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  • Pink Elephant Kid's Costume

    Pink Elephant Kid’s Costume

    Wanted: Peanut PusherWhat’s the weirdest record of accomplishment you can think of? Could it be how quickly someone is able to push a peanut up a mountain peak? You heard us right. Peanut Pushing is a niche hobby that at least 3 men have landed in record books for. We think it’s time to break the previous record though, so we’re looking to recruit an energetic young elephant to get the job done.It took a lot of consideration to narrow down our criteria for who the next Peanut Pusher should be. We landed on a young elephant, based on a few things. The climb is about 14,000 feet, so the Pusher must be strong. The last person to complete the climb was a college student and he got the job done in just under 5 days. The next Pusher would need to be quicker to break records. Each climber, to claim the title of Peanut Pusher, must love peanuts! Okay, okay! The elephant part of this whole thing is more to add some humor than really fill a need. Most elephants actually dislike peanuts, so what we’re really after is a young human that is willing to dress like an elephant and push a tiny peanut up a mountain.Design & DetailsIf you have someone in mind, we’d love to recommend this Pink Elephant Costume for them to wear on their journey up the mountain. This Made By Us jumpsuit is just the thing to get a youngster geared up for an epic, record-breaking climb. Made from a soft velour fabric, this jumpsuit will keep them warm when they camp between days of climbing and protect them from the elements while they scale the mountain with their peanut. The headpiece, with its soft-sculpted facial features, is separate—if it gets too warm, your little climber can remove it and hook it with their other climbing gear. Fantastic FictionYou’re wondering why we think this Pink Elephant Costume is the best one to choose for this epic Peanut Pushing climb. Totally understandable. We chose pink because, as we mentioned, real elephants don’t actually like peanuts. So to play up the fiction of the thing we figured we’d go for broke with a whacky elephant design. So get your kiddo ready for the time of their life with this exclusive costume!

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  • Sweet Southern Belle Girls Costume

    Sweet Southern Belle Girls Costume

    Jumping Through Hoop SkirtsSome people think that becoming a ladylike debutant comes naturally. And while that might be true for some, it actually takes rigorous practice for most folks. Is your kid willing to jump through a couple of ladylike hoops? Well, here’s a few tricks of the trade to make her feel right at home in this lovely Southern Belle costume. The first tip, stand up straight! Your kiddo can have fun with this by walking while balancing a book on her head which is a classic finishing school activity. Secondly, use those “please” and “thank you’s” with Southern style sweetness. And thirdly, practice that curtsy! It takes a little balance to get a greeting curtsy down smoothly. While your kiddo is waiting on pins and needles for this gorgeous gown to come in the mail, have her practice a curtsy every time she asks if the package has arrived yet. She’ll have it down pat by the time she’s slipping into this look!Details & DesignThis Made by Us Southern Belle costume is ready for the debutante ball! The look is lush with tiers trimmed in pink satin and lace. The top has a layered, ruffled neckline that’s free of lace to keep your kiddo from annoying itching while remaining luxurious. It zips up the back to make slipping into the costume a breeze. With a wide pink sash around the waist that finishes in a bow, your child will be ready to twirl and charm her way into her debutant debut. Sun Tea and SandwichesWhether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a festival, or a play, this high-quality dress can be worn again and again for playtime after the event is over. Who said playing at home can’t be a special occasion. What better way to make tea time on the porch extra memorable! 

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  • Women's Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume

    The Pride in PerilThe Pride of Paria has been sailing the Seven Seas for years. Landlubbers and pirates alike whisper about what the ship’s captain might be searching for. This ship has faced more danger in the last few years than any other vessel in the Caribbean. It’s ventured into the dark places on the map, you know the place where all those monsters are drawn onto the parchment? That’s a no-go for most pirates. But The Pride of Paria spent a good two weeks exploring every nook and cranny of those coves.They fought off scaly monsters, avoided the songs of sirens. They even had dinner with a group of cannibals! Lately, the Pride has been spotted anchored at the Spanish coast and we have to say, the captain seems pretty happy with herself. Rumor has it, she finally found what she was looking for. Speaking of, your search has probably come to an end as well. No need to sail into the sunset in search of the perfect pirate ensemble, it’s right in front of you!Details & DesignWhen you slip this Made by Us pirate costume on, you just might slip into an adventure as well! You can tell our in-house designers had a hand in the gorgeous jacket that’s featured in this costume. It has a scroll pattern up the side and a dramatic, pointed hemline, the jacket is cinched with a red sash at the waist and has a beautiful corset layered underneath. The look is topped off with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed captain’s hat. In Ship-Shape conditionNow that you’ve got the right costume, you should be ready to set sail. If you’re looking to tweak the look to perfection pair this with a pair of tall boots, a sword, and an adventurous attitude. When you’re looking so boss, one can blame you for commandeering the night. 

