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  • Audrey Descendants 3 Girls Wig

    Audrey Descendants 3 Girls Wig

    This is the Descendants 3 Girls Audrey Wig.

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  • Descendants 3 Evie Girls Wig

    Descendants 3 Evie Girls Wig

    This is the Descendants 3 Girls Evie Wig.

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  • Disney Descendants 3 Girls Teal Uma Wig

    Disney Descendants 3 Girls Teal Uma Wig

    This is a Disney Descendants 3 Girls Uma Wig.

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  • Black Straight Wig with Bangs

    Black Straight Wig with Bangs

    Straight black hair with bangs. It’s hands down one of our favorite hairstyles, a classy and elegant do that looks as good day-to-day as it is central uncountable costume ideas. Many vampires sport this coiffure because the stark blackness of their hair contrasts well against their pale skin, and the angles accentuate their supernatural good looks. A lot of superheroes, warriors, princesses, and cartoon characters share this appealing hairstyle in common, and straight black hair is a must for most gothic looks.If you want gorgeous jet black hair but don’t have the genes or time for it, you can magic the look onto your head courtesy of this 100% olefin hair wig. The synthetic hair is strong, holds its rich color, and is resistant against staining and sunlight.

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  • Women's Pastel Rainbow Wavy Wig

    Women’s Pastel Rainbow Wavy Wig

    Have you dyed your hair so many time that you have your hairdresser on speed dial? Did she give you the cold shoulder when you last asked to change your color from that unique orange Ombre that she worked so hard on to that deep blue you had seen on Pinterest? And the first time she dyed your hair, did you see her go faint when she asked what color you wanted and you said, “Umm, all of them”? Well, maybe this seems obvious but have you considered trying wigs? This wig can come as close to your multicolored hair dream as possible. It looks gorgeous flying free and when it’s braided it looks like the perfect Pinterest tutorial that you’ve visited again and again. This is a great wig for your magical unicorn costume, a mystical fairy ensemble, and any other colorful costume. You could even put on this magical do for a night out with the girls. Try this wig on for size, your hairdresser will thank you.

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  • Wavy Grey/Purple Women's Ombre Wig

    Wavy Grey/Purple Women’s Ombre Wig

    Two-toned hair? Too cool! Blonde hair. Brunette hair. Red Hair. Bright Fuchsia Hair. With so many awesome hair dyes available how is it possible to just pick one color? We don’t know about you, but we can’t decide! We started looking for other options that would allow us to have a funky ‘do without having to make a series commitment to a singular hue and we are pleased to say that we’ve found the perfect solution. Introducing…*drum roll please*…the grey and purple ombre wig!You can stop fretting about committing to just one color because this wavy wig allows you to rock a trendy silver hairstyle with rockin’ violet ends. The side-swept bangs will frame your face perfectly and the long layers will give you all the volume you could ever want. You can wear this wig whenever you feel like changing up your hairstyle. Pair it with a witch costume for a spellbinding look that won’t go unnoticed!

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  • Grey Old Lady Wig

    Grey Old Lady Wig

    But, Grandma, you look so young!Just the line that every lady wants to hear as they are getting up in age. Aging can be a rough ride for many of us. We tend to think how fun it might be to sit in the role of the old granny and smile, saying, “Oh, come a little closer deary, so I can see you better. And, pass me my cane, will ya?” But, stepping into the real role can be a tad more tiresome. If only we could get a test ride and enjoy some of the moments a little early. Perhaps be like those delightful old dancers who visit Bialystock and Bloom who still manage to pull off some crazy leg work that most of us would pray to do even in our youth!Now you can age decades in a matter of minutes. Look older and, indeed, wiser when you wear this Grey Old Lady Wig. You can decide if you want to be a sweet old grandma and bake cookies or a cranky one and yell at all the kids that wander on your yard. Either way, the synthetic fibers in their perfect low bun fashion will make for a delightful granny look. Now, though, you‚Äôll have to figure out what else to accessorize this gorgeous look with! Cane, broom, or walker!?

