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  • Women's Darling Dalmatian Costume

    Women’s Darling Dalmatian Costume

    Spot On CostumeThe world is filled with naturally beautiful colors like lush green pastures, turquoise colored oceans, and rose-tinted skies. We appreciate strikingly vibrant (and naturally occurring) hues as well as the next person but we can also see the beauty in basic black and white. For example, tuxedos will always be superior to tye-dye t-shirts the same way classic black and white photography is collectively revered as simplistically elegant and effortlessly though-provoking. We don’t think we’re being bold when we say these two colors will never go out of style. If you’re looking for a costume that will remain fashionable and relevant throughout the years, then choosing an ensemble predominantly featuring these two colors is a shrewd choice. This women’s costume combines the bold color pairing with a cute fashion design that will forever be seen as an adorable selection: a playful dotted Dalmatian pup. Product DetailsThe hooded long-sleeved mini-dress is speckled with black and white dots and trimmed in black faux fur, giving it a polished and chic look. The form-fitting frock also features a small zipper in the front and a stuffed tail in back decorated with a bright red bow. A fuzzy faux hood, complete with attached ears, adds the final canine component which is essential to your look. Finally, you’ll also receive matching boot covers, giving you have the freedom to wear any shoes you want (go ahead, wear the good ole Uggs) and a leather collar with a metal buckle and loop closure.More Like Doll-Matian…And definitely not a dull-matian! Take part in some delightful and easy photo opportunities by venturing out into nature. Your black and white spots will create a great contrast against an open meadow. Better yet, stand next to a bright red fire engine to capture a picture that’s bound to garner lots of social media attention or pair it with a men’s fireman costume to become the “cutest couple” at any party.                         

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  • Men's The Champ Boxer Costume

    Men’s The Champ Boxer Costume

    Skip the RingDo you have that itch to get into the ring? We always wanted to be a champion… but there’s just one big problem. We stink at boxing. We really don’t enjoy having punches thrown at us on the regular! We also don’t really know the first thing about throwing a proper punch, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be dominating the ring any time soon. If it were all just wearing cool robes and posing for promotional fight photos, we’d be pros!The good news is that even if you’re like us (hopeless in a boxing match), you can still indulge in your dream of being a pro boxer. All you need is The Champ Boxer Costume and you’ll look like the heavyweight champion of the world.Product DetailsThis boxing costume is designed to look like the ones that the pros wear. It comes with a pair of black and gold boxing shorts with an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. The matching robe also has “World Champion” in gold on the front, solidifying your title as the world’s greatest! The robe also has an attached hood to help you make a dramatic appearance in the ring. The golden tie belt adds a pop of color around the robe, but the real kicker to this costume has to be the championship belt. The championship belt has a foam, gold emblem on the front and ties in the back. The black boxing gloves match the shorts and have elastic in the wrists.Fit for a ChampionIf you want to be the champ, but don’t have any boxing skills, then don’t worry! This costume will have you looking ring-ready in an instant. Just make sure that you don’t go picking any fights with any heavyweight champions while wearing this realistic costume!

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  • Men's 70's Icon Costume

    Men’s 70’s Icon Costume

    This is a Men’s 70’s Icon Costume.

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  • Grey Werewolf Infant

    Grey Werewolf Infant

    Full Moon’s RiseOh, no! The full moon approaches again! Oh, the impending horror that will befall us! The inhumanity! The terror! The complete and utter descent into chaos! The destruction caused by the ferocious beasts of the night! The oddly adorable werewolf!Wait, what? That last one can’t be right. The oddly adorable werewolf? Hmm, it seems that werewolves are much cuter than all of the old fairy tales like seem to suggest. Just LOOK at this one right here! How can you be terrified of something so gosh darn adorable? We imagine this little woof is more interested in cuddling than causing mayhem. Maybe we all have this werewolf business completely wrong… and it’s time for your little one to set the record straight! Werewolves are adorable. The world needs to know and this Grew Werewolf for Infants!Product DetailsLet’s dig into this extremely adorable Grey Werewolf Costume for infants! It’ll transform your baby into an absolutely adorable version of your favorite fairytale creature, the werewolf. The costume comes with a soft jumpsuit that has plenty of grey faux fur and an attached plaid shirt on top. It also has little paw-shaped booties on their feet. It also has a hood with a sculpted wolf face on top, complete with fake teeth and a pair of furry wolf ears on top. Slip your little one into this furry suit and they’ll be ready to show the world their new werewolf look!The New Leader of the PackWhen your little one is looking this cute, he might just become the new pack alpha. After all, who could ever say no to a little woof pup this adorable! Just make sure you check out all of our adult werewolf costumes, so you can howl at the moon alongside your little one this Halloween!

