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  • Kids Batman Costume

    Kids Batman Costume

    When Gotham needs a hero, who will step up?Your son has always felt close to superheroes. He likes they way they save people. The awesome costumes they have. He feels for Bruce Wayne’s tortured past. He loves the cars, and the weapons. And holy crow, does he love Alfred Pennyworth.Sure, he likes the Marvel movies, and he thinks Iron Man’s red armor is awesome, but when you ask him who his favorite superhero is he still replies with, “Batman, duh”. Because Batman doesn‚Äôt need to be anything other than determined to stop crime. He has no super powers. (Unless you count being super rich a super power.) And he gets hurt all the time, but he still fights the good fight.This year get your kid this Batman Costume. Let all the other kids running around be the Hulk, and Superman. Let them shoot arrows at each other as they dress as Hawkeye. He will be trying to avoid the lime light, unlike Tony Stark. He just wants to fight crime, and not be stalked by the paparazzi while he does it. He wants to be the person who steps up to save Gotham, to save people, and stop villains all without the need of superpowers. And let’s be honest he is hoping that he gets an Alfred when he puts on the bat suit. Who knows, he may not get his very own butler, but he may get to drive the Batmobile someday.

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  • Sexy Pink Crayon Dress Costume

    Sexy Pink Crayon Dress Costume

    Unless you have been living in a cave (or someplace without airports, drug stores, or bookshops), you probably know that coloring has had a bit of resurgence. That‚Äôs right, your favorite childhood pastime has become the hip new activity–even for grown ups! So we think it is high time that the coloring instruments grow up a bit, too!With this look, you can fly solo as your favorite colored crayon (duh! pink, obviously) or team up with one of our other hues for a super fun and sassy group theme! Every time you wear it, you will paint the town pink as you add your signature panache to any party in this Sexy Pink Crayon Dress. We‚Äôre not quite sure this is what the industry had in mind when they invested in the idea of ‚Äúadult coloring‚Äù but we think it looks way more fun than a bunch of empty, intricate mandalas. Just sayin‚Äô.This officially licensed Crayola mini dress ties in the back (for a fitted and flirty appearance) and is printed to look just like your favorite crayon in the box. Because we ask you: if you can‚Äôt give into your whimsy and dress up as a sexy crayon on Halloween, then when can you? Exactly. Now is your moment to color outside the lines a bit. Sharpen your style with this look and hop to it!

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  • Tween Miss Mad Hatter Costume

    Tween Miss Mad Hatter Costume

    Every Mad Hatter needs a Misses in their lives who is just a mad as they are! Throw on this Wonderland Miss Mad Hatter Costume and be the perfect counterpart to any insane hat maker. Everyone will want an invitation to your tea party this Halloween!When you’re running around the party in this colorful guise everyone will assume you’ve gone completely bonkers, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Ensure everybody you are on a descent into madness with a nervous maniacal laugh, an eye twitch here and there, and a smile that walks the fine line between sinister and sincere. Get all that down perfectly and you may even be locked up in an asylum for the mentally deranged! That’s when you know that you really knocked this act out of the park. Now, remember that you don’t have to be the only one who loses their mind this Halloween. Invite all of your friends over for a wild Wonderland themed tea party! Check out the rest of our Wonderland character costumes! You can have March Hare, Alice, Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the rest of those kooks join you for a relaxing cup of tea.Just be sure to remind everyone of proper tea-time etiquette. Elbows on the table, shouting is the best form of communication but singing is a respectable alternative, and the best butter is always kept in your pocket watch. This may not seem all that proper, but, in reality, it is as proper as one can get at a Mad Hatter tea party!

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  • Adult Centurion Costume

    Adult Centurion Costume

    Ave, Caesar! Or at least that’s what the plebians will shout when they see you stroll into the forum wearing this authentic Roman Centurion’s gear. The steely breastplate, intimidating helmet, and manly leather skirt will prove to those peasants that you, a soldier of Rome, stand to protect and guide civilization. Wearing this costume, you will undoubtedly find yourself dispensing bread and circuses to the masses before you know it. From the Circus Maximus all the way down to the Coliseum, the citizens of mother Rome will line the streets for your triumphant walk down to the curia to accept your honorable reception and nomination as Imperator in perpetuo!(Just be very careful of anyone named Brutus if you happen to be walking around any temples… you are, after all, still mortal, Imperator.)And only the best armor would befit you, Caesar! We here at have harnessed all the best of modern technology to create an advanced suit of armor in the traditional style of a Roman Centurion. The fabric and faux leather, while admittedly less protective than the more commonly used steel, has great advantages in flexibility, and the weight reduction reduces fatigue by at least 90%. The standard tunic underneath is both useful and stylish, and is a great choice for any event, with or without the armor. Even better, you never have to worry about the cape detaching and unceremoniously fluttering to the ground since we have discovered a way to attach it to the breastplate itself. In any case, and at any event, you will find this Adult Centurion Costume both fashionable and fun to wear. Hail, Caesar!