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  • Sonny Boy Hippie Wig

    Sonny Boy Hippie Wig

    If there‚Äôs anything that Sonny Bono proved, it‚Äôs that you don‚Äôt have to be the handsomest, tallest, or most talented dude in the room in order to get next to someone like Cher. All you gotta have is the best, most swinging‚Äôest hair (and maybe be able to, at a minimum, pull off a brown fringed vest).So if dancing and singing with super hot music stars slash actresses is what you envisioned doing with your life – and let‚Äôs face it, if it‚Äôs not, then we might need to have a talk about wanting more for yourself – then we’ve Got You (covered), Babe. Literally! This Sonny Boy Hippie Wig lets your free love ’60s hippie spirit rise to the surface, setting you up for the kind of love affair that will lead to your own variety show, and later, a mayorship of Palm Springs!

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  • Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Women's Wig

    Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Women’s Wig

    This is a Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Wig.

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  • Red Queen Black Bob Costume Wig

    Red Queen Black Bob Costume Wig

    They call her the Red Queen, but she’s about as black-hearted as monarchs come, and she’s got the hair to match. I guess the “Red” is, like, a blood thing? Practice bellowing your best, “Off with their heads!” before you put on this Red Queen Black Bob Wig. Then practice your most regal walk and your croquet stroke (with a set of living flamingo croquet mallets––sorry, our legal department said we can’t sell you those), and you’re all set!You’ll be ready for tea with the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and some drugged-up caterpillar in this Elizabethan-style wig. Or to break the festivities up and have someone executed, anyway. This Red Queen Black Bob Wig is made from 100 percent olefin hair, with a adjustable mesh cap to protect your real hairdo as best as possible and keep your regal wig securely in place. Each side puff is mounted on a plastic claw clip, so you can wear one, both, or neither. We find the asymmetrical look is perfect for someone really fashion-forward or someone possibly unstable people will avoid, depending on what you wear with it!

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  • Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig

    Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig

    We can’t prove this, but history books do seem to suggest that Marie Antoinette didn’t have pink hair. That’s beside the point though. If we could give every historical figure makeovers, we’d give them all some pastel colored hair just to spice things up. History books would probably be way more entertaining to look at if Marie Antoinette swooped onto the scene with her lavish new soft pink hairstyle. But alas, history cannot be changed and we’re forever stuck with the classical images of the French queen, or are we…?This Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig brings you the regal style of the famous female from history, but it adds a slightly playful twist. The synthetic hairs used in this wig are a soft, pastel pink that will have you feeling a bit more playful than the historically accurate version of her! Just place it on your head and you’ll be ready to solidify your role as queen of the party. Make sure, of course, to request that your fellow party goes eat cake in true Marie Antoinette fashion.

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  • Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs

    Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs

    The saying is “Blonds have more fun.” So why not be a blond bombshell for Halloween? Let’s face it being a blond one night will really help polish your costume. Whether you are a Barbie Doll, a faerie, or a cute flower child hippy a little blond ambition can go a long way. No one will be able to make a dumb blond joke at your expense because you are one smart cookie, and you’re beautiful to boot! Any costume will look extra awesome with the Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs. Don’t worry, no blondes were hurt in making this wig! The hair is synthetic and styled with eyebrow-length bangs. The interior has a mesh cap with and elastic edge to keep the wig in place. This beautiful sleek and smooth wig is perfect for your Halloween costume.

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  • Two-Tone Long Wavy Villainess Wig

    Two-Tone Long Wavy Villainess Wig

    If there’s one thing super villains hate, it’s making a tough choice between two things they want. In fact, many probably got into a life of crime in the first place because of a hard choice, so it’s entirely possible that baddies became bad so they wouldn’t have to make choices like that any longer. And once a villain becomes powerful enough, they don’t have to choose anymore, because they can just have it all!Don’t waste any more of your precious time trying to decide whether your hair should be black or white. Just try this Two-Tone Long Wavy Villainess Wig instead, and you can have it both ways without having to decide! The fierce looking wig features an adjustable elastic headband, and the wavy synthetic hair is half black and half white, so it looks dreadfully fantastic with any sinister or evil ensembles you may be wearing. It also lets you spend more time planning nefarious schemes, which is the one thing that can make villains forget about how much they hate making choices.