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  • Rainbow Fairy Wings

    Rainbow Fairy Wings

    These are Rainbow Fairy Wings

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  • Rainbow Fairy Tutu

    Rainbow Fairy Tutu

    This is the Rainbow Fairy Tutu.

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  • Deadly Dragon Boy's Costume

    Deadly Dragon Boy’s Costume

    This is a Boy’s Deadly Dragon Costume.

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  • Koala Kigurumi Costume

    Koala Kigurumi Costume

    Everyone loves a good costume party, but they can be quite exhausting, can’t they? Sure, you get to converse with all of your friends about their outfit choice, you get to listen some music and maybe you do a little bit of dancing. Then, you feel ready for a nap…but that doesn’t have to be the end of the party! What if there was an outfit that let you switch straight from party mode to nap mode, all while giving you an adorable look to boot? It’s too bad no one ever came up with an idea like that. Oh wait, there’s this Koala Kigurumi!This Koala Kirugumi brings you an adorable costume look that doubles as pajama wear. With an extra soft fleece design, you’ll feel comfortable snuggling up for a nice nap, or ready to crash the costume party with adorable style. It has a character hood on the top, so all you need to do is flip it up to go into full-koala party mode!

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  • Adult Giraffe Kigurumi Costume

    Adult Giraffe Kigurumi Costume

    Did you know that giraffes in the wild sleep around 30 minutes a day? That’s right, only 30 whole minutes a day! Those mellow critters can’t really afford to sit down to rest for more than 5 minutes; otherwise they might become dinner for a hungry lion or a roaming hyena. Those giraffes must really relish in those few minutes a day that they can let their guard down to sit down for a nice little nap. Can you even imagine how nice a nap must feel as a giraffe? Well, we invite you to engage in a little experiment and all you need is this pajama style kigurumi and a good place to take a nap!This adult giraffe Kigurumi is a Japanese style pajama costume that’s designed to be ultra-comfortable. It zips up in front and it’s made out of a polyester fleece material that’s super-soft to the touch, but that’s not even the best part. The best part about this costume is the attached hood, which is shaped like a giraffe’s head, with cute little eyes and tiny horns (called ossicones). Once you have it on, you’ll feel like a cute and cozy giraffe, ready for a nice little nap.All you need to do to find out what it’s like for a giraffe to nap, you just need to slip into this outfit and curl up on your couch (or your other favorite nap spot) and enjoy a nice 5 minute power nap like a real giraffe. Of course, this costume is also great for any animal themed costume party if that’s your cup of tea!

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  • OppoSuits Mardi Gras Costume Suit for Men

    OppoSuits Mardi Gras Costume Suit for Men

    Pop quiz, hot shot! When you need to combine your unquenchable desire to party with a classy suit, what do you do? Shoot the hostage!Wait, that’s not right… This Mens Opposuits Mardi Gras Suit was the correct answer! It combines the revelry of Mardi Gras with a classic silhouette, telling everyone, ‚ÄúHey, I appreciate the historic symbols of the world‚Äôs biggest party, yet I‚Äôm also a refined gentleman.‚ÄùShowcasing the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple (for justice), green (for faith), and gold (for power), this Men’s OppoSuits Mardi Gras Suit lets you celebrate in The Big Easy while also keeping your dapper wits about you. It’s 100% polyester (200% amazing, according to the product label), has a fully lined suit jacket, and the pants are intentionally long for styling with casual footwear. It also comes with a matching necktie (and it’s not a clip-on, so learn how to tie a tie already, ya joker!). The suit has a slim fit design, so please consult the size chart…but if tailoring is required, the OppoSuits were made to be tailored with ease (get it? The Big Easy, “tailored with ease”? Alright, guess we weren’t as clear with that pun as we thought…). Also, the pants have front and back pants pockets, which keeps your hands free for beads, drinks, and air trumpet (hot party tip: Pick-pocketing is as old as Mardi Gras, so make use of those front pockets when it comes to your wallet and phone, bud). So the next time Fat Tuesday slides around, you’ll know what to do: Slip on the Men’s OppoSuits Mardi Gras Suit and let the good times roll!

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  • Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men's Suit

    Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men’s Suit

    This is an Opposuit Trendy Tartan Men’s Suit.