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  • Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress Costume

    Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress Costume

    Guess who is drawing a crowd? Beautiful blue is! She just hopped out of her Crayola Coloring box and over to the party. Who new a Crayola crayon could be so fabulous. Sky Blue loves to color, and draw beautiful scenery. In fact she changed her name to Sky Blue to feel closer to her art. You can see her work drawn all over the sky, colored around the clouds, and sometimes in animals. She is one of Mother Nature’s favorite artists and colors. Stand out on Halloween at her, or maybe show off and pair up with some friends to build a pack of Crayola Crayons. Everyone loves bright colors, and blue is one of the most calming. Time to bring zen to Halloween with the beautiful sky blue.This officially licensed Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress is wonderful crowd pleaser. The dress is 100 percent polyester to make the crayon look sleek. For a form fitted appearance there are ties in the back to adjust waist size. The Crayola label is printed on the front portion of the dress and gives the appearance of wrapping around the body. To adorn the head this costume comes with a foam headpiece. Get ready to go out with a pack of delightful colors. Or, go solo as Sexy Sky Blue. Just remember you can color the world as you go.

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  • Kids NFL Jets Uniform Costume

    Kids NFL Jets Uniform Costume

    The New York Jets are the first AFL team to win a Super Bowl. Up until then the Packers had won every single Super Bowl — both of them, to be more precise. The Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl III to break Green Bay‚Äôs then seemingly unstoppable winning streak. That was a true game changer! In addition to being from New York (also known as the ‚ÄúEmpire state‚Äù and the ‚Äúonly state that really matters‚Äù), the Jets are also fortunate for always having a great uniform. Back when they were just starting out and called the Titans their colors were blue and gold. Their original uniform‚Äôs design resembled Notre Dame‚Äôs, largely owing to the Titans‚Äô original owner Harry Wismer‚Äôs fondness for the Fighting Irish back then. They changed their name to the Jets in 1963 and took up their hunter green and white colors then as well. This color change was highly advisable — it does a much better job of hiding grass stains!If you‚Äôre known to sport green and white in support of your favorite team, then you can‚Äôt do much better than going the whole whole nine yards by wearing their whole uniform to the next game or costume party! Our officially licensed NFL Jets Uniform Costume comes with the Gang Green jersey itself, striped pants, helmet, and iron-on numbers so you can wear your number or your favorite player‚Äôs. Just be sure to stay on the sidelines when you‚Äôre wearing this or Todd Bowles might actually put you in the game!

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  • Kids NFL Patriots Uniform Costume

    Kids NFL Patriots Uniform Costume

    Do you have a superstar in the making back at home? Well if you ever want him to be the number one pick in the draft you’ll have to make sure that he looks like he’s ready to bring home a Super Bowl ring! What better way to accomplish that task than dressing him up like one of the teams with the most super bowl titles? Grab this Patriots NFL Uniform Costume and your kiddo will be ready to charge the field!The New England Patriots was an original team in the American Football League way back when the league was first formed in 1960. Then the team became a part of the NFL when the two leagues merged into the one we know and love today. So this franchise has basically been around since the genesis of professional football. Not only that, but they’ve also managed to remain one of the most successful franchises of any in the entire league. The Pats have had both amazing coaching staff and out of this world talent to help them collect stacks of divisional champ titles and Super Bowl trophies! And looking at the way they’ve structured this team, it seems like they’re set up for another 20 years of winning. So dress your kiddo up like a winner and get those NFL scouts to start taking second looks at your little MVP with this Patriots NFL Uniform Costume! Before you know it your superstar will be breaking all sorts of league records and entering the NFL Hall of Fame!

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  • Arabian Sheik Costume

    Arabian Sheik Costume

    In the Arabic language a Sheik is a title of honor so you’d better be ready to be fawned over while decked out in our Arabian Sheik costume. Rule your land the way you see fit. Want to celebrate Halloween every day of the year or maybe enforce more naps, whatever crazy rules you want to enforce you can, and no one can say otherwise. While you may have inherited your royal blood from your father, this costume will give you a look that’s all your own because being king really is the best!While draped in our Arabian Sheik costume you will be looking so authentic you may even find your Sheikha (that’s the female version of Arabian royalty in case you didn’t know). Your Sheikha is sure to be impressed with your dapper duds! You not only will get the Arabian inspired white gown and keffiyah headpiece, but you will also get gold accents to give you a little extra royal flair. If you’re lucky your lady friend will let you borrow her best pair of strappy rope sandals so you can get the full Sheik look going. If not, then you’re in luck because we sell those too!Maybe your dreams of traveling to far away lands won’t play out exactly the way they do in your fantasies, but you can at least look the part. Made to look like something right out of a true Middle East adventure, this outfit brings you the princely look of a Sheik.

