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  • Robin Girl Sexy Costume

    Robin Girl Sexy Costume

    You know what we’re sick of? Sexy Batman. Why is it, every time there’s an opportunity to dress up as one’s favorite superhero we always get stuck with hundreds and hundreds of sexy Batmen (Batmans?)? It’s ridiculous, to be quite frank with you. Sure, Batman has the chiseled physique and chiseled chin and everything else is chiseled too, but come on! Batman should be focusing on driving that dangerous vehicle of his not his… actually you know what? Let’s focus on the point at hand. We’ve had enough of this sexy, charming Batman character. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. Can’t he go buy a different sexy costume instead of Batman for once? He keeps stealing all the thunder!But what is a poor sidekick to do? Lowly Robin, sure a great acrobat and crimefighter in his own right, but how can Robin hope to match Batman’s sexy appeal? With Robin’s own sexy appeal, that’s how! Yes, enough sidekick stuff. Now you can dress as Robin and be sexy at the same time, and isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Of course, it is.This costume includes a metallic low cut red and green dress. Criminals won’t know what to do when they see you’re after them. They’ll stop and stare, of course, and they’ll know you’re official because of your yellow cape and green gauntlets. They might even let you hand them over to Commissioner Gordon. You might want to wear a pair of shorts underneath to keep your high kicks modest, this skirt is pretty short. You’ve worked hard, you deserve some attention too! So step out from the sidekick shadows, sexy Robin. It’s your time!

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  • Sexy Tutu Cop Costume

    Sexy Tutu Cop Costume

    Cleaning up the streets is a little easier when there’s an attractive uniform involved. No one will think twice when you are using your authority to protect and serve the neighborhood in this sexy tutu cop costume. In fact, we are totally sure that you’ll be getting lots of helpers to aid you in your mission. Dressed in this sleek all black tutu ensemble you will be the first call someone will make when they are in trouble. We mean really, who wouldn’t want you showing up at the scene dressed in this eye-catching uniform?Whether you’re out on patrol or stuck on desk duty you will be looking mesmerizing while you’re out in the streets enforcing the law. Our sexy tutu cop costume will have you looking officially sexy in your halter top style dress with a shiny badge that attaches and a multi layered tulle skirt. This costume even comes equipped with the essentials for protecting and serving, a pair of trusty handcuffs and of course, a key for those handcuffs.Even the most law abiding of citizens will be breaking the law to get a little one on one contact with you. Luckily for you looking this good isn’t against the law! Throw on those aviator shades and that official police cap, you might want to get those handcuffs ready too, the night is sure to be filled with shenanigans. Upholding the law is not easy, but looking good is!

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  • Sexy Tribal Native Costume

    Sexy Tribal Native Costume

    Product DetailsThis asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder dress is adorned with fringe and beaded accents. It’s belted in the middle with two silver medallions on each side and a feather and beaded ties in the middle. The skirt has a geometric pattern around the lower hem and a circle shape so it’s perfect for dancing and twirling. The whole dress has a lot of fringe along the bottom hem and around the upper hem and the neckline. It includes fringe boot covers, a beaded choker necklace as well as a belt, armband, and headpiece. Add an accessory two and own your look from head to toe!

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  • Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

    Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.You have been dreaming about your big day since you were a little girl. You know what you want your bridesmaids to wear. You have the perfect wedding dress picked out. Now all you need to do is find someone to marry. A Mr. Perfect if you will.You just never thought that the zombie apocalypse would happen before your big day. Now you’re a zombie like the rest of the world, and you will never get married. It’s the end of the world after all. However, there is a guy…he keeps making eyes at you. And not the your-brain-looks-really-tasty-eyes. No, these eyes have cartoon hearts in them.Well, we have news for you! Zombies can get married. Absolutely they can. Just put on this Sexy Zombie Bride Costume, grab your guy, and get to the alter. You’ll look fantastic in this white-ish dress, sure it might not be the one you were dreaming of as a kid, but you are getting married! That’s got to count for something. And maybe make sure the minister is undead as well. You don’t want any brainy situations on your hands. It might be a little difficult to wrangle the rest of the wedding party, but they will come once they hear the menu options don’t include chicken, or fish. And after words you can all do the Zombie. Basically you all stand around, and moan for brains. But you will finally get that wedding you always dreamed of! (Even if you are undead for it.)