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  • Prehistoric Caveman's Beard and Wig

    Prehistoric Caveman’s Beard and Wig

    THAT ‘JUST WOKE UP’ LOOKIt can be pretty tough to manufacture a carefree hairstyle. You’ve got to wake up pretty early to get the right tease to the hair. Just enough curl and frizz but not so much that folks can see the effort that you’ve put into it. So, when you want to go for a look that’s really early, there’s even more work that’s going to happen. That’s especially true if you want to go authentic and only use tools that were available in the stone age. Where is that time machine!? DESIGN & DETAILSYou won’t have to worry about jumping through time portals or smashing your hair with rocks when you have this Prehistoric Caveman Beard and Wig accessory. We’ve done all the work for you to make sure that your locks are incredibly full, curly, and tangled as all get-out. The beard matches and attaches with adhesive and an elastic band. ANCIENT BEDHEADMake sure that you look like you’ve been napping for a really long time with this wig and beard kit. It’s perfect for your prehistoric look but also great for your frazzled wizard, bear-wrestling woods-dweller, or for when Rip Van Winkle finally decides to finish up that 100-year nap! 

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  • British Girl Power Women's Wig

    British Girl Power Women’s Wig

    SEASON UP YOUR LIFEWhenever you’re sad and low, those feelings have got to go! Sometimes getting these negative emotions to scram isn’t an easy task. You can shop until you drop but those bad feels will still be there. You can go on a vacation to an exotic island but the bad feels will follow. You can get plenty of rest and relaxation but the icky feels will be right there, resting and relaxing with you. Want to know the most effective way to feel positive and happy-go-lucky? This wig right here because it’s so much more than just a wig: it’s a way to transform into a singing, dancing, sensational British pop star. The wig has an amazing ability to lift your spirits, enhance your self-confidence, and give you a sense of empowerment. When you’re feeling sad and low, the girl power wig is the way to go!          PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s British girl power wig is a Made by Us accessory made specifically to accompany our British girl power popstar costume. The high-quality wig has an interior mesh cap for comfort and features synthetic red hair with chunky blonde highlights: a popular early 2000’s look. YOUR SPICY SISTERSGet your gal pals together and form the whole sassy and girl-empowering group! 

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  • Womens Villanous Madam Wig

    Womens Villanous Madam Wig

    BLACK & WHITE & A MILLION SHADES IN BETWEENShe’s not entirely bad, she just likes the finer things in life. Does that make her a villain? We don’t think so. Her fondness for fur, fashion and extreme hairdos is cool. There’s far worse things she could be preoccupied with, like how to steal over 100 puppies, skin them for their coats and proudly wear them all around town. Don’t worry, she’s not really going to do that, she’ll just think about it and pretend to do it on Halloween. Nothing wrong with that! Whatever dark thoughts you’ve been mulling over, entertain them on Halloween. Wear the women’s villainous madam wig and get in touch with your dark side just for an evening. This wig disguises the “you” everyone is use to seeing in a temporary fashion. Style it the way you’d like then scheme away— just please, stay away from our dog!       PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s villainous madam wig is a Made by Us creation so it’s high-quality and high-fashion. The synthetic shoulder-length hair is slightly wavey and parted with one side colored white and the other black. This wig certainly stops traffic by itself but consider adding a faux fur stole for a more extravagant final look.

