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  • Deluxe Avengers Endgame Men's Incredible Hulk Costume

    Deluxe Avengers Endgame Men’s Incredible Hulk Costume

    Hulk Smash?You know, in the old days it was different. There would have been an exclamation point hanging out at the end of that iconic phrase. These days, Hulk has a little bit of a different approach to life. He’s not quite the uncontrollable monster he was back in the first Avengers movie. He’s still big, green, and strong enough to throw a city bus into orbit… but he’s started to get a bit more introspective. Instead of just smashing with complete abandon, he now stops to ponder about smashing.Of course, he still smashes. That’s what the Hulk does. He just thinks about it a little more in Avengers: Endgame! Now, you can be a slightly more thoughtful Hulk when you wear this officially licensed costume from the latest Marvel movie!Product DetailsThis Avengers: Endgame Incredible Hulk Costume helps you transform into the mean and green superhero from the movies. The costume comes with a green jumpsuit that has plenty of muscle padding in the chest and arms to help give you that hulked-out look. The legs have printed jeans on the bottom, complete with faux rips. The feet feature shoe covers, so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes while hulking it. Finally, the included mask completes your transformation by giving you the angry face of the big green lug. Once you have it on, you’ll be ready to join the team for the big fight against Thanos!Team HulkBeing the Hulk doesn’t require you to spend hours in the lab studying gamma rays! You just need this officially licensed costume from Avengers: Endgame. Make sure to assemble your team if you plan on facing Thanos though! It’s going to take a lot more than just the Hulk to take that big baddie down.

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  • Child Aquaman Costume

    Child Aquaman Costume

    The DC Extended UniverseIs your kid ready to jump into the rip-roaring world of DC Extended Universe? Alright! Sure, he’s probably familiar with the classic characters like Batman and Superman, after all, they’ve been on TV and starring in movies for years. But, now, new flicks from Warner Bros is making a big splash, and we’re getting familiar with characters who’ve been famous in comic books for a long time. Wonder Woman (obviously) but also Cyborg, the Flash, and especially, Aquaman!If your kiddo’s a fan, we’re sure they’re going to be ready to suit up as Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s portrayal of the superhero makes Aquaman out to be one cool dude, and if your child is ready to get ocean powers and superhero swagger, well, we’ve got just the thing for them. This officially licensed Child Aquaman Costume captures the style straight from the 2018 Aquaman movie, and it’s ready just in time for Halloween.Product DetailsThis Aquaman Child’s Costume is DC Comics and Warner Bros officially licensed. It comes with a fully printed polyester jumpsuit. The printed details depict the tattooed torso of Aquaman and a shoulder guard, straps, and gauntlets. The lower half has printed pants and boots, and they have a boot cover section that covers any kind of shoes and secures under the foot with an elastic band. A belt secures around the waist, and all pieces secure with hook and loop fastener strips.Ready to Save the DayWhile we dabble in fantasy and comic books and love to imagine the action is real, we know full well that we can’t send out superpowers with each costume we ship out. We sure wish we could! We’re sure your kiddo will love imagining themselves as a Justice League hero, though, so be sure to pick out this costume or one of our other choices, and we’re sure they will be ready to save the day!

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  • Child's Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Thor Costume

    Child’s Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Thor Costume

    THOR WANTS MOREMore of what, you ask? We’ll gladly tell you even if Thor told us this personal information in confidence, but he also told Rocket Racoon (and that little guy has a very big mouth) so we’re going to dish you this little tidbit of information.Thor says being a god and a superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be which took us by surprise. Who wouldn’t want the abilities to wield a magical hammer and now a new weapon, the Stormbreaker? Who wouldn’t want to pal around with the Avenger team? But Thor’s teary-eyed confession made us realize that the Asgardian crusader has lost many loved ones, not to mention, an eyeball. Even though this is Thor’s currently looking for a way to live a more fulfilling life, he wants kids to know they’re able to transform into him without reaping any of his misfortunes, thanks to the deluxe Thor costume. The costume recreates his dark and somber look from Infinity War— just supply the fierce attitude. We think Thor will feel uplifted once he sees miniaturized versions of himself invading the planet.PRODUCT DETAILS   The officially licensed Marvel jumpsuit features a padded chest and arm muscles that are attached to the suit. Gauntlets on the forearms and a pair of boot covers are also conveniently attached to the jumpsuit so they won’t fall off at any point throughout the evening. The costume fastens together via a hook and loop closure located in the back of the suit. The included belt is printed to match the jumpsuit and also uses a hook and loop closure in back to secure around the waist. IT’S HAMMER TIMEJust kidding, it’s Stormbreaker time. Pick up the electronic ax toy (sold here) to complete the costume and so you have a way to protect yourself in case Thanos mistakes you for the real deal.             