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  • Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Argh. Ye know what they say about finding ye very own sea legs, aye? Sure, ye can take the time and put in the practice, but one can sail a thousand seas and fail to ever find their own legs. We think the first step in findin’ one’s sea legs be wit a jolly pair ‘o boots, bucko. So feast yer eyes on these amazin’ Black and Gold Pirate Boots!Slip these beauties on over yer feet ‘n ye’ll feel ready to sail across the seven seas in the stormiest ‘o conditions. Wit’ this glorious pair ‘o boots, ye’ll be sure to take over as cap’n in no time at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell ye? Whoever holds the fanciest booties always be Cap’n ‘o the ship! So get yer scurvy hands on these lovely Black and Gold Pirate Boots to complete your spectacular costume ‘n prepare yourself to take charge this Halloween.

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  • Sexy Jason Voorhees Costume

    Sexy Jason Voorhees Costume

    Every horror movie seems so predictable. Some crazed guy turns maniac and goes around killing the cute girl and the jock with a rusty blade, while the prude is the one who ends up taking the killer down. He inevitably turns up in the sequel. Rinse. Repeat. What kind of twist on this classic theme would make a really good movie? Maybe Jason gets replaced. Maybe a cute girl turns out to be the psychopathic murderer. If only there was some way to make that happen…You’ll look like a small town’s nightmare and a horror movie studio’s daydream when you show up in this brutal Jason Vorhees costume. This costume includes a black short-sleeved dress designed like a jersey. It has red stripes along the bottom, sleeves, neck, and chest. The middle of the dress features a Jason Jolly Roger with blades making up the crossbones. It’s repeated on both sleeves. You’ll also get a Jason mask purse with a strap to make it easy to carry while you’re chasing down your victims in your film debut. Now, we’re not sure how the legendary unhinged hockey fan is going to react to a woman taking his place but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t have a choice anymore. Some people think that there’s nothing new to be done in the Friday the 13th franchise. Jason has killed in many different ways and has supposedly died a few times as well but we’ve never seen him try to dress up. We think it’s about time for a twist. Take it on, Jaisyn Vorhees!

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  • Sexy Feline Catsuit Costume

    Sexy Feline Catsuit Costume

    One of your lives is as a normal citizen. You go to work/school, come home and eat dinner, and watch TV. One of your lives, you’re a sexy and sophisticated burglar. Taking whatever you want–usually diamonds–and driving Batman a little wild.From flipping across traffic and scaling the sides of buildings, to dodging bad guys with your cat-like reflexes, a cat is always ready for anything that comes their way. Not to mention those nine lives that make them quite invincible in most situations. Being a sexy cat heroine is always an adventure and makes for an amazing Halloween costume that works as a solo act or with a group of superheroes!Show off your darker side in this Sexy Feline Catsuit Costume. This women’s cat costume comes with everything you need to make a sexy entrance to any Halloween party. The costume is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex for a comfortable fit. The costume starts with a black jumpsuit that has a shiny leather-like look. The jumpsuit zips up the back for easy on and off all night long. The costume continues with an attached choker that secures with Velcro as well as an attached bendable cat tail. The tail measures 30” in length! The included black belt secures with Velcro and has a round silver faux buckle. Top off the entire look with the signature black headband with stuffed cat ears. The middle section of the headband covers a portion of the forehead for a unique look. Add a pair of black boots to complete the look!

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  • Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

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  • Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Elephants?! What elephants? How did I miss those? And juggling monkeys? I demand my money back! Where did you see those things? Easily command the audience’s attention in this Sexy Ring Mistress Costume. Let’s just hope they don’t get too distracted.I don’t know about you, but when I went to the circus as a kid the ring master didn’t look quite like this! The circus was full of exotic animals, cotton candy, peanuts, and creepy performers. Even though the performers were quite cool in the ring, I was terrified of them when they were just roaming around the tent.The ring master was possibly the creepiest of all, but they wouldn’t have been if they would have worn this costume! The velvet jacket is made of a poly/nylon blend and has a beautiful tailcoat. The embroidered satin collar adds detail to the jacket along with the gold-tone chains and button closure and brocade epaulets anchored with buttons. The base dress has a back zipper and a tutu skirt with ruffled lace. The included gold brocade vest bodice has satin bra cups and adjustable shoulder straps. And even though this ring mistress is not your average center-ring master, you can’t lead a circus without a bow tie (which is sewn to a white neckband that fastens with buttons at the back) and a black top hat. Add a black whip and a pair of high-heel boots to complete your ring mistress look this Halloween! Oh, and don’t forget to pair up with a circus performer of your own to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

