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  • Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Port Party, Ahoy! Silver Tooth Sadie had a reputation. She ran what they call a “tight ship”. Her crew was always mopping the deck. Her ship cats were always fat, sleek, and shiny cause they kept the rats under control. And when it came to taking on other ships, they went in with a polished, foolproof plan. But there was another side to Sadie. When they rolled up to port, Silver Tooth Sadie’s ship was always noticed. Once the anchor was in place she’d sally down from the crow’s nest and tell the boatswain to break out the accordion. The crew could be heard cheering from across the harbor. Because while Sadie might be all work and no play while working hard on the open seas, she knew how to have a whole lot of fun when it was time to relax. Maybe you don’t know this but there ain’t no party like a pirate party!Design & DetailsThis fearless look features a gorgeous jacket and a flowery corset with bright accents and a classic pirate hat. The jacket has a beautiful scrolling pattern along the waist and detailed sleeves with wide cuffs. The corset and jacket are complemented with a dark red sash. Top off the look with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed hat that’s sure to give you captain-level authority. Ship, Shape ConditionThe high quality of this sleek costume is sure to make an impression as soon as you enter the room. Pair this with a tall pair of boots and leggings and you’ll be ready to set sail. In fact, any other pirates at the party might snap to attention, ready to swab the deck or climb to the crow’s nest to look out for land. Just remember that it’s time to let your scallywag shindig side loose.

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  • Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-doWe’ve got the perfect costume for youOompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-deeIf you love sweets and All Hallows’ EveWell you heard it here first, we have got the perfect costume for anyone that loves candy and has a fascination with the best holiday on the calendar, that being Halloween, of course! Take a good look at this Men’s Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume! This amazing brown and white jumpsuit matches what everyone’s favorite pint-sized candy-makers wore in Willy’s famous factory. It’s also just one piece, so no need to worry about your suspenders getting loose while you run around, finally free from constant factory work. With a nice long tan or a little bit of makeup and a dark green wig, you’ll look like the first Oompa Loompa to attempt living life outside of the Wonka Chocolate Factory! People will know that Oompas aren’t only talented when it comes to making candy once you enter the party scene! Show the masses that the Loompas can lay down some pretty sweet lyrics on a mic and that their dance moves are smoother than milk chocolate.So if you’re ready to help introduce the world to these talented mini miracle workers that Wonka has kept locked away in his factory for ages then throw on licensed Oompa Loompa Costume. Be the human to help pave the way for these tiny creators of everything sweet, it’s the least you can do for them after their years of helping to feed our ever-hungry sweet tooth.

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  • Womens Sweet Alice Costume

    Womens Sweet Alice Costume

    Ready for the Wonder FallThe daily commute. Pleasantries exchanged over stale coffee. Boring afternoon meetings. Dinners made in thirty minutes or less. Watching sitcoms on the couch. Wouldn’t it be nice to inject a little wonder into your life? What if, instead of working for the man, you followed the white rabbit? Your journey to Wonderland doesn’t have to be forever. Your adventure can just be for an evening. But who knows what you’ll see when you’re looking out from Alice’s perspective? From mad tea parties to playing a dangerous game of croquet with the Red Queen, your version of Alice is sure to take Wonderland by force!Details & DesignWith bright and poppy colors and a flattering fit, this Made by Us Alice costume will always stand apart from the crowd. Our in-house designers took the original Alice in Wonderland dress and added a little rockabilly twist for an extra dose of fun. The top’s collar clasps at the front and has a daring keyhole neckline. An apron ties in a large bow at the back. While a petticoat will give the skirt extra pop, the flared design has plenty of twirl factor. Little details like the ruffles on the shoulders and rickrack trim make this dress a total treat to wear. A Whole Lot of CharacterThis costume doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween parties! Wear this high-quality costume again for a themed party. If you’re looking to head down the rabbit hole with a group of friends, they’ve got a lot of options when it comes to Wonderland characters. Your regal friend can choose her favorite version of our Made by Us Queen of Hearts costume. Or the wild card in your group can choose one our Mad Hatter looks. Just remember to stop and smell the singing roses. They really know how to spill the Wonderland tea. 

