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  • Lace Mask Black

    Lace Mask Black

    Mistress of MysteryCan you imagine what it would be like to attend a masquerade ball back in the hay day of masked balls? If you’re longing to get a gorgeous taste of the mystery and mystique of these affairs, you’re not alone. Just imagine what it would be like to pull up to a palace in a horse and carriage. You’d mount the stairs in layers of silken skirts and enter into a grand hall lit by candlelight. And while you might have known some of the people waltzing in the luxurious room, you can’t tell who they are because of the sumptuous masks hiding their faces. Are you dancing with the fancy Duke or a simple handsome rogue? It’s a masked ball! there’s no way of knowing until you unmask at midnight!Product DetailsThis gorgeous black mask is made of a scrolling black lace. It has an asymmetrical design that swirls above your forehead. securing around the back of your head, this mask will stay with you as you dance the night away. Fat Tuesday FashionMardi Gras is one of the last excuses to take to the streets in a fancy mask. This comfortable lace mask treads the line between modern and romantic perfectly. Pair this perfectly with one of our amazing costumes to stand out in any Mardi Gras parade!

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  • Kids Minecraft Steve Vacuform Mask

    Kids Minecraft Steve Vacuform Mask

    Is your smart kiddo one of the leagues of Minecraft engineers? This brave new world is easy to get sucked into. There aren’t many worlds that allow for as much variety as the Minecraft world, when good old Steve starts out with nothing but as soon as he starts punching those trees he can start building his empire on a hill. Depending on his taste your kid could end up with a fleet of skyscrapers or a beautiful castle, as long as he keeps playing the sky isn’t even a limit! It’s no wonder that your kiddo wants to be like Steve. It seems like he can do anything from alchemy to super speed. While we can’t give your kid the ability to take down trees with his fist or build a cabin in a matter of minutes we can give him that block headed look. While he’ll stand out from the ghosts and superheroes every Minecraft fan will see him as that master builder they’ve come to depend on. Your kid will have a great Halloween as the smartest blockhead you’ve ever known!

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  • Kids Lego Movie 2 Lucy Mask

    Kids Lego Movie 2 Lucy Mask

    This is the Lego Movie 2 Kids Lucy Mask.

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  • Two-Face Mask

    Two-Face Mask

    Harvey Dent was at one point was Gotham City’s greatest district attorney ever. He brought down so many crime bosses and bad guys that he became villain enemy number one. This led to a hit being put on Harvey and acid being poured on half of his face. This accident didn’t kill the district attorney but left him with hideous scars. Harvey Dent no longer went my his real name but changed his persona to the villainous Two-Face. Also gone was his life of protecting the people of Gotham because his newest mission was to destroy it. Now you can look just like the villain with a severe case of split personality disorder with this great comic book inspired mask!

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  • Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Who says all bunnies need to be cute, fluffy, and white? How about a bunny that is sexy, sparkly, and dark? If this bunny sounds like your kind of spirit animal, channel its sultry vibes with our Black Glitter Bunny Mask! Be the little bunny gone wild when you put this bunny mask on. The black glitter design means you‚Äôre not a forest dweller anymore, but rather, you are ready to take on the big city. Get busy with the rest of your look, because with this glitter mask, you’re going to have a long night of partying ahead. Pair it with a black long sleeve shirt and leggings for a subtle look, but for a more bombshell appearance, dress up in fishnets and a black tutu. When you show up in this mask, we are sure the other city bunnies won’t be able to get enough of you!

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  • Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask

    Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask

    Michael Myers‚Äô blank, expressionless face has caused millions of nightmares around the world, and now this face can be yours!Of course, you‚Äôll need to become absolutely, insanely creepy and show no remorse for your evil to earn this Licensed Halloween II Economy Mask. But once you‚Äôve got that down (and this mask) this is the surest way to scare trick or treaters. It‚Äôs made of latex and looks just like Michael‚Äôs, any horror film fan will identify you immediately as the central character of the Halloween franchise…then they will immediately start running for their lives. Lift your toy machete under the porch light and let the shrieks ensue! As for Michael‚Äôs ‚Äúdevil eyes,‚Äù we may not be able to help you. Might we suggest contacts? And a psych evaluation?