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  • Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Port Party, Ahoy! Silver Tooth Sadie had a reputation. She ran what they call a “tight ship”. Her crew was always mopping the deck. Her ship cats were always fat, sleek, and shiny cause they kept the rats under control. And when it came to taking on other ships, they went in with a polished, foolproof plan. But there was another side to Sadie. When they rolled up to port, Silver Tooth Sadie’s ship was always noticed. Once the anchor was in place she’d sally down from the crow’s nest and tell the boatswain to break out the accordion. The crew could be heard cheering from across the harbor. Because while Sadie might be all work and no play while working hard on the open seas, she knew how to have a whole lot of fun when it was time to relax. Maybe you don’t know this but there ain’t no party like a pirate party!Design & DetailsThis fearless look features a gorgeous jacket and a flowery corset with bright accents and a classic pirate hat. The jacket has a beautiful scrolling pattern along the waist and detailed sleeves with wide cuffs. The corset and jacket are complemented with a dark red sash. Top off the look with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed hat that’s sure to give you captain-level authority. Ship, Shape ConditionThe high quality of this sleek costume is sure to make an impression as soon as you enter the room. Pair this with a tall pair of boots and leggings and you’ll be ready to set sail. In fact, any other pirates at the party might snap to attention, ready to swab the deck or climb to the crow’s nest to look out for land. Just remember that it’s time to let your scallywag shindig side loose.

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  • Child's Ant Costume

    Child’s Ant Costume

    DID SOMEONE SAY, ‘PICNIC?’ The ant kingdom is looking for a new king or queen to lead them on their picnic pilfering missions. If you’re an avid picnic-goer, you know it doesn’t take long before the ant army arrives. Pretty soon, they’re engulfing the cole slaw container and hoisting up your sandwich crumbs and hauling them back to their ant hill. Although they show up uninvited, ants are ambitious little guys. As far as their concerned, a formal invite isn’t required if they feel like crashing an outdoor family picnic. The all-black insects know how to take initiative too. They’re capable of lifting 1,000 times their own bodyweight and they do so as much as possible. Your extra large piece of pie is no match for one of these little brutes. And if they’re unable to haul it away on their own? No big deal, they’ll call their fellow ant buddies over to carry the pie away lickitysplit. The child’s ant costume is perfect for boys and girls who love insects and possess strong leadership qualities because leading hundreds of ants isn’t a piece of cake! Suit up to begin your reign as the ant king or queen. DESIGN & DETAILSOur team of costume professionals studied ant anatomy for months in order to accurately portray the bug. The foam constructed bodysuit looks like ant body armor on both the top and bottom of the jumpsuit, reinforcing the idea ants are strong. The rotund abdomen in back is stuffed, forming the large, circular shape, customary of all ants, not just the picnic variety. The shoe covers are attached to the bottom of the pants while the included antennae headpiece completes the look. THE ANTS GO MARCHING Get all your bug-loving friends to dress up as ants too, to take charge of your very own army of ants!  

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  • Adult Ant Costume

    Adult Ant Costume

    Small But MightyYou’ve spent your life sticking up for the little guy. You protect everything and everyone, from the “lowly” ant to the regal lion. You step over anthills, remove spiders humanely from your home, and even those speedy house centipedes stand a chance around you. Wow. You’re practically a saint in our book!Of course, you know that sometimes the smallest, most “unimpressive” creatures are the most amazing, if you get to know them. Like ants! Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight (you have been going to the gym for years and can’t get even close to that, no offense). Ants are also expert foragers, expert trailblazers, and expert soldiers. They are pretty nifty little critters. But we don’t need to tell you that, do we? You’ve got your fascinating ant facts stored beneath your antennae for quick party conversation starters. And maybe you’ve even got a group of pals in matching Adult Ant Costumes ready to help you take on the buffet table!Design & DetailsYou may be thinking: why did the costume studio take so much care in crafting such a great costume for a mere ant? But that’s just the way we do it here! This exclusive ant costume got the best design, materials, and consideration, to ensure that those of you ant-lovers out there have a costume that does your favorite invertebrate justice! It’s a simple-looking black bodysuit with tons of details. Lines across the “thorax” and a puffed “abdomen” make this costume come to life, as does the headpiece with ant eyes (no ears—ants don’t have ’em) and antennae, for feeling out the fun!Picnic ProSo, go ahead and wear this cool costume anywhere you hope to raise the awareness of the awesomeness of ants. Just…you know…maybe don’t sport it at your company picnic. No one likes an unexpected guest! 

