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  • Women's Annie Oakley Costume

    Women’s Annie Oakley Costume

    Road Tripping With Annie OakleyWhile there are plenty of ways to explore the wild west, none are quite as interesting as traveling with the famous (and sometimes infamous) Annie Oakley. For one, when you’re riding out to see the famous Teton Mountain range with this sharpshooter as your navigator, don’t expect to stop at overpriced roadside diners for greasy hamburgers. You’ll be making pit stops to let your travel companion take down a few squirrels for some wild rodent stew. And don’t expect to stop at Deadwood South Dakota without a million anecdotes about the drama between Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. So, you could travel the old west like any other tourist or you could take a chance, see what happens, and saddle up with Annie Oakley. Just make sure you leave room in the trunk for her rifle!Product DetailsBecome a charming symbol of classic western lore when you’re dressed as Americana folk hero, Annie Oakley. Her dress is a light buckskin color with fringe along the chest, wrists, and hem. As in the famous photos that she took in the 1800’s this dress has wild roses climbing up the skirt and along the bodice. Becoming the LegendBecause of her epic skills, Annie Oakley was hired by Buffalo Bill, adopted by Sitting Bull, commended by the Queen of England. In an age when women were expected to stay silent, she stood up for equal pay and women joining the armed forces. And while you might not be a world-renowned sharpshooter that will go down in history, you can look just like our girl Annie! Want to polish off your look? Throw on a cowgirl hat, a pair of riding boots, and get yourself one of our prop rifles and you’ll be ready to go! Just be sure to throw us a free ticket if you’re putting on a show. 

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  • Womens Creepy Clown Costume

    Womens Creepy Clown Costume

    In this modern era, our social lives can be frustrating. Our calendars are full of obligations. First, invitations start coming in at a trickle in the early spring. You’re still eager to socialize after the cold months of the winter so your answer is usually yes. Yes to children’s birthday bonanzas, yes to your second cousin’s second wedding, and yes to your neighbor’s kid’s graduation party. Before you know it you realize with horror that every weekend in your summer is full of SOLO cups and small talk, not a fly by the seat of your pants Saturday and Sunday insight.If you’re looking for a way to slow down the invites and maybe even free up a couple of those weekends that were once booked to the brim, consider showing up to the next child populated party as a creepy clown. Now, we’re unsure whether parents would prefer a friend canceling their plans or a scary jester showing up at the pool party but we do know people will talk about your creepy antics. Why individually cancel all your positive R.S.V.P.s when by showing up as a creepy clown, you’ll be the dread of every birthday bash in town? After this, you’ll be doing them a favor by playing hooky from their soirees.Whether you plan to use this outfit to make yourself the town outcast or you’re going to wear it to your next costume party (much more socially acceptable) you’ll love how flattering this ensemble is. The dress has a fitted bodice and full skirt with subtle clown polka dots and red and white circus stripe accents. The off-shoulder sleeves are made of a sheer black material the matches the red and white striped ruff. So put aside that bottle of bubbly you were thinking of bringing to your next social obligation and pick up your balloon animal kit, this weekend is about to get interesting.

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  • Women's Voodoo Magic Costume

    Women’s Voodoo Magic Costume

    Grits and Gris-grisYour little shop of magic is far off the tourist track. You’re not toting your “voodoo” wares in the French Quarter where people just might pick up the wrong knick knack and end up making the acquaintance of a lost spirit who decides to follow them home. No, people have to seek out your services. They travel the backroads of the Bayou in order to find your little house on tall stilts in the swampy landscape. But once they’re there, you provide your hard traveling visitors with the real deal. Your carefully portioned potions help a heartbroken woman escape the shadow of her ex. You have preserved the art of protective gris-gris and powerful good vibe talismans. The best part? After you feed their spirit, your customers can be sure you’ve got some delicious southern food sizzling on the stove. Now, that’s what we call full service!Product DetailsThis gorgeous, layered look might just convince you that you actually could stir up some magic. The coat has a cropped center, showing off the snakeskin patterned shirt underneath. You’ll also get the multi-colored sash ties that are layered under the bone and skull belt. A monkey hand necklace will remind folks of your other-worldly knowledge and the whole costume is polished off with the wrapped top hat. Leveling with LaveauIf you’re intrigued by the mystique of Voodoo than you’ve probably heard of Marie Laveau’s legacy. Her customers in New Orleans ranged from the well to do upper crust to the desperate and enslaved people looking to fight their way out. People still talk about her power and influence over a hundred years after her death, leaving offerings at her grave. So this Halloween cast aside that basic witch look and get on a whole new level with this Voodoo look. Now, how about some potion number 9?

