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  • Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

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  • Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

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  • Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

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  • Grey Werewolf Infant

    Grey Werewolf Infant

    Full Moon’s RiseOh, no! The full moon approaches again! Oh, the impending horror that will befall us! The inhumanity! The terror! The complete and utter descent into chaos! The destruction caused by the ferocious beasts of the night! The oddly adorable werewolf!Wait, what? That last one can’t be right. The oddly adorable werewolf? Hmm, it seems that werewolves are much cuter than all of the old fairy tales like seem to suggest. Just LOOK at this one right here! How can you be terrified of something so gosh darn adorable? We imagine this little woof is more interested in cuddling than causing mayhem. Maybe we all have this werewolf business completely wrong… and it’s time for your little one to set the record straight! Werewolves are adorable. The world needs to know and this Grew Werewolf for Infants!Product DetailsLet’s dig into this extremely adorable Grey Werewolf Costume for infants! It’ll transform your baby into an absolutely adorable version of your favorite fairytale creature, the werewolf. The costume comes with a soft jumpsuit that has plenty of grey faux fur and an attached plaid shirt on top. It also has little paw-shaped booties on their feet. It also has a hood with a sculpted wolf face on top, complete with fake teeth and a pair of furry wolf ears on top. Slip your little one into this furry suit and they’ll be ready to show the world their new werewolf look!The New Leader of the PackWhen your little one is looking this cute, he might just become the new pack alpha. After all, who could ever say no to a little woof pup this adorable! Just make sure you check out all of our adult werewolf costumes, so you can howl at the moon alongside your little one this Halloween!

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  • Men's Crusader Plus Size Costume

    Men’s Crusader Plus Size Costume

    Join the KnightsSt. Bernard of Clairvaux. He’s the guy who started the whole, big shebang. You know, the Templars? The Order of Solomon’s Temple, the Knights Templar? It’s kind of a big deal, it sure is, but you’re fully aware. Because you’re signed up for duty!Yup, good ol’ St. Bernard just had to convince the Pope how great it would be to have a military order that could take care of the important business of the Church. Which is probably why you’re involved, after all, a holy order is one you don’t dare neglect. But, of course, you gotta look the part, too, which is why we’re able to help. Cause we’ve got this great Plus Size Crusader Costume, ready for you!You might be ready for a dust-up over some holy relics, or you might be planning to go on Crusades to the Holy Land. No matter what adventure you’re suiting up for, you’re going to have the style down to a tee with this exclusive Crusader Costume. We’ve never been associated with the Medieval Church, but we did our best to recreate an old-school look that works!Design and DetailsThis costume comes with all the gear you’re going to need. (Well except for the sword. That’s sold separately. We recommend starting out with a foam sword so you don’t go about accidentally wounding your friends while you practice your swordsmanship!) Styled as a white tabard over a tunic, this costume ensemble also comes with two belts. The top has sleeves finished in sequins for a chain mail effect, and it looks pretty realistic. And you bet it has the red cross appliqued to the front!Everything but the time machineWe’d love to send you off to help in the crusades but we’re still waiting for those inventors to figure out the details of time travel. But, until then, we’re more than happy to outfit with historical costumes from any era! Check out all of our medieval and renaissance costumes to build a group theme that’s sure to steal the show. Just don’t forget your prop swords!

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  • Kids Sting Ray Costume

    Kids Sting Ray Costume

    Sea and Be SeenDid you know a stingray’s coloration often matches that of the sea floor where they are swimming? Did you know that ancient dentists sometimes used stingray venom as anesthesia? No? Well, your kid sure does!Seriously, though, your child is totally infatuated with the ocean world. Any free weekend you find get filled with trips to the beach, excursions to the aquarium, and viewings of ocean documentaries. So, when deciding what to be for Halloween, your child really wanted to show off their knowledge of all things marine! A shark seems too obvious, a fish is too cute, and don’t get them started on merpeople! No, for your sea-savvy son or daughter, this Child Stingray Costume proves one part cuddly outfit, one part demonstration of devotion. It’ll be the perfect look for their costume party, which is all animal-themed! A bit unusual, just the slightest bit eerie, but also totally cool and awe-inspiring, this stingray costume is your kid’s catch of the day!Design & Details Mady by Us right here in our costume studio, this look was crafted with a little fish-lover like your child in mind. It’s certainly cozier than a real stingray—it consists of a cuddly jumpsuit that’s white on the underside and gray on top. Your kid’s hands can slide into the bands on the inside of the “wings” and they will look (and feel) just like their favorite creature! Cool details abound, such as “gills” on the torso and eyes on the top of the hood, making this outfit look totally real. It’s a good thing your kiddo is wearing it to a party on dry land or people may scatter when they see it coming!Ray of LightWe seriously LOVE kids who are into science and nature—it’s why we take time to make costumes that appeal to them. Keep teaching your child to be curious about the natural world…and brush up on your stingray trivia while you’re at it. It looks like you’ll need it for a while!