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  • Child Deluxe Ravenclaw Student Costume

    Child Deluxe Ravenclaw Student Costume

    Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest TreasureRavenclaw students have the upper hand when it comes to the brainy side of life! Just look at Ravenclaw’s founder, Rowena, she was the one who designed the puzzle-like layout of Hogwarts hallowed halls. That would take a lot of headspace. Just imagine adding moving staircases to an already complicated building. Maybe Rowena’s hand in the architectural planning of the school explains why the Ravenclaws have such an awesome common room. It’s bigger than all the other house’s rooms and has tall windows and marble walls with a giant, austere fireplace that’s framed by eagles. If you aren’t inspired to achieve greatness in that room then you probably don’t belong in Ravenclaw! Product DescriptionIf your child wants to join the brainy students in Ravenclaw tower, then he or she is going to need the right robes! When it comes time to head over to Platform 9 3/4 your child’s uniform will be ready. This costume comes with a Ravenclaw sweater that is cute enough to wear to a muggle school. The robes have a rich blue trim along the sleeves and in the split and hood. The Ravenclaw insignia marks the chest so even people from outside Hogwarts will know which school your kid is representing. Finish the look off with a wand and watch the magic unfold!Accio Halloween Candy!While this costume will work for all sorts of costumed events, there’s nothing like Halloween that makes the witches and wizards come out! Your kiddo can head out trick-or-treating as a specific student from the books such as the whimsical Luna Lovegood or just pretend to be a real-life Ravenclaw, either way, people are sure to pick up on their smarts as soon as they come on the scene. If anything is going to push this kid to get all “O”s on their O.W.Ls, it’s enough chocolate to last until December!

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  • Premium Marvel Wolverine Men's Costume

    Premium Marvel Wolverine Men’s Costume

    Angry Claw-ManWolverine is one angry Canuck. Can you blame the guy though? That cranky Canadian curmudgeon has been through a ton of bad things in his life. He was born back in the 1880s, so he’s well over 100 years old at this point. He was instilled with weird mutant powers, which instantly made him an outcast. He’s been forced to fight in a myriad of different wars since then. He’s also been shot, punched, zapped, blown up, and scratched by Sabretooth more times than he can count. He lost the love of his life on multiple occasions, and some shady people even exploited his mutant powers to inject molten adamantium onto his skeleton. Wouldn’t all that make you feel like going into a feral rage?Of course, for a guy who’s had a pretty messed up past, he’s a pretty snappy dresser! With that bright yellow, blue, and black color scheme, you’d never know about his feral rage tendencies. That makes his X-Men outfit the perfect costume to wear whether you’ve got a mean streak like Wolverine, or if you just want a brightly colored costume to help you feel like a superhero.Product DetailsThis premium Wolverine costume turns you into the legendary claw-man from the X-Men comic books. The costume is closely modeled after his costume from the 90s stories (you know, the outfit that everyone loves). The costume is a bright yellow, with black stripes along the sides and shoulders. It also comes with blue accents to help round out the classic look. It comes with a red belt that fits around the waist, along with a pair of boot covers and a pair of blue “claw” gloves. Finally, the mask does a faithful job of recreating the from the comic books, including the pointy black “ears” on the sides of his head. The only thing missing is the angry attitude!Be the Best at What You DoIf you like being the best at what you do (even if what you do isn’t very nice), then you’d better be wearing this Wolverine costume! When you wear it, you might just be ready to tangle with Sabretooth for a round or two.

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  • Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men's Suit

    Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men’s Suit

    This is an Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men’s Suit.

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  • Audrey Descendants 3 Girls Wig

    Audrey Descendants 3 Girls Wig

    This is the Descendants 3 Girls Audrey Wig.

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  • Bag of 12 Skulls

    Bag of 12 Skulls

    We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don’t, you really can’t take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples’ bags as creepy little gifts. Now that’s using your skull!

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  • Animated: Clown in Box

    Animated: Clown in Box

    This is an Animated Clown in Box.

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  • Old Spooky Telephone

    Old Spooky Telephone

    Who You Gonna Call?Some hauntings are more complicated. If you’ve got a haunted refrigerator, you simply dump out all your perishables and fill an ice tray with holy water and you’ll probably be good to go. Haunted couch? Invite a shaman to sleep over for the night and show that furniture who’s boss. Haunted fireplace? We’re sure they sell sage fire starters to make those spirits back off. The only appliance you really have to worry about is the haunted telephone. You can’t call anyone to help you out, you just have to lean into the experience and see what those ghosts have to say!Product DetailsWant to add an interactive piece to your Halloween display? This old-fashioned telephone is truly frightful and delightful! Stir up a ghastly atmosphere when you invite guests to answer your spooky phone. The receiver will sound harrowing phrases such as “look behind you” and “don’t you dare hang up”. Turn the rotary dial and listen to the old-fashioned ring that the whole room will here. With an antique finish and classic design, this Halloween decor will look awesome draped in spider webs and paired with dramatic velvet and eerie skeletons! Now, do you dare answer? It’s your call!

