’s Costume Clubbing Cutie

    Thog LifeWe think we’re oh so lucky to live in houses with solid walls with healthcare and electricity and a refrigerator full of food. And for the most part, we are. We don’t have to worry about getting taken down by a sabertooth tiger as we sit around the fire or getting crushed by the very animal we hoped to eat that night. But we also think cave life must have been pretty fun. Just imagine what it would be like to walk around in skins and dance around the firelight as fellow Cro-Magnons drum on animal hide drums. We might be biased but we’re thinking the glow of a roaring fire would beat a club’s blinking, strobing light show any day. Get back to the basics with this gorgeous costume!Product DetailsThis asymmetrical dress is ready for a night of celebrating our caveman heritage. The leopard print dress has one strap that’s edged with caramel-colored faux fur. The skirt has a jagged hemline for a primitive look. A faux leather belt has a comfortable fit with an elastic back panel. The fashionable prehistoric look is topped with a bone barrette, fur boot toppers, a bone necklace, and an animal print arm wrap. Forget the modern age, this fierce look will be just the thing for a wild Halloween!Rock OnWant fabulous caveman accessories? This caveman look can be paired with an inflatable club for taking down those pesky sabertooth tigers. Pair up with a partner or friends easily by exploring the rest of our caveman costumes. You could even pair up with a mammoth for an unforgettable group look. With a ragged hemline, shining leopard print fabric, and a flirty cut, you’re sure to have a great time dancing to the primal beat of the drum all night!

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  • Women's Cave Girl Costume

    Women’s Cave Girl Costume

    While everyone searches endlessly for the most shared memes, the most relevant pop culture, and the most timely politics to inspire their costumes this year, wouldn’t you rather prop your feet up on a nice, big stone and enjoy the simpler things in life? Like attire made from the coats of wild jungle cats. And fire-roasted squirrel. And we mustn’t overlook the dry safety of a hole in the wall….No? Well, even if that’s not your thing, we’ve got the perfect costume if you aim to let some other primal instincts loose this Halloween. Even if squirrel stew somehow doesn’t pique your interest, consider the hilarity that could ensue if you made “sorry, it’s just my instincts” your sole excuse for all your wild behavior. You ate all the deviled eggs? “Not sorry, I haven’t eaten in four moons.” You got caught dancing on the host’s dining room table? “Sorry, but it’s a ritualistic, instinctual thing you modern bipeds wouldn’t understand.” You are being interrogated over the scent of snacks emanating from your purse and coat pockets? “While you all are hunting each other, someone around here has to be the gatherer.” This one-shoulder sheath mini-dress will make a perfect costume for exploring any of the above possibilities‚Äîor for forgetting about the complexities of modernity and dancing like the animal you are. We approve wholeheartedly of the aforementioned scenarios, but cannot promise that all your instinctual impulses will be necessarily “lawful.” Exercise caution‚Äîbut not too much, you wild thing.

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  • Harry Potter Men's Severus Snape Costume

    Harry Potter Men’s Severus Snape Costume

    A Sweeter SnapeWhether you love him or hate him, one thing that always comes to mind when people think of Severus Snape is how dark and bat-like he is. His black clothing and billowing cape are the perfect fit for a cave-dweller or highly skilled wizard with a dark and stormy past. The inventor of several different dark arts spells has a nasty disposition through most of the Harry Potter series. But for fans of the series, it’s common to hear that Snape has a lighter side. Some fans even suggest that Snape is a hero to wizard-kind. His ability to show great (if not disguised) care for those around him, has a lot to do with why it was easy for us to picture him getting rather excited to find that his brand new set of robes were both intimidating and practical.You may not believe us, but when Snape put on a set of these impressive robes, he did a little twirl while cheering. Our typically forbidding friend found a pocket stitched behind the left lapel. As anyone will know a pocket enhances any clothing item. We were told this pocket would be great for your wand or potion ingredients—with an expansion charm, maybe even a certain ruby-hilted sword—which makes it infinitely better than the average pocket.Product DetailsWhile Severus was most excited about the pocket, it was made clear that he was pleased that all the necessary pieces for a well-dressed wizard were included in this officially licensed costume. With a history of wearing mismatched and ill-fitting clothes, Snape is a huge supporter of buying outfits, not separates. So, this Severus Snape costumes includes a jacket, collar, cuffs, and robe to make it easy for you to dress like the sallow-faced, Hogwarts professor.Not So Luscious LocksThe one thing you won’t find included with this Severus Snape Costume is his greasy, black hair. You have two options here: let your hair get long and dirty before Halloween or add one of the long black wigs from our wide selection. Without the signature locks, people might mistake you for any average wizard instead of the talented, conflicted, and hotly contested, hero of the wizarding world.