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  • Sexy Rocket Girl Costume

    Sexy Rocket Girl Costume

    No offense to history or anything, but everyone knows that lady astronauts are the wave of the future. We’re happy man walked on the moon–one giant leap and all–but we think it may be a gal, maybe even you, who walks on Mars (bring the right protective boots, of course).Of course, you’ll need to do some training before you rocket off into the stratosphere (is that where you rocket off to? We don’t know, but we hope you do.) But this sexy rocket girl costume is a good place to start if you want to make a break with tradition and still see the stars up close and personal. It will make your mission official, so you can be even more motivated to start your training program. In addition to learning astronomy, astrophysics, and oh, about 50 other subjects, you’ll need to ensure you’re at the peak of your health. We guess with all that on your mind you will really appreciate not having to worry about what to wear while floating in space.Now, when people hear that you’re headed past the ozone, they may not believe you at first. So suit up in this white romper and matching boot covers and let the NASA patches put them in their places. Black suspenders keep you feeling a little sassy, while the blue metallic trim keeps this ensemble high-tech and high-drama. We think you look out of this world and we can’t wait to see your first telecast! It’s just that…well…Earth will really miss your fashion sense while you’re away.

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  • Sexy Private School Costume

    Sexy Private School Costume

    This Halloween if you can pick between if you want to be a good girl or show off your bad side why not go with this sexy private school girl costume. Let people think you’re a bad girl with this sassy look and then turn around with smart answer when they are least expecting it. Like that moment after your European history teacher ask a question and it’s met with complete silence. Then, all of the sudden, you glance up from doodling and answer, “Versailles” like it was obvious the whole time. If you play your cards right, you are sure to keep everyone constantly confused. Some people might even see you as a goodie two shoes with your nerdy glasses and private school girl outfit. And sure, you seem pretty natural as you lean against a wall, reading “Catcher in the Rye”. And sure, you definitely know your chemistry. But the thing is, just because you’re smart it doesn’t mean you’re sweet as sugar. In fact, we think smarts naturally come with a bit of a bite. One thing is for sure since the dress is a little on the short side no one will confuse you for an angel this holiday which is a good thing, we’ve never known an angel that aced their ACTs. So, go ahead pick up this sexy costume to keep your rival math league off their game. After all, there’s nothing like showing up sassy to make people underestimate your genius. That’s right, this year you’re bringing home the gold!

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  • Sexy Wild Tiger Costume

    Sexy Wild Tiger Costume

    Look, we get it. You like feeling exotic! But we gotta tell ya‚Ķthis whole thing about wanting to get plastic surgery to make yourself look like a big cat‚Ķwe‚Äôre not big fans of it. Sure, it‚Äôs your life, your face‚Ķbut we just have a feeling that, kind of like that Tweety Bird tattoo you got on your shoulder senior year of high school, you might end up living to regret it.So instead of spending all of your savings on a series of non-medically necessary cosmetic procedures, let‚Äôs think of some other, less-insane-sounding routes that will help give you that satisfying feeling of aligning with your supposed spirit animal, shall we?For instance, we have this Sexy Wild Tiger Costume that just might be the ticket. The tiger print jumpsuit has long sleeves and a scoop neck, giving you that long, lean body line that you love so much. It’s also made from 92% polyester 8% spandex, so it will move with you when you’re slinking around. It‚Äôs even got a soft moveable tail attached in the back, and it comes with a matching tiger print headband with two attached cat ears…so you can even pretend to be a tiger without people thinking you‚Äôve lost all your marbles (at the most, they‚Äôll probably think you‚Äôve just come from a matinee performance of “Cats: the Musical”, which either will go a long way in improving their opinion of you, or it won‚Äôt‚Ķit mainly depends on how they feel about Andrew Lloyd Webber). Add your own black thigh-high boots or kitten heels (get it?) to complete your feline look. Roar!