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  • Michael Myers Halloween II Mask

    Michael Myers Halloween II Mask

    There are few images more iconic to Halloween than the story that shares its very name: Michael Myers. An elusive and frightening boogeyman that seems to be the very epitome of evil, a force that is unkillable and ever-returning, Myers had the devil’s eyes before he was even old enough to do anything with them! As an adult, whooo (aka ghost noises), the monstrous man taught us all what terror was really like. Endless.Step into that frightening role, yourself, with this officially licensed Michael Myers Halloween II Mask and redefine terror. The replica from Trick or Treat studios has the same powdery white, inhuman complexion that you’ve come to fear and the mop of unkempt hair that looks like you’ve been soaking in lake water for far too long, which is a hard look to come by on your own! Peer through large, dark eye openings and let all your friends wonder… just how far gone are you?

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  • Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Adult Bubba Mask

    Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Adult Bubba Mask

    Poor Bubba, just trying to help little Marylee. They really should have left him alone. There is nothing more terrifying than a scarecrow standing where is wasn’t a second ago. Especially when that scarecrow is wearing the same clothes of someone you murdered a few nights back. Silently waiting in barren corn fields, this twisted scarecrow is begging for the taste of revenge. When terrifying justice calls, you can be the one who answers. Pay tribute to your love of campy horror movies with the Dark Night of the Scarecrow mask. Scare your guilty friends by standing in their yard at night with this baby on. They’ll return the horror movies they borrow from you promptly from now on. You’ll find plenty of reasons to slip on this on and haunt your friends, but we can’t say it’ll make you popular. Seeking justice rarely does. There’s no reason to wear itchy burlap this Halloween, just put on this mask to become the vengeance seek scarecrow of the night. Ready your pitchfork, this Halloween is going to be a frightfully good time.

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  • Marvel Black Panther Killmonger Tribal Mask

    Marvel Black Panther Killmonger Tribal Mask

    These Items Aren’t For SaleWhen Eric Killmonger tours an art museum, you know the scales are about to tip. Because while the curator of the African art section might not have been dwelling on how all the masterpieces she was responsible for ended up in their shiny glass cases, Killmonger knew all about it before he even climbed the marble steps of the museum. He was there for Vibranium, yes. But he wanted more. He wanted to recognize the artists that made those masks in the 1700s. The artists that had their pieces taken away, labeled primitive, and proudly displayed in the mahogany-lined libraries of the elite. And while he may have been out for blood, we have to recognize his sentiment. Watching him don the aged mask was pretty thrilling and got us on board for his journey. Now, if only he could have come to a peaceful compromise with The Black Panther!Details & DesignThis detail rich mask is officially licensed from the Black Panther franchise. Molded to look like it’s been etched out of an ancient material, this look is topped with twisting horns and trimmed with natural-looking faux fur. Pair it with a jean jacket and Killmonger style scars done in makeup and you’ll be ready to duel with the Panther!

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  • Adult Slipknot Bass Mask

    Adult Slipknot Bass Mask

    I’m hearing voices, but all they do is complain.Slipknot‚Äôs tradition of performing in masks dates back to when the band was rehearsing for their very first gig just before Halloween in 1995. Shawn Crahan figured that, it being Halloween and all, it would be appropriate to wear a mask for their premiere performance and picked up a clown mask for the show. Not to be outdone by Shawn, the rest of the band got masks too, and any Slipknot fan knows the rest of the story: a legendary opus of brutal metal songs played by guys wearing even more brutal masks. We bet that the Backstreet Boys wish they thought of this first!When V-man joined the band a few years ago, he adopted his own signature persona, a cut up bandaged monster mask that looked distinctive while still fitting in with the rest of the band‚Äôs masks‚Äô theme. If you want the best way to identify fellow heavy metal fans in public, just slip this sick puppy on and go about your regular business. Anyone who doesn‚Äôt recognize you isn‚Äôt worth your time anyway!

