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  • Women's Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume

    The Pride in PerilThe Pride of Paria has been sailing the Seven Seas for years. Landlubbers and pirates alike whisper about what the ship’s captain might be searching for. This ship has faced more danger in the last few years than any other vessel in the Caribbean. It’s ventured into the dark places on the map, you know the place where all those monsters are drawn onto the parchment? That’s a no-go for most pirates. But The Pride of Paria spent a good two weeks exploring every nook and cranny of those coves.They fought off scaly monsters, avoided the songs of sirens. They even had dinner with a group of cannibals! Lately, the Pride has been spotted anchored at the Spanish coast and we have to say, the captain seems pretty happy with herself. Rumor has it, she finally found what she was looking for. Speaking of, your search has probably come to an end as well. No need to sail into the sunset in search of the perfect pirate ensemble, it’s right in front of you!Details & DesignWhen you slip this Made by Us pirate costume on, you just might slip into an adventure as well! You can tell our in-house designers had a hand in the gorgeous jacket that’s featured in this costume. It has a scroll pattern up the side and a dramatic, pointed hemline, the jacket is cinched with a red sash at the waist and has a beautiful corset layered underneath. The look is topped off with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed captain’s hat. In Ship-Shape conditionNow that you’ve got the right costume, you should be ready to set sail. If you’re looking to tweak the look to perfection pair this with a pair of tall boots, a sword, and an adventurous attitude. When you’re looking so boss, one can blame you for commandeering the night. 

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  • Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

    Port Party, Ahoy! Silver Tooth Sadie had a reputation. She ran what they call a “tight ship”. Her crew was always mopping the deck. Her ship cats were always fat, sleek, and shiny cause they kept the rats under control. And when it came to taking on other ships, they went in with a polished, foolproof plan. But there was another side to Sadie. When they rolled up to port, Silver Tooth Sadie’s ship was always noticed. Once the anchor was in place she’d sally down from the crow’s nest and tell the boatswain to break out the accordion. The crew could be heard cheering from across the harbor. Because while Sadie might be all work and no play while working hard on the open seas, she knew how to have a whole lot of fun when it was time to relax. Maybe you don’t know this but there ain’t no party like a pirate party!Design & DetailsThis fearless look features a gorgeous jacket and a flowery corset with bright accents and a classic pirate hat. The jacket has a beautiful scrolling pattern along the waist and detailed sleeves with wide cuffs. The corset and jacket are complemented with a dark red sash. Top off the look with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed hat that’s sure to give you captain-level authority. Ship, Shape ConditionThe high quality of this sleek costume is sure to make an impression as soon as you enter the room. Pair this with a tall pair of boots and leggings and you’ll be ready to set sail. In fact, any other pirates at the party might snap to attention, ready to swab the deck or climb to the crow’s nest to look out for land. Just remember that it’s time to let your scallywag shindig side loose.

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  • Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Cool with the CrewIt’s not always easy to rise to the top of the popularity scale on a pirate ship. Pirates are famously ornery. Maybe it’s the sun, salt water, or having to eat hard tack for every meal but it doesn’t take much to get on their list. You make one too many peg leg jokes and One-legged Jack will have you standing on the plank by the end of the week. But if you’re too goody-goody it might be a problem as well. You can’t be using a napkin, fork, and knife when you’re eating your grease grits and salt pork. But this salty pirate knows how to walk the line. She’s sassy with the people that like her to be sassy. She’s nice to the cook, polite to the captain. She just knows how to get all her shipmates to like her but you could probably tell that from her outfit, right?Details & DesignThis Made by Us pirate costume is a lot of fun with sassy stripes, elegant flowing sleeves, and just the right amount of ruffles. The featured pants are high waisted to complement your midriff top just right. The high-waisted pants have an elastic waist to help them fit just right. Our designers also created a gold trimmed midriff top with a scooped ruffled blouse neckline. It’s paired with faux leather cuffs that fit on your upper arms and are bedecked with gorgeous flowing ivory sleeves. Star on StarboardWant to make your pirate costume as unique as you are? You have so many options when it comes to accessorizing. Keep it tough with an eye patch, sword, or even a few scars. Feel fabulous with jewelry, a scarf, or even a gorgeous feather-trimmed captain’s hat. Make it what you want it, this pirate costume commandeer everyone’s attention! 