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  • Child's Sonic the Hedgehog Hooded Costume

    Child’s Sonic the Hedgehog Hooded Costume

    Just Keep Runnin’Sega’s premier mascot has spent the last 25 years or so, running. He runs to fight against evil. He runs to promote freedom across the land. He runs through ancient ruins and he runs through the woods. He runs to get away from dangerous robots. He runs with his pal Tails. He runs underwater. He runs on airplanes. He runs just for fun and he’s never, ever done. He has a seemingly limitless supply of energy, just like someone else you might know…Is your child a speedster?  Does your child run, and run, and run, and run, and… well, you get the point. Well, then your child might feel pretty comfortable filling the shoes of Sonic the Hedgehog. All your little one needs is this officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog costume for kids!Product DetailsThis child costume is based on the iconic video game character. It comes with a bright blue, comfy jumpsuit that your child will love running around in. It has beige sleeves and a matching tummy. It fits with a zipper in the front, so it’s easy to get your child dressed up in this cozy outfit. The attached hood is shaped like Sonic’s head and it even has his cartoonish eyes and a row of spikes along the back of the hood. Your child can even wear their normal clothes underneath to help keep them warm during a chilly night of trick or treating.Fight Dr. Robotnik!If your child likes to run just for fun, or if your child is a huge video game fan, then they’re going to love this Sonic the Hedgehog costume. It’s a comfy choice for any child trick or treating. Of course, our child may have the need to fight against Dr. Robotnik when they wear it!

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  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Blue Velociraptor Kid Costume

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Blue Velociraptor Kid Costume

    Not Like the Rest of the RaptorsWe can admit it. Ever since we saw the first Jurassic Park movie, we wanted to be a velociraptor. Sure, those raptors spent most of the movie hunting the staff and guests of the park, but they were almost as cute as they were menacing, weren’t they? The way they grunted and screeched while trying to find Lex and Tim in the kitchen? The way they attacked Muldoon in the jungle? Downright adorable… Okay, okay. Maybe the velociraptors in the movies weren’t exactly cute! Maybe they were terrifying dinosaur death-machines and they only got more frightening in the Jurassic World movies. At least Blue isn’t quite the monster that the rest of them are!Blue listens to Owen Grady, which is pretty cool. You could have your own little velociraptor in your home. All you need is this child Jurassic World Blue costume.Product DetailsThis officially licensed child velociraptor costume recreates the dinosaur from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has dinosaur scale print on the exterior. It even has a lizard-like tail attached to the back of it. You can stuff the inside of the tail to create a more rigid appearance, or leave it hollow for a more loose appearance. The feet have shoe covers with claw-like designs on them. Of course, it comes with a mask as well, so your child can look just like Owen’s favorite dino pal from the movie.Joining the PackIf your child wants to terrorize park visitors or if he just loves dinosaurs more than anything else, then this child Jurassic World costume is for him. If you just want to have a dinosaur hanging around the house, then this costume is exactly what you need. Be sure to check out all of our Jurassic Park themed costumes so you can make a full family group of dinosaurs this year!

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  • Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    So your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider. And, as if that weren‚Äôt bad enough, it appears that they‚Äôve also taken to scaling large buildings and jumping from rooftop to rooftop in their spare time. We understand your concern! It‚Äôs hard not to have a heart attack when they‚Äôre swinging through the air on a gossamer string, performing daredevil flips and spins in their quest to catch the bad guys.But at least they‚Äôre doing something constructive with all that energy, though, right? Sure, you probably would have preferred that they take up soccer or watercolor painting instead – you know, something on the ground and preferably stationary – but if there‚Äôs one thing we know about our kids, it‚Äôs that there‚Äôs just no holding them back when they finally figure out who – and what – they really wanna be!Thus, we’d like to suggest that you support them in their new-found agility by giving them this Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume! Based on the Ultimate Marvel Spider-Man Comic book, it’ll help your little buddy look just like the real thing! Made from 100% polyester fabric & fiberfill stuffing, the jumpsuit fastens with Velcro at the center of the back, and the soft-sculpted fiberfill padding in chest and shoulders gives the costume a muscular look. The printed spiderweb design and spider on chest will ignite your little acrobat’s imagination, and the hood has mesh-covered eye openings to help them see when they’re scaling up those skyscrapers. So take a note from the book of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben and Aunt Ben…give your spider kid permission to climb, and they’ll soar!

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  • Child Jurassic World Dino Costume

    Child Jurassic World Dino Costume

    Surviving through all the disastrous events of the various attempts at making a functioning dinosaur theme park, we have all learned some very important lessons. If there is one thing that we’ve learned about the work done in Jurassic Park, we know we can turn to the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Well, it is a good thing that we all learned and didn’t try to make another theme park… Oh, wait.Well, of course we did. The park has gone from a little theme island to a full blown Jurassic World. But, we’ve learned. Certainly nobody is trying to play any dangerous games this time. Nothing crazy… nothing that tests the boundaries of nature… nothing that could completely reshape our lives and possibly unleash a horrific force upon the planet, a disaster from which we couldn’t possibly return…Sooo, anyway. Turns out that we created a dinosaur-human hybrid. It might have the ability to pass that mutation on to other humans. … Like your tyke. Best to just get used to the new changes that your life is going to bring with this Child Jurassic World Dino costume. The polyester jumpsuit has Velcro attachments and fits comfortably, even if the scaly look might make your kiddo look a bit terrifying. The hard plastic mask gives your kiddo some real bite to their smile and the attached tail can be stuffed for a fuller look. Now the biggest problem is going to be figuring out what to call these DinoKids… so long as we don’t say what our biggest problem is, anyway.