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  • Witch King Mask

    Witch King Mask

    You’ll feel the pull of the One Ring in this licensed Witch King mask from the Lord of the Rings. The mask is designed to completely conceal your face so that you can step into the role of this truly fearsome character, instantly transforming you into the Black Captain. Lord of the Rings fans will be completely jealous of just how authentic you look, compared to their close enough costumes, yours will look almost exactly like the one from the cinema.Even if those you encounter throughout the night have never seen The Lord of the Rings and aren’t quite sure how the Witch King of Angmar is that ok! You will still look killer in this, it is still quite the creepy design. Silver distressed detailing will make it look as if you just stepped off the battlefield, fighting against all that try to cross you.

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  • Freddy Krueger Latex Mask

    Freddy Krueger Latex Mask

    The master of nightmares, Freddy Krueger, has shown us for decades the real definition of terror. Born in the midst of a truly living nightmare where a murderous man was left to incinerate in a flame until his death would mark not only his crippled body, but burn scars onto his own wicked soul. Becoming an infamous, murdering ghouls that cannot be defeated isn’t an easy task, after all. It requires one heck of a background story!And, with that story well in place, you know that Freddy isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So, like they say, what you cannot beat, you might as well join! It is your chance now to haunt the nightmares of those who have done you wrong with this Freddy Krueger Latex Mask. The authentic look have openings for your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and shows the burned scares and tissue that will never, ever heal. Haunt all your friends with this face. All you need now is the iconic sweater and terrifying claws.

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  • Pale Slenderman Mask

    Pale Slenderman Mask

    This is a Pale Slenderman Mask.

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  • Mask Nightmare

    Mask Nightmare

    Ummm, Guys?Are you seeing this? No, not that way, it’s in the corner. Just there, crouched under the table. Hey, shh. Listen. What’s that noise? It’s a kind of chuckle. What is it? Ughh, and the smell. It reeks like moss and decomposing roadkill in here. This isn’t good. We shouldn’t have come here. What’s that? No, don’t leave! Don’t leave us here! Not with… the thing. Product DetailsLooking for a monstrous costume that’ll stand out from the crowd? This goosebump inducing nightmare mask is sure to make anyone think twice about turning off the lights. The face has huge pupilless eyes, jagged teeth molded to a wide, grinning mouth, and a shaggy mane around the whole face. The line detailed skin completes the look, making the creature seem like it woke up from a long slumber in a long forgotten tomb… or something along those lines. To Each Their OwnEveryone has their own version of a terror-inducing nightmare. Maybe you can picture this monster crouched in an abandoned building, covered in greasy fur and gnawing on chicken bones. Maybe it’s the kind of thing you imagined was waiting in your closet as a kid. Whatever your fears might be, this happily horrific mask can transform into whatever nightmare you can dream up!

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  • Last Night Pumpkin Mask

    Last Night Pumpkin Mask

    Out of Your GourdAre you feeling a little off kilter? We get it. We’re all living wildly stressful lives. Balancing work life, social life, passion projects, and a little bit of downtime can easily drive a person nuts! But what about getting a little wild in a different flavor? That’s right, don’t go nuts, get out of your gourd! Pumpkin flavored wildness will always make things interesting. What better way to dive into the Halloween season. You don’t always have to keep your sanity in check. This spooky season, let your self-care drift to the wild side with a creepy jack-o-lantern mask!Product DetailsWhen you’re heading into the night in late October, you can show that you’re in the spirit when you throw on this pumpkin mask that’s wearing a wide, slightly unhinged grin. the light-weight mask fits over your whole head. The grin has a thin black mesh so that you can easily breathe and talk throughout the night. The jagged black eye holes let you see with limited-vision so while you shouldn’t drive while wearing this mask, you’ll be able to see well enough to jump out and spook your friends at just the right moment! And if that’s not the spirit of the season, we don’t know what is!