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  • Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Cool with the CrewIt’s not always easy to rise to the top of the popularity scale on a pirate ship. Pirates are famously ornery. Maybe it’s the sun, salt water, or having to eat hard tack for every meal but it doesn’t take much to get on their list. You make one too many peg leg jokes and One-legged Jack will have you standing on the plank by the end of the week. But if you’re too goody-goody it might be a problem as well. You can’t be using a napkin, fork, and knife when you’re eating your grease grits and salt pork. But this salty pirate knows how to walk the line. She’s sassy with the people that like her to be sassy. She’s nice to the cook, polite to the captain. She just knows how to get all her shipmates to like her but you could probably tell that from her outfit, right?Details & DesignThis Made by Us pirate costume is a lot of fun with sassy stripes, elegant flowing sleeves, and just the right amount of ruffles. The featured pants are high waisted to complement your midriff top just right. The high-waisted pants have an elastic waist to help them fit just right. Our designers also created a gold trimmed midriff top with a scooped ruffled blouse neckline. It’s paired with faux leather cuffs that fit on your upper arms and are bedecked with gorgeous flowing ivory sleeves. Star on StarboardWant to make your pirate costume as unique as you are? You have so many options when it comes to accessorizing. Keep it tough with an eye patch, sword, or even a few scars. Feel fabulous with jewelry, a scarf, or even a gorgeous feather-trimmed captain’s hat. Make it what you want it, this pirate costume commandeer everyone’s attention! 

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  • Mens Fun Dip Costume

    Mens Fun Dip Costume

    When people see you wearing this Mens Fun Dip Costume, their initial reaction might be that you seem really sweet. But after that first impression, the more complex flavors of your personality really start to come through!After all, Fun Dip isn’t like so many other confections. It requires patience, coordination, and a tolerance for sticky fingers. To get the full effect, you’ve got to coat the Lik-A-Stix with just the right amount of Yum Diddly Dip, and savor every flavorful mouthful. It’s a candy that lets everybody know that you’re willing to put in the time for a little extra pleasure. It’s a treat for people who appreciate the finer things!Then again, you can get a quick buzz by dumping the whole packet of sugary powder in your mouth and chomping down on the stick‚Äîso it’s versatile, just like you! Hey, people don’t always have time for a leisurely joy ride down the avenue: sometimes they’re in a hurry! But Fun Dip will get them where they want to be, no matter what their schedule. And so will a Lamborghini! According to our calculations, that makes Fun Dip the Lamborghini of snacks.By extension, this outfit is essentially a Mens Lamborghini Of Snacks Costume. And everybody wants to be pals with the guy whose wrapper doubles as a high-performance luxury automobile! So for best results, we recommend using that phrase whenever possible to describe this playful outfit inspired by a classic treat.

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  • Mens Blackbeard Pirate Costume

    Mens Blackbeard Pirate Costume

    Edward Teach, popularly known as ‚ÄúBlackbeard‚Äù (because he had, believe it or not, a black beard), has a mysterious background. We‚Äôre still not entirely sure when or where he was born, nor even his real name for that matter. What we do know is that by 1716 Blackbeard had taken command of his own sloop and was enthusiastically pilfering things like treasure, dry goods, and, perhaps least surprisingly for a legendary pirate, booze throughout the West Indies.By the height of his notorious career Blackbeard‚Äôs flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, was outfitted with 40 cannons and capable of taking on even the best armed merchant and naval ships in the sea. An imposing figure, Blackbeard relied on intimidation to instill fear in his enemies — he was known to fight with lit fuses sticking out from under his hat. Hearteningly, there is no record of our antihero ever having murdered his captives, but still, stealing everything that isn‚Äôt nailed down is not a good way to make friends. Lieutenant Robert Maynard set out to undo Blackbeard in 1718. He successfully ambushed the pirate, only narrowly defeating him after losing a third of his men in a single cannon barrage. In death Blackbeard lived up to his fearsome reputation, having been shot 5 times and slashed about 20 before succumbing. Only his head was kept, with his skull later having been turned into a chalice.Pay homage to this brutal raider with our detailed Blackbeard Costume. His coat, belt, hat, and jabot are the foundation for the marauder‚Äôs signature look and are all included here. All you‚Äôll need is a sword, bottle of rum, pants, boots, and wanton disregard for human life and you‚Äôll be ready to start your own legend!

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  • Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes

    Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes

    You have the black lace up dress. You have the pointy hat, and flying broom. You have the spell books, and you like to use them. You aren’t wicked. You are just a woman who knows what she wants. That’s not wicked that‚Äôs just common sense. And now that you have everything else you want shoes to match. Not just any shoes, but the perfect shoes.Well, we have the most wicked looking shoes you have ever seen. These Women’s Lace Up Witch Shoes will match that black dress that you have. The sharp pointed toes fit perfectly with your classic witches hat. All we ask is that you click “Add to Cart”, and not use some of your witchy power to magically transport these lovely shoes into your possession.