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  • Men's Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    When it comes to enviable occupations, there are really only two that come to mind… writing about costumes (obviously), and owning and operating our very own chocolate factory (duh!).Since we already do that first great job, we like to imagine all of the possibilities of the second; the new candy discoveries just waiting to be dreamt up! Everlasting treats that never fade, jelly beans that don’t make your mouth turn bright awful colors, and taffy that can be stretched around the equator if need be. Only a true genius could come up with such things and make them a reality for millions of happy children around the globe. We could be heroes to all of humanity! Not to mention all of the taste testing that inevitably comes with the gig.Since we’re already tied up here, we think you look mighty ready to get your candy career started. But, you could look a whole lot more ready by emulating the sugar king himself, Willy Wonka. That’s why you need this Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka costume. It looks just like the one worn by Gene Wilder in the film classic, with its long purple coat, frilly shirt front, gold bow tie, and even his signature brown top hat. Now all you need to do is somehow gain access to a world class factory, contract a premium sugar supplier, and find some workers who have some mad rhyming skills and then you’ll be all set. Send us some samples, OK?

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  • Toddler Elmo Costume

    Toddler Elmo Costume

    For as long as we’ve looked up at the night sky and into its inky abyss, we have asked ourselves: what is the meaning of life? To us the answer is perfectly obvious: Halloween costumes. But there seem to be as many answers to this age-old question as there are people. Some say life’s all about winning. Others say it’s the thing they most love. But few have put it as elegantly and finally as our hero Elmo: “respecting your elders by saying Mr. and Ms. and saying thank you and also giving lots of loves and kisses.” It would be pretty hard to get people to go to war over that innocent notion, wouldn’t it?For a furry and perpetually three-and-a-half-year-old guy, Elmo has made quite the impact on our popular culture. In addition to his role on Sesame Street he has appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Martha Stewart Living, Emeril Live, Scrubs, and even on The West Wing where he zinged the first lady of the United States. He has additionally saved Christmas in his own movie, and in 1996 he practically dominated the holiday by becoming that year’s hottest toy. Pretty good, Elmo!If your kid loves Elmo, as do we all, then nothing could suit them better than the Elmo Costume. It’s shaggy and red, just like the muppet himself, so your kid will be warm and visible on the cold October streets. The hood has Elmo’s darling eyes and nose, and the mittens partially detach on demand so your kid can still do delicate things with their hands!

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  • The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    Waiting to Be KingWe know your little one can’t wait to be king! Most little cubs have a tough time waiting. They want to be the main event, like no king was before. They want to show the world their roar and they definitely don’t want anyone telling them to “do this” or have anyone shout “stop that” at them. They want to run around free all day and they want to be free to do it all their way!Well, if your little one wants to lead the pride, then they’re just going to have to wait! After all, every good king needs a mane if they want to be the king of beasts! The good news is that your child can start their journey to becoming king by wearing this officially licensed Lion King costumes for toddlers!Product DetailsThis toddler Simba deluxe costume is based on the Disney movie, The Lion King. It comes with everything your little king-in-waiting needs! The costume comes with an ultra-soft jumpsuit that has a yellow faux fur exterior and an elastic waistband. It fits with a fastener in the back and even comes with a detachable tail in back. The hood really helps your child get into character, since it recreates the look of Simba’s face from the animated movie. It has a soft-sculpted face and ears, and it even has a pair of embroidered eyes on the top. It all combines for a look that will help your child happy as they wait to become the king!Just Can’t WaitIf your child has been trying their best to wait to be king, then it’s time to help them out with this adorable Lion King costume! With a soft style and cute look, it might even have them singing a tune from the movie!

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Zero Toddler Costume

    Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Zero Toddler Costume

    Man’s Best Friend for Life and BeyondThat ghost lifestyle seems pretty tough. You have to get up at all hours of the night, jangling chains and moaning until someone decides to wake up. And after that, they decide to tell themselves that it was all a bad dream! Then there are the places you have to hang out. Ghosts never get to lounge at the beach or head out for ice cream instead they’re stuck creaking around in attics and floating through graveyards on foggy nights. No matter how much you like the spooky side of life, that kind of atmosphere has got to get old. There’s only one thing that could make that afterlife style bearable, having a good doggo by your side while you haunt! In fact, we’re certain Zero’s companionship is why Jack Skellington is always in such a good mood. Product DetailsThis licensed Nightmare Before Christmas Zero costume is a great twist on the classic ghost costume! The white tunic is pretty simple while the head secures under the chin with a hook and eye touch strip. Zero’s face is detailed with big, black eyes and a three-dimensional glowing pumpkin nose. The hood is topped off with big ears that will flop in the wind as your kid celebrates Halloween night. Party of GhoulsIt’s been a while since Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas changed both Halloween and Christmas forever and still, we can’t get enough. If you want to have the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas group costume, it’s easier than ever! Not only do we have awesome Jack and Sally costumes in all sorts of styles but you can also pick out costumes for Locke, Shock, Barrel, and their Boogeyman ringleader. Want to really shake things up? Throw Santy Claws into the mix! Now that would be an interesting party of people!