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  • Sexy School Girl Costume

    Sexy School Girl Costume

    Ah, to be young and in school again. All that precious class time to spend learning important life lessons and sleeping, young love (well, not experiencing it per se, but seeing it happen from inside of the locker a bully just stuffed us in), and school lunches. Some days they were made with actual recognizable ingredients! We‚Äôd give anything to go back, even for just a day. We‚Äôd go back to our 10th grade science fair so we wouldn‚Äôt make our bleach and ammonia model volcano mistake again.The school uniform was a bummer though. We remember our poor mom who had to iron all the knife pleats in our skirt every morning, and polish our shoes until they looked like mirrors. And the nuns who‚Äôd hold a ruler up to our leg to make sure we weren‚Äôt wearing our skirt too short. Well, if only they could see our sexy school girl costume now, they‚Äôd have just given up on us when they had the chance!And forget acute angles — you‚Äôll be a cute angel in this four piece throwback to your glory days in high school! With a pair of stockings, a pair of patent black leather shoes, and a yardstick you‚Äôll be ready for recess in no time. You’re whole ensemble will definitely earn you an A+ in all of your classes.

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  • Sexy Private School Costume

    Sexy Private School Costume

    This Halloween if you can pick between if you want to be a good girl or show off your bad side why not go with this sexy private school girl costume. Let people think you’re a bad girl with this sassy look and then turn around with smart answer when they are least expecting it. Like that moment after your European history teacher ask a question and it’s met with complete silence. Then, all of the sudden, you glance up from doodling and answer, “Versailles” like it was obvious the whole time. If you play your cards right, you are sure to keep everyone constantly confused. Some people might even see you as a goodie two shoes with your nerdy glasses and private school girl outfit. And sure, you seem pretty natural as you lean against a wall, reading “Catcher in the Rye”. And sure, you definitely know your chemistry. But the thing is, just because you’re smart it doesn’t mean you’re sweet as sugar. In fact, we think smarts naturally come with a bit of a bite. One thing is for sure since the dress is a little on the short side no one will confuse you for an angel this holiday which is a good thing, we’ve never known an angel that aced their ACTs. So, go ahead pick up this sexy costume to keep your rival math league off their game. After all, there’s nothing like showing up sassy to make people underestimate your genius. That’s right, this year you’re bringing home the gold!

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  • Sexy Pink Princess Costume

    Sexy Pink Princess Costume

    We get it, you‚Äôve been waiting for what feels like forever for your boyfriend to come rescue you, but he keeps running into the wrong castles. It‚Äôs frustrating. At least you‚Äôll have plenty of time to devise your own escape from imprisonment by this dinosaur-turtle who‚Äôs been harassing you and your friends for the last…oh 30-some years now. Nevermind your mustachioed plumber boyfriend and his brother; you can get yourself out of this predicament. In this classic styled Sexy Pink Princess Costume, you‚Äôll be able to easily use your wits to talk your way past the turtle-monster gatekeepers and the mushroom looking patrol guards. Just jump over a few pits of fire and avoid the biting potted flowers and you‚Äôll be home free. Included in this costume is a zip-up dress with sequin trim and hot pink hem detail, along with white gloves (to keep your hands clean from all your lock picking and stone wall climbing involved in your escape), and a crown to remind everyone that you–yes you!–are an actual princess who escaped from her confinement in order to get back to her Kingdom of various fungal creatures.Trust us, in this outfit, you won‚Äôt need those bumbling plumbing brothers (you‚Äôll see them at the next tennis tournament in any case), and you can throw your own royal parties and salons, regaling all your guests with your wonderful stories of your grand escape from sure peril.

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  • Sexy Native American One-Shoulder Costume

    Sexy Native American One-Shoulder Costume

    Product DetailsThis Native American-inspired costume brings many decorative styles together to create a unique look that you resembles historical looks from a long time ago. The dress features plenty of frills and flair along the skirt and neckline, while the decorative geometric patterned bands on the collar, belt, and ankle cuffs add a splash of color to the ensemble. Add a coordinating footwear selection to complete this outfit, and you’ll be ready to show off your choice of look!