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  • Mens Blackbeard Pirate Costume

    Mens Blackbeard Pirate Costume

    Edward Teach, popularly known as ‚ÄúBlackbeard‚Äù (because he had, believe it or not, a black beard), has a mysterious background. We‚Äôre still not entirely sure when or where he was born, nor even his real name for that matter. What we do know is that by 1716 Blackbeard had taken command of his own sloop and was enthusiastically pilfering things like treasure, dry goods, and, perhaps least surprisingly for a legendary pirate, booze throughout the West Indies.By the height of his notorious career Blackbeard‚Äôs flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, was outfitted with 40 cannons and capable of taking on even the best armed merchant and naval ships in the sea. An imposing figure, Blackbeard relied on intimidation to instill fear in his enemies — he was known to fight with lit fuses sticking out from under his hat. Hearteningly, there is no record of our antihero ever having murdered his captives, but still, stealing everything that isn‚Äôt nailed down is not a good way to make friends. Lieutenant Robert Maynard set out to undo Blackbeard in 1718. He successfully ambushed the pirate, only narrowly defeating him after losing a third of his men in a single cannon barrage. In death Blackbeard lived up to his fearsome reputation, having been shot 5 times and slashed about 20 before succumbing. Only his head was kept, with his skull later having been turned into a chalice.Pay homage to this brutal raider with our detailed Blackbeard Costume. His coat, belt, hat, and jabot are the foundation for the marauder‚Äôs signature look and are all included here. All you‚Äôll need is a sword, bottle of rum, pants, boots, and wanton disregard for human life and you‚Äôll be ready to start your own legend!

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  • Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Argh. Ye know what they say about finding ye very own sea legs, aye? Sure, ye can take the time and put in the practice, but one can sail a thousand seas and fail to ever find their own legs. We think the first step in findin’ one’s sea legs be wit a jolly pair ‘o boots, bucko. So feast yer eyes on these amazin’ Black and Gold Pirate Boots!Slip these beauties on over yer feet ‘n ye’ll feel ready to sail across the seven seas in the stormiest ‘o conditions. Wit’ this glorious pair ‘o boots, ye’ll be sure to take over as cap’n in no time at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell ye? Whoever holds the fanciest booties always be Cap’n ‘o the ship! So get yer scurvy hands on these lovely Black and Gold Pirate Boots to complete your spectacular costume ‘n prepare yourself to take charge this Halloween.

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  • Eyepatch and Earring Pirate Set

    Eyepatch and Earring Pirate Set

    This is a Pirate Eyepatch and Earring.

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  • Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Eye on the HorizonOversea voyages can be a tough journey. You’ve got to figure out how to keep your water fresh, how many hard tack biscuits you’re going to need, and how to keep all the pirates busy enough so that they’re not going to pick on each other. Of course, it’s all worth it due to the views. What’s better than an endless horizon with dolphins jumping in front of the bow while the sun sets? Or watching a storm roll in while your fellow sailors batten down the hatches? But here’s the thing, while you’re checking out all these views, your vision might get into a little trouble with all that sun bouncing off the water. You’re going to want a high-quality eye patch to protect your good eye while you’re not looking through your personal telescope. Product DetailsIf you’ve ever worn a cheap plastic pirate eye patch then you’ll understand why it’s so nice to have a soft, cloth patch instead. Not only does it look a hundred times better but it’s a lot more comfortable to wear if you plan on moving, sweating, or smiling. The printed jolly roger and gold trim will match with all sorts of pirate costumes while a flexible elastic band will keep it in place while you swing from the rigging with ease!

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  • Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots

    Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots

    Ahoy, little matey!You have lots of big dreams of being the pirate captain of your own version of the Black Pearl someday. And those will be some mighty big boots to fill. But until you’re ready to take command of the helm, we’ve got some boots that are just your size!When you put on these comfy Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots, you’ll feel like a real pirate of the Caribbean. And you’ll be able to go door to door raiding for booty (you know that means Halloween candy) better than any other little buccaneer out there. The boots are black patent faux leather so they look like Captain Jack’s but hold up in the rain so much better. They zip up so it’s easy to get them off and on, and the big, piratey cuffs fold over had tie up really cool. Before you know it, you’ll be on the ships with the big rogues!