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  • Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Set foot on the moon. Leave your footprint. Plant your flag. Fire up your lunar rover for a joyride. It will be one small leap for man, one giant leap for party people!Okay, okay, you’re not going to the moon. (Probably.) But that is no reason not to party like an astronaut with this Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Costume. A exclusive, this style is going to have you feeling ready to step foot on the moon. Hey, you never know… maybe you’ll find a big party up there too!In zero gravity or right here on planet Earth, when you grab this costume, you’ll be able to have a great time at the get-together. This White Astronaut Costume is styled as a one-piece jumpsuit (with the pictured helmet and accessories sold separately). Rib-knit cuffs and ankle zippers make the jumpsuit functional but also comfortable and easy-to-wear, and the realistic patches will make it look like you’re official NASA brethren.We made and designed this costume right here in our own costume studios, and made it so that no matter where you wear it, you’re going to command the respect of others as a space pioneer and explorer. In plus sizes 2X to 4X, it’s sure to have you ready for your mission. Blast off time!

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  • Men's Crusader Costume

    Men’s Crusader Costume

    An Oldie But a GoodieThe invite just came through, and you’ve got an epic costume party on the calendar. And this is the party you really want to make an impression. So… why not dig up and oldie but a goodie? You know, an ancient warrior monk?That’s right. A Knight Templar! These guys haven’t been seen around in a while (since King Philip gave ’em the boot in 1312!) but we think it’s time for them to make a little bit of a comeback. At your costume party. With you as a serious Crusader!You might think that achieving it would be a stretch, but nope, not a chance. Because we’ve got your back! We’ve got this men’s Crusader Costume, fresh from our costume creation studios. That’s right, it’s made by us, and we’ve styled it to look like a serious blast from the past. Ready for some fun? Design and DetailsA made-by-us design, this costume comes with a tunic, a tabard, a hood, 2 belts,  and a pair of gloves. The white tabard has the signature red cross appliqued to the front and it fits over the tunic. You can wear the two belts at the waist for a dashing style. And the hood and sleeves are sequin-covered for the full chain mail effect. Wear it with your own pants and boots, and you’ll have that vintage Crusader style on lock!It’s an exclusiveYou’re only going to find this exclusive Men’s Crusader Costume right here at We consider ourselves the go-to spot when it comes to costumes from the pages of the history books, so be sure to check out all of our styles to outfit your friends in unique and legendary styles. Because, face it, having a few friends to back you up at the party is always a good idea. (Plastic swords sold separately!)

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  • Boy's Funky Disco Costume

    Boy’s Funky Disco Costume

    Your child may not have had the chance to live through the age of disco, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny him the full 1970’s experience. You can get him a disco ball, slip a pair of platform shoes on his feet and queue up your favorite funky tunes to let his soul shine. You can even teach him all of the best 70’s slang, ya dig? Of course, the first place you need to start to have your kid feeling like a funkadelic dance-master is a groovy outfit and it just so happens, since we’re the number one experts on costumes on the web, we have the perfect outfit for your little one to shake his groove thing!This Boy’s Funky Disco Costume brings your kid some funky fresh style that he can take to any dance floor. The costume comes with a bright blue satin, button up shirt with high collars. The shining silver pants feature a stripe of red sequins down each pant leg and fit with a set of bright red suspenders. All your kid will need to top off the look is a rocking afro, some crazy cool moves (better teach him how to do the hustle).Be sure to add an afro wig and some platform shoes to get the full look seen in the picture