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  • WWE Undertaker Mens Costume

    WWE Undertaker Mens Costume

    Be a HellraiserBecoming a WWE wrestler is a lot harder than it looks. It takes constant training. It takes unparalleled showmanship. It also takes a really sweet finishing move. The Undertaker has all of those things in spades, but it’s taken him an entire career to cultivate all of that. It’d be downright arrogant to think that just anyone could step into the ring as the legendary wrestler. You’re probably not quite ready for that. Of course, if you just wanted to pretend to be him for a day, all it really takes is our licensed costume and an ominous attitude. And let us tell you, this WWE Undertaker costume delivers (on the costume part—you’ll have to provide the attitude).Design & DetailsOur in-house design team studied the outfits of the wrestling icon for many years and we finally were able to design a costume that fully embodies the wrestler’s deadly look while also being comfortable to wear. This Undertaker costume comes with all the pieces you need to comfortably assume the role of the WWE wrestler, but only for limited periods of time! (Trust us, this costume bears such a strong resemblance to the outfit worn by the real Undertaker, that you may be expected to perform the Tombstone Piledriver on your foes if you wear it for more than a day.) The costume comes with a black top, pants, and overcoat that turn you into a force to be reckoned with. The matching hat gives you an ominous look that will have any opponent fearing for his life. When you wear it, everyone will know that you’re ready to rumble and that the bell tolls for them!Rest in PeaceWe’re not saying that you should practice rolling your eyes back as you wish peace upon your victims. Really, the costume should do all the work. But… it would be spooky! 

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  • Womens 50s Saddle Shoes

    Womens 50s Saddle Shoes

    Okay cats, pop quiz time, and listen up because this could keep you from looking like a square some day! You may be the hippest in the bunch, who can out-dance anyone at the sock hop, has a perfect poodle skirt for every occasion, and can rock a pair of feline-framed glasses like no other. But do you know what kind of shoes to wear with your cool 50’s style while you’re twistin’ the night away? The answer is these swell 50’s Saddle Shoes, of course! These boss faux leather shoes are modeled after the trendy footwear that were all the rage with gals in the 1950’s, and are exactly what you need to finish off your hip vintage costume. Whether you’re going for a preppy straight laced look or more of a sassy baby doll vibe, these retro shoes will keep you from ending up on the train to Squaresville!

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  • Mens Deluxe Mario Costume

    Mens Deluxe Mario Costume

    Remember the first time you squashed a Goomba with your boots? Or, the first time you touched a Fire Flower or Super Star, and saw what those new powers could do? It may have just been in a video game, but those are still game changing occasions in anyone’s life. But if you hop into this Deluxe Mario Costume, you can relive those classic gaming moments in the real world!Saying that our daily lives would be much different if the world were like Super Mario Bros. would be a giant understatement. Just taking a casual stroll in the park would be packed with danger, with Koopa Troopas popping up out of nowhere and wrecking your good time. At least we’d also get to take advantage of all those awesome power-ups. If only solving problems in the real world were as easy as eating a mysterious mushroom and doubling in size, or grabbing a flower so you could fling fireballs out of your hands. But, just because flowers don’t give you fireball powers, and rideable dinosaur sidekicks don’t hatch out of giant eggs, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like everyone’s favorite hero plumber and have a super adventure of your own!This deluxe official Nintendo costume comes with everything you need to look like Mario (no power-up required!), from his famous overalls and cap, to his curled up mustache and white gloves. It even comes with an inflatable belly, so you don’t have to carb-load on pasta to give yourself Mario’s trademark paunch. So suit up, stomp on some wild mushrooms while pretending they’re Goombas, and relive those Mario-memories in the real world.

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  • Mens Deluxe Luigi Costume

    Mens Deluxe Luigi Costume

    We have noticed something around our office: Brothers share a bond like no one else. Don‚Äôt believe us? Just ask our buddy, Luigi! When Mario needs to head to a far away land to rescue his sweetheart, Princess Peach, his bro Luigi grabs his overalls and hops down the tubes right alongside him. Talk about support. We can‚Äôt even get our brother to sign the birthday card we buy for our mom. This is just a level of brotherhood that makes us wish we had a Luigi, too. Hey, wait a minute…do YOU want to be our Luigi? This Men‚Äôs Deluxe Luigi Costume can instantly turn you into the ultimate best brother in the universe! We‚Äôd do nice things for you, too, as often as possible. In fact, we may be even better than Mario at this whole brotherhood thing; we don‚Äôt have quite the same hero complex that he has.Let‚Äôs just try this officially licensed jumpsuit on for size. Oh boy, it fits perfectly! And it‚Äôs styled to look like Luigi‚Äôs blue overalls and green shirt, so we‚Äôre really feeling the whole ‚Äúawesome brother‚Äù vibe. This costume comes with the necessary fake mustache, gloves, and even a detachable inflatable belly, so that from Bowser, to Koopa Troopas, and even the occasional bout of tennis, you look totally and authentically ready to have our back. OK, OK, Mario‚Äôs back. But you can‚Äôt blame us for trying.