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  • Randy Savage Wig Kit

    Randy Savage Wig Kit

    Oh, Yeaaahh!The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey, sky is the limit, and space is the place.Few men have the flair or the sense of style that ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage had. Few men have been brave enough to wear two-foot-long tassels dangling from their leather jacket. Oh yeah! And even fewer still have been able to maintain such luscious locks and such a well-manicured beard for the last thirty years.Design & DetailsThis year pump up your hair game with this Randy Savage Wig Kit. You will have the look of the Macho Man when you put on this black, and yellow leopard print bandana. Oh Yeeeah! And if you think you can handle more of Macho Man Randy Savage’s look, pick up the matching red, and yellow Macho Man Randy Savage Costume. Then you really will be the tower of power. Oooh, Yeeeeaaaah!… Ohhhh-kay…?Alright, so some of Randy Savage’s outlandish style does leave us a little confused. Funky monkies in outer space? We’re not sure what he means, there, but we do know his style is definitely out there in a truly great way. You’ll love feeling just a bit of that intensity with this Randy Savage Wig. 

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  • Long Wavy Wig Mystical

    Long Wavy Wig Mystical

    Seabreeze SalonDo you have your mermaid hair appointment yet? The Seabreeze Salon books appointments a year or more ahead of time and you’ll need to prepare. First, you’ll need your solo scuba diving license to even get there. Then, you’ll have to book a boat of the fisherman’s wharf in Grenada. After that dive in and swim to a mysterious pearly dome at the bottom of the sea. There you’ll see a large sexy merman with lobster claws sitting at the front desk. He’ll check your appointment and escort you into the salon’s dome where mermaid hair stylists await to give you that signature underseas look. Expensive? Yes. Dangerous? Of course. Inconvenient? Totally. But at least you’ve got the look, right? Product DetailsOf course, if you want to skip all the hassle of deep sea diving and blowing big bucks on undersea styling then you could simply choose to go with a gorgeous mermaid wig! This pastel look is rich with a variety of colors and has the gentle waves you’d expect from a siren lounging in a sunny seaside cove. With lovely seashells and pearls, this wig pairs perfectly with a variety of our high-quality mermaid costumes so dive right in and take a look!

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  • Black Glamour Wig Hollywood

    Black Glamour Wig Hollywood

    The Clamor for GlamourThere’s no glamour like old Hollywood glamour. New Hollywood people might ride in nice cars and have perfect facial structure but that silver screen style is still elusive. We just can’t see anyone pulling off fur stoles and red lipstick like it’s their natural style and not a costume. Actresses like Grace Kelly and Rita Hayworth seemed to pull off a casual yet over-the-top elegance in a way that could never be topped after color came into play. Are you ready to step into your inner silver screen personality? You’ll be ready to turn back time when you’re rocking this gorgeous wavy black wig. Product DetailsThis shiny black wig will instantly put you in character. The shoulder-length cut curls around the bottom for a look that seems like you know how to use a set of curlers. Say it Like a StarletThere is a certain way of talking that silver screen starlets have. If you’ve watched old movies, you’ve probably seen it. They sidle up with hooded eyes, a stole around their arms and a sassy turn of phrase. Use this look to top off all sorts 20s era looks from flapper dresses to sailor costumes and gangster looks. 

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  • Angular Egyptian Cut Wig

    Angular Egyptian Cut Wig

    Mummy MadnessIs your mind always drifting to Egypt? We can’t blame you. A millennium of history is layered in this land like a delicious chip dip with layers of spicy beans, nacho cheese, and guacamole. You never know what people are going to find next. The sands of this beautiful land are hiding all sorts of secrets from giant statues of gods to clandestine temples dedicated to long-forgotten cults. Who knows how many mummies might still be lurking under the surface of the sand, waiting for the right person to come along and enact the mummy’s curse. Encourage your Egyptian connection with a classic Egyptian style wig. What better way to get someone to invite you on their next archeological dig?Product DetailsThis gorgeous black wig is a little past shoulder length. The glossy black color really stands out in a crowd. It has straight black bangs to make your Egyptian look unmistakable. Pair this with a dramatic Egyptian eye to give yourself a Cleopatra vibe.Pretty in PetroglyphsWant the perfect Egyptian costume? Browse through our many Egyptian options to find the perfect look for you. And the best part is, you don’t even need to wait for someone to carve your look into a pyramid wall. Just take a selfie and upload it in the reviews to flaunt your Egyptian style to the world!