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  • Adult Ant Costume

    Adult Ant Costume

    Small But MightyYou’ve spent your life sticking up for the little guy. You protect everything and everyone, from the “lowly” ant to the regal lion. You step over anthills, remove spiders humanely from your home, and even those speedy house centipedes stand a chance around you. Wow. You’re practically a saint in our book!Of course, you know that sometimes the smallest, most “unimpressive” creatures are the most amazing, if you get to know them. Like ants! Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight (you have been going to the gym for years and can’t get even close to that, no offense). Ants are also expert foragers, expert trailblazers, and expert soldiers. They are pretty nifty little critters. But we don’t need to tell you that, do we? You’ve got your fascinating ant facts stored beneath your antennae for quick party conversation starters. And maybe you’ve even got a group of pals in matching Adult Ant Costumes ready to help you take on the buffet table!Design & DetailsYou may be thinking: why did the costume studio take so much care in crafting such a great costume for a mere ant? But that’s just the way we do it here! This exclusive ant costume got the best design, materials, and consideration, to ensure that those of you ant-lovers out there have a costume that does your favorite invertebrate justice! It’s a simple-looking black bodysuit with tons of details. Lines across the “thorax” and a puffed “abdomen” make this costume come to life, as does the headpiece with ant eyes (no ears—ants don’t have ’em) and antennae, for feeling out the fun!Picnic ProSo, go ahead and wear this cool costume anywhere you hope to raise the awareness of the awesomeness of ants. Just…you know…maybe don’t sport it at your company picnic. No one likes an unexpected guest! 

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  • Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Maybe you have a cat with some seriously upside-down sleeping habits. Maybe your pooch can’t decide what to be for Halloween, but still wants to take part in the festivities. This basic Bat Wings Pet Costume is a solid choice either way!Then there’s the nightmare scenario: you and your pet are in complete agreement on which amazing costumes you should wear while trick-or-treating together, but neither of you prepared for the struggle of putting on your pet’s overly-elaborate costume. Good thing you wisely chose to keep a pair of these simple bat wings as a backup! Just slip the elastic straps over your pal’s front legs, and you’ll be ready to take on the night together. Multiple pets? No problem! Your party guests will be delighted to find that they’ve walked straight from your living room into the secret lair of the cutest cave-creatures around.

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  • Care Bears Classic Good Luck Bear Child's Costume

    Care Bears Classic Good Luck Bear Child’s Costume

    You’re One Lucky Duck, Er, BearHow do you do it? How do you always get so lucky? It’s truly amazing. Do you secretly have hundreds of rabbit’s feet attached to your lanyard? Do you eat a bowl of Lucky Charms every morning for breakfast? In your home, is there a whole dresser dedicated to lucky pairs of underwear? Do you sleep on a bed of freshly-plucked four-leaf clovers every night or own an impressive collection of fortuitous coins from around the world. We feel compelled to get down to the bottom of all your impressive good luck. We must know how you do it. How are you such a lucky duck? Wait… what? What’s that? You’re not a lucky duck but a lucky bear?! But how can that be? Oh, the Care Bears Good Luck Bear costume! Of course, it all makes sense now! The officially licensed Good Luck Bear costume makes wearers incredibly serendipitous. It will become the answer to any problems with bad luck you may be having. No more stepping in gum or forgetting your science fair project at home. With this Care Bears costume, all your luck is about to change!       Product DetailsReady to (figuratively) shoot a green light from your tum-tum? Alright! This costume is a Made by Us design meaning it’s crafted from high-quality material and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Wear it every day if you want to! The faux fur jumpsuit has an attached hood, mittens, and shoe covers. The hood features embroidered eyes, a heart nose, and cute, fluffy ears. A large white four-leaf clover belly badge at the center let everyone know you’re all about lots and lots of sweet good luck. Commence the Care Bear StareYou’re going to need your fellow Bear buddies to properly do the Stare. Luckily we have costumes like this one for your whole crew!  

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  • Kids Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

    Kids Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

    LEAD THE HEARTFELT SQUADEveryone loves the Care Bears. Maybe it’s their cute teddy bear appearance. Perhaps it is the iconic history that they’ve had on television over the last few decades. It’s almost certainly because of how much they care and bring happiness and cheer to the world. (We suppose we could all just be magically charmed by their belly badges to love them by default, but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t do that to anyone.) So, it goes without saying that our favorite of the Care Bears must be their doting leader. Tenderheart Bear is always ready to put a smile on someone’s face and show the whole team what caring really is all about. Who else could lead such a group of cuddly carers other than the bear with the single heart belly badge that is obviously the main symbol of the whole team! (You know that because of the heart symbol on all their rumps!) DESIGN & DETAILSHelp your kiddo live out their dreams of Care-A-Lot with this exclusive and officially licensed Tenderheart Bear costume from the classic Care Bears. This comfy jumpsuit is made of soft material and colored golden brown just like the fearless leader. The white patch on the belly features the heart with a single pink border. (Of course, the heart patch is on the rear of the costume, too!) The hood has Tenderheart’s embroidered face with soft-sculpted ears. Mittens and boot covers finish off the look, but you can always team up with more Care Bears costumes to complete the team! CARE BEAR STARE!We cannot promise that your kiddo isn’t going to use their belly badge to try to convince you to give them more sweets. While the Care Bears would never misuse their powers in such a way, your kiddo might have a small learning curve. That said, we think they totally deserve an extra cookie. 