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  • Minecraft Womens Creeper Costume

    Minecraft Womens Creeper Costume

    This is the Minecraft Women’s Creeper Costume.

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  • Womens Disney Rapunzel Costume

    Womens Disney Rapunzel Costume

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.Has life got you all wound up? Is the stress of everything building, your workouts getting harder and harder just to blow off that extra steam? Are you starting to wish you could escape to a faraway tower deep in the woods, without cell reception, your laptop, or even wifi? Do you feel locked up in your cubicle? Does the daily grind leave you desperate to let down your hair and totally let loose? Well, princess, we may not be able to whisk you away to the woods (though there are some excellent vacation rentals this time of year) but we can help transport you to your fantasy life with this dreamy Womens Disney Rapunzel Costume. Just imagine getting away from it all for a night and becoming a Disney princess at the same time! We know you have a bit of magic in you, and it‚Äôs time to wrap the world up in your long locks and show it who‚Äôs boss. This iconic dress boasts a tutu skirt and purple, sparkly puff sleeves w/ pink bows–fit for a fairytale goddess! Accessorize with some sparkly golden high heels and a head full o‚Äô luscious blonde hair and get ready to dance, socialize, even blow off Prince Charming. The world is yours for the taking–strand by strand–so lose yourself in an evening of the royal treatment.

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  • Mens Toy Soldier Costume

    Mens Toy Soldier Costume

    THE PATH TO ETERNAL LIFEHave you ever watched the end of the year tick closer and started to think rather troubling thoughts about the end of days? Sure, we all would like to stumble upon the Fountain of Youth or discover in a completely casual way that we’re actually one of the Immortals from Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul, and Sean Connery’s fame. Perhaps we’ve even considered the path of the night and looking for a vampire to turn us. (Of course, then you risk running into one of the Edward types!)So, there are always risks. Turns out that there is one path that is really pretty reliable. It doesn’t even involve a particularly traumatic curse! Obviously, there is a curse. This is eternal life. But it’s not a really awful one. It doesn’t involve an unlife of sparkling or constant sword fights every time you have a headache. We’re talking the mystical path of the living toy! How fun would it be to go the rounds of the playroom the rest of your days? DESIGN & DETAILSBegin your delightfully cursed days by gearing up in this Toy Soldier costume. Our in-house (immortal) necromancers have worked tirelessly to imbue this hat, jacket, and trouser combination to give you the complete, Made By Us look. The jacket is an ornate coat that has a Velcro lined front and several decorative buttons, a pair of crossed white straps, and gold epaulets for a truly royal soldier look. The pants are a blue poly blend with red and gold stripes down the outseam and the hat is a tall black vinyl with gold cord trim to accent and finish the look. A WAR OF PUPPETSSure, becoming an eternal Toy Soldier might sound like a pretty risky enchantment. But, really, Pinnochio accomplished way more as a virtually invulnerable puppet than he ever did as a real boy. Try a night in magical clothes and see how great it fits! 

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  • Ursula Prestige Womens Costume

    Ursula Prestige Womens Costume

    We always picture classic cartoon villains plotting dark hearted schemes in the depths of their chambers. But honestly, we’re missing out on the glamor of their lifestyle. It’s not as if these classic villains don’t have a taste for the finer things. In fact, what we don’t realize is these women are quite the socialites, using their power and prestige to live life to the fullest.Unbeknownst to us mere mortals, the seafaring Ursula holds the Annual Villainess Gala, held off the coast of Denmark. It’s secretive, as most exclusive events for the rich and powerful are, in fact, the island itself isn’t on anyone’s map but the power hungry villains on the guest list. Think of it as a meeting of the U.N. and the Oscars wrapped into one meeting, but the U.N., in this case, is bent on world domination and destruction. There’s always new drama unfolding in this group of business associates. Industrial espionage is rampant when it comes to potion formulas or mirror intel. And then there’s the personal drama, last year Maleficent showed up with Rumpelstiltskin, the Wicked Witch’s ex, that really made waves.These evil divas show up in the most jaw-dropping threads but no one is ever able to upstage Ursula’s ensembles. Maybe it’s the magical influence of the sea, maybe Flotsam and Jetsam have a dash of creative genius but she always shows up in understated elegance. Always on point, this year she’s wearing a gown that plays on her classic Little Mermaid ensemble. The drop waisted velvet body creates an enchanting silhouette. She took a hint from the merfolk with the mermaid tail hemline in subtle Ursula colors. The whole ensemble nods to her nefarious past while maintaining an elegant appeal. If you passed up a chance to attend an event in this ensemble you’ll truly be a poor unfortunate soul.