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  • Robin Girl Sexy Costume

    Robin Girl Sexy Costume

    You know what we’re sick of? Sexy Batman. Why is it, every time there’s an opportunity to dress up as one’s favorite superhero we always get stuck with hundreds and hundreds of sexy Batmen (Batmans?)? It’s ridiculous, to be quite frank with you. Sure, Batman has the chiseled physique and chiseled chin and everything else is chiseled too, but come on! Batman should be focusing on driving that dangerous vehicle of his not his… actually you know what? Let’s focus on the point at hand. We’ve had enough of this sexy, charming Batman character. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Can’t he go buy a different sexy costume instead of Batman for once? He keeps stealing all the thunder!But what is a poor sidekick to do? Lowly Robin, sure a great acrobat and crimefighter in his own right, but how can Robin hope to match Batman’s sexy appeal? With Robin’s own sexy appeal, that’s how! Yes, enough sidekick stuff. Now you can dress as Robin and be sexy at the same time, and isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Of course, it is.This costume includes a metallic low cut red and green dress. Criminals won’t know what to do when they see you’re after them. They’ll stop and stare, of course, and they’ll know you’re official because of your yellow cape and green gauntlets. They might even let you hand them over to Commissioner Gordon. You might want to wear a pair of shorts underneath to keep your high kicks modest, this skirt is pretty short. You’ve worked hard, you deserve some attention too! So step out from the sidekick shadows, sexy Robin. It’s your time!

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  • Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Maybe you have a cat with some seriously upside-down sleeping habits. Maybe your pooch can’t decide what to be for Halloween, but still wants to take part in the festivities. This basic Bat Wings Pet Costume is a solid choice either way!Then there’s the nightmare scenario: you and your pet are in complete agreement on which amazing costumes you should wear while trick-or-treating together, but neither of you prepared for the struggle of putting on your pet’s overly-elaborate costume. Good thing you wisely chose to keep a pair of these simple bat wings as a backup! Just slip the elastic straps over your pal’s front legs, and you’ll be ready to take on the night together. Multiple pets? No problem! Your party guests will be delighted to find that they’ve walked straight from your living room into the secret lair of the cutest cave-creatures around.

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  • Star Wars Young Obi-Wan Kenobi Adult Costume

    Star Wars Young Obi-Wan Kenobi Adult Costume

    When you were little, you always wanted to be a Jedi master. And do you know one of the greatest things about growing up? No, not candy for dinner. It’s that you don’t have to wait around for anyone to sign off on your dreams anymore!This authentic Adult Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume is just the thing for you, now that you are ready to gear up for the Clone Wars. You can dive into your favorite fictional world head first and no one can stop you–the most important thing is to look the part and confidence will follow. Of course, gaining Obi-Wan’s mastery of the force isn’t something you can…well…force, so you better get training! You have a lot of years to make up for (but another good thing about being an adult is the ability to stay up all night practicing with your lightsaber–no bedtimes!)Can you believe it? You’re now ready to fight off the dark side! And you’re wearing the iconic cream tunic and tan pants of your favorite Star Wars character. It’s almost too good to be true. The foam boot covers and graphic-printed belt complete the look and officially welcome you into the Jedi order. It’s a little harrowing here, but the light side of the force can use all the manpower it can find. Don’t be surprised if your pals come up to you all night seeking your counsel–you just look so authentic in this costume, and everyone needs a strong mentor in their life.

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  • Infant Boy Adorable Viking Costume

    Infant Boy Adorable Viking Costume

    BALDUR IS BACK!The most beloved of all the Norse deities wasn’t Thor. He was pretty darned close, but nobody could hold a candle to Baldur. That’s probably because the guy was so awesome that he literally glowed with huggable light. Seriously, he was so popular that his doting mother had no trouble asking just about everything in the cosmos to just be super nice to him. We’re talking dogs, cats, sharks. Heck, even fire was like, “That kiddo is awesome!” Of course, Loki is a mischief-maker and never could leave anything alone. But, the bad guys never win by the end of the story, so we’re pleased to announce that everyone’s favorite Viking is back to make the whole world smile. Turns out that your kiddo is every bit as special as you think he is and it is time to share the smile you have with the rest of existence. You can do that pretty easily by letting your little darling gear up in this Adorable Viking costume! DESIGN & DETAILSThe whole team threw in for this one to make sure that this look would have the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. You’ll have a gray minky hat styled after a horned helmet. The orange sherpa beard is attached to give your kiddo a soft but rugged beard. This shirt and pants are made of dark brown sherpa fabric to ensure warmth and comfort. The vest, which is attached to the shirt, is made of a light brown faux fur. Gotta keep your little Baldur-babe huggable! THE MOST HUGGABLE VIKINGVikings might not usually be described as sweet and cuddly, but that all changes when you combine your kiddo and this snuggly Viking look. We’re pretty sure that your kiddo is cute enough all on his own, but a ferocious Viking roar combined with minky and sherpa fabric never hurt the process! 