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  • Sexy Santa Baby Costume

    Sexy Santa Baby Costume

    Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me. Been an awful good girl, Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight‚Ķ Did you ask for mild temps in your stocking? Lately, the weather in December has been more ‚Äúnice‚Äù than ‚Äúnaughty,‚Äù which means this Sexy Santa Baby Costume is bound to be just the right amount of cozy for your Christmas cheer. We‚Äôd like to thank you if you‚Äôre responsible for the wonderful weather patterns and sunny outlook. We guess it‚Äôs because Santa seems to pay very close attention to your wish list. A yacht? Check. Duplex? Check. Diamond ring? Under the tree. A few things from Tiffany’s? Check your stocking. New car? Waiting outside in the driveway. So is it really so far off to assume that your allure is the cause of all this beautiful Christmastime weather? Oh, science, schmience! Yes, schmience. You heard us. Either way, Santa will hurry down the chimney to see you in this body celebrating crushed velvet red dress with its festive faux-fur white trim. The stockings and stilettos are sold separately, but this matching Santa hat comes with the package. Whether it turns out to be a white Christmas or you feel like you’re vacationing in the tropics, this eye-catching outfit will put a little oomph in your holiday season faster than you can say ‚Äúschmience‚Äù while sliding down a chimney.

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  • The Men's Sergeant Sexy Costume

    The Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume

    This is the Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume.

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  • The Men's Sergeant Sexy Costume

    The Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume

    This is the Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume.

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  • Womens Sexy Nurse Costume

    Womens Sexy Nurse Costume

    Usually, nurses have to do all of the dirty work around the office. Taking blood pressure, filling out incomplete questionnaires, and paperwork. SO much paperwork. Rumor has it, though, that some nurses just skip all of the boring stuff. Because when they find a patient that catches their eye they get dirty in a whole different manner of speaking… We’re not sure if it’s a reality or just a fantasy but it would be a violation of the nurse’s code of conduct. If you feel like breaking the rules, just suit up for duty with this Sexy Nurse costume. We’re sure all of your patients will be leaving you 5 star reviews!

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  • Sexy Jokester Costume

    Sexy Jokester Costume

    It’s no joke that this costume is seriously sexy! This Sexy Jokester Costume will turn you into a superhero villain that goes toe to toe with Batman! Team up with your man, The Joker, and take down the protector of Gotham! Pick up the wrist cuffs and the boot covers to complete the look!

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  • Sexy Dirty Cop Costume

    Sexy Dirty Cop Costume

    The streets are no place for a goody two shoes kind of cop to make a living. The crime and the danger will eat a girl alive if she doesn’t wise up and get a little dirty herself. Now, with this Sexy Dirty Cop Costume, it’s easy for any rookie to go rogue. With a form-fitting style and a sexy skirt cut, this police officer outfit lets all the bad guys know that you’re a girl who doesn’t just bend the rules, but breaks them at every chance! The set comes complete with a badge and hat, to make sure that everyone gives you the authority that you deserve! Of course, whether you decide to use your new look to clean up the criminal activity, or add to it is totally up to you. Just make sure you have a good alibi if you decide to break bad this year!

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  • Sexy Nurse Costume

    Sexy Nurse Costume

    We know you’ve got lots of important stuff to do. There’s vitals for the guy down the hall. You have to get medication for the brand new patient. That old coot in 302 sent back his jello again. And then there’s a doctor that’s giving you lip (which isn’t anything new… unfortunately. But you’ve got this. This is your dream job after all and you landed it. You’re a nurse. That’s practically a super power in today’s world. You get to save people and make people feel better, plus you get paid for it! Of course, you personally may not actually be a nurse everyday. You may just appreciate all the hard work and effort that these nurses do for the populace at large. Because let’s face it, the entire population has the ability to do some pretty dangerous things and get seriouslu hurt as a result. Well on occasion they do some pretty dumb stuff, and we need as many skilled people as possible to patch them up. Enter the nurses of the world! So if you’re feeling like you want to be part of this elite group, consider this sexy nurse costume. It comes with the little head piece and stethoscope (purely decorative, don’t diagnose anyone with this). We know, it’s not necessarily sanitary, and it wouldn’t meet any dress codes in any hospitals anywhere, but hey. You’ll feel confident when you pass out ice packs to daredevils who were trying to show off for cool ladies such as yourself.Warning: does not come with actual license to practice nursing.