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  • Mens SWAT Team Costume

    Mens SWAT Team Costume

    The best thing about SWAT is that you don’t have a normal route to go on. One week, you’re helping a hostage situation. The next, you’re outside of a drug ring. The excitement never ends for a man of the law. Especially one that‚Äôs on a SWAT team.The SWAT team is always at the ready for any emergency that comes up. Whether you are taking on bank robbers and a hostage negotiation or helping out local law enforcement, a SWAT team member is trained to think on their feet and are physically fit. Heck, it may even be worth it to go through the tough training just to get the awesome technical vest that‚Äôs a requisite part of the uniform!Skip the grueling training and jump right into the awesome uniform of a SWAT team member this Halloween with our SWAT team costume. You‚Äôll excite a few party-goers in this Mens SWAT Team Costume that comes with everything you need to take on the bad guys. The polyester shirt has short sleeves and fits nicely under the tactical vest. The vest zips up the front for easy on and off and has a stand-up padded collar. The vest has straps on the sides that hook in the back along with SWAT patches on front and back. Store all of your mission essentials in the six front pockets of the vest. Top it off with the included glovelets and black knee pads with adjustable straps.

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  • Ravishing Ringmaster Womens Plus Size Costume

    Ravishing Ringmaster Womens Plus Size Costume

    A recruitment offerDid you catch that all-important email? Scroll down your inbox just a touch, and look for a very special note. Because when you click open, you will see that you’ve got a fantastic opportunity from one of the world’s most premiere circuses. That’s right, they want you to be their next Ringmaster. Are you up for it?You might be rather surprised they’d give you a shot, since you’re seemingly short on the qualifications, but we’re sure you’ve got that special something that they’re really looking for. Style, panache, and the ability to crack a whip, too! Even if you’re still working on that whip handling, don’t sweat it. Just fake it till you make it!Of course, you’re going to want to prepare before you hop out on a flight to meet your traveling crew, so we suggest suiting up with a style that will have you ready for the glamorous life under the big top. And we would most certainly suggest this Ravishing Ringmaster costume. It’s elite, it’s stylish, and it’s ready to help you run the show!Design & DetailsThis Ravishing Ringmaster costume in plus sizes is made and designed right here at And that means it’s a Made by Us exclusive! We put extra attention into our costume designs, and this style most certainly delivers. It comes with the hat, bowtie, vest, jacket, and pants. All with exquisite detail! All you’ll need to complete the style is costume boots and maybe, just maybe, that whip. We have both available as costume accessories if you don’t have them at home!the big showWe’re all about getting as close to the real deal as possible. And while you (probably) won’t be suiting up for a circus assignment any time soon, it’s a fun and unique costume style for your next party. So, go in this Ravishing Ringmaster costume, and get ready for the big show!

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  • Mens Mad Hatter Costume

    Mens Mad Hatter Costume

    VACANCY: ROYAL HATTERWonderland Employment Agency is looking for a probationary tailor to assist a completely calm and loving monarch in the craftsmanship of elegant headwear. In addition to the creation of practically magical hats, the Royal Hatter typically fulfills the role of daily organizer of the Wonderland tea parties. Benefits include optional attendance to all Unbirthday Parties and an excellent mental healthcare plan, which we have found is in surprising demand for Wonderland tailors.Requirements and skill sets for this position include a zany wit and impeccable style. No hat-making or tailoring experience actually required. Proper tea etiquette is an absolute requirement, however, we are completely open to your own definition of what that etiquette requires. (As you will be in charge of the tea parties, it is up to you to explain the rules for such engagements.) No training is provided for this position as the previous Royal Hatter is… indisposed.DESIGN & DETAILSPotential applicants to the position will be delighted to know that we can supply you with this Mad Hatter costume. This is a Made By Us exclusive that includes a pair of plaid pants and a vest front with printed designs appropriate for Wonderland wackiness. The maroon jacket gives you a lovely formal quality and the green bow tie finishes off the unique color palette required of a Mad Hatter. Of course, this look would not be complete without a top hat. This one features a maroon hat band and a printed tag on the side. All you need to supply is insanity! BEWARE THE INTERVIEWOnce you acquire this Mad Hatter costume, you’ve actually already got the job. You’ll be the official Royal Hatter of Wonderland. Team up with any other Wonderland character to ensure the best of possible tea parties. Just watch out for the Queen of Hearts. She may want to interview you and that tends to go… poorly. 