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  • Adult's Zookeeper Costume

    Adult’s Zookeeper Costume

    Wild WorkplaceWhat’s your Monday like? Do you have beastly coworkers at the beginning of the week like we do? It’s like we start the week with ornery big cats and irritable camels and end it with playful spider monkeys and a couple of chill sloths (no offense, Gail). But if you were a zookeeper, the day of the week wouldn’t matter, your coworkers would always be unpredictable. If you’re worried about someone stealing your lunch from the refrigerator now, just imagine what would happen if you tried to eat your PB&J around the monkeys. It would be gone in an instant! Dave from accounting never stole your sandwich right from your hands, now, did he? Still, it would be pretty awesome if your Tuesday meeting was with a bunch of wallaby babies instead of the marketing team. And hippo happy hour? Well, that’s an invite everyone wants!Details & DesignYou’ll look like you’re ready for some fun and fashionable zoo action when you’re wearing this Made by Us khaki and animal print jumpsuit. The khaki color makes you look like you’re ready to do some heavy lifting while the sparkly animal print keeps you looking wild. The top is belted in the middle, buttons up the front, and has two badges giving you an air of authority. Polished off with an animal print trimmed hat, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the zoo’s monkey’s throw at you!Prudent PrimatesAre you sick of your coworkers acting like animals? Next time they show up late, make too much noise in the office, and steal your lunch, retaliate by showing up in this outfit. Nothing tells people to get civilized like hinting at their animal nature! What’s that? That’s not professional? Hmm, good point. Still! This is going to make a great Halloween costume even if everyone around you keeps wilding. 

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  • Women's Haute Harlequin Costume Plus Size

    Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume Plus Size

    UNSEAT THE QUEENFor years, the kingdom has been ruled by a tyrant—a queen who lords over her people with ruthless demands, crippling taxation, deadly sentences… and, worst of all, she’s got an awful sense of humor! Too many court jesters now decorate the hall in gruesome fashion. Countless have tried to crack a smile on her face. Self-deprecating humor only results in the Queen agreeing. Buddy comedy only causes her to make them compete with each other to see who will meet the chopping block last. The citizens even tried to bring in the heart-stopping stylings of a homicidal, green-haired and gothic joker, but she just made him captain of the guard! There’s only one option left. We need someone with perfect comedic timing, perhaps a noteworthy dose of sass, maybe even the willingness to tell a dirty joke or three. Most of all, we need someone with the stuff to make us all smile. Actually, for someone like that, we should just kick the queen off her throne and turn that Jester’s cap into a crown!DESIGN & DETAILSBecome the queen of comedy in a literal sense when you stop the show with this Haute Harlequin costume. This is a gloriously fun costume that came from the minds of our in-house design team, responsible for all our Made by Us line! It is a black and diamond-print paneled, asymmetrical dress. The design is themed off medieval jesters, which means it has a ruffled edge at the hem and neckline, and an ornate jester’s hat to top off the look! MONARCH OF MIRTHOnce you take over the kingdom with the epic style of this Haute Harlequin costume, you’ll be known throughout the realm for your legacy of one-liners. Just one problem: who will tell you jokes now!? 

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  • Haute Harlequin Women's Costume

    Haute Harlequin Women’s Costume

    Clown With The CrownA Harlequin clown is like a clown queen. Unlike basic clowns, they don’t perform for little kids at backyard birthday parties, painting faces and making balloon animals; they entertain for nobility. They captivate kings and queens with mind-bending pantomiming routines. (Are they really trapped inside a box? Well, how did they get in there? Wow, where did that rope come from? Wait a minute…). Harlequin clowns don’t wear cheesy flowers that squirt water or have curly, bright colored hair topped off by a tiny hat. Harlequin clowns have panache! They always wear matching ensembles with ruffled collars and perfectly styled hairdos. When your job is to perform for the king and queen, dressing to the nines and looking your absolute best is just a part of the job. If you’re stylish, entertaining, dramatic, and looking for a job inside the castle walls, you’ll make a great Harlequin clown! Start practicing your pantomime routine to try out for the job and we’ll hook you up with the perfect disguise, the Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume. Design & DetailsSleek and polished, you’ll look ready to enter the castle gates once you’re wearing the Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume. A Made by Us design, this stylish dress is high-quality and flatters all shapes and sizes. Ladies will look fashion-forward and sleek in the cocktail-style dress featuring a black and red diamond print and ruffled sleeves, collar, and neckline. The white ruffled collar and the pom-pom-tipped hat complete the disguise. Frills and GigglesYou’ll make them laugh as soon as you have all the necessary accessories! Pick up the satin gloves, fishnet pantyhose, and black high heels to get the complete look. Start working on those pantomime skills and you’ll be ready to perform for the royal couple before you know it!    