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  • Adult Big Bird Costume

    Adult Big Bird Costume

    Do you like to make a statement wherever you go? Well then we’ve got the perfect costume for you! Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood in our Adult Big Bird Costume, because the only things that’s better than spending your days watching Sesame Street all day is actually becoming one of the character!Whether you want to be the life of the party or maybe you just like to hang out and dress like Sesame Street characters, anything is possible in this bright yellow getup! A crazy costume has never been easier with our 100% polyester, faux fur long-sleeved Big Bird shirt. Just throw on your shirt and your faux fur headpiece with a soft-sculpted felt beak and eyes sand you are instantly transformed into an iconic character from the best years of your life! We hate to break it to you but, you will have to buy your own yellow pants, but hey if you’re a true Big Bird fan you’ve probably already got a pair laying around the house. Show everyone how to get to Sesame Street in this Adult Big Bird Costume! Keep your nest clean so you can welcome your friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus. Why not get the whole gang together while your at it and add our Elmo, Cookie Monster and the rest of our Sesame Street costumes!

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  • The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    Go Red Ranger, go!Is your kiddo all about the Beast Morphers Rangers? Alright! That’s a great way to be. He or she is sure to love watching the intense action of the latest Power Rangers series, but we’re here to let your child know that there’s a new way for them to get involved in the fun. By suiting up in our Red Ranger Beast Morphers costume!With this officially licensed costume, your child can show off their Power Rangers style by going as their favorite character, the Beast Morphers’ Red Ranger. Devon Daniels wears the suit and has amazing powers like hyper speed and his Beast Racer Zord. You might still be catching up on the show to learn the ins-and-outs, but we’re here to let you know your kid is ready for the action. So, suit them up!Product DetailsPower Rangers and Hasbro officially licensed, this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Classic comes with a super-detailed jumpsuit and mask. The fully printed jumpsuit has fiberfill padding for muscle effect, and extra touches like an attached belt and transporter on the shoulder. It secures with a simple hook and loop fastener in the back. The rigid mask completes the theme, with a red see-through visor and elastic band in the back it covers the front of the face. Suit them up in this costume, and while they might not be ready to pilot a zord, they will definitely be ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween night!Tired or WiredTired: Watching the Beast Morphers on TV.Wired: Suiting up as the Beast Morphers to save the day!Rest assured, the Rangers are most certainly not tired when it comes to the youngest fans. So, grab this Red Ranger Costume, and shop our entire selection of Power Rangers Costumes to outfit every member of your child’s team!

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  • Women's Slave Boots

    Women’s Slave Boots

    It’s time to upgrade your slave wardrobe! You’re about to go from being a drab servant to looking like one stylish slave. We didn’t think it was possible either, that is until we found these boots. No more walking around barefoot. No more stubbing your toes and no more dirty feet. With these boots, anything is possible. You could leave your slave days in the past and walk your way to a brighter future. Who knows, maybe these boots will lead to a closet full of shoes one day? These slave boots for women will make your slave costume stand out when paired with your Grecian slave. Just slip these soft brown suede boots on and step out for a fun night. The gold detailing on the front and opening of these shoes will look great with the gold accents on your costume. You could also use these boots in the future for a number of different costumes like a gladiator or warrior costume.

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  • Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume

    Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume

    A brand new addition to your familyAh, so you’ve got a brand new addition to your family. And it didn’t come home in a typical way! That’s right. When you were looking to expand your family, you just booked a flight to Isla Nublar to stop by Jurassic World. And that’s where you visiting the laboratory of Dr. Henry Wu, the masterful dinosaur geneticist, and you had a little chat with him. Well, it wasn’t long after that you returned home with something very, very special. A dinosaur egg. And now that egg has hatched, and you’ve got a mini little T-Rex! Okay, we realize that this is quite a fantastic story, but you can adopt it as your own narrative when you get this Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume for Infants. That’s because we’re gonna turn your kiddo into a baby T-Rex, freshly hatched!Product DetailsThis Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume is styled as a cute little jumpsuit. It’s printed with a reptile print, design, and it has an attached “eggshell” section around the hips. It secures with a hook and loop fastener in the shoulder and in the inseam, has elastic bands at the wrists and ankles, and the tail is stuffable. It also comes with an oversized plush headpiece hood that features facial details. It’s everything you need to get your little dino crawling!Officially licensedThis costume is, of course, officially licensed from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. But it works great for any kind of Dinosaur fun! Ma and Pa could dress up as Claire and Owen with a dino baby when you dress your infant up in this costume. Or you could even dress as Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler carrying around a baby T-Rex! Get your whole family suited up with our costumes, and it’s sure to be Jurassic sized fun!