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  • Mens Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

    Mens Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

    Mister TeaWe pity the fool who doesn’t respect the power of tea. The Mad Hatter is a true tea connoisseur. We’re not talking Earl Grey here—we’re talking T-E-A. You know, the 411. The skinny. Scandalous information. He knows the latest scoop about all the Wonderland residents before anyone else and it’s all because of his regular tea parties. Did you think he invites characters like the March Hare and Alice over simply because he enjoys their company? Nope. He invites them over just so he can learn about all of the spicy talk happening in the kingdom!Want to host a tea party of your own to get the scoop on all of your friends? Then you’d better have an extravagant look just like the Mad Hatter. Lucky for you, our costume designers worked hard to make this Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume the kind of outfit that’s great for hosting Wonderland-style tea parties.Design & DetailsThis Mad Hatter costume is inspired by the classic storybook character. The costume comes with a maroon jacket with an attached vest in front. The vest has a vexing pattern, perfect for playing the role of an enigmatic tea enthusiast. The costume also comes with a pair of pants, which feature an elastic band in the waist for a comfortable fit. The bow tie is a dark green color with polka dots to add a splash of color to the look. Finally, you can’t be a Mad Hatter without the hat! This costume conveniently comes with a top hat to finish off the look!Sanity is OverratedWhen you wear this Mad Hatter costume, you can cut loose at the next tea party. You can spill the tea during your next party or just wear it to act like a crazy Wonderland resident!

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  • Womens Sassy Shark Costume

    Womens Sassy Shark Costume

    It’s about time that you take a bite out of Halloween. No more playing around. This year, it’s time to get serious and really commit to your costume; become one with your costume. Make sure that you’re attitude and outlook on life aligns with your outer appearance. No excuses. This Halloween it’s your turn to win the costume contest. It’s your time to shine!So, if you’re gazing at this women’s sassy shark costume, then you must have interest in becoming a finned underwater beast. Nice choice! Sure this super-soft formfitting jumpsuit is the ultimate shark costume, but if you want to really take over the Halloween party this year, then be prepared to really assert your fierceness. Show your teeth! Be as vicious as possible; don’t spend any time or effort on being cute because this exclusive costume is everything you need in order to be deemed ‘appealing.’ The curve hugging garment features an oversized animal hood, gills, and attached dorsal fins transforming you into the ocean’s top predator. Now, the only aspect of your costume that you have to worry about is your sassiness because sharks are pretty darn sassy. Wear this costume and hopefully the sheer sass will pour out of you. If not, then try playfully snapping your pearly whites at passersby. Show your fangs. Viciously swish your dorsal fin! Fellow partygoers will be chomping at the bit to hang out with the fierce girl in the shark costume!   

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  • Mens OppoSuits Mr. Lover Heart Costume Suit

    Mens OppoSuits Mr. Lover Heart Costume Suit

    Like to wear your heart on your sleeve? It doesn’t have to be just an expression anymore! This Mr Lover suit, by Opposuits, features a charming hearts design. One of our staff wore this suit on Valentine’s day, and his girlfriend proposed to him, on the spot! Whether you’re in a LTR or hoping to make a certain someone swoon, this suit is the perfect choice for any romantic occasion.

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  • Mens Merry Christmas Suitmiester

    Mens Merry Christmas Suitmiester

    HOLIDAY EXPLOSIONWhy settle for subtle holiday wear? After all, the holiday season comes but once a year, so it’s time to be bold! It’s time to break out the mistletoe. It’s time to set up the Christmas tree and load it up with as many lights as you can. It’s time to ride a reindeer and hail presents down on all of your friends as you shout, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” at them. It’s time to let everyone know that you’re the biggest fan of the holidays! If only there was an outfit that packed all of that Christmas action into a single outfit… perhaps something that’s a real holiday explosion.Wait a minute! SuitMeister has done exactly that with this Merry Christmas suit for me. It’s exactly what you need if you’re tired of a subtle Christmas wardrobe!PRODUCT DETAILSThis men’s suit really does look like a Christmas explosion! Each piece features a festive print that features reindeers, trees, and mistletoe. The jacket is a two button style and has decorative pocket flaps. The matching pants have elastic in the waist and a zip-style fly in the front. They also have pockets at the waist for your convenience. Finally, the matching necktie brings the whole look together, so make sure you practice your Windsor knot this season! Pair it up with your favorite dress shirt (we recommend a white, red, or green one) to complete the look. Once you’re all suited up, you’ll earn the title of Christmas’ biggest fan!TIS THE SEASONWhen the holiday season hits, you need to be prepared! This festive suit by SuitMeister is a look that you can wear to office holiday parties, to ugly Christmas sweater gatherings, or even your family’s Christmas Eve celebration. It certainly beats any other holiday wear!