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  • T-Rex Skull Mask

    T-Rex Skull Mask

    Best of BoneheadWe don’t know what the ambitious group of paleontologists was thinking when they brought this tiny T-Rex to life but they probably didn’t expect the dinosaur to be a talented musical artist. It was a total surprise when the dinosaur even came to life before the skin and muscles grew back. But musical ideas had been brewing in his bones for millennia so it was time to express himself. Luckily, the scientists were ready with a recorder as soon as he started spouting lyrics. Because as soon as he was done rapping about being a fossil, he collapsed into dust again. Postnote: We know what you’re thinking. The album, Best of Bonehead is probably sung by a Paleontologist with musical inclinations. The brief bones-to-life timeline is a little too convenient. But we asked all the scientists and they all vehemently denied it so it must be real, right?Product DetailsThis fossilized mask fits over your whole head. The molded latex will excite and frighten all sorts of fossil enthusiasts. Large mesh eye holes let you see the world around you to some extent so that you’ll be able to see while also maintaining a jaw-some undead demeanor!

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  • Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife

    Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife

    This is a Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife Set.

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  • Adult Anubis Mask

    Adult Anubis Mask

    Anubis seems like a pretty chill god. He’s not a total blockhead like some of those Greek gods, who spent most of their time backstabbing each other. He mostly just likes to hang out with dead souls and guide them get to their proper place in the land of the dead. He also acts sort of like a bodyguard to the afterlife, since he uses his handy scale to weigh people’s hearts. (He makes sure all the jerks don’t make it in.) If you plan on choosing an Egyptian god to dress up as, then Anubis is your guy… or jackal.Now, you can be the Egyptian deity Anubis! This adult Anubis mask is molded into the shape of a jackal face and has a black front with plenty of gold detailing on the ears. When you wear it, you can hang with the pharaohs or chill with the mummies, because everyone loves the ancient God of the Dead!

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  • Scary Scarecrow Mask

    Scary Scarecrow Mask

    What happened to the days when scarecrows weren’t so scary? Remember that? When you’d be wandering around a corn field all by yourself, and then you’d happen upon a barely moving figure on a stick , and you’d suddenly feel safe and happy? Then, when you got closer to him you saw he had this friendly face that wasn’t creepy at all, and then he would start singing about having a brain, or something? Remember that? No? Hmm… maybe scarecrows have always been scary like this mask here. Because he is terrifying! Would not want to meet him in a corn field at night, no sir!

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Barrel Mask

    Nightmare Before Christmas Barrel Mask

    A Bone-ified ClassicWho knew that Halloween Town would provide such wild and crazy adventures? Well, Tim Burton certainly had an idea. Whether you’ve loved The Nightmare Before Christmas since it came out in the early 90’s or you are just getting into it, you’re probably just as wrapped up in the macabre world that Burton created as we are. This strang land has everything a movie could ask for from somewhat terrifying yet somehow adorable trick-or-treating children to the romance of a hard-willed ragdoll shut up in the castle of her creator. That’s not to mention the twisting landscape of the world itself. The puppeteers manipulated their characters on two-hundred sets, using trapdoors so they couldn’t be seen by the camera. With all the little details that were put into the movie, people are in danger of missing the adorable henchmen of the Oogie Boogie Man: Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Without all these little heathens, Santy Clause wouldn’t have gone through his horrible ordeal. Product DetailsThis mask will make you look just like the youngest of the trick-or-treating trio, Barrel. The large eye holes and wide skeletal grin hint at a future ambition of holding of the Pumpkin King title. If you want to go beyond the mask and fully transform, pair this mask with slicked back green hair and a skeleton suit and you’ll be ready to knock on some doors!Craft, Cunning, and MischiefNow you and your cohorts might not be traveling by bathtub but we’re sure you three can scare up some mischeif. That’s what Halloween is all about! Jack Skellington may have made a mistake when he let you in on his Christmas plot but that’s just because you three specialize in one area. What is that, you ask? Why, having a happy Halloween, of course! 