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  • Sexy Cop Mens Costume

    Sexy Cop Mens Costume

    On the caseIt’s been a tough case to crack, when the truck of valuable limited edition rubber chickens was stolen a week back, there were next to no leads. Then, after returning to the crime scene, you found that oversized shoe print in the alley where the vehicle had been parked and it led you straight to the local clown gang that’s been causing so much trouble lately. It wasn’t long until you found the vehicle you were looking for. It might have been a tiny car but, lucky for you, the whole gang was in piled in. The only question was, which of these clowns actually stole the merchandise? Every one of these clowns needs to be questioned and you’re the one to do it. Here’s the thing, whether you plan on playing good cop or bad cop, a quality costume is key to cracking the case. There’s no way these bozos are going to get away with their hijinks this time!Product DetailsYou’ll be ready to take a bite out of crime when you suit up in this button-up uniform. The shirt has a sophisticated sheen with functional pockets official looking shields and a structured collar. You won’t have to worry about wasting valuable investigation time by tieing ties, simply slip the attached elastic band under your collar. You’ll have an armband so people can’t miss your badge even while you’re showing off your guns. You’ll have to choose the pants and handcuffs of your choice but the rest of the essentials are included. The whole look is topped off with a hat that has faux leather trim and a structured shape.Hail to the CheifThere’s no case that can allude you! We knew it just by looking at you. After all, how many officers dare to bear arms like you? So, hit the streets and keep those naughty citizens in line. The world needs a tough on crime cop like you!

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  • Sexy Varsity School Girl Costume

    Sexy Varsity School Girl Costume

    If you want to get straight A’s this Halloween then this Varsity School Girl Costume is exactly what you need. Everyone will know that you’ve got school spirit and much more when you enter the party scene in this sassy outfit this year. Sure, you spend most of your days nose deep in your textbooks but it’s time to be that dreamy schoolgirl you’ve always wanted to be!High school never goes how any teen imagines it, but with this costume, you can relive those glory days as the most popular girl in class. You’ll look confident enough to act as both student-body president and head cheerleader. With this outfit, you’ll fit in with every clique, the jocks and the Goths, the band geeks and punk rockers, the class clowns and the bookworms… yeah, pretty much everyone. When people see the confidence just pouring out of you, it’s going to attract a lot of attention. So be prepared to make a bunch of new friends! Oh, and don’t worry about overheating in the crowds of new friends because this outfit is actually layered. Simply take off the shirt and vest combo when things get too hot and you’ll transform into an after-school special. Your red plaid bra matches the cute mini skirt and makes for an even more alluring costume.Complete this honor-roll look with a pair of sassy stockings and some cute high heels. Then add our notebook flask for a little extra fun at the parties this Halloween!

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  • Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    We often have a sort of office wide contest to determine what might ‘win.’ Most offices do it, of course, though our office pots get a little more creative. Last month, the ambition was to find out what lipstick and nail polish combination worked the best for the abominable snow monster. Turns out, we had major points of contention on that one. Who knew that the yeti was sorta like the arctic hare and looked significantly different based on season environment!? It’s pink sometimes! (The answer was still turquoise blue, by the way, even when pink to the total surprise of those of us who voted turquoise.)This debate was all about forming the perfect costumes to appease the career ambitions of children, make for the best wedding tuxedo, and also be the ideal color for a yeti’s lipstick. Now, the intention was to make three separate costumes, but we can understand where things went awry. The good news is that we managed to combine all those traits into a costume that knocks the boots off our feet!So you can now benefit from this Sexy Blue Tuxedo costume. Inspired from the joyous aspiration of leading a big top circus and breaking all gender barriers, this lovely blue jacket has long back tails and a brilliant finish that will keep all eyes on you. The sleeveless shirt has buttons and ruffles in front and blends perfectly into the pleated skirt. The bowtie and top hat each match the color scheme and has adjustable straps for easy wear around your neck while the hat has simple loops to connect to your hair with bobby pins. Finish the costume with some shining blue gogo boots and a matching cane. Team up with a cohort in one of the other available tuxedo skirt colors and you’ll have an epic show in no time.

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  • Sexy Party Bunny Costume

    Sexy Party Bunny Costume

    I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time. – Lady GagaThere are worse ways to change the world. Entertainment is a great way to do something for the world. Happy people don’t want to commit acts of violence. And where are people happier than at a show on the Las Vegas strip? No where.Showgirls don’t get enough credit. They are the hardest working people in Las Vegas. They are classically trained in ballet and are put through a 4-week training course before they even get the job. And that’s not even mentioning the physical labor of the job. They carry 20-30 pounds of costume, all while performing in 3-inch heels, and going up, and downstairs. We can even walk up a set of stairs in heels while carrying sixteen ounces of coffee gracefully!If you think you have what it takes to be a showgirl then slip into this Sexy Party Bunny Costume. You won’t even need to do ballet lessons in the months before you don the classic ensemble! Luckily for you, it doesn’t weigh 20 pounds, and you don’t have to go up, and down stairs all night. And if you are really good, you might just be invited to perform on the strip. Training hard to be able to lift the 20-pound headdresses, and run stairs in heels. Entertaining people, making them happy. Dancing with women who have worked their entire lives to get to the stage. All so you can change the world one sequin at a time.