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  • Mens Sailor Captain Hat

    Mens Sailor Captain Hat

    Aye Aye Mon’ Capitan!Authority is something that needs to be earned. If you think that you can just stroll onto a ship and take control of the crew of sailors, you’ve got another thing coming. You need to have the right attitude to gain their trust and respect. You need to show them that you have everything under control. But, most importantly, you need to be wearing a captain’s hat.Yes, the mighty captain’s hat! It tells everyone that you’re one to be trusted. It lets everyone know that you can steer the ship to calm waters. If you want the entire crew shouting, “Aye, aye, mon’ capitan!” to your every word, you’d better be wearing one.Product DetailsThis sailor captain’s hat helps give you the look of a true captain. It’s made of a polyester and cotton blend and has a vinyl brim. The hat is white with blue trim and has an embroidered anchor, rope and leaf on it.Rugged SailorJust toss this happy little hat on your head to make sure that your wily crew obeys your every order. Be sure to check out our many sailor costumes to help you cultivate the look of a rugged sailor for your next costume party!

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  • Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume

    Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume

    Nerds can be shy, socially awkward, and dress strangely, but you know what else they can do? Party! Don’t believe us? Take this Nerdy Nerd Costume for a spin, and you’ll feel the geeky partying spirit before you can recite the number pi to the 100th digit! (Which is a 9, btw. Thanks, Google!) Even though being a nerd is way cooler these days than it used to be, it still might be surprising to hear that nerds are actually party animals. But there’s a lot more to partying than just dancing all night, trashing the place, and going wild with your friends. In fact, there’s quite a science to putting on a killer shindig, and no one knows more about science than nerds! Who could set up a huge, complex dance floor sound system quicker than a nerd? Or, who would you call to write a computer program for an advanced and totally wicked laser light show? A jock? No way! And it takes a serious nerd to conduct research trials to determine the ideal “flavor to weight” ratio of different table snacks, so that the snack mixes are distributed evenly throughout the bowls, always resulting in the perfect handful of tasty treats. Dressing up in this classic nerd style costume is a good step toward embracing your own inner nerd, so that you too can party like one. Wear the plaid printed trousers high on your waist with pride, and slap on the big red bow tie and suspenders over any shirt that shows off your geeky side. Once you’ve efficiently partied with a bunch of technically and scientifically savvy nerds, you’ll never want to party any other way!

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  • Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    You are visiting friends in Pittsburgh, and you’ve just stepped off the bus at Grant Avenue downtown. It’s a beautiful, clear, sunny day, and your pals text you: we’re going to see the Pirates today. Grab some pirate stuff and meet us on the Roberto Clemente bridge.” Obviously, you’re new to Pittsburgh, but “pirate stuff” seems pretty straightforward.So imagine your surprise when you walk into PNC Park in this Men’s Pillaging Pirate Costume. You’ll be happy to know while the blue- and white-striped shirt and black jagged hemmed pants of this ensemble aren’t the standard black-and-gold local game attire, you likely won’t be the only person in a crowd of thousands donning this outfit’s bold, red waist sash and headscarf. Probably. And we admit, it does like the perfect outfit for going to see some pirates; you’re totally transformed into a swashbuckling scoundrel of the sea. You’ll feel right in character to go rob a British trading vessel, or find some buried treasure on a distant island shore. And you’ll likely make it onto the Megatron.But hey, at least now you have a killer costume for Halloween. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a solid pirate costume like this one. Just make sure that you’re actually going to a pirate party next time and not a baseball game, unless you like a lot of attention.

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  • Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose

    Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose

    What can you wear these Women‚Äôs Nude Opaque Pantyhose with? Oh, we don‚Äôt know…we only carry about 5,000 costumes that would be perfect for them! Honestly, if you can‚Äôt find at least 100 ways to wear this pair, you are not using your imagination. This is the pair to wear under mini skirts, petticoats, character getups…basically any look that shows your legs. We‚Äôve even taken the guess work out of sizing–they are one size fits most! Wear them with your next costume or rock them casually with your favorite skirt or shift dress. They are definitely a must-have item for your wardrobe any time of year, and honestly, you may want to grab two or three just so you always have a pair on hand. Now, show us those gams!