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  • Adult Burlap Voodoo Doll Plus Size Costume

    Adult Burlap Voodoo Doll Plus Size Costume

    You ever had a fear that somebody would try to control you? It doesn’t seem like too difficult of a thing to do. You just make a generally evil looking kind of doll out of an old burlap sack, add a few buttons for eyes, sew on a mouth, and stick a hair or two of your victim. Suddenly you can make them do whatever you want them to do. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Of course it does until you realize someone could just as easily do it to you!We might be able to give you some good advice to protect yourself from potential voodoo doll induced mind control. One of the best ways to do this is go entirely bald and always completely incinerate any hair that you cut off your body. This way, nobody can put a speck of your DNA on those terrifying little playthings. If you are a little attached to your hair and don’t have a flamethrower at your house, you can always hide from everybody for the rest of your life. that way you don’t have to do anything with the fear of upsetting someone. The only problem is your family might be a little upset that they never see you anymore, so they will probably voodoo the heck out of you until you show up at the family Thanksgiving dinner.We do have one last solution that might work. It could also potentially turn you into a super villain. You could become the doll! Just throw on this sweet uniform and not only will you not be able to be controlled, but you can also control anybody else you want while you’re at it! How could selling this costume to anyone possible go wrong?

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  • Adult Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume

    Adult Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume

    We all have had some scheming people in our lives who have done us dirty. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back at those deceitful people who have wronged you without well… getting caught for doing something sneaky? Wouldn’t it be nice to flick a wand or bat an eye to get back at your enemy? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a banana peel appear so your frenemy topples over like a cartoon character? We think so! We’re not talking about physically harming anyone, just giving them a small dose of their own medicine by magically putting karma into play. There’s no harm in that! Unfortunately, we can’t all transform into witches, flick a wand, or cast a spell in order to get revenge on an enemy, but we can still use a form of black magic that will bring us some justice. Introducing….the Voodoo Doll costume! This burlap voodoo doll costume will actually turn you into a mystical Voodoo doll. No, you can’t stick a needle into your hand to give your foe arthritis but you can scare them into behaving better. Pop out in this costume, which comprises a burlap long sleeved shirt, elastic waistband pants, and soft-sculpted mask, and you’ll frighten them, without a doubt. Black stitching along the side of the costume gives a homemade appearance. The black and red button eyes on the mask add a cute but creepy touch that will make your enemies feel uneasy. Your rival will get one glimpse at you and they’ll get the hint to shape up. Whoever said frightening someone into being a nice person wouldn’t work is completely wrong!

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  • Kids Angel Wings Gold Print

    Kids Angel Wings Gold Print

    Every Time a Bell Rings…You said it once. Now your little one won’t stop trying to make bell noises. It was very cute to start—your little one is an angel (most days)—but the constant fake ringing is starting to lessen her angelic nature. Lucky for you, your little one finally got to the point and explicitly asked if she can dress as an angel for Halloween. So go ahead, ring that bell one more time and get your little angel some wings.Details and DesignWith these Kids Gold Print Angel Wings your little will one look like they came down from Heaven. The 24″ wingspan lets your little one feel ready to take flight while the elastic shoulder straps help keep the wings comfortably in place. Don’t worry about a mess of feathers either. No amount of skipping, dancing, or shaking will dislodge the delicately detailed feathers on these angel wings. The velvet-covered wings are patterned with metallic-gold printed feathers to make a glittering impression and no mess. This Made by Us exclusive will be the perfect accessory for your child’s angel costume.Picture PerfectThink of all the lifestyle pictures you’re going to get… Whether it’s Halloween and your little one wants to show their angelic qualities or you’re looking to do something special for this year’s family pictures, these Made by Us angel wings are going to be a hit.

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  • Adult Angel Wings Gold Print

    Adult Angel Wings Gold Print

    Balancing ActNone of us are perfect. That’s a fact. And if someone you know is claiming perfection, well, that in itself is a flaw. So there. All you can do is try to be good and try not to beat yourself up for your shortcomings. You can volunteer at an animal shelter and shrug it off when you find yourself giggling when poor Fido gets his cone of shame stuck on his kennel door. You choose organic veggies from your local small farmer’s market but you still succumb to those dark weak moments at the gas station, finding yourself buying gummy worms at the counter. What’s up with these shortcomings? It’s because you’re human! Instead of trying to do the balancing act, do as the angels do and throw on some wings so you just don’t fall so hard. Design & DetailsThese structured angel wings make a big impact on any holy look. The velvet texture will make you feel like you’re straight off of cloud nine. You’ll love the charm of the printed gold feathers, layered in a graceful design. They can slip over your arms with elastic bands so they stay put and you stay comfortable. Now, that’s a blessing for a disguise. 