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Shock Mask

    Nightmare Before Christmas Shock Mask

    This Is HalloweenSo, let’s go over the main characters of Halloween Town. There is the Pumpkin King, Jack, a skeleton with a big vision and plenty of swagger that makes all the ghosts and ghouls swoon. Then there is the resourceful and sincere rag doll who just wants love and freedom, Sally. Of course, there’s the Oogie Boogie Man and the Mayor. But here’s the thing, this is Halloween, as was stated by the opening number. We can’t forget about some of the most important characters of this whole holiday. . . the trick-or-treaters! Lock, Shock, and Barrel make a good team when they’re not enacting super evil plans at the behest of Oogie Boogie Man. It’s time they got a little more attention!Product DetailsWe have masks for all three of these little trick-or-treaters, making this mask a great option for people who want to put together a group costume. The mask has the cartoonish look of Tim Burton’s classic Nightmare Before Christmas so people are sure to recognize this character. The long nose has a hand-drawn quality along with the artistic blue highlights around the eyes and mouth. Pair this mask with a purple dress to make your look complete. Terrifying TrioIf you’re ready to pair up with a couple trick-or-treaters and recreate the magical nights of you mischevious childhood then this costume is for you! As long as you stay away from the Easter Bunny and good ol’ Santa Claus, Halloween should go off without a hitch. Get ready with your riotous “trick-or-treat” holler!

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Mask

    Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Mask

    The Trick-or-Treat AnticipationThere’s a magic to being a trick-or-treater. Remember what it felt like? You’d get home from school and run to your room for a costume change from your school day look. Or maybe you’d put on the finishing touches that you weren’t allowed to wear at school. You’d throw on the mask that you considered the coup de grace. You’d add the vampire fangs and all the fake blood that you’ve been dreaming about all day. The excitement and the mischevious air is perfectly encapsulated when we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas by the town’s trick-or-treater trio, Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Product DetailsLock is the frontrunner of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen or trick-or-treaters. He is dressed in this devilish mask that looks like it’s straight out of Tim Burton’s vision. Just snap this mask on to make yourself into one of the three trick-or-treaters of Halloween Town. Want to finish your outfit? Check out our devil outfits to get the look from the movie!A Creepy Three of a KindSo, if you’re part of a friend group that would happily kidnap holly, jolly Santa Claus if they had a chance then Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a great choice for your Halloween revelry! Whether your trick-or-treating days are long over or you’re recruiting a couple youngins to the Nightmare Before Christmas legacy, this mask will be instantly recognized by devoted Tim Burton fans. And while we would suggest staying away from poor ol’ Clause, the mischief you get up to in this mask is up to you!

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  • Lego Movie 2 Emmet Kids Mask

    Lego Movie 2 Emmet Kids Mask

    This is a Lego Movie 2 Kids Emmet Mask.

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  • Adult Jack Skellington Mask

    Adult Jack Skellington Mask

    Can you believe that “The Nightmare Before Christmas” premiered all the way back in 1993!? That’s enough to make most of us feel pretty old. Disney actually had a few qualms about the movie that could have completely changed how we saw it. One of the craziest ones is the fact that the studio believed one of the key ways for an audience to identify with a character was through their eyes, so they wanted Jack to have a giant pair of friendly eyeballs instead of his signature sockets. We’re not sure we could bear the sight of our beloved Skellington without his lovely, empty eye holes. It may not be the most settling thing to look at, but this isn’t Bambi we’re talking about, right? Just try getting this Adult mask and putting those giant googly eyes on it. It’s just not the same. Take them back off though, and now you’ve got a fantastic Halloween costume. Just don’t forget a nice pin-striped suit to go with it!

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  • Ram: Skull Mask

    Ram: Skull Mask

    Fitting in with BarbariansPlanning on joining the barbarian hordes? Well, you can’t just waltz into their midst and expect to be best buds. You need to cultivate an intimidating look. You need the sort of style that says, “Hey pal, I’d swing a battle axe at you just as soon as I’d shake your hand.” That’s the sort of thing that barbarians respect. The good news is that you can craft that look quite easily just by wearing this Ram Skull Mask.Product DetailsYes, this Ram Skull Mask makes you look like some kind of battle-crazed brigand. Don’t worry, it’s not made out of a real ram’s skull! It’s made entirely out of latex, so that means even though it looks quite real, no rams were harmed in the making of this mask. It has mesh coverings in the eyes for vision and a pair of horns in back. We recommend stuffing the interior of the horns with newspaper to help them keep their shape as you head out on your next raid.Bring a Battle AxeIf you want to look like one deadly warrior, then you need to craft a savage look. Just slip this latex Ram Skull Mask on your head, grab your battle axe, and you’ll be king of the barbarians in no time.