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  • Adult Sting Ray Costume

    Adult Sting Ray Costume

    NOT A BASIC BOTTOM FEEDERThe entire stingray species had to rebrand. Refusing to be known as the reason for untimely demise, stingrays transformed their image from venomous gliding sea beast to happy-go-lucky underwater creatures.  Their image makeover was successful because stingrays are now more popular than ever before. (Search the term “dancing baby stingrays” and see for yourself). Once you see the overload of aquatic cuteness, it’s impossible not to squeal with sheer delight. Dive deeper into the treasure trove of online stingray memes, gif’s and videos and discover these tropical fish now prefer to classify themselves as “sea pancakes.” It sounds less aggressive and highlights their most appealing physical trait; their derpy smiles.    If you’ve found yourself newly-obsessed with these animals then show off your fondness and unrelenting support by wearing our exclusive adult stingray costume. Descend upon the costume party and drift along the dancefloor to highlight majestic wing-like fins, entrancing stinger, and charming grin.DESIGN & DETAILSCreated by our team of talented designers and crafted from high-quality materials, the men’s stingray costume is a Made by Us costume creation.  Consisting of three separate pieces, this swimming style combine a jumpsuit, backfin, and boot covers to transform adults into jumbo-sized rays.  The jumpsuit features a full zipper and black accents in the front as well as an attached hood.  The backfin attachment fastens to each wrist via an elastic strap and accurately mimics the traditional body stingray body shape with pointed head, winged fins and curved stinger.  Boot tops fits over any shoes to complete the all-white costume.SCHOOL OF SEA PANCAKES COMING THROUGHNow the whole family can collect candy together as a school of stingrays this Halloween. We have the same costume in a child size so kids can match their parents. Do your best dancing baby stingray impression while wearing this disguise.

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  • Adult Mossy Oak Camo Hunter Costume

    Adult Mossy Oak Camo Hunter Costume

    Want to feel like you spend your weekends bonding with mother nature? Good news, even if you spend your weekends under a blanket playing video games you can still feel like you’re one of those blaze orange wearing, duck calling guys when you wear this gear. The only question is, what kind of hunter do you want to be? Blaze orange could make you one of those hunters that simply get together to hunt small game in the woods. They leave their houses on early morning Saturdays to go share a couple cold ones and whisper with their buddies while they wait for some action. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could use this ensemble to channel a big time YouTube hunter. These people gain fame with their home movies of blurry shots of leaves, trying to focus on the buck in the trees with their GoPro. If you don’t feel like dressing as a run of the mill hunter, you could use this camo suit to channel the classic horror movie hunter, the one the city kids pass when they’re stopping at the dusty “Dead End” Gas station on the way to that creepy cabin in the woods. You don’t have to do much to make this character work, just leer at people from a corner of your costume party. If anyone asks you where the bathroom is, simply answer, “Don’t think a city kid should be in these parts”, chuckle, and spit in a tin can. Listen, we aren’t going to tell you what to do with this blaze orange and camo costume, but we have one main recommendation. Have fun with it, tell everyone how you bagged those party wieners during last fall’s hot dog hunt or pass out “wild” venison that’s actually just beef jerky. After all, there’s no party like a hunting party cause a hunting party don’t stop.

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  • Care Bears Classic Good Luck Bear Child's Costume