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  • Child Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

    Child Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

    Laces out! Our exclusive child-size Ace Ventura costume takes all the screwball fun of football conspiracies and animal whispering to a new level, letting your child suit up in Ace’s one-of-a-kind private eye uniform! We’ve stayed as true as possible to the look of one of film’s zaniest gumshoes, so he’ll be able to have just as much goofy fun whether he’s jawing with the Miami Dolphins or tracking down an actual bottlenose!We’re not sure exactly what makes him equal parts weird guy and equally skilled detective, but the panache of those piratey pantaloons and the kitsch fun of a tropical shirt seem like important parts of his success. And without Ace’s unforgettable bedhead pompadour, his crazy facial contortions would fall a little flat. That’s why we included a high quality wig for kid-size heads. And don’t worry: it comes with a detailed pet detective badge, in case people need more proof of authenticity than a really enthusiastic alllrighty then!We know that not everybody was a fan of the movie which, depending on who you ask, was either one of the best or one of the worst comedies of the 90s. But when we made this costume we adopted Ace’s 100% commitment to each case, no matter what the naysayers think about his unconventional style and weird foibles. And whether or not people appreciated Ace’s crass sense of humor, we think they’ll agree that this hilarious costume is fully deserving of critical acclaim!

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  • Purple Rock Legend Wig

    Purple Rock Legend Wig

    Hair! If you want to be a rock and roll legend. You need it. Not just any kind. Jet black, like the color of licorice candy, strong, yet sweetly enticing, with a chic sheen that can imbue a man with the kind of confidence that will shake the world. Curls. The kind of curls that bounce like a fox, frolicking through an open field to weave an aura of musical magnificence around your very soul. We’re talking serious, mother-loving, hair. You dig?This Purple Rock Legend wig is the answer to your prayers. It’s got style. It’s got attitude. It’s got the kind of curls and sheen that will make a dove break out into tears. It’s exactly that epic. So, put it on, grab your Telecaster and put your purple suit on. It’s time to give the world the performance they’ll never forget, with hair that will leave them craving an encore. Will you give it to them? That’s entirely up to you.

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  • She Hulk Wig

    She Hulk Wig

    This is a She Hulk Wig.

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  • Kids Graveyard Ghost Wig

    Kids Graveyard Ghost Wig

    Ick! We realize that being dead makes it a bit harder to stay on top of hygiene, but when mildew starts growing in your hair, it’s probably time for a bath! Maybe there are some things about being a ghoulish fella that we just don’t know about; like how spending all day sleeping in a grave makes their hair all slimy and hard to keep clean. Still… would it hurt to run a comb through it once in a while?Although, if your little ghoul is trying to achieve that gritty, grimy, undead hairstyle for their costume, you’ll be happy to know they can just put on this Graveyard Ghost Wig! This ghostly white and green wig gives your kid the properly frightful look for their mischievous specter costume, without having to get ghastly slime on their head. And your kid can still take baths in between times wearing it, which we’re sure they’ll be thrilled about!

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  • Big Red Wig

    Big Red Wig

    So, we are here to answer an age-old question and we‚Äôd really like to hear what you think: do blondes or do brunettes really have more fun?Obviously, it‚Äôs a trick question; the answer is redheads! And the bigger the hair the better! But here is the truly great news: whether or not you are married, whether or not you‚Äôre with children, or whether or not you have a shoe salesman for a husband, you can own the kind of hairstyle that… offsets life’s‚Ķdisappointments. Wonderful, no? You will need to pick up a rather eye-catching ensemble to accompany this look. You can wear this voluminous wig while eating bonbons, or while watching daytime TV in stilettos. No judgement, here. Big red hair like this makes even the most mundane activities better.