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  • Women's Lady Guinevere Teal Costume

    Women’s Lady Guinevere Teal Costume

    Lady of the House PartyIf you’ve got to cause the downfall of Camelot, you may as well do so in style, eh? We’re just joking…kind of. We mean, Guinevere did kind of cause a bit of trouble with her epic beauty and romantic notions. But can you blame her? Look at her clothes. This dress was made to be fought over!History is actually pretty fuzzy on the details of Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere, but one thing that’s clear is the high style in which she dressed. That’s why we’ve got this Women’s Lady Guinevere Teal Costume ready for you to ride off into the sunset with. Because when you’re decked out in this luxurious costume, you can write your own end to your story; you’re obviously the lady in charge, and you need no rescuing. So slip into this charming costume and command the attention of everyone at the house party or Halloween bash. Whether you choose to arrive with King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, or you wish to fly solo, this look will cement your place in the Halloween history books!Product DetailsThis is an ensemble fit for a queen! Crafted from rich, teal velvet, the dress is styled to the specifications of Arthurian times, with pronounced draped sleeves that reach nearly to the floor! The belt, too, hangs long in front and offsets the outfit with its metallic sheen, while a subtle pattern is stenciled near the neckline for added allure. Top your perfectly curled locks with the included, gem-studded half-crown and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble gathering your own roundtable of adoring fans tonight!Gal About TownWe can’t be sure, but we would guess Guinevere was a real girl about Camelot. Follow in her footsteps, and don’t feel the need to reign over one social gathering, exclusively. Party hop in this teal gown, if for no other reason than to show off its exquisite beauty!  

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  • Spartan Warrior Costume

    Spartan Warrior Costume

    Hello Spartans! No ancient warrior is safe when a Spartan soldier is around, and neither is their empire! Many city-states underestimated the power of the Spartan army and they paid dearly for it with the lives of their own soldiers and their cities. Bummer, yeah?Nah, not when you become one of them! It’s no wonder that the Spartans have gained popularity once again amongst us modern folk longing for a day when heroics and traditions were taken seriously and where honor was the ultimate goal for any man of fighting age. And you don’t even have to go back in time to be a Spartan warrior – we’ve got you covered!You’ll be able to rule the battlefield as one of the most feared ancient soldiers this Halloween season in this Spartan Warrior Costume! The costume includes a knee-length red cape that drapes over the shoulders and an antique-brass-tone plastic medallion that can be tied to one shoulder of the cape. The brown kilt has an elastic waist for a comfortable fit and has a front wrap panel and black and gold detailed edging. Adorning the costume is a belt and wrist cuffs made of faux brown leather and are embossed with a basket-weave pattern.Word to the wise, no warrior would dare go into battle without a helmet, so this costume comes with a molded vinyl headpiece that is painted to look battle-worn. Add accessories like lace-up sandals, leg guards and our Spartan shield and sword for a complete look, and be sure to check out our women’s ancient goddess costumes for your date. Onward to Sparta!

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  • Girls Rosie the Riveter Costume