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  • Adult's Archaeologist Costume

    Adult’s Archaeologist Costume

    Perilous Pieces of the PastYou never thought your interest in history would be dangerous. You thought you’d just take your brush and chisel and play detective, one layer of desert at a time. How could fossils inspire any sort of fear? But when some billionaire with too much time on his hands started fiddling around with the ancient DNA you found while digging up a T-Rex in the middle of a barren landscape, you started to get worried. You had held a single T-Rex vertebra in your hands, you knew how big this dinosaur would be as a living, breathing being. But, what are you going to do? Are you going to refuse funding? Pass up this chance to actually interact with the ancient history you’ve longed to get to know your whole life? Nope. You’re going to jump at this opportunity, let’s just hope scientists were wrong and those giant fossilized teeth were actually for cracking open giant coconuts!Details & DesignWhat sets this Made by Us archeologist costume apart from other archeologist looks? Our designers made sure to insert little details to set your scientific explorer look apart. The top and shorts are both trimmed in a reptilian print faux leather to hint at your dinosaur interests. The shirt has dinosaur patches that say, “Dinosaur City Marshal” and a T-rex skull. The look is finished off with a hat with a reptile print sash so you’ll be ready for those hot days in the sun.Rugged and ReadyThese khakis tell the world you’re ready for anything. Want to take on the desert and any oversized lizards that might come your way? Finish off this look with hiking boots and tall socks. There might be all sorts of adventures coming your way, but with a look like this, you’re prepared!

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  • Women's Regal Harlequin Costume Plus Size

    Women’s Regal Harlequin Costume Plus Size

    A ROYAL JOKERCulturally, we’ve developed just a hint of a phobia regarding clowns. The mere mention of them brings to mind all sorts of possibilities.  Will they jump from dark corners to pull off a witty practical joke? Or will they pull out a weapon that’s clearly been used to eviscerate the neighbors? That’s quite a big difference, especially when both types of clowns typically look exactly the same despite their vastly different personalities and skill sets! But, that makes us look a bit further back at a type of clown that existed in more regal days. What about the harlequin who performed for the monarchy, whose feats were more acrobatic and romantic in nature? Whose slapstick was a wand used to change the scene of a play rather than the rolling oafish physical comedy that the clown would one day steal? Of course… as an actress, could not the refined harlequin merely be staging a regal self while waiting to unleash horror?DESIGN & DETAILSImagine it is the 16th century and you’re ready to put on a magnificent performance. Or imagine it is contemporary times and your beloved Jokester is ready to unleash a devious plot. Whichever tale you wish to tell, our in-house design team has ensured that this Regal Harlequin costume will make your act sublime. The pants and top of this royal look feature the iconic black and red diamond pattern with gold trim and bow details. The jester hood has hook and loop closure with a chiffon ruffle at the neck. All you need now is the wand and the stage! WHAT’S THE PUNCHLINE?The key to making a convincing harlequin is knowing when to unveil the final line. And, then, decide if it is going to put a smile on your audience’s face… or if they’ll ever recover from the shock! It’s up to you in this Harlequin look.

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  • Women's Regal Harlequin Costume

    Women’s Regal Harlequin Costume

    Just a JokeHumor is the spice of life. Without it, we’d all just live dull days. Why do you think that kings of yore used to have a personal jester on hand? It’s not for their excellent make-up skills or their wacky style sense. It’s because a good joke can be all a ruler needs to calm a troubled mind. Of course, today, more than ever, we could all use a good joke! Perhaps you could become jester to your friends!Yes, it’s time to practice your comedic timing, your humorous miming, and maybe you even do a little rhyming! When you wear this Regal Harlequin Costume, you’ll be ready to turn everything into a well-crafted joke.Design & DetailsThis harlequin costume comes with everything you need to transform into the neighborhood jester! The top has a v-neckline and decorative buttons down the front. One half of the top has a red and black diamond pattern. The other half has a contrasting solid black color and the whole look is topped off with gold trim. The pants have a similar design and feature a gathered ivory chiffon ruffle at the bottom of each leg. The ruffled chiffon collar is attached to the hood which continues the black and red pattern and features a white pom pom on each side. It all combines for a look that’s dangerously whimsical!Laughing on the Path to VillainyWhen you dress up in this Regal Harlequin Costume you’ll be ready to give comedy a whirl! We also hear that some supervillains like to dress up like clowns. If you’re feeling a little more villainous, then this costume may just be the outfit that lets you indulge in your more mischievous ways… just don’t be surprised if a superhero swings in to stop your newfound brand of villainous comedy!