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  • Plus Size Hugh Hefner Costume

    Plus Size Hugh Hefner Costume

    Do you have a natural way with the ladies? Or wish that you did? We can see why your idol is the man who started it all. The Bachelor lifestyle. The land of beautiful women. Cigar lighting, and smoke jacket wearing Hugh Hefner.You have studied everything the man ever did. Examined closely the origins of the mansion that everyone knows today. Heck, you weren’t even surprised to see his magazine go back to more classy roots. But you’ve never been able to capture the suave demeaner of the man you so idolize. And that is partially do to your lack of the Hef style. You are going to have to step up your wardrobe game if you want to be like the great Hugh Hefner.An easy way to do that is with this Plus Size Hugh Hefner Costume. Now, don’t get us wrong, by clicking the “Add to Cart” button, you won’t be instantly swarmed by chicks. No, that’s what Axe body spray does (watch a commercial)! No, you won’t be wantonly attacked by every babe to walk down the street. But the classic red velvet smoking jacket will give you the kind of confidence that the Hef has exhibited for, what feels like forever. You will find it much easier to talk to a beautiful girl when you become the man you have always admired.

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  • Adult Clone Trooper Deluxe Costume - Episode II

    Adult Clone Trooper Deluxe Costume – Episode II

    OK OK. So yes, we can all agree that Episode II was a little…well, it was something. BUT, we can all also agree on one thing: that battle scene at the end was absolutely amazing. C‚Äômon, Obi-Wan and Anakin and Padme are all blasting and fighting their way across Geonosis when, all of a sudden, here comes this awesome stormtrooper‚Ķ.we mean Clone Army battalion in a million dropships to come save the day against the Separatist forces!There‚Äôs no denying that was a truly epic battle scene. And now, you can embody the coolness of the Clone Troopers as they invaded the scene and took down that intimidating droid army through all manners of military prowess. In this Adult Clone Trooper Deluxe – Episode II Costume, your visibility may be slightly limited beneath your helmet, and it seems laser fire can still get through your battle armor, and that‚Äôs to say nothing of your own shooting accuracy‚Ķ.but c‚Äômon, you‚Äôll look so cool! You can even hold your fingers to your lips and pretend to radio into to Master Yoda for new orders, or get your buddy to go as Mace Windu, and you can both direct troop movement from the field of battle.No kidding. You can actually fight alongside the Jedi! That sounds pretty nifty to us; it‚Äôs actually our lifelong dream. And this great Star Wars costume, which comes with a black jumpsuit with molded rubber armor and a two piece Clone Trooper mask, will help you fit right in with any large scale space battles, or even just your favorite local convention.

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  • Toddler Banana Costume

    Toddler Banana Costume

    Listen, we‚Äôre not here to judge: Every kid is different, and it‚Äôs those differences that make them special! And sure – you probably maybe wanted to stay away from eating a thousand bananas while they were in utero, but how were you to know that your all-consuming love for this tropical fruit would manifest into a banana baby?! Nobody had any science on that! You just thought you were filling your bod with a nutrient-rich potassium fruit that could propel you on a 100 mile bike ride‚Ķnobody told you that eating 20 a day was going to turn your newborn into one of Chiquita‚Äôs finest!But now that this is the hand those cards have dealt you, it‚Äôs time to roll with it! First things first – hope you like living near the equator, because this little guy cannot be in temps that are similar to a refrigerator! Most people find out the hard way that bananas are a tropical fruit and therefore turn brown in the cold, but if they‚Äôre smart, then they just turn that brown banana into delicious banana bread‚Ķbut you can‚Äôt do that with this little guy!So just do everyone a favor and dress them up in this Toddler Banana Costume: Made of 100% Polyester, this yellow banana tunic will fit his yellow oblong shape perfectly, and it will keep him toasty until you guys can figure out your stuff and move to the tropics. Maybe even get yourself a gorilla costume, dress up like Carmen Miranda, or go as a jar of peanut butter to make your little buddy feel more comfortable about themselves and to, you know, save yourself from so many questions. And cut down on those bananas, lady! Try having just one a day from now on. Maybe 2, if you’re feelin’ crazy.