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  • Ladies Pirate Hat

    Ladies Pirate Hat

    We’d be remiss not to mention this classic Ladies Pirate Hat before you hit the waters once again. We hear your next target is old Brown Beard’s treasure, a trove hidden deep in the depths of some cave off the coast of some island full of cannibals.Well… We mean no disrespect, miss, but you probably need all the help you can get. You’re capable, but Brown Beard is known for his cunning use of traps, and they’ll be extra difficult to navigate with a horde of cannibals on your tail! The thing about this hat is that only the courageous can wear it correctly (the inscription inside reads: only the brave need apply). Coincidentally, every swashbuckling pirate respects a nice, big hat‚Äîso set this atop those gorgeous locks and we have it on good authority that you’ll demand authority and command respect from anyone and everyone who dares venture into danger with you.

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  • Pirate Captain Costume

    Pirate Captain Costume

    Did you know there are reasons why pirates have all those accessories? For instance, pirates wore earrings because they believed they would treat bad eyesight, which any optometrist will tell you is baloney. The eye patches were a clever idea, though. By keeping one eye covered before a raid, pirates could storm the insides of ships they were looting without having to wait for both eyes to adjust to the dark! And do you know why pirates liked parrots? It’s because parrots are neat! They talk and they squawk, and if your home is ever invaded by nuts they’ll keep you safe.Some of their paraphernalia is a little more self-explanatory, of course. We don’t have to tell you why pirates liked swords and pistols, do we? And who would have the audacity to ask a seadog with a peg leg or a hand hook why they have one?Now, if you were going to be a pirate, why would you be anything less than a pirate captain? You would get to make all the most important pirating decisions: which ships to pillage, where to bury the booty, which beach to party on. So if you want to be in charge, look the part with our incredibly detailed Pirate Captain Costume. It even comes with a sword, a very important tool when it comes to showing just who’s the captain around here!

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  • Captain Skullduggery Pirate Costume

    Captain Skullduggery Pirate Costume

    Everybody knows that the surest sign of an able seaman is the ability to sound particularly pirate-y in everyday speech. And since this incredibly detailed costume is made for only the saltiest of dogs, we tried to give it a name that would sound at least half as swashbuckling as it will make you look‚Äîbut that’s a pretty tough coconut to crack!We had almost settled for Lieutenant Duplicity when our pirate expert kicked down the conference room door, stinking of fish and rum, with a flintlock pistol in each hand and a dagger clenched in his teeth. Fghfhg Fghfghfghfgh, he said. And after removing the knife from between his chompers, we discovered that he was hell-bent on naming this outfit after Captain Skullduggery instead!Recognizing that we were in the presence of a gifted pirate-talker, we immediately ceded to his demands. When you’re dealing with the genuine arrrticle, that’s pretty much business as usual. So if you want to harness the persuasive power of a prominent privateer, practice some seaworthy sailor slang. And it doesn’t hurt to wear a dashing ensemble like this, either!The multi-part combo includes everything you need to look like a proficient parlayer, from the tips of your tricorn hat to the points of your faux-leather boot covers. The exquisite designs on the long coat and vest will lend your words an air of antique authority, and the whole outfit is designed to cut down on the time it takes to suit up, so you can set sail ASAP!

