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  • Toddler Rag Doll Costume

    Toddler Rag Doll Costume

    <p>Our stores can get a little clogged over with the various kinds of unique finds that we locate and try to identify.  Runic hammers that tell us, “Hey, you’re not Thor!” and an odd sort of monkey paw that keeps asking us what we want for our birthdays.  Things like that.  But, occasionally, we get a few dolls in that just give us all the heebie-geebies.  Now, as professionals, we of course are not afraid of dolls.  Not even the ones with the terrifying eyes that just <i>won’t stop looking at you</i>.  Nope!  Not… even… … them.</p> <p>Okay, so that’s a boldfaced lie.  They’re horrifying and we lock them into a room and hide.  It’s not something we’re proud of, but there’s a limit to everyone’s inner strength.  Fortunately for us, we do have a bit of salvation.  Among the dolls that come to us, there is one type that is dedicated to saving the world from the freaky doll menace.  And that, of course, is the darling Rag Doll that is blessed with the ability to bring joy and adorability to even the most frightening of little monsters.</p> <p>That’s why we’re happy to spread as many of these adorable saviors out there as we can.  Your tyke can join in the war against the spooky with this Toddler Rag Doll Costume.  The sweet looking blue and white dress with lacy apron and candy striped tights could be enough, but add the matron cap and long yarn hair cap and you’ve got yourself a virtual heroine!  Couple up with male raggedy doll or make a whole team with your kids.  Save us from the wicked dolls!  <i>Please!</i></p>

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  • Toddler Bumble Bee Costume

    Toddler Bumble Bee Costume

    Buzzing around a garden you’ll find cute little striped bugs looking for some pollen. With what they get from flowers they go back to their honeycombed hive to make the most tasty treat nature has ever created, honey. Now your tiny tot can buzz around the neighborhood collecting candy this Halloween in this bee costume!

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  • Twinkle Witch Costume

    Twinkle Witch Costume

    Not all witches like dark scary things. Contrary to popular belief some witches like light magic. They like when things sparkle, and shimmer. When they shine, and glow. And those same witches stay away from spiders, and rats. And refuse to put curses on anyone.Your little girl is this kind of girl. She likes magic, but she would be more inclined to hang out with Glinda the Good Witch, than the Wicked Witch of the West, or East for that matter. She is the kind of girl who get’s angry when she watches Disney movies that have the bad witch winning for a while. Like Tangled. She hated Mother Gothel. Hated her for how mean she was to Rapunzel.So this Halloween let her embrace her witchy side with this Twinkle Witch Costume. Everyone who sees her will know that she isn’t an evil witch, no, she is a good witch. The best witch. Because she really doesn‚Äôt like injustice. And she hates curses, especially ones that hurt innocent princesses. And she really hates mean witches. After putting on this orange light up dress she just might feel powerful enough to stop all the bad witches in the world. She might want to sit them down, and have a long talk about why it is important to be nice to people. Or she might just want to go around the neighborhood trick or treating for candy.

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  • Child Springtime Fairy Costume

    Child Springtime Fairy Costume

    Did you know that a belief in fairies has been a worldwide thing for centuries? The strongest traditions of fairies are those from the British Isles and Europe, but belief in fairies has also been found in Asia, Native America, and Africa! Reputed to be a species of supernatural beings or nature spirits, fairies are actually one of the most important Рand beautiful! Рmythological concepts. Belief in fairies is ancient and widespread, and ideas about them have been found in primitive as well as civilized societies.And we gotta be honest with you Рthey’re such fun, magical, fascinating creatures, that even if it’s not true, we’re gonna choose to believe in the stories about them, anyway! Considered to be mischievous and whimsical in a childlike manner but contain strong magical powers, fairies are often said to be invisible, usually of smaller stature than humans, and are often helpful to humans, but will become angry and throw tantrums if offended. Sound like anyone you know?!If your little darling looks and acts like she appeared straight out of her own fairy tale, then this Halloween, give her the kind of costume that will make her feel right at home with those magical, mischievous pixies! This Child Springtime Fairy Costume is a 100% polyester pink dress is a pure magical confection, featuring light and dark green and pink sheer petals on the shoulders and waist! It also has boasts the cutest little pink and light orange wings, attached to the back of the dress. The costume even comes with a green elastic headpiece that will make her feel like the queen of the fairies! Add a pretty, sparkly, sequined wand and cute little ballet slippers, and watch your little magical creature fly away on her own glittery fairy dust!