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  • Popcorn Child Costume

    Popcorn Child Costume

    Can you imagine a trip to the movie theater without a big bag of salted, buttered popcorn? It seems… downright wrong, doesn’t it? Nothing makes a movie better like a healthy helping of the crunchy snack, but did you know that movie theaters didn’t even want to serve it way back during the early days of theaters? That’s right! Theaters prided themselves as a high class establishment and thought the crunching of popcorn would be distracting during a movie. Of course, they overcame their misgivings and now we all gobble up the snack like it’s going out of style (it isn’t).Now, your child can look like the popular snack in no time! This kids popcorn costume looks just like a movie theater container filled to the brim with the delicious salty snack. The costume comes with a tunic designed in the shape of a big popcorn box. It’s made of soft material and has room for your child’s head and hands to fit through. You can have your child wear it off to movie night, or just around the neighborhood for trick or treating. Either way, we think there we be a few people hungry for popcorn when they see this cute costume.Your other option to get your child to look like a bag of popcorn is to buy a whole bulk load of unpopped kernels and cook them until they pop. Then, you can pour them all over your kid’s clothes and… yeah, on second thought, the costume is probably a much, MUCH better idea.

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  • Bacon Strip Costume

    Bacon Strip Costume

    Think of your favorite sandwich. Imagine that sandwich sitting on a plate right before you. You look down and see that it’s familiar, but maybe too familiar. Now, think of that same sandwich and imagine that it has bacon, perhaps a mountain of bacon, and ask yourself whether it’s now better than you could have ever possibly imagined? The answer? It is the greatest thing that has ever been conceived by any sandwich artist in the history of such a thing. That is exactly what bacon does; it takes the familiar and makes it amazing. We have a saying around here: it’s better with bacon, and now you can make your Halloween legendary by becoming a strip of delicious bacon. (Do not actually eat this costume, however tempted you might be. It’s not food… it’s awesome).

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  • Adult Spam Can Costume

    Adult Spam Can Costume

    The far off land known as Austin, Minnesota is a magical place where one of the most delicious meats ever is made. Now how this meat is made is a mystery to most but the true story is that there are special types of fairies that exists who take the best parts of edible animals and mixes them together with a wand to bring the world a great thing in a can. But what is further unknown is the best way to eat this treat. Some like to have it simple with eggs, some like it with mac and cheese, and for others the perfect meal is Spam, eggs, Spam, Spam, bacon, and Spam. Now if you’re a true lover of this amazing food, this costume that makes you look like the can from heaven is for you!

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  • Adult Clown Fish Costume

    Adult Clown Fish Costume

    Did you know that Marlin from ‚ÄúFinding Nemo‚Äù was written as a protective parent because Andrew Stanton, the film‚Äôs director, was a protective parent? Stanton tells the story about how he was walking with his son to the park one day and was worried that his little guy would get hurt. In that moment, Stanton wanted so badly to be a good father but he also realized that by being overprotective, he was missing out on being present with his son. It was an ironic – and totally relatable! – parenting dilemma that provided the glue to the story of ‚ÄúFinding Nemo‚Äù!Speaking of Stanton, two other super fun facts: Darla, the annoying red-headed girl with braces who endlessly taps the fish tank, was named after Darla Anderson, the producer of ‚ÄúMonsters, Inc‚Äù. Anderson has been the perpetrator of a lot of practical jokes on Andrew Stanton over the year, and she believes that naming the most annoying character in the movie after her was his way of getting back at her (yeesh‚Ķwonder how she‚Äôll get back at him?!). AND, one of the boats docked in the Sydney Harbo – the Aeolus III – is also named after Andrew Stanton‚Äôs dad‚Äôs boat. The boat actually had another name at one point, but when Stanton realized he had forgotten to put his dad‚Äôs boat in the movie, he scrambled to add it in!Which all begs the question: Is there anything about ‚ÄúFinding Nemo” that wasn‚Äôt about (lovable, funny, totally talented) director Andrew Stanton?! So do your part to bring the focus back on the fish with this Adult Clown Fish Costume! Made of 100% polyester, this pullover costume has face and arm slots for a comfortable fit, and sports mesh tail and front fins for a fishy look! Transform yourself into everyone‚Äôs favorite fin-flipping dad this Halloween – in this cartoon-themed get-up, it‚Äôs sure to be a swimmingly good time!

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  • Runny Nose Adult Costume

    Runny Nose Adult Costume

    Awww, what’s wrong? Are you crying? Don’t cry, you’re researching Halloween costumes. It’s supposed to be fun. Oh, you’ve got some allergy problems? Are you allergic to ragweed? Maybe it’s Krispy the cat, poor guy, he doesn’t mean to have hair that’s full of allergens. Well, either way, your nose is running hard! Well, maybe this is a good thing. Your nose could be the first facial feature that ever ran a marathon.  Training your nose won’t be easy. It’s also going to be super gross. You’ll have to forego taking any more allergy medication and just embrace your snotty lifestyle. Push your nose to its limits. Go ahead and pet the fluffy kitty. Use extra pepper on that soup. Hey, you could even stop and smell the roses. Let’s be honest. You’re probably not going to run a marathon anytime soon but your nose can do the running for you. It might be a little miserable but at least you’re not the one running the laps.  This costume is quite ridiculous, embracing the puniest side of life. This costume includes a white tank top perfect for the big race. It also includes a pair of shorts, a race number, and the glorious nose headpiece. The headpiece is a lightweight foam and has an eyehole so you can kind of see where you’re going. Pair this with a good pair of running shoes and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Follow your nose, this is a gold medal costume!