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  • Kid's Captain Black Pirate Costume

    Kid’s Captain Black Pirate Costume

    Argh! Ahoy Matey! Everybody knows that a pirate’s life is one of adventure. It is filled with treasure hunting, evading imperial forces, and plenty of action-packed battles upon the sea that one can normally only hope to see in a summer blockbuster. The life of a pirate is not for everyone, only for the bravest buckaroos in all the land. Think your kiddo is ready to join the ranks of the most infamous seadogs to have ever sailed the ocean blue? Excellent! We’ve got the perfect costume for him to start his pirating career.Take a look at this Captain Black Pirate Costume for children. Once your little swashbuckler tosses on this captain’s outfit, he’ll transform into the fiercest pirate in the seven seas. Nothing says large and in charge like this black and red outfit. Your kiddo will truly look like a force to be reckoned. In no time, he’ll have lines of loyal men and women that want to join his crew and make it big as a nefarious gang of rapscallions. Once you arm him with a shiny blade, he’ll be ready to lead his crew onward into a grand adventure. Who knows, maybe they’ll come across a mysterious treasure map that leads to a hidden fortune! Wow, that would certainly be helpful when it comes time to pay for college.Help your kiddo find some adventure this Halloween with this Kid’s Captain Black Pirate Costume. If luck is the wind beneath his sails, then he’ll be sure to have a very profitable career in piracy!

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  • Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    You are visiting friends in Pittsburgh, and you’ve just stepped off the bus at Grant Avenue downtown. It’s a beautiful, clear, sunny day, and your pals text you: we’re going to see the Pirates today. Grab some pirate stuff and meet us on the Roberto Clemente bridge.” Obviously, you’re new to Pittsburgh, but “pirate stuff” seems pretty straightforward.So imagine your surprise when you walk into PNC Park in this Men’s Pillaging Pirate Costume. You’ll be happy to know while the blue- and white-striped shirt and black jagged hemmed pants of this ensemble aren’t the standard black-and-gold local game attire, you likely won’t be the only person in a crowd of thousands donning this outfit’s bold, red waist sash and headscarf. Probably. And we admit, it does like the perfect outfit for going to see some pirates; you’re totally transformed into a swashbuckling scoundrel of the sea. You’ll feel right in character to go rob a British trading vessel, or find some buried treasure on a distant island shore. And you’ll likely make it onto the Megatron.But hey, at least now you have a killer costume for Halloween. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a solid pirate costume like this one. Just make sure that you’re actually going to a pirate party next time and not a baseball game, unless you like a lot of attention.

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  • Caribbean Pirate Girls Costume

    Caribbean Pirate Girls Costume

    Ahoy there, matey! Are you ready to set sail on an quest across the high seas in search of adventure, gold doubloons and a little bit of trouble? Your little girl is! She’s just itching to cause a little mayhem with you, and who are you to deny a plucky young daredevil diva of a good adventure? No worries, since we have the perfect outfit to get your girl ready for anything the life of a swashbuckler can dish out to her.This Girls Caribbean Pirate Costume features classic pirate looks with a modernized style to help your kid feel like a real buccaneer! The top combines a white blouse with a regal looking vest to give her the look of the finest first mate a parent could ask for. Of course, the added skirt makes for a fancy finishing touch to the look, giving her the style of true pirate royalty. Just watch out! Once she has this outfit on, she may even set her sights on becoming captain of the ship!

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  • Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache

    Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache

    PRIVATEER PROMOTIONYou’d think that it wouldn’t be too often that there would be new positions available in a crew of 50 or fewer folks. But, when you are talking about life on the high seas, complete with buried treasure, supernatural storms, and the periodic mutiny, there are suprising jumps up the Jacob’s ladder!Still, to even be considered, you have to look the part. “Dress for the job you want,” they say! That means having the right look from head to toe; emphasis on the look. That means a mean stache and period-appropriate beard braids! DESIGN & DETAILSTo ensure that you’ve always got the right facial accessorization going on for all your pirate imperatives, we have shaved all our in-house pirates and produced these wondrous whiskers. The Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache feature a simple adhesive for your face. The mustache is styled with slightly upturned tips and the beard has two small braids at the chin that end in golden beads.INSTANT GROWTHNo need to worry about the perfect facial locks for your impending pirate mutiny (and subsequent ranking position on the ship). With this Beaded Beard and Mustache kit, you’re ready for all the action with none of the early morning styling required! 