    Care Bears Classic Good Luck Bear Child’s Costume

    You’re One Lucky Duck, Er, BearHow do you do it? How do you always get so lucky? It’s truly amazing. Do you secretly have hundreds of rabbit’s feet attached to your lanyard? Do you eat a bowl of Lucky Charms every morning for breakfast? In your home, is there a whole dresser dedicated to lucky pairs of underwear? Do you sleep on a bed of freshly-plucked four-leaf clovers every night or own an impressive collection of fortuitous coins from around the world. We feel compelled to get down to the bottom of all your impressive good luck. We must know how you do it. How are you such a lucky duck? Wait… what? What’s that? You’re not a lucky duck but a lucky bear?! But how can that be? Oh, the Care Bears Good Luck Bear costume! Of course, it all makes sense now! The officially licensed Good Luck Bear costume makes wearers incredibly serendipitous. It will become the answer to any problems with bad luck you may be having. No more stepping in gum or forgetting your science fair project at home. With this Care Bears costume, all your luck is about to change!       Product DetailsReady to (figuratively) shoot a green light from your tum-tum? Alright! This costume is a Made by Us design meaning it’s crafted from high-quality material and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Wear it every day if you want to! The faux fur jumpsuit has an attached hood, mittens, and shoe covers. The hood features embroidered eyes, a heart nose, and cute, fluffy ears. A large white four-leaf clover belly badge at the center let everyone know you’re all about lots and lots of sweet good luck. Commence the Care Bear StareYou’re going to need your fellow Bear buddies to properly do the Stare. Luckily we have costumes like this one for your whole crew!  

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  • Kids Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

    Kids Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

    LEAD THE HEARTFELT SQUADEveryone loves the Care Bears. Maybe it’s their cute teddy bear appearance. Perhaps it is the iconic history that they’ve had on television over the last few decades. It’s almost certainly because of how much they care and bring happiness and cheer to the world. (We suppose we could all just be magically charmed by their belly badges to love them by default, but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t do that to anyone.) So, it goes without saying that our favorite of the Care Bears must be their doting leader. Tenderheart Bear is always ready to put a smile on someone’s face and show the whole team what caring really is all about. Who else could lead such a group of cuddly carers other than the bear with the single heart belly badge that is obviously the main symbol of the whole team! (You know that because of the heart symbol on all their rumps!) DESIGN & DETAILSHelp your kiddo live out their dreams of Care-A-Lot with this exclusive and officially licensed Tenderheart Bear costume from the classic Care Bears. This comfy jumpsuit is made of soft material and colored golden brown just like the fearless leader. The white patch on the belly features the heart with a single pink border. (Of course, the heart patch is on the rear of the costume, too!) The hood has Tenderheart’s embroidered face with soft-sculpted ears. Mittens and boot covers finish off the look, but you can always team up with more Care Bears costumes to complete the team! CARE BEAR STARE!We cannot promise that your kiddo isn’t going to use their belly badge to try to convince you to give them more sweets. While the Care Bears would never misuse their powers in such a way, your kiddo might have a small learning curve. That said, we think they totally deserve an extra cookie. 

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  • Adult White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    The Final FrontierSpace… the final frontier… and… the absolute best place to visit on Halloween! Ok, ok, you might not have the ability to stow yourself away on a NASA blast off, but you can sure give yourself the astronaut style that they rock on the regular. With this Adult White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume, and a little bit of imagination, you’ll be hunting for moon rocks, hanging out in orbit, or even partying with aliens!Yes, you can be an official space man, well, as close as you can come without zero-gravity training when you get this jumpsuit costume. Styled just like what our brave American Astronauts wear up into space, you can get yourself this costume for an inexpensive alternative. (Ever seen the price tag on one of those suits? Yikes!)Design & DetailsWhen you’re boldly leading your spacecraft towards the moon, or conducting important scientific research on the International Space Station, well, that’s when you’ll know you’ve made it. But in the interim, just grab this costume, and have a great time at the costume party! Designed as a one-piece jumpsuit, it features a functional pocket and realistic patches. Rib-knit cuffs and ankle zippers mean this costume works for a casual party, without compromising on high orbit style!Team up with your crewTeam up with your partner or group of friends as a gaggle of astronauts out on the town, and we’re sure that there’s going to be plenty of good times to be had. And if you see some little green men? Make sure they buy the first round at the pub!

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  • Women's Shadow Ninja Assassin Costume

    Women’s Shadow Ninja Assassin Costume

    You had some crazy aspirations as a kid. There was so much that you wanted to accomplish and so many things that you wanted to become. Of course, one special thing probably stands out. You could have been a ninja. You could have been a sneaky assassin. You could have been spending your days stalking dangerous enemies in the shadows with your kunai in hand. Of course, you grew up and realized that ninja just wasn’t a viable career path, so you had to shelve the dreams of working as a shinobi to satisfy social norms. But what if you could have one more chance at living the dream of being a true ninja warrior? What if you had another chance to bust out your katana for one final hurrah? Well, we’re here to give you that chance with this Ninja Assassin Costume for women!This exclusive women’s ninja costume comes with a fierce and dark look that tells your enemies that you are one with the shadows! With a form fitting shirt and faux leather armor for the chest and arms, you’ll look ready to take down a whole platoon of samurai in a single swing of your ninjato (sold separately)! Since the entire costume is a jet black color, you’ll blend perfectly into dark corners and nooks, so you should have no problem using your mastery of stealth to dominate the competition. Make sure you train with some of our ninja weapons before heading out though!