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  • Kids Sting Ray Costume

    Kids Sting Ray Costume

    Sea and Be SeenDid you know a stingray’s coloration often matches that of the sea floor where they are swimming? Did you know that ancient dentists sometimes used stingray venom as anesthesia? No? Well, your kid sure does!Seriously, though, your child is totally infatuated with the ocean world. Any free weekend you find get filled with trips to the beach, excursions to the aquarium, and viewings of ocean documentaries. So, when deciding what to be for Halloween, your child really wanted to show off their knowledge of all things marine! A shark seems too obvious, a fish is too cute, and don’t get them started on merpeople! No, for your sea-savvy son or daughter, this Child Stingray Costume proves one part cuddly outfit, one part demonstration of devotion. It’ll be the perfect look for their costume party, which is all animal-themed! A bit unusual, just the slightest bit eerie, but also totally cool and awe-inspiring, this stingray costume is your kid’s catch of the day!Design & Details Mady by Us right here in our costume studio, this look was crafted with a little fish-lover like your child in mind. It’s certainly cozier than a real stingray—it consists of a cuddly jumpsuit that’s white on the underside and gray on top. Your kid’s hands can slide into the bands on the inside of the “wings” and they will look (and feel) just like their favorite creature! Cool details abound, such as “gills” on the torso and eyes on the top of the hood, making this outfit look totally real. It’s a good thing your kiddo is wearing it to a party on dry land or people may scatter when they see it coming!Ray of LightWe seriously LOVE kids who are into science and nature—it’s why we take time to make costumes that appeal to them. Keep teaching your child to be curious about the natural world…and brush up on your stingray trivia while you’re at it. It looks like you’ll need it for a while!

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  • Adult Sting Ray Costume

    Adult Sting Ray Costume

    NOT A BASIC BOTTOM FEEDERThe entire stingray species had to rebrand. Refusing to be known as the reason for untimely demise, stingrays transformed their image from venomous gliding sea beast to happy-go-lucky underwater creatures.  Their image makeover was successful because stingrays are now more popular than ever before. (Search the term “dancing baby stingrays” and see for yourself). Once you see the overload of aquatic cuteness, it’s impossible not to squeal with sheer delight. Dive deeper into the treasure trove of online stingray memes, gif’s and videos and discover these tropical fish now prefer to classify themselves as “sea pancakes.” It sounds less aggressive and highlights their most appealing physical trait; their derpy smiles.    If you’ve found yourself newly-obsessed with these animals then show off your fondness and unrelenting support by wearing our exclusive adult stingray costume. Descend upon the costume party and drift along the dancefloor to highlight majestic wing-like fins, entrancing stinger, and charming grin.DESIGN & DETAILSCreated by our team of talented designers and crafted from high-quality materials, the men’s stingray costume is a Made by Us costume creation.  Consisting of three separate pieces, this swimming style combine a jumpsuit, backfin, and boot covers to transform adults into jumbo-sized rays.  The jumpsuit features a full zipper and black accents in the front as well as an attached hood.  The backfin attachment fastens to each wrist via an elastic strap and accurately mimics the traditional body stingray body shape with pointed head, winged fins and curved stinger.  Boot tops fits over any shoes to complete the all-white costume.SCHOOL OF SEA PANCAKES COMING THROUGHNow the whole family can collect candy together as a school of stingrays this Halloween. We have the same costume in a child size so kids can match their parents. Do your best dancing baby stingray impression while wearing this disguise.

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  • Men's Crusader Plus Size Costume

    Men’s Crusader Plus Size Costume

    Join the KnightsSt. Bernard of Clairvaux. He’s the guy who started the whole, big shebang. You know, the Templars? The Order of Solomon’s Temple, the Knights Templar? It’s kind of a big deal, it sure is, but you’re fully aware. Because you’re signed up for duty!Yup, good ol’ St. Bernard just had to convince the Pope how great it would be to have a military order that could take care of the important business of the Church. Which is probably why you’re involved, after all, a holy order is one you don’t dare neglect. But, of course, you gotta look the part, too, which is why we’re able to help. Cause we’ve got this great Plus Size Crusader Costume, ready for you!You might be ready for a dust-up over some holy relics, or you might be planning to go on Crusades to the Holy Land. No matter what adventure you’re suiting up for, you’re going to have the style down to a tee with this exclusive Crusader Costume. We’ve never been associated with the Medieval Church, but we did our best to recreate an old-school look that works!Design and DetailsThis costume comes with all the gear you’re going to need. (Well except for the sword. That’s sold separately. We recommend starting out with a foam sword so you don’t go about accidentally wounding your friends while you practice your swordsmanship!) Styled as a white tabard over a tunic, this costume ensemble also comes with two belts. The top has sleeves finished in sequins for a chain mail effect, and it looks pretty realistic. And you bet it has the red cross appliqued to the front!Everything but the time machineWe’d love to send you off to help in the crusades but we’re still waiting for those inventors to figure out the details of time travel. But, until then, we’re more than happy to outfit with historical costumes from any era! Check out all of our medieval and renaissance costumes to build a group theme that’s sure to steal the show. Just don’t forget your prop swords!