    Girls Rosie the Riveter Costume

    A Riveting Display Is your child the girl everyone looks up to? Can she inspire and influence her whole grade by example? Is she strong, confident, capable, and tough? She sounds like a real Rosie the Riveter type! So, when her teacher needs to rally the troops for the annual bake sale, it’s no surprise she’s asked your girl to lend a helping hand. Of course, Rosie wasn’t a “real,” individual woman, but rather the depiction of a collective idea of what female power can do. So, if your girl is influential and independent, she will have a seamless transition into this Girl’s Rosie the Riveter Costume. It’s got all the classic flair of the original image from the wartime morale-boosting campaign posters, so she can feel in charge and able to motivate classmates to make double batches of brownies, cookies, and cupcakes. You raised your kiddo to know that she can always do it, regardless of what that “it” was. And now, she’s a little force to be reckoned with! Product Details She’ll feel like the coolest kid ever as she mans the money box and controls the inventory of the bake sale. After all, the teacher put her in charge for a reason! The bandana in her hair pairs with the rolled-up sleeves and “Rosie” name patch on this denim shirt to make her easily identifiable as an icon. Who knows? Maybe flexing her little muscles between sales of banana bread and thumbprint cookies will totally endear all of the parents to her. She’s influencing her classmates to work hard on behalf of the group, just like Rosie! She Can Do It! Never doubt who your gal is—fierce, strong, capable, and clever—or what she can do! This costume helps show the world just how powerful one girl can be, especially if that girl is her.

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  • Girl's Early American Girl Costume

    Girl’s Early American Girl Costume

    Go West!Remember what it felt like to learn about the frontier? If you’re anything like us, you learned to shop for supplies, hunt, forge a river, and recover from dysentery (when lucky) from playing your favorite game. And now that your girl is learning all about trail life and the western frontier, it’s a perfect time to share it with her!She’ll love shopping for oxen, hunting deer and bison, and fixing wagon axels in this Early American Girl Costume. She’ll get to connect to a part of American history she loves to learn about, and you’ll get to connect with her over a mutual fear of snakebites. Whether she wears this dress for a school play or she goes really old school for Halloween, this classic costume takes her back to a time when life was hard but adventurous, and you never knew what tomorrow would bring on the trail! Product DetailsOK, OK, we’ll tell you all about this costume! Don’t get a bee in your bonnet. This is a pretty pink dress cut in the style of the time, with slightly puffed sleeves and ruffle detailing. The apron is necessary for all the cooking and cleaning she’ll be helping with on the move, and the matching pink and ruffled bonnet will keep the sun out of her eyes and the bugs from her ears. Make sure she’s got a sturdy pair of shoes and the she’s not afraid fo a little hard work! It’s what this costume calls for. Stock Up NowIt’s always a balance deciding how many supplies to bring at the beginning of the journey. One thing we’ve learned, stock up early. Maybe get two sets of these classic clothes, just in case one gets lost, or the wagon overturns, or a pack of wild dogs attacks your stores at night…like we said, you never know what will happen out here. Have fun going on this adventure again with your girl! 

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  • Girl's Sailor Girl Costume

    Girl’s Sailor Girl Costume

    The Sea CallsIs your little sweetie getting sick of life on the shore? Does she crave the open ocean, salty sea air, and cry of the gulls? Is she dependable, hard-working, and not prone to motion sickness (this is important)? Does she look cute as can be in a uniform? Ahoy! You have a little sailor on your hands! You may think she’s up and joined the Navy when she struts around in this Girl’s Sailor Costume! And would that be so bad? She’ll get to satisfy her need for thrill and adventure all while learning the benefits of hard work and perseverance. Of course, if you’re not quite ready to part with her on a mission just yet, this costume is cute for trick-or-treating, too! She is a sailor at heart, so embrace her passion for pushing off from shore now and you’ll always be her first call upon arriving back at port.Product DetailsThis is a classic sailor ensemble with high-waisted pants, suspenders, and a keenly-styled shirt. The white top features stripes in all the right places, a sailor collar, and a printed emblem on the arm. In case there was any question, the anchor-printed sailor cap finishes off the look and may just leave her as speechless as the wonders of the ocean! She definitely looks like she’s got her sea legs now!Sea Ya!She’s growing up so fast! But not to worry—she’s not ready to enlist just yet. Before she sets sail, you still have many years of watching her roam house to house in her cutest costumes and then devour her Halloween candy. And at least you know she will always come back to celebrate Halloween with you—we’re not experts, but we imagine that it’s mighty hard to trick-or-treat on a boat at sea! 