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  • El Capitan Boys Pirate Costume

    El Capitan Boys Pirate Costume

    A while ago, your boy awoke to a mysterious treasure map at the foot of his bed (nice work on that!) Now, it‚Äôs time to suit him up to sail the seas in search of his rightful treasure! Grandpa has gone to elaborate lengths to set up a chest of loot in his attic–gold coins, stolen jewelry, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. In order to claim his cache, your little scallywag will need plenty of sustenance and a totally authentic look, so he can get into the spirit of the action and defeat the evil rival pirate captain, Grandpa Bluebeard. This El Capitan Child Pirate Costume is just the thing, we think, to give your little guy his sea legs. Plus, he‚Äôs bound to look totally adorable in it, so you may get a few photo treasures of your very own!The beauty of this costume is in its authentic details, from the red crushed velvet jacket to the black boot toppers. He‚Äôll feel so much like a pirate, he may even make Grandpa Bluebeard walk the plank over the pool before he follows his map upstairs to finally unearth the trove of treasure. Watch him stuff as much as he can carry into this costume‚Äôs foam skull-and-crossbones hat before ordering Grandpa–now his pirate prisoner–to carry the rest home. Give him a toy pirate sword or pistol and he’ll never stop thanking you; he may even cut you a share of the booty!

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  • Deluxe Gold Pirate Hook

    Deluxe Gold Pirate Hook

    By the HookWe all know that there are no rules to pirating. Guidelines, sure. But rules? There are none. When you’re starting out on your brand new pirating career, it’s nice to have a few tips to start out. For one, you gotta show how tough you are from the get-go. There are a few ways to do this. Blackbeard lit his beard on fire. Anne Bonny took on any man who was brazen enough to comment on her gender. But in this day and age, you don’t have to deal with black eyes or fire hazards to prove that you’re tough. Throw on this hook to make it look like you’ve taken on a crocodile already and you’re sure to get props as soon as you’re on deck!Product DetailsThis hook will blend into your outfit with a faux leather base that matches plenty of pirate ensembles. It’s topped with an ornate hook with a scrolling pattern in lush golden color. A handle inside makes it easy for you to keep a hold of it so you can keep your secret safe until it’s time to climb to the crow’s nest. Rated ArrrYou don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way when you’re going into pirate mode. This hook can be paired with a number of our pirate costumes or it could be an awesome start to your DIY look. Cause we all know it’s all about the hook. 

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  • Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Avast me ‘earties, Yo ho!So you’ve bought your ship. Sure it looks like a Kia, but it’s really the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You even figured out how to hoist your pirate flag, a pole stuck through the sun roof that also doubles as the crows nest. Heck, you even have a flint lock (plastic of course), and a sword (also plastic) to do battle against anyone you might come across.But you are still missing the thing that lets common folk know you are a pirate to be feared. You are missing this Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat. Now you could go claim it from some poor unsuspecting oaf, or you can just click “Add to Cart” here, and not have to face charges of (plastic) armed robbery. Besides then you would never get to sail (drive) the seven seas (highways in town) collecting your booty (the shopping)!

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  • Men's Privateer Pirate Plus Size Costume

    Men’s Privateer Pirate Plus Size Costume

    Off the HookPirates all have their ups and downs. Sometimes the wind is blowing the right direction and there’s a ship full of gold and spices on the horizon that’s flying a distress flag. But sometimes all they’ve got is a barrel of wormy hardtack in the belly of the ship and the whole crew is blowing at the sails in hopes it’ll get their ship to budge. That just made us think, what’s the ultimate day look like for a pirate? It would have to contain multiple elements such as the defeat of a long-standing foe, the discovery of a brand new treasure map, and a fine mug of Caribbean rum. And whether that pirate had one hand or two, that day would surely be declared as off-the-hook!Details & DesignThis lush red Made by us Privateer Pirate costume is sure to inspire storybook style adventuring. The coat swings to mid-thigh and has a subtle all-over sculpted scroll pattern. It’s trimmed with gold brocade ribbon and has wide cuffs for a extra fancy gesturing. The jacket secures on the inside with buttons for a smooth front. Complementing the jacket, the maroon knickers peep out from under the hem and are sure to be comfortable with elastic just below the knee. The look is polished off with an ivory cravat and a stunning wide-brimmed hat with wire in the brim edge so you can decide what angle makes you look most dapper.Now Sea HereReady to head out on your adventure? Make sure you’re ready for your debut with details like the long curly wig, knee high dress socks, and a shiny golden hook as pictured. Want to make this a classic couple’s look? Team up with the mischievous Peter Pan or a mermaid to make your storybook look complete!