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  • Mod Fashion Wig

    Mod Fashion Wig

    People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ’bout my generation), Just because we get around (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)We all like to dance, and groove. Get up, just to get down. And we need some music to really start get our groove going. Some music like the Kinks, and the Who, and maybe even some Rolling Stones just to round out the music scene. All we have to do is get into our colorful 60s dress, and dance the night away. Well, we also need to get our hair just right as well.We want you to have the perfect night of music, and dancing. And to do that we have this Mod Fashion Wig to make your night go just that little bit smoother. That way you won‚Äôt have to worry about making your hair do that perfect flip. (We never could get ours to go the way we wanted, it always ended up flipping in.) So slip this wig on, and enjoy swaying to the music with the perfect hair.

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  • Russell Wig

    Russell Wig

    The various styles of vampires sure have changed over time! It all started out with that classic look of a cape and some slicked back hair. Before long we figured there were modern vampires out there hanging with us and becoming regular members of society who also happened to prey on the innocent in the middle of the night. We have always liked the modern ancient vampire though. They embrace the modern garb of each era, but still keep remnants of their Victorian or aristocratic past in their style as well. Take this one posing as a famous actor for example. He dresses nicely enough but with a bit of a strange set up. Just look at that hair, after all! It’s passable enough not to raise suspicion that he may be some immortal blood sucker, but long and wavy enough to match what he’s been comfortable with for the past few hundred years. One question we’ve begun to ask ourselves though is, if vampires keep growing old, do they maybe go bald eventually? We’re pretty sure they don’t but if you know a balding vampire, or if you need to disguise yourself as a vampire with sweet hair, give this wig a try. It’s to die for (Sorry about the shameless pun insert. It’s what we do.)

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  • Buddy the Elf Wig

    Buddy the Elf Wig

    When you’re heading from the North Pole to the legendary city of New York, New York you don’t have time to worry about your bouncy curls!You left all of your friends as they emotionally said goodbye, walrus was barely consolable. You struggled through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then you walked through the Lincoln Tunnel. So, long story short, you’ve got no time to set your hair!This wig will let you travel all that long way without worrying about your hair. Your dad is sure to be impressed. Just wait until he hears you answer the phone! Everyone is going to want to call his office once they realize they can finally share their favorite color. This wig is sure to go perfectly with that green velvet elf outfit and curved elf shoes. Just remember that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

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  • Kids Gandalf Beard and Wig Set

    Kids Gandalf Beard and Wig Set

    All great wizards have one thing in common; the have a commanding beard. We’ve come to realize that a good portion of casting magical spells is about having a facial hair that you can rely on. So, what if you want to start casting spells now? It can take weeks for a good beard to set in and you might need to bust out some Lord of the Rings-style sorcery right now! Don’t fret! This Gandalf Beard and Wig Set for kids gives you the look of the wizened Middle-earth wizard, so you can draw on it for your magical power. We have yet learned how to harvest its magical energies, but maybe you’ll have a better time learning the ins and outs of sorcery.

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  • Straight Blue/Gray Wig Long

    Straight Blue/Gray Wig Long

    Wicked ConditionHave you ever wondered how witches have such wonderful hair? It always seems to be long and silky even when they’ve been flying through a chilly autumn night on a broomstick. Okay, okay. Honestly, how they keep their hair perfect isn’t much of a mystery. They keep it smooth with magic, of course! When they’re bubbling up toil and trouble they’re also bubbling up some seriously effective hair care products as well. They spend their nights capturing dew under the full moon and the first blossoms of spring so we imagine that all the bottled products in the world wouldn’t hold a candle to their beauty concoctions. Unfortunately, you’ve really got to be part of a coven to get the inside scoop. Want to get the hair without devoting all your free time to the dark arts? This wig might just be the answer to all your problems. Product DetailsThis lovely wig drapes long past your shoulder and layer almost to your waist. The color is truly mysterious. A blend of blue and dark grey, it will shine perfectly in the moonlight. The hair parts in the middle, framing your face for a look that’ll make you seem like a powerful, all-knowing enchantress. That’s the look you’re going for, right?

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