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  • Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Rexy the T-RexRexy has been the star of the Jurassic Park franchise for over 25 years. She first wowed audiences in 1993 and now she’s still a part of the new Jurassic World franchise in the 2010s. There have been lots of plot points over the course of all the movies, but for us, it really boils down to one thing. It’s really all about the mighty T-Rex! Yes, it really has been same T-Rex starring in all those films. So we’re thinking, it’s about time she got an understudy. Do you have a candidate? No, we’re not talking about having some T-Rex eggs tucked away in the basement, ready to hatch. We think we should get someone suited up to be the next dinosaur star of the franchise!We would, of course, suggest choosing your own kid. When you get them suited up in our Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume for toddlers! It’s officially licensed from the latest Jurassic movie, Jurassic World 2, and it has the dino details that we all know so well. In fact, the only thing it needs is a kid with a great dino roar!Costume DetailsThis costume is styled as a jumpsuit, and it’s fully printed with dino detail, even including a Jurassic World logo on the side. A tail is attached in the back and it’s stuffed with fiberfill. Boot covers are attached, and they fit right over your child’s shoes to make them look like T-Rex feet. All you need to do to complete the effect is to secure the T-Rex headpiece. It fits with hook & loop fastener beneath the chin, and it has soft-sculpted dinosaur face that sits on top of the head!Jurassic roarsChoose this T-Rex costume for toddlers, and we’re sure your little one will be ready to roar. Be sure to check out all of our Jurassic World costumes to find other styles for kids of all ages!

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  • Pretty Purple Mermaid Child's Costume

    Pretty Purple Mermaid Child’s Costume

    Princess of PretendDoes your child know how to dive into a game of pretend like no other? When it comes to creative kids what we see and hear is just the tip of the iceberg. The real action is happening in her mind. Sure, she might be playing mermaid, but where is this mermaid from? You might assume that she’s cove-dwelling, hair-brushing mermaid but maybe not. Maybe her mermaid character lives in a mountain lake and hangs out with unicorns on sunny days. Perhaps she lives in a river in the Amazon, battling Piranas and sleeping in the golden waters of El Dorado. You’ll never get to know all the intricacies that go into your kid’s imaginings but at least you can get more of a hint when you dress your little one in this gorgeous mermaid costume!Details & DesignIt’s easy for others to believe your kiddo’s mermaid origins when she shows up to costumed events in this sparkly ensemble. Designed by our mermaid-loving creative team, this exclusive dress has a shimmery opaque mid-drift and sequined shells making up the bodice. lightweight purple material creates a fashionable illusion neckline as well as long sleeves that slip over the middle finger for a princess cut. The mermaid tail is rich with scale-shaped sequins while tulle flares out in gorgeous tiers to create the fins. Secured with hook and loop fastener strips down the back, diving into this mermaid look is a breeze!Riding the WaveWhile this costume is wonderful for Halloween events and themed parties, you might find your kiddo lounging in this costume while singing to herself in her room. Do not be alarmed. This is simply her leveling up in her games of pretend. Sparkly costumes will do that to a kid. Who knows what underwater treasures your little mermaid will find in her magical musings!

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  • Men's Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    When it comes to enviable occupations, there are really only two that come to mind… writing about costumes (obviously), and owning and operating our very own chocolate factory (duh!).Since we already do that first great job, we like to imagine all of the possibilities of the second; the new candy discoveries just waiting to be dreamt up! Everlasting treats that never fade, jelly beans that don’t make your mouth turn bright awful colors, and taffy that can be stretched around the equator if need be. Only a true genius could come up with such things and make them a reality for millions of happy children around the globe. We could be heroes to all of humanity! Not to mention all of the taste testing that inevitably comes with the gig.Since we’re already tied up here, we think you look mighty ready to get your candy career started. But, you could look a whole lot more ready by emulating the sugar king himself, Willy Wonka. That’s why you need this Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka costume. It looks just like the one worn by Gene Wilder in the film classic, with its long purple coat, frilly shirt front, gold bow tie, and even his signature brown top hat. Now all you need to do is somehow gain access to a world class factory, contract a premium sugar supplier, and find some workers who have some mad rhyming skills and then you’ll be all set. Send us some samples, OK?