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  • Adult's Privateer Pirate Costume

    Adult’s Privateer Pirate Costume

    Rowing RogueThis Privateer started from the bottom… and yes, now he’s here. When the sea called this pirate’s name he was just a grimy little boy. He was hired to herd the ship’s rats and swab the deck. It didn’t take long before he rose above his station after he organized the ships rats into a choir that sang classic sailor songs and did jigs to accordion music. The captain saw this little boy for the natural leader that he was so he took the kid under his wing. Years went by and the street boy learned how to be a great sailor but he had a wild heart. He couldn’t be told what to do. He needed his own ship. So one moonlit night while in port, he and his team of rats snuck over to a shiny new Brigantine and commandeered it. He and his rats were going places and this was just the beginning. Details & DesignThis Privateer costume features a long red jacket with an all-over sculpted scroll pattern. It has wide cuffs that are trimmed with gold brocade ribbon. The same trim falls down the front and frames the false pocket flaps. The outfit has a ruffled cravat to make you extra fancy. The outfit is complete with cropped pants and a hoity-toity brimmed hat with the same scroll pattern as the jacket. Treasure TalesAre you ready to set sail? No need to follow that old treasure map you found in some gross tavern, you’ve already got a treasure of a costume. You can tweak this costume to suit your personality just right. Pair the hat with a long, curly black wig, an eye patch, and a pirate hook. Choose boots or old fashioned loafers and you’ll look right at home aboard a ship. If you’re going to go rogue, might as well go rogue in style!

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  • Plus Size Women's Ruffled Pirate Costume Blouse

    Plus Size Women’s Ruffled Pirate Costume Blouse

    Shipping OutIt’s a beautiful day in the harbor. The birds are singing… well, the gulls are squawking, that’s close enough, right? The sun is shining. You can almost smell the salty ocean in the air! It seems like the horizon is calling your name. It’s time you answered the call and boarded that ship! Where will you go first? Are you the kind who would come prepared with an intricate map that has an X marking the spot? Or are you the type to take things as they come, ride the waves to whatever adventure comes your way? Or maybe you’d find the first uninhabited tropical island and set up your Tiki Bar for other wayfaring sailors stuck at sea. No matter what kind of sailor you are, you’re going to need the right look to get along with the crew! Details & DesignThis Made by Us pirate blouse is perfect for any pirate look that you want to put together yourself. With a hip-length cut , it can be paired with leggings as well as a sassy pirate skirt. The shirt has flared cuffs and a ruffle falling along the neckline so that you can be sure your pirate flair shines through even when your look is layered under a jacket. Sails PitchAre you ready to head out into foreign waters? Because of its Made by Us high-quality origins, this costume shirt can work double duty after Halloween. It’s pirate-themed party and Renaissance Fair ready. Simply change up your accessories and you’ll have a different costume every time! Looking to set sail with a crew? Browse through the rest of our pirate costumes and you’ll find looks for every pirate young and old. Just make sure you let them know that you’re the captain your Brigantine before they climb aboard. You don’t want any mutinies, savvy?

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  • Adult Ruffled Pirate Blouse

    Adult Ruffled Pirate Blouse

    It’s Parley TimeLife on the seas is the way to go! Pirates just know how to have a good time better than anyone else. Maybe it’s the long days in the sun. Perhaps it’s fact that they’ve got all sorts of islands they can hunker down in. We don’t know what makes pirates so cool, in fact, after all this time we’ll probably never know. But we figure you might as well wear the ruffles and talk the talk and hope some of that good-time-having pirate attitude rubs off on you! You can have all of the fun without any of the danger. Sounds like a good time to us! Just remember to wear plenty of sun screen and wear a life jacket when you walk the plank. You might be dressing as a pirate but it’s still the modern era. It’s up to you to parley responsibly.Details & DesignThis white Made-by-Us blouse is designed to be worked into the pirate ensemble of your choosing. The lightweight material is long enough to be worn as a tunic. It can also get tucked into a skirt, layered under a corset or any other pirate accessories you might fancy. The wide V-neck is trimmed with ruffles that match the ruffled sleeves. Seas the Day!Are you ready to unfurl the sails and journey to a land of awesome pirate costumes? This shirt is the perfect staple for your brand-new pirate wardrobe. From jackets to vests to bandoliers, you’ll have options to make this work for all sorts of events. Because everyone knows that dressing up as a pirate isn’t just for Halloween. In our opinion, everyone ought to have at least one pirate themed birthday party a year. That’s not always possible but you know you’ve gotta be the change you wish to see in the world!