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  • Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

    Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

    You’d have to be crazy to fall in love with a clown psychopath, and Harley Quinn is just that. This former psychiatrist was in change of analyzing the Joker while he spent time in Arkham Asylum but instead became utterly infatuated with him. Knowing that she had to be with her main man Mr. J she helped him escape and has done that many, many times for him. But now that part of Gotham City is now a prison and the Joker on his deathbed it is up to Harley to make sure his gang does what they can to take on the dark knight. Now you can look like Miss Quinn from the hit video game in this costume!

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  • Teen Red Riding Hood Costume

    Teen Red Riding Hood Costume

    When Little Red Riding Hood was just starting out on her walks to Grandma’s house, she faced a lot of danger that she was simply entirely unprepared for. If not for the Woodsman’s aid and a bit of precocious curiosity and questioning, Little Red would have been a lotta dead. Fortunately, she made it through those younger days and has grown up to learn a few things.We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, these days, so the deceptive and deceitful wily ways of the Big Bad Wolf are concerns of the past. All that is left for the story is to admire her precociousness and on-target fashion sense. And with that, our adorable red-caped girl has grown up into a young woman and will easily make her way to Grandma’s house and back to tell a much happier story.Make the new tale your own by stepping into this Teen Red Riding Hood costume. This red bodice with crossing center ribbon designs features a red and white gingham skirt with a ruffled hem that shows a bit of new style and versatility in our slightly wiser Teen Red. The iconic red cape is a permanent feature, of course, tying under the neck and contrasting well with the white back tied apron. Include some accessories like a wicker basket, some snacks, and an axe of your own… just in case there are yet some wolves in the forest, and you’re on your way to the best ending yet!

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  • Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

    Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

    Batman has fought a lot of villains over the years. There are the heavy hitters like the Joker, Two-Face and Bane. There are the loveable ant-heroes like Catwoman. There are the B-list (or maybe C-list?) substitutes like Egghead and Condiment King (yes, he’s really real and he really does spray condiments at his foes). The world’s greatest detective has one of the most colorful and eclectic rogue’s galleries of all time.But maybe none of these has such a place in fans’ hearts as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley—AKA Poison Ivy.The reasons are obvious. Poison Ivy is addictively attractive, with her shiny dark green leaves and her trailing vines and her milky sap. She’s truly worth risking an itchy, painful rash and even blisters…Oh, wait. We mixed that up. That’s the plant poison ivy, not the super villainess Poison Ivy. Oops.This Women’s Poison Ivy Villain Costume is meant to help you become that Poison Ivy, the sexy and toxic plant-loving villainess who is far more concerned about saving endangered plant species than stealing the world’s largest diamond. The officially licensed costume features a dark green dress that looks like it came straight off a comic book cover, along with fingerless gloves with faux ivy on the top, an ivy leaf armband and an ivy leaf headpiece with a comb that attaches into your hair.With this costume, you’ll take your rightful place in Batman’s rogues’ gallery, and you won’t have to risk a nasty rash either. It’s a win-win!

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  • Kids NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    Kids NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    Go Pack Go!You might sometimes wonder where the Green Bay Packers are always so busy going, but as long as they beat those Bears, that’s all that really matters! As a die hard ‚Äúcheesehead‚Äù you gotta make sure you’re all geared up for Game Day, and donning this officially licensed NFL Packers Uniform Costume is just the look you’ll need to show off your team spirit!Everyone has got their own way of showing their support for the team they love most. Maybe you like to go to the actual stadium to watch the action in person from the stands, cheering the Pack on in your lucky cheese wedge shaped hat, and chowing down on concession stand hot dogs. If you really want to have a blast, fire up the grill and invite all your buddies over to watch. What better way to show off your big screen and surround sound system (and also your mad nacho making skills) than by throwing a Sunday afternoon shindig and watching the big game? Plus, you don’t have to deal with bathroom lines and traffic afterward, which is always a ‚Äúwin‚Äù in our book.You’ll also have plenty of good chances to show off your awesome Packers uniform before the game, as well as your passing skills whenever someone asks you to toss them a soda. This sleek ensemble comes in Green Bay’s trademark green and gold, and includes official Packers logos and details, just like the uniforms worn by the players on the gridiron. Team up with your friends in matching uniforms, or have a rivalry with any of them wearing Bears or Vikings costumes!