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  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Blue Velociraptor Kid Costume

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Blue Velociraptor Kid Costume

    Not Like the Rest of the RaptorsWe can admit it. Ever since we saw the first Jurassic Park movie, we wanted to be a velociraptor. Sure, those raptors spent most of the movie hunting the staff and guests of the park, but they were almost as cute as they were menacing, weren’t they? The way they grunted and screeched while trying to find Lex and Tim in the kitchen? The way they attacked Muldoon in the jungle? Downright adorable… Okay, okay. Maybe the velociraptors in the movies weren’t exactly cute! Maybe they were terrifying dinosaur death-machines and they only got more frightening in the Jurassic World movies. At least Blue isn’t quite the monster that the rest of them are!Blue listens to Owen Grady, which is pretty cool. You could have your own little velociraptor in your home. All you need is this child Jurassic World Blue costume.Product DetailsThis officially licensed child velociraptor costume recreates the dinosaur from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has dinosaur scale print on the exterior. It even has a lizard-like tail attached to the back of it. You can stuff the inside of the tail to create a more rigid appearance, or leave it hollow for a more loose appearance. The feet have shoe covers with claw-like designs on them. Of course, it comes with a mask as well, so your child can look just like Owen’s favorite dino pal from the movie.Joining the PackIf your child wants to terrorize park visitors or if he just loves dinosaurs more than anything else, then this child Jurassic World costume is for him. If you just want to have a dinosaur hanging around the house, then this costume is exactly what you need. Be sure to check out all of our Jurassic Park themed costumes so you can make a full family group of dinosaurs this year!

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  • Runny Nose Adult Costume

    Runny Nose Adult Costume

    Awww, what’s wrong? Are you crying? Don’t cry, you’re researching Halloween costumes. It’s supposed to be fun. Oh, you’ve got some allergy problems? Are you allergic to ragweed? Maybe it’s Krispy the cat, poor guy, he doesn’t mean to have hair that’s full of allergens. Well, either way, your nose is running hard! Well, maybe this is a good thing. Your nose could be the first facial feature that ever ran a marathon.  Training your nose won’t be easy. It’s also going to be super gross. You’ll have to forego taking any more allergy medication and just embrace your snotty lifestyle. Push your nose to its limits. Go ahead and pet the fluffy kitty. Use extra pepper on that soup. Hey, you could even stop and smell the roses. Let’s be honest. You’re probably not going to run a marathon anytime soon but your nose can do the running for you. It might be a little miserable but at least you’re not the one running the laps.  This costume is quite ridiculous, embracing the puniest side of life. This costume includes a white tank top perfect for the big race. It also includes a pair of shorts, a race number, and the glorious nose headpiece. The headpiece is a lightweight foam and has an eyehole so you can kind of see where you’re going. Pair this with a good pair of running shoes and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Follow your nose, this is a gold medal costume!

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  • Adult Nerds Box Costume

    Adult Nerds Box Costume

    You’re our favorite candy! You’re a huge nerd! Now you can be both at the same time in our Willy Wonka Nerds Box Costume! Not one of the Wonka candies originating in Roahl Dahl’s book or the classic Gene Wilder movie, Nerds are instead a product of the same 80s craze for pure sugar that produced Pop Rocks and Candy Buttons. For we children of the 80s and 90s here at, however, they’re a far more essential part of the candy landscape than Evelasting Gobstoppers or any other part of the Wonka lineup besides maybe Laffy Taffy. For the authentic sound effects of the recognizable Nerds box, strap maracas in your waistband to get that shaking sound. Don’t be surprised if you’re chased by the school-aged set eager to get their hands on what’s inside your box.Everyone loves Nerds! Okay, maybe not that annoying know-it-all who’s always pushing his glasses up and informing you actually they never say “Beam me up, Scotty,” in Star Trek, but the candy. Definitely the candy. It’ll be hard to keep the hands off of you in this Adult Nerds Box Costume. That’s why is for adults. Didn’t nobody say nerds don’t get freaky, son.Resist the temptation to eat the contents, because this Willy Wonka Nerds Box Costume is made out of 100 percent polyester –– no sugar, dextrose, malic acid or high-fructose corn syrup. It has holes for your head and arms, NOT for pouring Nerds out of. There’s a large opening at the bottom for your legs, so all the Nerds are spilled out. If they ask where the Nerds in your box went, just point to yourself, doy!