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  • Adult Peach Costume

    Adult Peach Costume

    Take a seat, pumpkin spice!Why does ‘pumpkin spice’ get all the attention? We think it’s only because it’s a seasonal flavor. If you ask us, peaches are far superior. Think about it. Could you chomp into a pumpkin the way you can chomp into a freshly-picked juicy peach? Nope, so don’t even try unless you want a broken tooth. Sure, there are plenty of yummy pumpkin spice flavored treats available but there are way more tasty peach flavored treats. There’s peach cobbler, peach scones, peach ice tea, peaches and cream, peach crumble, peach jam, and let’s not forget about the popular candy, peach rings. And now, well, now there’s a peach costume! (However, it’s not edible…)  If you adamantly agree that peach flavored everything trumps pumpkin spice flavored everything, then this costume is exactly what you need. You’ll be a walking advertisement for the delicious fuzzy fruit that tastes great any time of the year plus, you’ll look akin to a very popular emoji that everyone is appropriately obsessed with. Just pull the soft tunic featuring two green leaves over your head and get ready to provoke salivating mouths. Suddenly people will be muttering to themselves, “hmm, a peach ice tea would sure taste great right about now.”       Put on the tunic and inspire a peach revolution! Sorry pumpkin spice, but peach is going to be in the spotlight for awhile. Better luck next fall!          

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  • Adult Heinz Ketchup Costume

    Adult Heinz Ketchup Costume

    What sounds like a great lunch to you? A burger and some fries with ketchup on the side or would you hold the burger and fries and just devour a heap of the tasty red condiment? If 50 packets of ketchup sounds like the perfect meal to you, then it’s safe to say that you’re infatuated by Heinz’s scrumptious creation. If you really think about it, ketchup is a tomato smoothie so you’re going to have a very healthy lunch! Props to you for being so health-conscious while simultaneously filling your belly with the yummyness that you desire! People may give you a strange look while you voraciously eat your mound of ketchup, but who cares, let them look! They don’t need to understand your love for ketchup. In fact, we want to support your quirky food preference and offer you this fantastic Heinz Ketchup Costume. Next time you sit down to devour a “tomato smoothie” wear this costume and you’ll enjoy your meal even more than you could ever imagine! This Heinz Ketchup costume is a comfortable costume that you could wear just about anywhere. Wear it to a diner, a fast food restaurant, a fair, or any other place that you’d suspect to feast upon large amounts of the tasty, gooey, red treat. Just put the foam tunic on over your head, pop your arms and legs through the appropriate holes, and pop your smiling face through the circular hole in the front of the costume and you now look like a bottle of your favorite condiment. This costume is designed to look like an extra large bottle of Heinz Ketchup so no one will have to ask, “what are you suppose to be?” Plus, everyone will notice the jumbo ketchup bottle out on the dance floor busting a movie. Basically this costume is the best purchase you could ever make in a lifetime. You’re welcome!

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  • Adult Kool-Aid Costume

    Adult Kool-Aid Costume

    Oh, yeah!You know what that means. That means that some kid somewhere is all pooped out. That means that said kid is dehydrated and in need of a delicious beverage to feel better. Enter: The Kool-Aid Man.And of course, if you want to do it right, the Kool-Aid man must burst through walls and furniture, wrecking things in his path in order to reach the dehydrated children with his sugary goodness. He must call out his catch-phrase while doing so in order to announce his presence so the thirsty children may rejoice! Oh, yeah.So be honest with us. You want to burst through things too, don’t you? You want to skateboard/swing/drop in just when you are needed bellowing out an iconic catchphrase to make everyone smile and laugh? Well then, we have just the thing for you.Our Adult Kool-Aid Costume will transform you into the Kool-Aid man himself. This foam-bodied costume has the shape of your favorite super pitcher, in his bright red color, with his big smile, and eyes on the front. It comes with full-arm red gloves, and a silver handle and pour spout. You’ll look like the most epic of thirst-quenchers in this outfit. You’ll be the super cool Kool-Aid man himself! Now, go forth and bust a move for thirsty friends everywhere!