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  • Toddler Girls Pirate Costume

    Toddler Girls Pirate Costume

    Avast me hearties!When the doctor put your little girl in your hands for the first time you knew you where holding the best treasure in the world. And when she smiled, you knew there would be nothing worth more to you than her happiness. And you got excited that you could play like a kid again, with the best partner ever.When she turned three you started to teach her to talk like a pirate. You taught her the “Yo ho,” song. Your wife wasn‚Äôt too impressed with that one, but you still caught her smiling at your daughter. You read her Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island for a bed time story. You used the light sabers her uncle had given to her to teach her how to sword fight.Now all you need is to put her into this Toddler Girls Pirate Costume. This will complete her training as your first mate. She is the only one, since the day she was born, that you would trust as your first mate. She never tells you that the couch is just a couch. No, she just jumps on the makeshift pirate ship, and yells “Land ho,” jumping down to fight for treasure. All the while she is swinging her light saber around the seven seas, she is laughing, and smiling. And you would play pirates everyday, because your first mate’s happiness is worth more than all the pirate gold in the world.

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  • Adult Gorilla Costume

    Adult Gorilla Costume

    No monkey business. Quit monkeying around. You‚Äôre acting like a bunch of monkeys!How come everyone makes it sound like acting like a primate is a negative thing? We don’t get it. We think that getting away with monkey business would be awesome for many reasons. Now, gorillas aren’t monkeys, but we’re pretty sure they like to have a little fun of their own. They get to hang out in the jungle, eat bananas all day, and chill; which sounds like a blast to us. And they can probably get away with almost anything because they are huge and intimidating, but also really adorable and strikingly similar to ourselves at the same time! Honestly, how do they manage that?If you’re interested in achieving this one of a kind look and you want to look both intimidating and adorable at the same time, then this adult gorilla costume is perfect for you. This costume comes with a faux fur jumpsuit fastens which ties at the back of the neck to allow for air circulation and a comfortable fit. It also has a vinyl chest piece that is molded to replicate a muscular torso. The gloves and shoe covers have elastic cuffs so they’re nice and stretchy. Top it all off with the mask which has a molded vinyl face and ears and features a faux fur hood that covers the entire head. So, all you need to bring is a hardy supply of bananas for you and all your gorilla buddies. Just make sure that you grab some ape friends and enjoy your Halloween night like never before! Use it as a mascot costume and go bananas at your next school sporting event!

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  • Toddler Girls Pirate Costume

    Toddler Girls Pirate Costume

    Avast me hearties!When the doctor put your little girl in your hands for the first time you knew you where holding the best treasure in the world. And when she smiled, you knew there would be nothing worth more to you than her happiness. And you got excited that you could play like a kid again, with the best partner ever.When she turned three you started to teach her to talk like a pirate. You taught her the “Yo ho,” song. Your wife wasn‚Äôt too impressed with that one, but you still caught her smiling at your daughter. You read her Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island for a bed time story. You used the light sabers her uncle had given to her to teach her how to sword fight.Now all you need is to put her into this Toddler Girls Pirate Costume. This will complete her training as your first mate. She is the only one, since the day she was born, that you would trust as your first mate. She never tells you that the couch is just a couch. No, she just jumps on the makeshift pirate ship, and yells “Land ho,” jumping down to fight for treasure. All the while she is swinging her light saber around the seven seas, she is laughing, and smiling. And you would play pirates everyday, because your first mate’s happiness is worth more than all the pirate gold in the world.

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  • Big Top Belle Clown Costume

    Big Top Belle Clown Costume

    No one ever said that clowns had to wear those fluffy jumpsuits.Did they? We’re pretty sure they didn’t. We’re also pretty sure you aren’t required to wear ridiculously large shoes if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of dressing as a clown! You get to interpret your outfit however you like. It’s your own creation after all, so your clown can be in pastels, or have a giant tutu, or even a massive hat. So the question is, what do you want your clown character to look like?If it were us, we’d go with some classic colors. Bright primary colors with polka dots or stripes. And if it were us, we’d avoid the full clown jumpsuit in lieu of something more comfortable. Maybe a dress or skirt? We’d definitely avoid big hands/feet, and go for something both clown-like but cute.Essentially, we’d be after this Big Top Belle Clown Costume. It’s a brightly colored polyester dress in all colors of the rainbow. There’s yellow off-the-shoulder sleeves, different layers to the skirts (both stripes and polka dots), and a hoop skirt to give the dress volume. There’s rainbow trim, gold sequin bands, a polka-dot collar, and even a red bowed headband to top it off. This outfit is both bright and cheery, but adorable, which we think is a win-win. Not to mention no jumpsuit! That’s even better.