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  • Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Bold & BraveHe’s bold, he’s brave. He’s ready to save the day! He is, of course, your friendly neighborhood firefighter. Or, at least, he’s about to become the friendly firefighter when we hook him up with this costume. Another original costume design from our Made by Us studios, this costume will have him ready to be a fire stopping hero!It was obvious to our sales team that firefighter costumes are one of the most popular selections for young boys and girls. But, when it comes to options for toddlers, we thought our classic costume could use an upgrade! That’s why we made and designed this costume. Crafted by our talented team of artists, designers, and developers, this sharp looking style will have your kiddo standing out at Halloween. Design & DetailsThis dapper firefighter costume suit comes with the costume top and pants, along with a fireman’s hat. The top has plenty of printed details including front clasps and badges. It has the customary hi-vis yellow and silver stripes at the cuffs and waist, too, along with a black turndown collar. The pants have stripes at the calf and large black knee patches as well. The structured felt helmet finishes the style, complete with a Fire Dept. Chief logo right on the front!All Set UpThis Toddler Firefighter Costume will have him all set up as an adorable friendly firefighter. Of course, if your family wants to go all out, you could dress the whole fam in firefighter costumes, too! We’ve got lots of great costume choices for older kids and teens, as well as styles for ma and pa. Get your whole family decked out in firefighter costumes, and you can save the day, together!

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  • The Toy Story Infant Alien Costume

    The Toy Story Infant Alien Costume

    the Costume Wearer Has ChosenYour child’s luck is spot on. When their hand reaches into a bowl of strawberries they always come out with the best berry of the batch. Or when they put a quarter into that twisty candy machine you always end up putting your hand under their’s cause they’re bound to get an extra big scoop. You know that if your kid tried out the claw to pick up one of these aliens, they were sure to get lucky. And you know what? We’re sure that any three-eyed alien would be quite lucky to be picked by your kid. The squeaky toys would benefit from your child’s lucky picking skills. That means better toy companions caught at carnivals, lots of candy caught in parades (enough to share with their toys), not to mention super fun playmates. When aliens just embrace the claw, all playtime afterward is going to be a lot of fun. Hey, your kid can’t be nearly as bad as Sid!Product DetailsThis adorable alien costume looks like it’s straight out of Toy Story. The bright blue jumpsuit has a planet on the chest and is printed with a belt around the belly. It’s topped off with a green headpiece that has three eyes as well as those big ears and the antennae to make it seem like it’s straight out of the movies we know and love. The costume secures with hook and loop strips so it stays soft for comfortable all-night wear. Toying Around Are you ready to get into your kids into some of the favorite cartoon characters of your childhood? They’ll totally get into the series when you dress them in adorable Toy Story costumes. Train your child to simply say, “Ooooh” when neighbors open the door while trick-or-treating and your child might even get a few extra Mars bars!

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  • Lace Mask Black

    Lace Mask Black

    Mistress of MysteryCan you imagine what it would be like to attend a masquerade ball back in the hay day of masked balls? If you’re longing to get a gorgeous taste of the mystery and mystique of these affairs, you’re not alone. Just imagine what it would be like to pull up to a palace in a horse and carriage. You’d mount the stairs in layers of silken skirts and enter into a grand hall lit by candlelight. And while you might have known some of the people waltzing in the luxurious room, you can’t tell who they are because of the sumptuous masks hiding their faces. Are you dancing with the fancy Duke or a simple handsome rogue? It’s a masked ball! there’s no way of knowing until you unmask at midnight!Product DetailsThis gorgeous black mask is made of a scrolling black lace. It has an asymmetrical design that swirls above your forehead. securing around the back of your head, this mask will stay with you as you dance the night away. Fat Tuesday FashionMardi Gras is one of the last excuses to take to the streets in a fancy mask. This comfortable lace mask treads the line between modern and romantic perfectly. Pair this perfectly with one of our amazing costumes to stand out in any Mardi Gras parade!

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  • Plus Size Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Plus Size Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Jumping out of closets and scaring frightened kid after kid–it can get tiring after a while. But with a few remedial classes, some good petting, and a little bit of adjustment therapy, you’ll no longer have that instinct to frighten children. Or you could skip all of the therapy and coursework and just transform yourself into the friendliest monster around ‚Äì Sully!From the most decorated scarer ever at Monster‚Äôs, Inc. to funny, fuzzy laugh machine, Sully has been a crowd-pleasing favorite monster for many. Heck, you may even have his rookie scare card if you‚Äôre a true fan! If you don‚Äôt want to go it alone this Halloween, check out our Mike Wazowski costumes so you can have your trusty sidekick around all night. Sully and Mike have been friends since their freshman year of college, so you wouldn‚Äôt want to go out for a night on the town without him.Whether you or your kids love the movie (or maybe both of you do!), this Plus Size Sullivan the Monster Costume will make you the most popular monster around at your next birthday party or Halloween gathering! This Sully costume is comfortable wear all night and has a zip-front closure for easy on and off. His signature furry purple polka dots accent the jumpsuit and the paws and footies are attached so you can look like Sully from head to toe! The attached tail and hood complete the look. Who wouldn‚Äôt want to give this huge, lovable monster a big hug?