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  • Men's Crusader Costume

    Men’s Crusader Costume

    An Oldie But a GoodieThe invite just came through, and you’ve got an epic costume party on the calendar. And this is the party you really want to make an impression. So… why not dig up and oldie but a goodie? You know, an ancient warrior monk?That’s right. A Knight Templar! These guys haven’t been seen around in a while (since King Philip gave ’em the boot in 1312!) but we think it’s time for them to make a little bit of a comeback. At your costume party. With you as a serious Crusader!You might think that achieving it would be a stretch, but nope, not a chance. Because we’ve got your back! We’ve got this men’s Crusader Costume, fresh from our costume creation studios. That’s right, it’s made by us, and we’ve styled it to look like a serious blast from the past. Ready for some fun? Design and DetailsA made-by-us design, this costume comes with a tunic, a tabard, a hood, 2 belts,  and a pair of gloves. The white tabard has the signature red cross appliqued to the front and it fits over the tunic. You can wear the two belts at the waist for a dashing style. And the hood and sleeves are sequin-covered for the full chain mail effect. Wear it with your own pants and boots, and you’ll have that vintage Crusader style on lock!It’s an exclusiveYou’re only going to find this exclusive Men’s Crusader Costume right here at We consider ourselves the go-to spot when it comes to costumes from the pages of the history books, so be sure to check out all of our styles to outfit your friends in unique and legendary styles. Because, face it, having a few friends to back you up at the party is always a good idea. (Plastic swords sold separately!)

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  • Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume

    Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume

    One Shell of a SenseiMaster Roshi has a pretty impressive resume. Throughout Akira Toriyama’s iconic Dragon Ball Z anime series, he’s accomplished some pretty wild feats. He trained Goku and taught him how to perform the Kamehameha. He blew up the moon during a martial arts tournament. He even competed in the Tournament of Power for the fate of Universe 7. He’s definitely a sensei to be reckoned with! Of course, we think his most impressive accomplishment comes in the form of his signature style. He’s bringing the turtle shell back!Okay, so maybe wearing a turtle shell was never really fashionable, but the Turtle Hermit used his shell to help him train. If you want to master the art of Turtle Hermit style, then you’re going to need a shell… something that this Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Costume comes with!Design & DetailsOfficially licensed from the anime series, this Master Roshi costume is a plus size version of the iconic outfit. It comes with his orange button-up shirt, which features the alphabet pattern seen in the series. The white shorts are perfect for relaxing days at the Kame House and fit with elastic in the waist. The purple turtle shell accessory, which is a must-have for anyone stepping into the role of Roshi, has elastic shoulder straps and fits like a backpack. The costume also comes with a few accessories to perfect your Turtle Hermit look. The bald cap fits on your head and the white beard helps you achieve his signature facial hair. Finish the look off with the included shades!Containing Your New PowerYou’ll be ready to train some young whippersnappers in the ways of the Turtle Hermit style when you wear this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z costume! Make sure you practice some special moves though—you never know when you’re going to need to perform the Evil Containment Wave!

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  • Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Set foot on the moon. Leave your footprint. Plant your flag. Fire up your lunar rover for a joyride. It will be one small leap for man, one giant leap for party people!Okay, okay, you’re not going to the moon. (Probably.) But that is no reason not to party like an astronaut with this Adult Plus Size White Astronaut Costume. A exclusive, this style is going to have you feeling ready to step foot on the moon. Hey, you never know… maybe you’ll find a big party up there too!In zero gravity or right here on planet Earth, when you grab this costume, you’ll be able to have a great time at the get-together. This White Astronaut Costume is styled as a one-piece jumpsuit (with the pictured helmet and accessories sold separately). Rib-knit cuffs and ankle zippers make the jumpsuit functional but also comfortable and easy-to-wear, and the realistic patches will make it look like you’re official NASA brethren.We made and designed this costume right here in our own costume studios, and made it so that no matter where you wear it, you’re going to command the respect of others as a space pioneer and explorer. In plus sizes 2X to 4X, it’s sure to have you ready for your mission. Blast off time!