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  • Adult Count Costume

    Adult Count Costume

    One friend from Sesame Street, plus one friend from Sesame Street, equals two friends from Sesame Street! Ah, ha, ha!- Count von CountAre you or your family friends of Sesame Street? Do your kiddos spend Count knows how much time in front of the television, singing with Big Bird and horsing around with Elmo? Are you a huge fan of the Muppets? Or perhaps your friends need an addition to their Sesame Street gang this Halloween.However you happened to stumble upon this dashing costume, we’re glad you did. It includes one‚Äîcount it, one‚Äîjacket/shirt combo, one cape with a single foam collar, and one fabric headpiece, which really completes the image and sets you apart from the less… benevolent vampiric creatures that go bump in the night this time of year. If you add all that up, it equals one stellar costume that will steal the show around all ages, wherever you go. You can count pieces of candy at your front door, pints of beer at your favorite pub, and weird looks at the grocery store! And keep in mind: if you have arithmomania (compulsive love of counting things), this is the costume for you. If he weren’t a vampire, Count von Count could have made a great accountant, and if you weren’t such a great judge of Halloween costumes, you could be looking elsewhere! Good for you!

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  • Disney Goofy Baby Costume

    Disney Goofy Baby Costume

    THE LITTLEST GOOFIt’s baby’s first Halloween so here you sit, browsing our vast selection of infant costumes. There’s so many to choose from and they’re all so adorable, plus your bundle of joy will be strikingly cute in every single one so how does a parent decide? Please allow us to assist with this costume conundrum because we know a thing or two about dressing up and one of our favorite pastimes is staring at squishy newborns swaddled in disguises. Our top contender for best baby costume goes to this…*drumroll please*… Goofy baby costume! And we’ll gladly explain why. First off, it’s common for parents to introduce their babies to Disney characters from the start because they’re timeless cartoons kids love to watch. They’re silly and laughing is a must for little ones. (Heck, we still find them funny as we venture into our mid-30’s!) Anyway, Mickey Mouse’s BFF, Goofy, and babies have more in common than you think. They both make funny faces and their irresistible charm is endearing to everyone. The Goofy costume is also the perfect option for Halloween because admirers will make goofy faces when fawning over your precious little one dressed as a mini Goofy. PRODUCT DETAILSComfortable for kids ranging from 12-18 months of age, this costume comes with a soft orange top with an attached black vest for a colorful and cartoonish look. The blue pants feature an elastic waistband so they stretch over pudgy bellies with ease. The white mittens are included and the Goofy headpiece is extremely plush and fastens under the chin for a snug fit that won’t slide down or fall off. DISNEY DARLINGS We have a costume tip that will make all your Halloween dreams a reality. Dress as Mickey or Minnie Mouse to create a parent/baby costume that shows imagination, creativity, and inspires others to say, “Gawrsh they’re cute!”                      

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  • Child Optimus Prime Prestige Costume

    Child Optimus Prime Prestige Costume

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a robot in disguise as your child? Just think about if for a second. He could act as a deterrent for unwanted Decepticon attacks. He could lead all of his robot friends, the Autobots, into battle against the forces of evil in your backyard. He could maybe even transform into a semi-truck, just like you always wanted to do as a kid. Yes, wouldn’t it be grand if your child was a Transformer?Well, what if we told you that your kid could not only look like a Transformer, but he could even get the look of the leader of the Transformers. It’s true! This Optimus Prime costume is a prestige outfit for children that will have them ready to “roll out” with the rest of the Autobots. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has muscle padding packed into the chest and arms, giving your kid one buff robot kind of look! The costume also has hip armor and a pair of shoe covers to help with the transformation. It even comes with a molded mask that makes your child nearly indistinguishable from the real Optimus Prime!Now, unfortunately it won’t actually give your child the ability to turn unto a semi-trailer, but at least he’ll still be ready to kick some Megatron butt should he find his way to your home. Just make sure to check out some of our adult Bumblebee costumes if you want to join your child in his fight against the bad guys.