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  • Plus Size Disco Diva Dress Costume

    Plus Size Disco Diva Dress Costume

    At first I was afraid. I was Petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.The best way we have found to deal with a sad break up, is to go out for a little fun on the town. And if he tries to get you back, just tell him to walk right out that door. You have other things to be doing. Like dancing at the Disco.Slip on this Women’s Plus Size Disco Diva Dress, and forget about him. The whole dance club will see you walking in glittering like a proper disco gal in this swirl patterned sequined dress. Adding a pair of gogo boots will complete your diva look. The women will all be asking where you got such a happening dress, and the men will be clamoring over themselves to be the first to dance with you. By the end of the night you will be saying, “Who was I trying to forget? Must not have been anyone important.”Maybe, you’ll even find your next guy there. The kind of man who loves to go out, and disco till the sun comes up. Because, like Gloria Gaynor sang, as long as you know how to love you know you will survive! Because you have all your life to live, and all your love to give. You will Survive. But, in this Disco Diva Dress you wont just “survive” you’ll thrive!

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  • Fifties Good Buddy Costume

    Fifties Good Buddy Costume

    There’s two things we love most about this costume: First, it reminds of us of the late Buddy Holly, who wrote and performed arguably some of the greatest songs of the ’50s, if not of all time. “Everyday”? Still totally holds up! You were also probably raised by wolves if you haven’t heard someone sing “That’ll Be The Day” in response to some outlandish declarative statement.Second, thinking of Buddy Holly also makes us think of his songs “Peggy Sue” and “Peggy Sue Got Married (that Peggy Sue must’ve really knocked Buddy Holly for a loop, to have inspired not one, but two songs about her) which also reminds of the movie Peggy Sue Got Married, which was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and stars a young Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, AND Jim Carrey. It’s about time travel from the ’80s back to 1960 (it’s basically the mid-life crisis version of “Back To The Future”) and it’s freaking fantastic.So if Buddy Holly is amazing and “Peggy Sue Got Married” is amazing, then obviously this costume, by association, is also amazing! So gab your Fender guitar, a couple of pals, and start serenading your church (maybe you could name your band The Rhythm Methodists?) and local sock hops in this geek-chic Fifties Good Buddy Costume. One look at this long-sleeved blue and green plaid polyester jacket and black tie ensemble and there’ll be no doubt that it’s hip to be square! Add some black pants, black frame glasses, and gel up your hair, and you’ll be ready to be-bop your way into the hearts of screaming, crying girls everywhere (but in a good way).

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  • Mens Cheerleader Costume

    Mens Cheerleader Costume

    Talk about squad goals!Pep talk your best pals into this hilarious group costume, and we can almost guarantee you‚Äôll steal the show from everyone else at the big Friday night party! This Mens Cheerleader Costume is downright hysterical and you know what they say: the friends who dress like cheerleaders together, stay together. OK, so no one says that. But they should. We‚Äôve received countless letters from buddies who have touted this costume‚Äôs friendship-building power. ‚ÄúI liked my buddy, Jay,‚Äù wrote one satisfied customer, ‚Äúthen I saw him do a herkie in this hilarious outfit and I yelled out, ‚ÄòI freakin‚Äô love you, man!‚Äô‚Äù ‚ÄúI thought my Halloween party last year would be a bust, just another stupid costume party,‚Äù Dennis wrote to us, from Altoona, PA. ‚ÄúThen my best buds showed up in these cheerleader costumes and the party went viral!‚Äù As you can see, this costume‚Äôs midriff bearing shirt, pleated skirt, and…ahem…inflatable bosom will bond you indelibly to your whole squad. So grab your pom poms and warm up with a few high kicks and spirit tucks. Then go ahead and pick up a wig and get ready to represent Twin Peaks in style. Or at least in solidarity. Together now: two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?