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  • Sexy Power Princess Costume

    Sexy Power Princess Costume

    Who’s got the power? She’s got the power! Granted, women are superheroes in general. (We deal with a lot, am i right ladies?) But this golden gal right here is an actual superhero! That’s right, she can do the whole superpower sha-bang. She’s a fierce female who has sassy sword fighting skills and a kick-butt kind of attitude. Not to mention, she’s a daring woman who loves to express herself through her fashion choices. When she wears this golden little number, she feels as though she can control the universe….and maybe she can? And maybe you can too! Wear this sexy power princess costume so you can feel confident while looking like a classy cartoon superhero.This sexy power princess costume is a tube top mini dress. There are gold accents on the bodice and waist, making this costume really pop. The red faux rubies are eye-catching and they give you that captivating superhero style. The winged headpiece is what really ties the ensemble together. It comfortably rests on your head while giving you a sleek and powerful look. Top this look off with gold arm bands, a sword, and some glittery gold boots. You’ll look like you’re ready to save the universe…in style!

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  • Women's Sexy Cleo Costume

    Women’s Sexy Cleo Costume

    Be the Ancient QueenWe think the planet could use a ruler like Cleopatra in this day and age. Are you ready to give it a shot? You can look like the ruler of the Nile with this fantastic Sexy Cleo costume. With scintillating costume details, and enough Egyptian flair to make a Pharaoh want to start digging himself out of that tomb, you’re sure to rule the scene with this iconic look.Sure, she may be lost to history, having lived so long ago, but Cleopatra’s legend lives on and will forever. We think this costume could inspire some of the same legendary status for you. Why? Because it features so many details inspired by the Egyptian icon but in a modern fashion that is sure to please even the most discerning of would-be queens.Product DetailsNobody is going to be in de-Nile when you make your grand party entrance in this costume. Because you are going to own the room! A shimmering fish scale patterned golden romper gives you an alluring yet authoritarian look, and the accent pieces make you look like the ruler you were meant to be. A mesh skirt cinches the waist and the cape drapes from the back of the collar to the Velcro wristbands, so that you can be assured to look like a real deal Queen for your event.Sexy Cleopatra CostumeWhether the other party-goers build you a throne or just stay busy worshiping you from afar, you’re going to feel like the ruler you were born to be when you wear this sexy costume. Whether you can convince them to build you a monument for the next hundred years, we can’t say. Your chances couldn’t hurt if you complete your look with a Cleopatra wig, Egyptian themed jewelry and heels, and you’ll be ready to rule your kingdom with confidence!

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  • Women's Sexy Noir Mermaid Costume

    Women’s Sexy Noir Mermaid Costume

    Look, the famous red-headed mermaid isn’t the only awesome half-human half-fish creature in the sea, alright? Sure, she’s sweet and all and the kid can sing, but when it comes to having moxie, no other mermaid can compare to the one you are seeing right here.When it comes to getting familiar with everything under the sea, not everyone is all wrapped up in palace recitals and balls, if you know what we’re saying’. A mermaid’s got to fend for herself against the sharks and slippery fishes, cause no one else is going to watch out for your sparkly fins without wanting’ something’ else in return! It gets dark under the waves, and you either got to be a predator or you’ll soon be the prey. You can’t just lay on some rock and dream about a prince who might not come…you got to get out there and shake those fins if you want to survive! If you want to walk with the humans, then get going…but if you want to swim with the best of ‘em in this here ocean, then slide right into the school of fishes and get ready to learn!If you think that you have what it takes to thrive under the sea then you need to first out on this women’s sexy noir mermaid costume. This sequin top features beads over the right arm, while the flattering fish-tail skirt has a sequin layer underneath making it an enchanting ensemble. We’re even going to give you a headpiece and a bead necklace to make it look like you’ve been born and raised under the sea.

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