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  • Girls Victorian Vampira Costume

    Girls Victorian Vampira Costume

    Fun fact: The character of Count Dracula, as Bram Stoker wrote him, was likely inspired by a real Romanian ruler named Vlad Dracul III, also known as ‚ÄúVlad the Impaler.‚Äù We‚Äôll leave you to find out why on your own. And while we‚Äôre a long way from Stoker‚Äôs–or thankfully, Vlad‚Äôs–era, your little lady can still act on her vampiric desires and go to her party in style– Victorian style, that is.The moment she slips into this dark and mysterious outfit she is bound to feel the transformation. Suddenly, her teeth feel just a little bit longer and, maybe, just a little bit sharper. The sun begins to feel just a bit harsher, but that‚Äôs ok, she has no interest in getting out of bed until well after it sets. In this Girls Victorian Vampira Costume, your fierce girl gets to feel like a queen, ready to prowl the streets or maybe find her next victim at the Governor‚Äôs Ball (she blends in very well with high society, of course). Just remind her to try not to let her taste for blood give her away–we hear that Victorian England does not take too kindly to the vampiric diet.With this pullover dress, she‚Äôll enter every party like royalty…royalty of darkness, that is. Make sure to warn her about that Van Helsing–he always seems to be just two steps behind the freshest hint of vampires. But if you know your little lady–and you do–she‚Äôll slip safely back into bed, just before the first rays of sunrise‚Ķ.only to haunt all over again once dusk falls.

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  • Child Paul Revere Costume

    Child Paul Revere Costume

    Sam Adams had enough on his hands in day-to-day colonial America, and with the prospect of a revolution, he had a pretty full plate. Luckily he knew a certain silversmith who had the tools to get the job done.He may not be a silversmith, but you kiddo is a major history buff–it‚Äôs by far his favorite school subject. So if he‚Äôs starting to think that there’s a revolution brewing–or if he just likes to be the first to know everything–he’ll have a great time in this Child Paul Revere Costume. With this perfected period look, your ‚Äúson of liberty‚Äù won’t have any problem signaling that the British are coming and saving everyone from harm. He‚Äôll be so stately, strutting around your abode and proclaiming left and right, riding his ‚Äúhorse‚Äù with the wind through the backyard, sending signals by flashlight to his best bud across the street–one blink if they‚Äôll meet at the park tomorrow (land); two blinks if they‚Äôll meet at the pool (sea). He‚Äôs clever, your little patriot. And who wouldn‚Äôt heed his warnings? He looks so dapper, so dependable, so…well…revolutionary! This costume comes complete with a jacket and vest combo, knee pants, even a cravat and and the iconic hat! Give him some big buckle shoes, a pair of knee socks, and dig up that lantern out of the garage. Just a final hint of advice from us, though: lock up the tea cabinet‚Ķ

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  • Child Pioneer Girl Costume

    Child Pioneer Girl Costume

    Home on the RangeThe pioneer days were definitely something to behold. While living conditions weren’t exactly great by today’s standards, the world was their oyster – everything was new and exciting. The possibilities were endless. With so much wide open space, it’s no wonder that the imaginations of those who lived during that time gave us some of the great ideas and tools necessary to improve technology and take us even further into the undiscovered territories of the Americas. Girls on the pioneer trail also contributed greatly to the world we now know.Life on the prairies of the Old West could be hard. But one consolation was that girls got to wear clothes like this Child Pioneer Girl Costume. This might have been an everyday school dress for a pioneer girl or it may have been something fancier, depending upon the social class of the girl’s family. Either way, this authentic-looking pioneer girl dress is perfect for a number of events including Halloween, school plays, and reenactments.Product DetailsThe costume for girls comes with a simple dress that fastens with Velcro at the back of the neck and features an apron that ties at the waist. The sleeves of the dress have shoulder ruffles as well as elastic and eyelet edging at the cuffs for added detail. No young pioneer girl outfit would be complete without a bonnet, so this costume also comes with a traditional bonnet that has a foam brim with eyelet edging with elastic at the back and an under-chin tie for comfort.Pioneer Her Look!This costume will have everyone yearning for yesteryear! Its pioneer look not only hearkens back to the Oregon Trail days, making it the perfect outfit for your girl to wear during plays, reenactments, or just as a fun historical costume for Halloween. 