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  • Giggles the Clown Costume

    Giggles the Clown Costume

    Your coworkers just don‚Äôt believe you when you tell them that you used to be the class clown in high school. Jim from marketing rolls his eyes, while Maggie from HR says, ‚Äúbut…you‚Äôre so serious.‚Äù Time for a humorous makeover!It‚Äôs true; your clothes have become slightly more conservative and you haven‚Äôt been seen with a whoopee cushion in about 20 years, but we know you‚Äôve still what it takes to have every cubicle rolling with laughter! Why not show up to work on Halloween in this Giggles the Clown Costume and stop the second-guessing in its tracks? This look is certain to make you the cutest and jolliest clown under the big top, all the while infusing a bit more whimsy into your Wednesday staff meeting. Jim will need to put his eyes back in his sockets when you waltz in wearing this clown costume and slinging jokes left and right. And it‚Äôs safe to say that Maggie will want to hide under a table for having been so wrong about you.Later, you can rock this classic clown look at a party and keep guests smiling from ear to ear. Everyone loves a clown; or…at least those who aren’t afraid of them do. Bring some much needed sunshine into your grumpy coworkers‚Äô lives and let the story of when you showed up in these bloomers, hoop skirt, and dress live in office infamy. Pick up a clown nose and wig to really look the part and put those naysayers in their pouty places!

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  • Sexy Disco Diva Dress Costume

    Sexy Disco Diva Dress Costume

    If there’s something wrong with channeling all the negativity in a person’s life into dance, we don’t want to be right. What else would we do with a whole lot of extra pent-up frustration and foiled ambition? Nothing could be as much fun as squishing it beneath the sleek and fashionable heels of our kneehigh go-go boots! In fact, every few months we like to take a trip to the local disco club and work out all our problems beneath a shimmering disco ball to some of the catchiest music ever recorded. We think that’s a strategy that could make a lot of other people feel better, too, and we hope you agree. But maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe you’d rather just sit around in silence, like so many other people seem to prefer. That’s gonna make our mission a lot tougher! Help us help you by trying on this Sexy Disco Diva Dress and stepping out there on the dance floor. We’re certain that with some matching boogie shoes or roller skates, an outfit like this will improve anybody’s mood. And if it doesn’t? Well, that hasn’t happened so far, but we’d tentatively suggest cranking up the music and shaking it even harder. Sometimes all that bad stuff can be kind of sticky, you know?Do us a favor: if our method works for you, would you pass it on? The only thing that would make us happier than one person wearing a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and dancing til they feel better is everyone putting on a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and feeling better together!

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  • Kids Darth Vader Costume

    Kids Darth Vader Costume

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.Has your kid tried talking while breathing yet? He saw Darth Vader do it, now he tries to copy the heavy breathing/talking. You can’t tell him to talk normal, it would be a little hypocritical to tell him to stop doing what you did as a kid. At least he doesn‚Äôt talk into the fan to get the same mechanical voice….Not yet at least.Let’s be honest if you could you would walk around in full Vader get up all the time. So would your son. So would we. We would all wear that black cape, chest piece, and iconic helmet. We would talk with the mechanical voice of the Dark Lord. Trying to breath at the same time as talking.This year when your son tries to wear his Kids Darth Vader Costume to school every single day. Let him. (Maybe try to wash it a little more often, but don‚Äôt stop him.) How many times do you get the chance to watch Darth Vader get on the bus? Not very often, and as he gets older even less. Yeah, he may try to choke a bully with the force, but he won’t touch them‚Äîso he can’t get suspended right? He was just trying to stick up for anther kid. Sure, he may have you call him Anakin, and say “Luke, I am your father.” But, it will be kind of hilarious. Just, maybe don’t let him build the Death Star out of LEGOs, don’t want him getting any ideas about world domination.

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  • Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Yaaaaarrrgg! Are yee ready matey? Ready to sail the seven seas, that is? Aye, well ye won‚Äôt be ready until you grab this lovely Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume! Once ye slip yer body into these elegant garbs you‚Äôll be sure to rule the ocean!This spunky outfit will have you looking fit to take control of any pirate ship that you should happen to come across. Although it will be Halloween, so why not take charge of the party scene this year! Grab yourself a captain‚Äôs Tricorn hat and one of our plastic pirate swords, then you‚Äôll look more than ready to lead everyone to the greatest Halloween they‚Äôve ever celebrated. People won‚Äôt question your command. It will look as if you‚Äôve been there and done it all; collected more booty than any pirate could ever dream of, fought off more ships than an imperial navy, and traveled to every shimmering shore there is. Grab a handful of friends to dress up as pirates as well and you can be the captain of the rowdiest crew of swashbucklers anyone has ever sailed across. When people ask for your name give them the alias Ruby the Pirate Beauty and you won‚Äôt have to worry about the law trying to take the fun out of pirating.If the pirate‚Äôs life is truly the life for you then get your hands on this lady’s pirate costume and you‚Äôll be ready for an amazing adventures this Halloween! Weigh anchor and sail off into the sun with this sassy outfit!