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  • Mens Killer Clown Costume

    Mens Killer Clown Costume

    Once upon a time, there was a colorful and delightful clown. The clown delighted in telling jokes, tripping over his own massive feet for a good laugh, making balloon animals, and practicing any number of amazing parlor tricks. He traveled with a circus for a while, picking up some excellent fashion tips, and, naturally, did a few kids’ birthday parties on the side in order to make a few extra bucks… which, of course, he donated to the local children’s hospital. His heart stirred with the desire to bring joy to every living being…But, not all people are as kind as this generous clown. Some people hate clowns. And, so, it came to one performance where the kindly clown was making one of the most intricate balloon creatures ever before seen—a true masterpiece… a virtually animated, child-sized bunny—when the tragedy occurred. A spectator jeered and threw a rock at the poor clown. Striking the poor clown harsh on the skull, the whole crowd heard the crack… and they laughed. Well, a serious head injury is one thing, but the emotional crippling of cruel laughter gives birth to a true monster.And that is your story, my friend. How you were born into this world of horror and murder as the Killer Clown. Wear your white and black, half polka dot, half striped polyester satin jumpsuit and show your deserving victims your horrific and injured face, a wide black and insidious smile and the bleeding red scar on your skull, all framed by the a black ruffle at your neck. Gone are your days of brilliant color and happy smiles. Now are the nights of screams! (Hopefully your weapon of choice will only be terrible puns, though.)

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  • Mens Killer Clown Costume

    Mens Killer Clown Costume

    Once upon a time, there was a colorful and delightful clown. The clown delighted in telling jokes, tripping over his own massive feet for a good laugh, making balloon animals, and practicing any number of amazing parlor tricks. He traveled with a circus for a while, picking up some excellent fashion tips, and, naturally, did a few kids’ birthday parties on the side in order to make a few extra bucks… which, of course, he donated to the local children’s hospital. His heart stirred with the desire to bring joy to every living being…But, not all people are as kind as this generous clown. Some people hate clowns. And, so, it came to one performance where the kindly clown was making one of the most intricate balloon creatures ever before seen—a true masterpiece… a virtually animated, child-sized bunny—when the tragedy occurred. A spectator jeered and threw a rock at the poor clown. Striking the poor clown harsh on the skull, the whole crowd heard the crack… and they laughed. Well, a serious head injury is one thing, but the emotional crippling of cruel laughter gives birth to a true monster.And that is your story, my friend. How you were born into this world of horror and murder as the Killer Clown. Wear your white and black, half polka dot, half striped polyester satin jumpsuit and show your deserving victims your horrific and injured face, a wide black and insidious smile and the bleeding red scar on your skull, all framed by the a black ruffle at your neck. Gone are your days of brilliant color and happy smiles. Now are the nights of screams! (Hopefully your weapon of choice will only be terrible puns, though.)

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  • Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Womens Costume

    Deluxe Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Womens Costume

    This is the Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Women’s Queen of Hearts Costume.

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  • Incredibles 2 Deluxe Womens Edna Costume

    Incredibles 2 Deluxe Womens Edna Costume

    It’s Called Fashion, DarlingYou know, before we saw The Incredibles, we always just assumed that superheroes just made their own costumes. We figured that they spent hours hand stitching spandex and more hours screen-printing logos on the front. Boy, were we ever wrong!It turns out that superheroes get their outfits from renowned stylists, just like celebrities and supermodels. Even the models in Milan marvel at the incredible styles worn by supers. We should’ve known that though. Did you see Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl’s costumes? Those things are seriously, on point. To die for, darling! So, it’s no surprise that Edna Mode is now our idol. She’s got the style sense and the vision to design for supers. She has the know-how to create a suit that can even contain Jack-Jack’s bonkers bananas powers. Now that’s really something, isn’t it darling?Product DetailsDo you long to design the outfits of supers? Then it’s time for you to become Edna Mode. This grand costume is based on her appearance in The Incredibles 2 and it’s just as scene-stealing as Edna is in the movie! The costume comes with a blue tunic that’s designed to look just like the one worn by her. It has various sections to give it a 50s modern style. It even comes with a wig to give you that Japanese Bob hairstyle. To finish the costume off, a pair of round glasses are included to add a delightfully smart flair!Ever Super Needs a DesignerOnce you have this costume, you may just find yourself struck with inspiration. You might even feel the urge to design a whole new series of super costumes for Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, and Violet! Of course, if you’re looking for a great addition to your Incredibles 2 group costume, then this is exactly what you want, darling.

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