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  • Deluxe Nun Costume

    Deluxe Nun Costume

    They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we all know what’s going on in the City of Lights. There’s no mystery. We’ve all seen it before! They can try to upsell the intrigue as much as they’d like, but there isn’t much secrecy in a place where anyone can go and do as they will. No, if you want to talk about real mystery, you need to delve into the places that few have walked… to the sites that are cloistered, private… to seemingly decent places where no man has tread before!You guessed it: the nunnery! Few have seen what life is like behind the stone walls of the convent. Are the nuns all of quiet disposition, reading and reflecting on spiritual lives? Or are they throwing some of the most unique parties that the rest of the world has never before seen? Are they in the midst of singing quiet psalms to the Lord or reinventing pop music in a fascinating display of Sister acts!?You can be the one to show the rest of us this secreted world in the garb of the holiest of folks on the planet with this Deluxe Nun costume. Don the long-sleeved and full-length black dress with a zipper back, because your prudence is a virtue… and only lends more to the mystery! The tabard fits easily over the dress and ties in the back for a perfect fit while the iconic black cowl with inner white lining completes the holy vestment and assures your stature is well respected, whether you are walking in calm prayer or dancing and singing out your rocking praises. Join up with a Priest costume and you’ll be cleansing sins and performing exorcisms… though we’re still a fan of the Whoopie Goldberg version of touching the divine!

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  • Boy's Funky Disco Costume

    Boy’s Funky Disco Costume

    Your child may not have had the chance to live through the age of disco, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny him the full 1970’s experience. You can get him a disco ball, slip a pair of platform shoes on his feet and queue up your favorite funky tunes to let his soul shine. You can even teach him all of the best 70’s slang, ya dig? Of course, the first place you need to start to have your kid feeling like a funkadelic dance-master is a groovy outfit and it just so happens, since we’re the number one experts on costumes on the web, we have the perfect outfit for your little one to shake his groove thing!This Boy’s Funky Disco Costume brings your kid some funky fresh style that he can take to any dance floor. The costume comes with a bright blue satin, button up shirt with high collars. The shining silver pants feature a stripe of red sequins down each pant leg and fit with a set of bright red suspenders. All your kid will need to top off the look is a rocking afro, some crazy cool moves (better teach him how to do the hustle).Be sure to add an afro wig and some platform shoes to get the full look seen in the picture

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  • Men's Funky Disco Costume

    Men’s Funky Disco Costume

    Ever since the 70s, something has been missing from society. Sure, we have fancy smartphones. We have the internet. We even have delicious coffee shops on every street corner that serve us vanilla almond espressos. But where’s the funk?Funk has been on a slow decline since the ’70s. Whomping earthy bass grooves and booty bumping drum beats have been dying out, little by little and we suspect it’s because no one has the courage to take the crown and claim the title of ‚ÄúEmperor of Funk‚Äù (that’s a formal title). It’s a high responsibility title, since you’ll need to bust a move whenever you hear a groovy slap bass tune and you’ll even be expected to dress in the most dazzling of outfits. If you think that you’re up to the task, we may just have the style of funky disco attire to get your groove in gear.This Funky Disco Costume fuses everything that was great about the ’70s into one awesome costume. The shiny blue button up shirt allows you to wear a deep v-neck, and everyone knows that funk flourishes best when a portion of your manly chest is exposed. The dazzling silver pants shimmer in a blaze of glory anytime you dance under a disco ball, perfect for lighting the way for other funky friends. A red sequin stripe along the pant legs let all dancers on the floor know that you’re the real deal. And the red suspenders? Well, those are just for keeping your pants up, but hey, they get the job done. If we had to rate this costume, we’d give it an Earth, Wind & Fire out of 10. We’re not sure what that means (but we know that we mean it).