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  • Child Soul Taker Costume

    Child Soul Taker Costume

    A Demanding CareerBeing a soul taker is hard work. Roaming the streets at night, looking for souls ripe for the taking. Dodging teenagers on their cell phones and distracted drivers – it’s enough to make a soul taker pretty tired – especially on Halloween night. It can be challenging to tell the healthy folks from the walking dead. But in the end, it’s worth it for a good scare – as any soul taker will tell you. So, if your little one wants to give his friends a fright this Halloween, then this soul taker costume is just what they are looking for.Product DetailsThe being in this child’s Soul Taker costume roams the earth in search of lost souls to take! If he can’t find any lost souls, there’s a good chance that he’ll settle for some Skittles or Milk Duds. After all, where he comes from, there ain’t any treats! Let your child suit up as a devious reaper with this frightening costume. And if he prefers treats to souls, all the better! This costume comes with everything your child needs to become a terrifying figure this Halloween. The black hooded pullover robe fastens at the back of the neck with ties. The robe has white poly knit mesh draped from the neck and shoulders for the ultimate ghastly look. The sleeves have long black fringe along the length of them for added detail. The mesh knit of the hood covers the entire face so no one will know their true identity! The bottom of the robe has printed white souls grasping upward so no one will mistake why this soul taker has appeared!Reaper Round-upSo, it’s about time that your child had a career! He or she could turn out to be pretty good at this job. So, it’s a bit of macabre career choice. But at least, your child is on a mission!

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  • Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

    Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

    This is an Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Unisex Costume Hoodie.

    $29.99 Sesame Street Costumes
  • Pumpkin Over the Knee Socks

    Pumpkin Over the Knee Socks

    Spirited CelebrationWho says Halloween can only last one night? Sure, it may only be appropriate to ring neighbors’ doorbells and ask for candy on October 31st, but the spirit of Halloween (and the smell of fun-sized candy) lingers in the air for much longer. And this may not come as a huge shock to you, but we fully encourage any action you can take to prolong the essence of Halloween. We’re big fans! Take these Over the Knee Pumpkin socks, for instance. With this Halloween-inspired pair, you can easily turn any random Tuesday in October into a cause for celebration. Or, you can turn any fall celebration into a Halloween-themed event by showing up with this tall pair beneath your orange dress. And just like that, you’ve turned All Hallows Eve into All Hallows Month. Bravo!Product DetailsThis black knit pair is simple and straightforward, with a glowing orange jack o’ lantern on each knee and a matching orange heel patch to brighten your step. Wear ’em under a host of shorts, skirts, dresses, and costumes to keep cozy and capture the spirit of your favorite holiday, daily!All Year CheerReally, who’s to say you can’t curl up with this pair on a particularly raining spring day? Or a cool summer evening? No one! With this darling, dark pair of thigh-high socks, you can keep Halloween alive year-round. We love it!

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  • Bag of Glow Spider Rings (4 per pack)

    Bag of Glow Spider Rings (4 per pack)

    This is a Pack of 4 Spider Glow Rings.

    $3.99 Halloween Essentials
  • Bag of Plastic Spiders (36 spiders in bag)

    Bag of Plastic Spiders (36 spiders in bag)

    THE BEST PHRASE EVERHow many times in your life have you been able to walk up to someone — let’s call them a friend, because they certainly won’t call you one shortly after — and say, “Hey, I have a big bag of spiders!”  Uttering such a statement may as well be a witch’s curse or a banshee’s wail because the entire room will immediately disperse.  We know this from testing.  Several times.  While we don’t recommend trying it for real, we suspect saying, “I have a big bag of spiders” would more effectively clear a room on fire than yelling out the accurate information.PRODUCT DETAILSExperience power like no one except arachnologists with this bag of plastic spiders.  As promised, this is a bag of 36 plastic spiders, all of which have delightful black legs, adorable bodies, and gleaming orange fangs.  You are not required to use all 36 of them at once or in one location, but you may find the effect is lessened if there are fewer than a dozen spiders involved in your decorations, pranks, or “gentle assistance in overcoming arachnophobia.”  IF YOU SEE ONE SPIDER…They say that if you can see one spider, you can be certain that there are more.  So, what happens if you see three dozen spiders!?  Well, fortunately for the spider-phobic, spiders are actually pretty solitary critters, so that’s not really true.  But, that doesn’t mean that this bag of spiders won’t create more fun than 288 legs!  