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  • Adult Scream Mask

    Adult Scream Mask

    We probably aren’t blowing anyone’s mind when we say that murder is bad. It’s not exactly a controversial thing to say, and even the most basic sets of laws throughout history have something in them to try to prevent dudes from killing other dudes. But we have to admit, nothing gets our heart pounding like a good slasher flick, like the modern day classic Scream, with a terrifying murderer doing what they do best! So in that very specific situation, we’re okay with murder.If you’ve ever wondered what seeing through the eyes of the serial killer Ghost Face’s mask is like, you can try it out with this licensed Scream Mask! The hooded foam horror mask will make you look just like the infamous slasher from the hit movies, which is sure to make your friends scream when they see you wearing it. Just don’t get too into it…

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  • Adult Black Ranger Mask Power Rangers

    Adult Black Ranger Mask Power Rangers

    This is a Power Rangers Adult Black Ranger Mask.

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  • Adult Overhead ALF Mask

    Adult Overhead ALF Mask

    They just don’t make aliens like they used. Nowadays, all the aliens on TV are hideous looking monstrosities that are trying to take over the world. We remember a time when TV sitcoms had friendly aliens, who wanted to help teach life lessons to human families. We remember a time when there was a Alf.Yes, the 80’s were the decade of Alf, one of our all-time favorite aliens. We loved him so much, we often wondered what it was like to be him, so we took the only logical next step and made this highly detailed mask. We really went all out on this one! It has molded features in front that recreate his face, while the top and sides are both covered in synthetic fur. All you have to do to become the sitcom character is put it on your head.Of course, we do have to warn you that you may have a strange desire to eat the Tanner family’s cat once you put it on, so make sure there are no felines within a 2 mile radius!

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  • Garbage Pail Kids Adult Zeke Freak Mask

    Garbage Pail Kids Adult Zeke Freak Mask

    Trading cards have been a fun tradition for a long time. Trading cards have ranged from baseball, to Magic, to Pok√©mon. Mostly seen as a wholesome activity done between clean cut boys on the schoolyard, trading cards came to a disturbing turn in the mid-eighties. The birth of Garbage Pail Kids tickled the disgusting funny bones of kids both young and old. Beloved in the eighties kid memory, these cards were banned in schools at the height of their popularity. We really can’t figure out why. If you want to relive your memories of those golden days in the 80’s, consider going as a real life Zeke the Freak this Halloween. His grotesque features will gross out everyone who sees you and delight anyone who traded these iconic cards. Be sure to send a picture to your school buddies to let them know you haven’t forgotten how gnarly it was, trading cards back in the day. Honor your sick minded middle school self and bring Zeke the Freak to life this year.

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  • TMNT Leonardo Basic Mask

    TMNT Leonardo Basic Mask

    Mad SkillsRaph is the tough one. Don is the smart one. Mikey is the loveable party dude. Leo? He’s the one with mad ninja skills. Sure, all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have some skills, but only Leo truly has, what we like to call, “mad skills.” He’s the only turtle who can wield the Odachi sword to perform some crazy portal moves. He also has the best one-liner skills in the ninja game to boot. That’s what we call skills. Mad Skills.Product DetailsIf your child wants mad skills too, then it’s time to dress him up like his favorite Ninja Turtle with this TMNT Basic Leonardo Mask! This officially licensed mask is made out of molded plastic and is shaped into Leo’s face from the 2018 cartoon series. It even has his blue mask shaped into the front! The mask has vinyl cushioning in the face and it fits with an elastic band in back, which means it should be snug, yet comfortable, as your child performs their rad ninja skills!Quick Ninja CostumeIf you want a quick and easy costume for your child, you can pair this mask with a green t-shirt to make your child feel just like the turtle with the mad skills!

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