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  • Men's Classic Costume Braveheart

    Men’s Classic Costume Braveheart

    INDEPENDENCE DAY!It’s time for that celebration of independence. We all know what is expected. May 1st comes around honoring the treaty signed in 1328 and everyone gathers up their… oh, wait. Huh? You were thinking of the other Independence Day? Well, we can understand how that was a little confusing. Sure, there were 25-some years of war to fight for Scottish independence after that, we suppose… and then another far less bloody Independence in 2014…Alright, perhaps it is a bit confusing but that’s only because Scotland is a colorful place that we all have a ton of love and interest for. Why else would one of the heroes of the first war of independence stand out in our memory so strongly? Of course, that we can all agree was William Wallace. After an epic poem was written for him along with the truly epic 1995 film, Braveheart, we were all sold on this dramatic figure from our real-life history! DESIGN & DETAILSSince dressing up as a stained glass portrait in Stirling might be pretty challenging, you can honor both your love for the film and for Scottish history by dressing up in this Classic Braveheart costume. This is an officially licensed look put together by our own team of history buffs and is sure to give you several years of fun! The costume includes a tunic that has a homespun look as well as a plaid kilt. The matching plaid sash is attached and can be fashioned for an official chieftain look. The look is battle ready with chest armour and a slide-on gauntlet as well as a belt to keep your look in place even as you battle on the moors. All you really need next is to perfect that face paint! BRAVEHEARTWith your iconic film look ready to go, all you need next is the Braveheart. No, we’re not talking about the movie. (We assume you already have that.) We’re talking about the legendary Wallace Sword that inspired the film’s name. Though, we sure hope your version of the character will have a happier ending!

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  • Pink Elephant Kid's Costume

    Pink Elephant Kid’s Costume

    Wanted: Peanut PusherWhat’s the weirdest record of accomplishment you can think of? Could it be how quickly someone is able to push a peanut up a mountain peak? You heard us right. Peanut Pushing is a niche hobby that at least 3 men have landed in record books for. We think it’s time to break the previous record though, so we’re looking to recruit an energetic young elephant to get the job done.It took a lot of consideration to narrow down our criteria for who the next Peanut Pusher should be. We landed on a young elephant, based on a few things. The climb is about 14,000 feet, so the Pusher must be strong. The last person to complete the climb was a college student and he got the job done in just under 5 days. The next Pusher would need to be quicker to break records. Each climber, to claim the title of Peanut Pusher, must love peanuts! Okay, okay! The elephant part of this whole thing is more to add some humor than really fill a need. Most elephants actually dislike peanuts, so what we’re really after is a young human that is willing to dress like an elephant and push a tiny peanut up a mountain.Design & DetailsIf you have someone in mind, we’d love to recommend this Pink Elephant Costume for them to wear on their journey up the mountain. This Made By Us jumpsuit is just the thing to get a youngster geared up for an epic, record-breaking climb. Made from a soft velour fabric, this jumpsuit will keep them warm when they camp between days of climbing and protect them from the elements while they scale the mountain with their peanut. The headpiece, with its soft-sculpted facial features, is separate—if it gets too warm, your little climber can remove it and hook it with their other climbing gear. Fantastic FictionYou’re wondering why we think this Pink Elephant Costume is the best one to choose for this epic Peanut Pushing climb. Totally understandable. We chose pink because, as we mentioned, real elephants don’t actually like peanuts. So to play up the fiction of the thing we figured we’d go for broke with a whacky elephant design. So get your kiddo ready for the time of their life with this exclusive costume!

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  • Sweet Southern Belle Girls Costume

    Sweet Southern Belle Girls Costume

    Jumping Through Hoop SkirtsSome people think that becoming a ladylike debutant comes naturally. And while that might be true for some, it actually takes rigorous practice for most folks. Is your kid willing to jump through a couple of ladylike hoops? Well, here’s a few tricks of the trade to make her feel right at home in this lovely Southern Belle costume. The first tip, stand up straight! Your kiddo can have fun with this by walking while balancing a book on her head which is a classic finishing school activity. Secondly, use those “please” and “thank you’s” with Southern style sweetness. And thirdly, practice that curtsy! It takes a little balance to get a greeting curtsy down smoothly. While your kiddo is waiting on pins and needles for this gorgeous gown to come in the mail, have her practice a curtsy every time she asks if the package has arrived yet. She’ll have it down pat by the time she’s slipping into this look!Details & DesignThis Made by Us Southern Belle costume is ready for the debutante ball! The look is lush with tiers trimmed in pink satin and lace. The top has a layered, ruffled neckline that’s free of lace to keep your kiddo from annoying itching while remaining luxurious. It zips up the back to make slipping into the costume a breeze. With a wide pink sash around the waist that finishes in a bow, your child will be ready to twirl and charm her way into her debutant debut. Sun Tea and SandwichesWhether your child is dressing up for Halloween, a festival, or a play, this high-quality dress can be worn again and again for playtime after the event is over. Who said playing at home can’t be a special occasion. What better way to make tea time on the porch extra memorable! 

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