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  • Adult Munchkin Costume Shoes

    Adult Munchkin Costume Shoes

    These exclusive Munchkin Costume Shoes are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to completing an outfit based on the enterprising townsfolk of a far-off land or the impish creatures that play on the boundary between real life and the spritely imagination of a child. But when we say gold standard, we’re really not trying to start another conversation about late 19th century economics and the merits of a fiat currency. We finally put that debate to bed last week!We only want you to think of these as a respectable choice of footwear, whether the road ahead is paved with yellow bricks or, say, cinders from the fiery volcano where a certain enchanted piece of jewelry was forged. Although if you’re headed down that path, you might prefer feet au naturel. But what if you stub a toe? It never hurts to have a backup pair of Munchkin Costume Shoes, just in case!

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  • Plus Size Straight Jacket Costume

    Plus Size Straight Jacket Costume

    HEADING IN ALL CAPSDo you just need a hug sometimes? A really, really tight one? They make tight vests for dogs that feel like being squeezed to keep them calm during thunderstorms. Perhaps there is something to that. Maybe we all need a little extra bundling up to help us deal with whatever seems to be stressing ourselves out! Perhaps you’ve got an excitable roommate that you just need to calm down. Maybe even for yourself!It’s a little metaphor for everyday life in these trying times. Between work, bills, relationships, and the news, it can feel like life has you all tied up. Boxed in. Tearing your hair out. It might sound crazy, but if sometimes you feel like you could just go for a brief respite in a padded cell, this costume is for you. Keep your hands occupied so you can finally get a little well-deserved rest in this Plus Size Straight Jacket. Just don’t get mad at us if it puts your friends and loved ones on edge if it strikes a little too close to reality.DESIGN & DETAILSThis Plus Size Straight Jacket is made of 100 percent polyester canvas and was designed by our team of professional huggers. It fastens with hook and loops at the center-front so you can get in and out of this straight jacket whenever you want! (No need for actual magician training.) Multiple fabric straps fasten with metal d-rings. Amaze audiences with your Houdini-like skills! Just don’t plan on getting any of your nuttier pals committed in this; they’ll slip right out and go cackling into the night.TIME FOR THE MAD HOUSEHelp yourself get right in the mind with the gentle hug of a seemingly permanent straight jacket! Show folks that you’re just a bit touched or surprise them with a blast of escape artistry. Your call. Just avoid drawing attention to yourself near that asylum down the street. 

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  • Adult Straight Jacket Costume

    Adult Straight Jacket Costume

    We meant to learn how to become an escape artist, but somewhere along the way, we forgot to learn how to pick locks and escape from ropes.Rather than take all of that time to learn how to be an actual magician, we came up with another idea. This Adult Straight Jacket looks like the real thing, but is MUCH easier to get in and out of, so you can impress your friends with your amazing Houdini-style escape act without learning how to get out of a real straight jacket!This adult straight jacket costume is perfect for Halloween, haunted houses, or any other event where you want to have a scary look or perform a fun party trick! The jacket is made of 100% polyester canvas and fastens with Velcro strips at center front for easy on and off. The front also has multiple self-fabric strips that fasten with metal D-rings for a terrifying look!

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  • Coming to America Wedding Dress Costume

    Coming to America Wedding Dress Costume

    Here Comes the BrideIt can be hard to choose the perfect dress. A wedding is pretty stressful, but the trickiest part is finding the perfect dress. It shouldn’t be that hard. All you want is something beautiful, and fun. If only you knew what that looked like. Is it a slim, retro number? Or, maybe it is an elegant lacy one with a fancy veil? No. No. No. You need something that’s as bright and beautiful as you are. Let’s look at some classic films for some ideas.There’s dress Ally wears in The Notebook. That one is all lace and buttons. It wasn’t from Marie Antoinette. Those hip poofs would force you to go through doorways sideways. And no, it wasn’t the modern kind that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City movie. It was something a little different.Design & DetailsWhat you’re looking for is the gorgeous dress from Coming to America. This licensed dress is straight off the screen with its light pink color and pink jewels. Okay, so maybe it isn’t a real wedding dress, but it is a high-quality Made by Us costume that you’ll want to wear again and again (which is more than can be said of a wedding dress). Plus, this one comes with a crown. The ruffles, sparkles, and long veil make this look the kind of dress a queen-to-be would wear. Zamunda is in for a real treat!Happily Ever After Dressing up as a princess has always been a delight. Coming to America is a modern fairytale that shows all princesses don’t spend their free time singing to birds or twirling in meadows. Some of them know the value of hard work. If that’s not some serious happily ever after fuel, we don’t know what is!

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