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  • Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack

    Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack

    This is a Halloween Skull & Bones Backpack.

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  • Glow Star Wands (4 per pack)

    Glow Star Wands (4 per pack)

    These are Glow Star Wands (4 per pack).

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  • Pumpkin Treat Bucket

    Pumpkin Treat Bucket

    This is a Pumpkin Treat Bucket.

    $2.99 Halloween Essentials
  • Adult Fred Flintstone Kigurumi

    Adult Fred Flintstone Kigurumi

    This is a Fred Flintstone Kigurumi.

    $64.99 Flintstone Costumes
  • Light-Up Day of the Dead Tombstone Decor

    Light-Up Day of the Dead Tombstone Decor

    This is a Light-Up Day of the Dead Tombstone Decor.

    $19.99 Outdoor and Yard Decorations
  • Women's Day of the Dead Darling Costume

    Women’s Day of the Dead Darling Costume

    No matter the occasion, this chica is ready to celebrate. She’s always celebrating something, like National Tequila Day or even Potato Awareness Day, so it’s really no surprise that she’s ready for a fiesta, anytime, anywhere. It’s Dia de Los Muertos after all, so this party girl is ready to put her party pants on. Well, we guess we should say party dress! The Day of the Dead is all about celebrating deceased loved ones so dressing to the nines is probably a good idea because your beloved departed loved ones are there with you in spirit. You have to look nice for them, so put away your sweatpants and take out this Day of the Dead darling costume. This floor-length style dress is akin to a gown because of the black lace long sleeves and the thigh-high leg slit. The fashion-forward look is topped off by a veil that is decorated with bright colored flowers, making the costume look like traditional Dia de Los Muertos attire. Whether you choose to tell stories about the deceased, make bright colored sugar skulls, or turn up the music so you can dance the mambo, this high-fashion costume is the way to go. Arriba!

    $64.99 Day of the Dead Costumes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Kids Mask

    Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Kids Mask

    Peter Quill makes being an intergalactic space mercenary look easy. He zips around on his jet boots, blasts evil space monsters with his laser guns and then cruises around in his ship like a champion, but we’re still figuring out how to become a member of the Ravagers! Maybe we just weren’t cut out for that kind of life, but we think your kid is a shoe in for that kind of career path… he just needs the right kind of gear for the job.This child Star Lord mask helps your kid look just like the hero from the Guardians of the Galaxy films. It’s molded to look like the one worn by Chris Pratt and fits with an elastic band. It has mesh-covered eye openings and it matches perfectly with any red Ravager jacket you might have laying around the house. Just make sure that you fully equip your kid wit a pair of blasters, since he’s going to need them if he wants to save the galaxy again!

    $14.99 Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes
  • Toy Story I Am Woody Men's Costume T-Shirt

    Toy Story I Am Woody Men’s Costume T-Shirt

    There’s a snake in my boot!Ah, Woody. America’s favorite toy cowboy. Beloved by Andy for years, beloved by audiences for… also years. And now you too can look like the sweetest, bravest cowboy to ever have a pull string. Just pull this t-shirt on and explain to Buzz he’s not a space ranger, he’s just a toy. But he won’t understand, and all the other toys seem to like him, so eventually you’ve got to realize he’s a good guy, deep down. Of course, eventually Andy has to grow up… and… say… goodby- Oh come on! We can’t even do this. Did you see Toy Story 3?! It’s heartbreaking, man. The whole office had to take a day off after that movie. What are we saying? You get it! That’s why you’re here. You love Woody too and you want to honor him like a true fan, with this freaking awesome T-shirt. Just watch as you walk down the street and people stop you to pull you into a hug, or to gush about their favorite moment from the movies, or just to wonder about Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead and how that whole relationship is going. You’ve got a friend in us, partner. $19.99 Toy Story Costumes