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  • Adult Nerds Box Costume

    Adult Nerds Box Costume

    You’re our favorite candy! You’re a huge nerd! Now you can be both at the same time in our Willy Wonka Nerds Box Costume! Not one of the Wonka candies originating in Roahl Dahl’s book or the classic Gene Wilder movie, Nerds are instead a product of the same 80s craze for pure sugar that produced Pop Rocks and Candy Buttons. For we children of the 80s and 90s here at, however, they’re a far more essential part of the candy landscape than Evelasting Gobstoppers or any other part of the Wonka lineup besides maybe Laffy Taffy. For the authentic sound effects of the recognizable Nerds box, strap maracas in your waistband to get that shaking sound. Don’t be surprised if you’re chased by the school-aged set eager to get their hands on what’s inside your box.Everyone loves Nerds! Okay, maybe not that annoying know-it-all who’s always pushing his glasses up and informing you actually they never say “Beam me up, Scotty,” in Star Trek, but the candy. Definitely the candy. It’ll be hard to keep the hands off of you in this Adult Nerds Box Costume. That’s why is for adults. Didn’t nobody say nerds don’t get freaky, son.Resist the temptation to eat the contents, because this Willy Wonka Nerds Box Costume is made out of 100 percent polyester –– no sugar, dextrose, malic acid or high-fructose corn syrup. It has holes for your head and arms, NOT for pouring Nerds out of. There’s a large opening at the bottom for your legs, so all the Nerds are spilled out. If they ask where the Nerds in your box went, just point to yourself, doy!

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  • Mens Fun Dip Costume

    Mens Fun Dip Costume

    When people see you wearing this Mens Fun Dip Costume, their initial reaction might be that you seem really sweet. But after that first impression, the more complex flavors of your personality really start to come through!After all, Fun Dip isn’t like so many other confections. It requires patience, coordination, and a tolerance for sticky fingers. To get the full effect, you’ve got to coat the Lik-A-Stix with just the right amount of Yum Diddly Dip, and savor every flavorful mouthful. It’s a candy that lets everybody know that you’re willing to put in the time for a little extra pleasure. It’s a treat for people who appreciate the finer things!Then again, you can get a quick buzz by dumping the whole packet of sugary powder in your mouth and chomping down on the stick‚Äîso it’s versatile, just like you! Hey, people don’t always have time for a leisurely joy ride down the avenue: sometimes they’re in a hurry! But Fun Dip will get them where they want to be, no matter what their schedule. And so will a Lamborghini! According to our calculations, that makes Fun Dip the Lamborghini of snacks.By extension, this outfit is essentially a Mens Lamborghini Of Snacks Costume. And everybody wants to be pals with the guy whose wrapper doubles as a high-performance luxury automobile! So for best results, we recommend using that phrase whenever possible to describe this playful outfit inspired by a classic treat.

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  • Scary Tree Child Costume

    Scary Tree Child Costume

    On the Scariest Things Ever list, trees are probably somewhere between “gerbils” and “milk that’s a day past its expiration date.” People that agree with that, though, clearly haven’t run into the right trees, yet. Let your little one show them how scary trees can be in this spooky Scary Tree Costume! At first glance, there isn’t much difference between a scary tree and a run-of-the-mill tree. They both grow out of the ground, provide shade on warm days, and last for centuries. Oftentimes, the “scary” side of trees doesn’t come out except in specific situations, like during a thunderstorm, or a very intense Easter egg hunt. Even then, you may not find a tree particularly threatening, because it’s rooted in the ground. What’s it going to do, wave gently in the breeze until you get bored enough to wander over to it? Nice try, Scary Tree, but we’re not falling for that again. A tree is going to have to be a lot trickier than that to be scary. We think your kid might have what it takes to be a really scary tree, so you should let them put on this costume and show you their spooky skills. The brown pullover tunic has bark-like details printed on it, taking the shape of a gnarly haunted face. Their arms go into the sleeves to become the branches, with leaves drooping off of their fingers. It’s the perfect way for your little frightener to show everyone the dark side of trees!

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  • Basketball Hoop Kids Costume

    Basketball Hoop Kids Costume

    Does House of Pain’s “Jump around” get your kiddo psyched at any time, day or night? Does that basketball hoop in your driveway get more use than the garage door that it’s mounted above? Does your child’s weekend wardrobe mostly consist of basketball shorts and jerseys? If any of this is true then you’ve got yourself a true basketball fanatic.  Your child might be a font of information, keeping up on the background and history of every player. They probably know who’s most likely to be benched for getting too aggressive and which player tends to be a little bit of a ball hog. Maybe they’d even make a great announcer, with the quick movement of a basketball game we could really use someone that can explain the action in layman’s terms. Hmm, if your child could become a professional they could pay you an allowance. Now, that would be sweet! Wait a sec, though. If your kiddo is bringing home basketball dough, they just might come to think that they can dribble the ball in the house. Maybe they’d better start their career once they’re out of the house. In the meantime, they’re sure to get their head in the game once they become the game! This tunic takes your child’s Halloween costume to an interactive level. Your child is sure to have a blast with the hoop and red and white backboard. The hoop is ready for the lightweight, inflatable ball to swoop through its net. So, if your kiddo is ready to “jump around” they’ll love this easy and fun costume. This year, Halloween is sure to be a win!