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  • Toddler Elvis Costume Romper

    Toddler Elvis Costume Romper

    Can’t Help Falling In Love With this cutie!He might be the king of your heart already, but your Suspicious Mind knows it’s only a matter of time until this little Hound Dog is the next King of Rock and Roll! Like a Big Ol’ Hunk of Love, this baby Loves You Tender and when he sings, it’s like a Pocketful of Rainbows! So if your little crooner sends you straight to the Heartbreak Hotel with his star quality, then Don’t Be Cruel! Get him ready for Viva Las Vegas in this Toddler Elvis Costume Romper!He’ll be ready to take the stage in this version of one of Elvis’ most famous looks Рthe iconic white pantsuit! This Toddler Elvis Costume Romper is made of 100% polyester, this Elvis jumpsuit sports Velcro on the inside of the legs for easy changing. It also features red trim on the neck line and at the ankles, and sparkles with screenprinted jewels, stars, and even an eagle belt! Pair it with some Blue Suede Shoes, a bedazzled toy guitar, and maybe even a Hawaiian lei or a hilarious black-haired Elvis wig, and in this Toddler Elvis Costume Romper, your little crooner will have all the rock and roll attitude he needs! Just be prepared when he starts craving grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches (to fair, those are actually pretty great. And have you ever had a peanut butter and bacon hamburger? It sounds disgusting, but it tastes spectacular! Besides music, that Elvis was totally onto something!)

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  • Adult Zombie Costume

    Adult Zombie Costume

    If you look out your front window one morning and see herds of zombies staggering around, you have two options. 1: make a break for it and eventually get horrifically eaten, or 2: join them. It may not be the most heroic choice, but this super-creepy Zombie Costume makes it pretty easy, and it definitely beats being eaten!We know you’re thinking, “No! You need to grab a shotgun, tie a dirty bandanna around your head, and fight for humanity!” To which we respond, “Come on, man, they’re zombies.” Every zombie movie shows flocks of survivors fleeing frantically at the sight of an undead horde, while a few brave souls band together to make a final stand, and promptly get eaten for their trouble. But people rarely try just teaming up with the shambling ghouls and seeing where it goes! Maybe after all the humans are eaten or turned into dead-heads themselves, the zombies just go back to what they were doing before they were zombified. And if that’s the case, you would be totally free to return home and go back to bed! They never show that part in the movies, though, do they?Well, okay, maybe being a zombie would be better without all the decomposition and people-eating. But this freaky full body costume lets you look like a reanimated corpse without all the gross stuff. The shirt and pants look like tattered clothes with exposed bones and organs attached, which go perfectly with the gruesome gloves and zombie mask. You may not like the undead apocalypse as a human, but in this costume, you can at least enjoy it as a zombie!

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  • Child Pebbles Costume

    Child Pebbles Costume

    Imagine living in 1,000,000 B.C. Instead of tablets that you could watch movies on, you’d have tablets to carve words into. Instead of cars, you’d have to ride dinosaurs or create some sort of foot-powered vehicle (think of the blisters!). You’d use bones for all your accessorizing. Your shower would be a woolly mammoth spraying water out of its trunk, while your washing machine would be a pelican with a beak full of suds. What a kooky era to live in!Well, honestly, prehistoric times were nothing like the Flintstones portray them… but it would be really boring to make a TV show about real cavemen hunting and gathering food and living in caves. With the Flintstones, you get all sorts of cool inventions and funny characters, like Fred Flintstone, who’s always getting into wacky misadventures, and Barney Rubble, his best friend who always tags along. But the best character is definitely Pebbles, Fred and Wilma’s adorable little daughter.Now your daughter can look just like Pebbles thanks to this officially licensed Pebbles Kid Costume. The sleeveless pink shirt attaches with Velcro at the base of the neck, while the black shorts have an elastic waistband for comfy fit. The costume also comes with cute pink legwarmers and an orange Pebbles wig, complete with a plush bone “bow.” Your little girl will be the cutest kid in Bedrock!