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  • Ruffled Pirate Costume Blouse

    Ruffled Pirate Costume Blouse

    If you‚Äôre hoping to make waves on the high seas, you can forget about finding that ideal blouse at a thrift store–the perfect pirate top is as rare to stumble upon as it is to uncover a long-lost trunk of hidden gems!That is why we recommend this Ruffled Pirate Blouse to any broad with dreams of sailing the decks of a mighty ship–it‚Äôs practical and easy to wear but still a little romantic…after all, the romance of a high seas adventures is what drew you away from shore in the first place. This ruffled blouse has graceful, gathered sleeves, sure to elevate any pirate ensemble or renaissance costume! Wear it with leggings and a corset or a frock coat for a do-it-yourself pirate ensemble. Or wear it under a renaissance gown for your go-to glam look. Your choice!

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  • Pirate Captain Costume

    Pirate Captain Costume

    Did you know there are reasons why pirates have all those accessories? For instance, pirates wore earrings because they believed they would treat bad eyesight, which any optometrist will tell you is baloney. The eye patches were a clever idea, though. By keeping one eye covered before a raid, pirates could storm the insides of ships they were looting without having to wait for both eyes to adjust to the dark! And do you know why pirates liked parrots? It’s because parrots are neat! They talk and they squawk, and if your home is ever invaded by nuts they’ll keep you safe.Some of their paraphernalia is a little more self-explanatory, of course. We don’t have to tell you why pirates liked swords and pistols, do we? And who would have the audacity to ask a seadog with a peg leg or a hand hook why they have one?Now, if you were going to be a pirate, why would you be anything less than a pirate captain? You would get to make all the most important pirating decisions: which ships to pillage, where to bury the booty, which beach to party on. So if you want to be in charge, look the part with our incredibly detailed Pirate Captain Costume. It even comes with a sword, a very important tool when it comes to showing just who’s the captain around here!

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  • Toddler Pirate Captain Costume

    Toddler Pirate Captain Costume

    Does your kiddo often dream about a life at sea? Does he wish to sail across the ocean and discover adventure upon every shore? Well, if finding ancient treasures and evading imperial naval fleets sounds like endless fun to your young swashbuckler then he surely has quite the exciting life ahead of him. You better make sure he looks prepared to start this wondrous career of piracy. We’ve got just what he needs, take a peek at this awesome Toddler Pirate Captain Costume!His transformation into a feared pirate will be nearly complete with a single jumpsuit. Never before now, has a jumpsuit been so nifty as well as practical. The shirt, vest, pants, belt and even the boot covers are all attached and a part of this amazing one-piece. Then to top off this outfit your kiddo can just throw on his foam-formed pirate hat with the attached sash and he’ll be ready to take command over the most-feared pirate crew in the seven seas! While pirates spend most of their time looking for buried treasure your kiddo may also run into a few battles while at sea. You’ll want to make sure that he is properly equipped so that victory over any scurvy scallywags that dare go up against him is a sure thing. We suggest grabbing him one of our Pirate Cutlasses and maybe even a toy pistol!He can use this Halloween as a test run to master these classic pirate weapons and then he’ll be ready for his dream life as an infamous pirate! Now you just need to help him come up with an awesome pirate name… something like Captain Half-Squat or Captain Shin-Kicker, both sound terrifying to us.