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  • Adult Cactus Costume

    Adult Cactus Costume

    Cacti have adapted to live in the driest climates on earth. Incredible! But don’t think that just because they’re surrounded by desert sand and not a whole lot going on that they’re boring. No, no. Cacti are some of the funniest, coolest, most chill, enviable plants on Earth (the Rat Pack of plants, you might say)! They love telling jokes, in fact, they’ll “poke” and “prod” anyone to get a laugh out of them, and if they push hard enough, they’ll even settle for a scream. They’re excellent bartenders, always have water on hand for a fine mixed drink (just don’t ask for it on the rocks). Yeah, cacti are pretty cool, and believe it or not, they’re the life of any party. Now it’s your turn to give the unique spiny species a good name with this adult cactus costume!

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  • Rosie the Riveter Costume For Newborn

    Rosie the Riveter Costume For Newborn

    Your Rosie GalFrom recruiting a female workforce during World War II to inspiring generations of can-do attitudes, Rosie the Riveter has been ready and willing to step-up. As a young adult, you did your research and became a firm believer in the legacy of Rosie. You’ve portrayed the strong character for Halloween and written papers on her for countless classes. When you decided to build a family of your own you started dreaming of sharing Rosie with your daughter and instilling the same passion in her.Now that your daughter is here you have the chance you’ve been waiting for. But, you know babies can’t quite grasp complex concepts and explaining anything to them (even in the simplest terms) might just result in unscheduled naptime. Actually, a nap might be nice, so feel free to go on telling all sorts of Rosie stories. We also suggest starting your little one’s passion by dressing her in Rosie’s famous look using this Newborn Rosie the Riveter Costume.Product DetailsRosie is known for her polka-dot headband and blue jumpsuit, so of course, this Rosie the Riveter costume for Baby starts there. The jumpsuit is fashioned with a zipper down the front to make dressing your little one easy. And while we can’t guarantee she will keep the headband on, the elastic band will help keep it in place for at least one (really quick) picture. Know your little one will be a Rosie look-alike with attached patches made to look like Rosie’s name-tag and Westinghouse Electric button.Icon for EveryoneRosie the Riveter is an icon for the ages so naturally, there’s no wrong time to start taking on her classic look and sharing the ideology that surrounds her image. That’s why this Rosie the Riveter costume comes in sizes from newborn to 2T. So no matter if it’s your daughter’s 1st week of life or she’s already sharing her own 2-year-old opinions she’ll be ready to portray the beloved Rosie.

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  • Adult Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Adult Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Sullivan’s the name and scaring is the game. Sully is a master scarer, but that doesn‚Äôt mean he‚Äôs not lovable. In fact, he may be the most lovable monster of them all with his big, harry hugs and even bigger heart!James P. Sullivan was always a bit of a walking contradiction. Scaring is in his blood and expectations were always high for him. Even though he struggled a bit in college, he still lived up to his scaring potential once he entered the workforce at Monsters, Inc. Even as a top scarer, Sully has a softer side that he often shows through his close friendships and kind heart. What could be better than being terrifying yet lovable?Transform into one of the top scaring monsters with this exclusive Adult Sullivan the Monster Costume. This costume is not only fun and unique ‚Äì it‚Äôs also insanely comfortable! The furry blue jumpsuit has purple polka dots and a long, spotted tail with purple spikes. The jumpsuit zips up the front for easy on and off and the attached paws and feet have glittery claws. The transformation will be complete when you put up the attached hood that features a purple horn, spikes, large blue eyes, and white teeth. When you put on this adult Halloween costume you‚Äôll be ready to go after the scare record, but just watch out for cute little toddlers who are still awake when you arrive … they are the hardest to scare ‚Äì you may just end up making them laugh instead!

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  • Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Getting to the all-time scare record is no problem for this big, scary, yet lovable monster! He‚Äôs ready to scare any kid who comes his way, but he‚Äôs also ready to give them a big hug and make ‚Äòem laugh if he needs to!What could be better than a monster who likes to scare and hug equally? He‚Äôs the perfect mix for any kids who‚Äôs had a fascination with monsters. Not too scary, but not too fuzzy either – just the right blend of what every kid needs in their life (even if only in their imagination). This Halloween your little one will get to become their favorite blue monster with just a snap of their fingers!Ready for another chance to scare? Get ready to jump out of the closet and scream, “Boo!” in this Sullivan the Monster Costume. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than the last guy. This costume comes with everything your child needs to get his scare on this Halloween. The furry blue jumpsuit is 100% polyester and has contrasting purple spots. The jumpsuit zips up the front for easy on and off all night long, while the attached mittens have openings at the wrists for comfortable and functional wear. The stuffed tail is attached at the back of the costume as are purple spikes. The attached stuffed feet have purple claws. Become everyone‚Äôs favorite monster from head-to-toe with the attached monster hood that has soft purple horns and stuff eyes and teeth!