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  • Women's 1970s Disco Costume

    Women’s 1970s Disco Costume

    You‚Äôve been doing the same ‚Äò80s-themed party every year for as long as anyone can remember. Even your friends have started to tease you, telling you that you have to choose a new decade.Well, you know what, we think it‚Äôs time to surprise them at your yearly shindig by doing just that. We know, we know, it‚Äôll be hard to ditch the side ponytail for a, dare we say, groovier style, but it‚Äôs time to swap last year‚Äôs mixtapes for some classic tunes on the record player. But trust us, the ‚Äò70s have some great things going for them, too, things on par with your beloved off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, scrunchies, and pastel leotards. Once your friends get over their shock at going even further back in time than they were expecting, this Women‚Äôs 1970s Disco Costume will be a surefire hit. With bold patterns and flares that only the ‚Äò70s could make popular, this costume is ideal to bring back the best aspects of the biggest party decade this side of the Roaring ‚Äò20s.Now the only thing you have to do is learn some disco moves to fully complete your look. But we‚Äôre sure you‚Äôll be fierce once you re-watch a couple of old Travolta movies and get yourself into some high platform shoes. Once you take on this look and wholly embrace the disco scene, you‚Äôre friends will be begging you to throw another ‚Äò70s party…and thus a new tradition is born. You‚Äôre welcome.

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  • Mrs. Law Cop Costume

    Mrs. Law Cop Costume

    There are a few things that every Haloween party needs to be a success. You need some bumping tunes, delicious refreshments, and, of course, the party police to keep things going smoothly! Grab this Mrs. Law Cop Costume and you’ll be ready to kick any Halloween party you attend up to the next level!Slip into this sassy policewomen outfit and be the most seductive officer in the force. There will be some who wouldn’t dream of messing around with an officer of your caliber and there will be others begging to be put under arrest. Either way, it will be your duty to ensure that the party is at a maximum level of fun this Halloween! This costume will come with everything that you need to get the job done. Not only do you get this stylish low-cut dress and badge, but you also will be fully equipped with a nifty belt to carry a walkie-talkie, a set of handcuffs, and a mini baton! Also, a cute pair of fingerless gloves adds a hint of spunk to this already sass-ified costume. To top off this authoritative look you have a classic Cop Cap to rest upon your crown, like a cherry atop an ice cream masterpiece.Once you toss on this costume, you’ll be ready to party the night away while also keeping everyone in line! Everyone will be extremly thankful that you brought their Halloween experience to the next level, but you can humbly tell them you’re simply doing your job. It’s all in a day’s work for the Party Police!

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  • Flirty Mouse Costume

    Flirty Mouse Costume

    There are a lot of animals in the world (scientists count as many as 50), but very few of them are appropriate to base a flirty costume on. Some animals just don‚Äôt lend themselves to flirtiness at all. ‚ÄúFlirty Dog Costume‚Äù doesn‚Äôt gel because being called ‚Äúdog‚Äù is rarely a compliment for people. ‚ÄúFlirty Sea Cucumber Costume‚Äù is even worse. Most people hate cucumbers because they are the worst kind of sushi. ‚ÄúFlirty Glyptapanteles Wasp Costume‚Äù might have potential, but we‚Äôll never find out because we don‚Äôt know how to spell that even though we just did in this very sentence.Do you know what‚Äôs a good flirty animal? The mouse. Everyone knows what it is, it‚Äôs very cute, it runs around and eats cheese and outsmarts house cats. That‚Äôs nice. That‚Äôs good. You have to keep it simple when you‚Äôre coming up with flirty animals. Maybe there are still some good ones out there that we haven‚Äôt thought of, but we‚Äôre sticking to tradition anyway!Do yourself a favor and go with our Flirty Mouse Costume. Made from quality materials to facilitate flirting, its ruffled skirt, polka dots, and short, puffy sleeves all bring to mind no particular famous cartoon mouse. Supple velour ears truly bring the whole mouse element together — so don‚Äôt leave home without them, because then you won‚Äôt be a flirty mouse at all. You‚Äôll just be flirty.

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  • Womens Cleopatra Costume

    Womens Cleopatra Costume

    I will not be triumphed over! – CleopatraThere are some women in our lives that we can’t help but to admire. We love everything about them. We love the good things that they did, and we understand that they were human so they probably messed up. But we even admire their flaws.We admire our mothers for putting up with our shenanigans. We admire Michelle Obama, and her desire to stand up for women everywhere. We admire Oprah, and don‚Äôt you say that you don’t admire her too. We know you do. But we really admire the strong, independent, sassy queen of Egypt from 51-30 BC. We admire Cleopatra, who made the Roman emperor fall in love with her.This year you can embody the most powerful woman of all Egypt when you put on this Women’s Cleopatra Costume. The dress will make it easy for every emperor to fall (at least a little) in love with you. The metallic gold cape flowing elegantly behind you will make you look majestic, just like the real Queen of the Nile. We will admire you for your strength, and we will understand when you err, because you are human, just like Michelle Obama, and Oprah. Don‚Äôt forget to grab a Cleopatra Wig to complete your transformation in to one of the most admired women in history.

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