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  • Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Plus Size Hoodie Costume

    Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Plus Size Hoodie Costume

    YOU’LL BE ON CLOUD 9If there’s a Care Bear we relate to the most, it’s Grumpy Bear, hands down. If we were to meet this fictitious character, we’d probably go on a long walk in the rain and commiserate over our problems, real and imagined. He’d complain then we’d complain, back and forth like a very depressing ping-pong match using our woes as the tiny white ball. But creating then wearing this deluxe cheer bear costume has changed all that. We don’t want to wallow in our misery any longer because this spunky and lush costume has changed our lives! Without running the risk of sounding like a late-night TV infomercial, this officially licensed Cheer Bear hoodie costume has changed our grouchy disposition. When snuggled up in the faux fur hoodie, a surge of happiness rushes over us. It’s almost as though we could shoot rainbows from our bellies. It’s an indescribable feeling but you’ll understand what we mean once you’re wearing the plus size Care Bear costume!DESIGN & DETAILSForget tight jumpsuits and binding corset costumes because this hoodie and legging set is about pure comfort and convenience. Feel like you’re wrapped up in a fluffy cloud when wearing the plush pink pullover. Featuring a zipper yoke, drawstring hemline, and an embroidered and appliqued belly badge, the hoodie is also quite on-trend with other leisure wear for women. The shiny leggings are a spandex blend with an elastic waistband and an all-over rainbow print. The finishing accessory is an ear-to-ear smile but smiling is inevitable when you’re wearing the officially licensed plus size Cheer Bear costume. Even Grumpy Bear will crack a grin! CARE BEAR CONFIDANTSThis is a complete costume but there is one thing you can add to give it more flair: your group of friends. Gather all your pals and wear our other Care Bear hoodie costumes to form a fuzzy bright-colored Care Bear crew that can’t be missed!             

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  • Plus Size Pig Costume

    Plus Size Pig Costume

    If you and your friends want to really show everyone that you’re a bunch of party animals then there’s only one way to do that. You all need to go out with a farm animal theme! There’s no party wilder than a barnyard party. With this Plus Size Pig Costume, you can prove it!Sure, everyone might think that pigs are kind of smelly and dirty but you can show the fun-loving side of this farm animal. Imagine all the stereotypes about pigs you could break. No one will be able to call you a slob if you clean up after yourself and as long as you keep this jumpsuit soft and pink no one will be able to accuse you of rolling around in the mud. Although, just because you’re not covered in mud doesn’t in any way mean that you’re a stick in the mud! You will still be a representative of party animals everywhere. So it will be your duty to show everyone what goes down in the barn after dark. So secure the piggy hood under your chin, pop on the hoof shoe covers, and you’ll be ready to tear up the dance floor! Grab this Plus Size Pig Costume and transform into a classic farm animal for Halloween. Have your friends look through the rest of our animal costumes and turn any party into a barnyard party! Just watch out for any of those pesky farmers, you wouldn’t want those buzzkills to cut your party time short.

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  • Plus Size Holiday Elf Costume

    Plus Size Holiday Elf Costume

    When you think about it, almost any human who gets as excited as we do about the holidays is a Plus Size Holiday Elf. So if you need one of these great costumes in a standard size, we don’t want you to think that you’re somehow deficient—we just want everybody to have an even shot at making Santa’s crack team of toymaking experts, or his top-of-the-line distribution chain.Of course we hope that we’re the ones he calls up to the big leagues of merrymaking. But if that doesn’t happen, we take pride in knowing that one of these cheerful costumes might at least give another candidate the festive edge needed to rise to the occasion.So we’ve put our most Christmassy foot forward with this complete package, suitable for any aspiring yuletide assistant. It comes in the green and red polyester flannel preferred by present-wrapping professionals, but we’ve added a few little touches that reflect our outstanding commitment to spreading joy and fun during one of our favorite times of year. Like awesome curly-toed elf-shoe boot covers, socks and sleeves that are striped like candy canes, and buttons that look just like refreshing peppermints!Do us a favor, okay? If you do land a job at the North Pole, put in a good word for us with the boss. And drop us a line if you wind up wearing our outfit while you’re helping to get everything ready for the winter!

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