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  • Paw Patrol Zuma Comfy Critter Costume Blanket

    Paw Patrol Zuma Comfy Critter Costume Blanket

    Costumes and FunAny time can be costume time! When it comes time for your kids to have a little fun around the home, we’d like to suggest picking up a Comfy Critters blanket. Versatile and fun, Comfy Critter blankets are part-toy, part-costume, and totally comfy! Complete with costume hoods and vibrant details, these character blankets are designed for a great time. This Zuma Comfy Critter blanket is styled just like the water rescue pup from the smash hit Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol. Just bundle him up, and he’ll be ready to make rescue sea animals at playtime! When the fun and games are over, just unwrap him for a comfy and cozy friend to wrap up with.Fun DetailsFrom the hit Nickelodeon show Paw Patrol, this blanket is from the Comfy Critter Company and is officially licensed. It measures about 47 inches by 36 inches when unfolded, and when bundled up it makes a huggable plush toy, too. It’s made with 100 percent polyester microfiber fleece. It has soft-sculpted character details and facial features on the hood for extra fun.All the Paw Patrol GearPaw Patrol is a popular theme for Halloween, but that’s because it’s a popular theme all year round! Check out all of our costume and accessories to get your kiddo equipped for playtime, for Halloween, or for dress-up day at school. Whatever the mission, we’re sure the adventure is gonna be awesome!

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  • Prop Bone Saw 20"

    Prop Bone Saw 20″

    Doctor DangerWe’ve been wondering about Doctor Odd for a while now. He’s seemed even more… well odd than ever. Our first hint was when he forbade anyone from making eye contact with him. Then he started to wear a tin foil hat to cover his head instead of the typical doctor’s cap. And when he started scheduling all his appointments in between the hours of 10 at night and 3 in the morning, he started really losing customers. So when he dumped all the standard surgical instruments for much more menacing props, were we surprised? No. Worried? Totally!Product DetailsThis silver saw is the perfect prop to finish off your mad scientist or zombie nurse costume. It’s lightweight and soft so you can tuck it under your arm for easy transport. Unhinged surgeons will love the way the handle fits in their hands. High shine makes the prop stand out for an eerie nightmare feel!Sharp ThinkingAdding props to any ensemble is always a good idea. Perfect for posing for the camera, you’ll want to whip out this eerie tool for multitudes of costumes. Want to get in character? Let loose with a maniacal laugh and you’ll know you made the right prop decision!

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  • Vertical Striped Pantyhose

    Vertical Striped Pantyhose

    Every girl needs a set of these Vertical Striped Pantyhose in her arsenal of sexy costume accessories. Who doesn’t like a sexy Beetlejuice? They put the finishing touch on tons of looks (Sexy Beetlejuice, uh…) and have been scientifically proven to make your legs look 94% longer and thinner in all the right places and none of the wrong ones. (Note: Not all scientific assertions have been backed up by research from our costume-ologists, as they assure us they’re really called, but we took a poll around the office and we’re pretty sure.)Remember, up-and-down stripes are slimming. They elongate your gams! Maybe you’ll like them so much you’ll get vertical stripes tattooed on your bare legs and paint them on all your pants, but until then, these are a good way to demo the effect. These hose are perfect for various dancer costumes, a witch in a mini-skirt, a flapper, a burlesque outfit, and more.

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  • White and Red Striped Stockings

    White and Red Striped Stockings

    You’ll be ready to take your place in Santa’s workshop when you slip on these super fun holiday stockings. The stockings reach to mid-thigh and are ready to compliment both elf and Santa costumes alike! After all, in the North Pole, you’d better layer up. It gets cold up there! So, this year whether you are slipping presents for all the little girls and boys under a tree or you’re going to door with some charming Christmas carols, you’re sure to look the part. You can decide whether to pair them with curved elf slippers or boots, either way, you’ll look like you’re at the height of the holiday spirit. We have plenty of elf and costumes to make your look complete!So, this holiday season, slip into a pair of White and Red Striped Stockings and give your costume (and yourself) a sweet treat! It’s a great way to spread a bit of Christmas cheer!

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  • Girls Spiderweb Tights

    Girls Spiderweb Tights

    They say silk is one of the most luxurious materials in the world, mainly due to how long it takes to collect and spin into thread. It makes smooth, shimmering fabric that also happens to be very light and durable, so it’s not too shabby for cloth made by caterpillars. But, when it comes to bug-made materials, you have to look to our spider friends for the really fancy stuff! Okay, before we go any further, we have to tell you that these Girls Spiderweb Tights aren’t actually made of spider silk. If they were, it would have taken years to gather enough spider web to make the fabric for them, and then they would probably end up costing as much as a private yacht. We actually think your kid will have a lot more fun wearing these cool, web-patterned nylon stockings with her spooky costumes. They may not be as luxurious as stockings made from real spider silk, but who wants to wear something made of stuff a bug barfed up, anyway?

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