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  • Adult Rum Pirate Hat

    Adult Rum Pirate Hat

    So what if you’ve never spent a day swashbuckling on the high seas? You’re ready to be a pirate now, dangit! And not the kind that takes over giant modern shipping vessels piloted by Tom Hanks, but the rum-running kind from the 17th Century. And you’re ridiculously ambitious. Most of us have to start out as cabin boys. But you’re ready for a first-day promotion all the way to captain. And we totally respect that… even though it’s a little crazy. But If you really want to establish yourself as the seafaring king of rum on Day One, you’d better not leave port without looking the part. And that’s why you need our glorious Adult Rum Pirate Hat!A plush red with gold trim, this tricorne (the term for the hat pirates wear… but you already knew that) creates an unmistakable picture of that dashing, larger-than-life scalawag we all see in our heads whenever someone utters the words “pirate” or “captain” (or whenever we’ve had a few too many drinks). When you sail under the Adult Rum Pirate Hat, every member of your crew, and every port you pillage, will know right away that you brought the party… and the rum!

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  • Barbossa Adult Pirate Hat

    Barbossa Adult Pirate Hat

    When infamous pirate Captain Barbossa became a privateer in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he did more than just get a new ship. He got a new hat! Working for the Royal Navy under King George II will do that for a guy.Well, we’re sure you know full well that it’s time for another spin through the Seven Seas, and you know that this iconic character is back for another Pirates of the Caribbean, this time in Dead Men Tell No Tales. And if you’re thinking about becoming the peg leg captain dead set on revenge, well, you’re going to need a sweet hat too!If that happens to be the case, look no further than this Barbossa Adult Pirate Hat. This style is a holdover from his days as a privateer, but it’s still a distinguished look for any man of the sea. Be you a pirate, a privateer, or even…a dead man. Get this detailed hat to complete your costume look, and you’ll be ready to set sail!

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  • Melissa & Doug Pirate Treasure Chest

    Melissa & Doug Pirate Treasure Chest

    This is a Melissa & Doug Pirate Chest 

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  • Pirate Sunglasses

    Pirate Sunglasses

    Arrrg, the Sun Be in Me EyesBeing a pirate must have been tough. They spent long hours standing on the deck of a ship with nothing but crisp blue oceans sprawling out before them… and the sun. That bright, unrelenting sun! And the worst part about that? Well, they didn’t have access to sunglasses back in those days!Yes, being a pirate would have been much easier had they been able to take a pair of sunglasses with them. Luckily, it’s easier than every for pirates, and would-be pirates, to select the perfect eyewear for their next trip out to sea.Product DetailsIf you want to be a pirate in a hurry, or if you want a pair of glasses that help keep that shining sun out of your eyes, then these Pirate Sunglasses are for you! The frames are molded to look like a scruffy pirate, like Black Beard. The top has a captain hat and a parrot and the bottom even has a plastic beard attached to it. One lens is tinted and the other is clear. You can pair them with your pirate costume or put them on solo to turn into a notorious pirate of the seas!

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  • Plus Size Women's Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume

    Plus Size Women’s Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume

    Anne Bonny and Mary Reed were the first famous female pirates, but even they didn’t have a look this cool. With this Women‚Äôs Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume, you’ll look even more fearless and threatening than Calico Jack himself! Any swashbuckler would be lucky to have you on board, so grab your cutlass and get ready to show them that you’re just as salty as the rest of the crew.We made this sassy seafaring costume ourselves, so you can be sure that all the bells and whistles will be included in one dastardly piratey package. You don‚Äôt only get the beautiful blouse, corset, and the extra long pirate flag skirt, we wouldn‚Äôt let you sail off into the sun like that. No, you also the lovely striped leggings, the blood red scarf, and the faux leather belt and harness that are depicted in the picture! Although we would suggest that you arm yourself with some high-quality weaponry. You never know when other scurvy seadogs are going to be fixing for a fight. So you may want to take a look at the fine collection of swords and guns we have available on the site.The last thing you want is to lose your ship and all the treasure you‚Äôve accumulated throughout your lustrous career in piracy, and then, to top it all off, be deserted on a desert island. That does not sound like a good time, and what are we trying to do as pirates? That‚Äôs right, have a good time. So don‚Äôt forget to arm yourself before you set sail on your next adventure this Halloween.

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