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  • Bad Habit Nun Costume

    Bad Habit Nun Costume

    Product DetailsThis bad habit nun costume has everything you need to take it from the church to the party this Halloween. The costume starts with a sleeveless sheath dress with a mock turtleneck collar. The back zipper allows for easy on and off and the black dress has a white yoke and bodice inset with two front cutouts. The black cross appliqued on the yoke and inset are edged with gold stripes for added detail. The skirt of the dress has gold-edged tulip hemline with appliqued gold crosses at the peaks. Add the included thigh-high stockings have a printed black cross on each for a complete look along with the arm warmers that match the stockings. A veil with a plastic headband is also included to take your costume to the next level. Pair up with a priest for a great photo opportunity. Also, add a pair of black mary jane shoes and a cross necklace for a look that’s one-of-a-kind.

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  • Mona Lisa Adult Costume

    Mona Lisa Adult Costume

    Are people always commenting on your unique smile? Do people often offer you a penny for your thoughts? If you think about it that offer is quite an offensive deal. Many people are paid much more than a penny for their thoughts. Who’s to say that your thoughts aren’t worth a million bucks? You could be holding the meaning of life in that noggin of yours.  That’s the beauty of Leonardo’s iconic painting. Miss Lisa kept her thoughts to herself, regardless of how many pennies she was offered. As a result, she’s been causing conversations ever since. Now, we don’t know for sure what was on her mind. Maybe it was all of life’s secrets. The smile could be a result of a prank she had set up for her family members back home. Or Leonardo could have simply had some of yesterday’s spaghetti sauce stuck in his beard. The truth is lost to history.  Whether you spill the beans is up to you but you’re sure to feel like the picture of beauty with this classy gilded framed Mona Lisa costume. It’s easy to become a historical icon. Simply put your face through the hole in impeccably painted canvas and you’ll be one of the unforgettable conversation starters of history. People can ask you what your secret is all night but you’ll never tell.  

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  • Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Bold & BraveHe’s bold, he’s brave. He’s ready to save the day! He is, of course, your friendly neighborhood firefighter. Or, at least, he’s about to become the friendly firefighter when we hook him up with this costume. Another original costume design from our Made by Us studios, this costume will have him ready to be a fire stopping hero!It was obvious to our sales team that firefighter costumes are one of the most popular selections for young boys and girls. But, when it comes to options for toddlers, we thought our classic costume could use an upgrade! That’s why we made and designed this costume. Crafted by our talented team of artists, designers, and developers, this sharp looking style will have your kiddo standing out at Halloween. Design & DetailsThis dapper firefighter costume suit comes with the costume top and pants, along with a fireman’s hat. The top has plenty of printed details including front clasps and badges. It has the customary hi-vis yellow and silver stripes at the cuffs and waist, too, along with a black turndown collar. The pants have stripes at the calf and large black knee patches as well. The structured felt helmet finishes the style, complete with a Fire Dept. Chief logo right on the front!All Set UpThis Toddler Firefighter Costume will have him all set up as an adorable friendly firefighter. Of course, if your family wants to go all out, you could dress the whole fam in firefighter costumes, too! We’ve got lots of great costume choices for older kids and teens, as well as styles for ma and pa. Get your whole family decked out in firefighter costumes, and you can save the day, together!

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  • Kid's Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Kid’s Friendly Firefighter Costume

    THE LITTLE HEROThere isn’t much need for the knight in shining armor racing on horseback towards the dangerous beast that has been threatening the village. Neither is there a particular demand for flying, invulnerable, alien superheroes poised ready to conquer the latest mutant mega-villain—though we wouldn’t mind a few on speed dial for if the latter shows up!But, that doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t need heroes! And, we can tell by the way everyone talks that your kiddo has just the stuff to be a world-changer for a few folks in need. The real question is what role your tyke wants to play in this brave new world of would-be heroics. There are plenty of options, of course, but we feel that something flashy is right up his alley. We’re happy to offer a ladder to get your little one ready to go. But, perhaps it might be a little early for all that. Maybe a trial run with a costume will hit the spot! DESIGN & DETAILSHelp your little heroes begin their journey to firefighter fame with this Friendly Firefighter costume for kids. This vivid look was crafted by our own imaginative team of dream designers and will have your tyke looking the part by the time the sirens go off. The jacket and pants are bright red with orange and black stripes that are real attention-getters. The coat has official-looking patches to ensure your kiddo has full access to the station. Don’t forget the firefighter hat with the badge! A HERO IN THE MAKINGNow, we admit that you might have to deal with your kiddo making a few extra siren noises or becoming especially obsessed with fire safety. But, aren’t those things worth the bright future that awaits you and yours with this firefighter look? (Okay, maybe it takes more than just a costume, but you’ll have a ton of fun along the way!) 

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