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  • Child Kimono Princess Costume

    Child Kimono Princess Costume

    Product DetailsThis silky dress is the color of pink cherry blossoms and she’s sure to love the way the long sleeves flow. The pink headpiece is topped off with a lovely faux flower. It’s a truly Japanese-inspired makeover that will tickle the fancy of anyone and we bet she’ll have a ton of fun with this classic style!

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  • Child Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume

    Child Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume

    Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now.You tell you kid to hurry up. You’ve got some stuff to do now. But you still can’t find him. He is hiding, because he doesn‚Äôt want to go to the dentist, and he really doesn’t want to go shopping. He wants to hang out at home watching TV.He would rather stay home, and watch Scooby Doo! He loves the scardy-cat Great Dane. He loves the way Scooby shouts “Rooby Rooby Roo” at the end of each episode. He even imitates the dog quite well. He goes around the house looking for clues about who the spooky Witch Doctor is, and he tries to “unmask” people when they have hats on, and sometimes even when they don’t.Have your little guy jump into this Child Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume anytime you try to get him to do something. Tell him that Scooby wouldn’t be afraid to get his teeth cleaned at the dentist (well he might be afraid, but don‚Äôt tell your kid that). Or too busy watching cartoons to go to the store with mom. He will be excited to show off his awesome Scooby costume to the receptionist, and he will point out his awesome blue collar, and SD tag to the clerk when you are checking out at the store. And he will be sure to yell “Rooby Rooby Roo!” as you leave.

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  • Child Marine Uniform Costume

    Child Marine Uniform Costume

    My, my, my. We have never met a more well-behaved, protective, and orderly little kid!Does this sound familiar? Is this the feedback you tend to get about your little one‚Äôs behavior from teachers, babysitters, and other parents at school? Well, before we drag you aside and grill you about how, for goodness sake, you managed this feat of parenting, might we suggest a costume for your little cadet? In this Child Marine Uniform Costume, your little go-getter can become a true force to be reckoned with! No, we‚Äôre not advocating fighting–the might of the Marines is only one aspect of the longstanding military branch. But your kid loves high security, a well-made bed, an early wake-up time, and an amphibious lifestyle (you know how it goes when it‚Äôs time to get out of the bath!) so we think this uniform may really hit the mark. We hear that a slick uniform and cool hat is half the battle, which is why the Marines know how to do it right. This decorated navy blue jacket has red trim and accompanies sky blue pants with matching red stripes on the sides. The signature white hat matches the belt and ties the whole look together. He may not quite be ready for THE basic training, but it seems his basic training in life turned out A-OK. And honestly, what parent can resist seeing their little one in uniform?

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  • Hippie Dude Costume

    Hippie Dude Costume

    Do you hear that ringing, or is it just in our imaginations? Oh wait, it’s actually the phone ringing. It’s the 60’s calling for you, man, so are you gonna answer? If you do decide to take a trip back to the 60’s, you should bring this Hippie Dude Costume with you, just in case you, you know… need it, man. As it turns out, you can revisit the 1960’s without using mind-expanding chemicals. Thanks to the wonders of modern costume technology, it’s possible to experience the peace, understanding, and wild tunes that were so big during Woodstock and the Summer of Love. What makes using a costume to experience this era so great is that you can still have all the fun of travelling freely around the country in a VW Bus with your friends. But, if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can just use your cell phone to call for a lift. Pretty far out, man! So, what do you need to look like a groovy 60’s hippie? Well, for starters, you need this brightly colored shirt with wild designs on it, to help you give off a real mellow vibe. The big afro wig and peace sign pendant will show everyone that your mind is as free as your hair, and that you’re into peace and love. The most important things to bring with you, though, are these round framed blue sunglasses. They’ll let you see the world in a whole new way! You’re gonna have a groovy trip back to the 60’s, man. Just try not to drink any mysterious Kool-Aid and forget how to get back home.

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  • Where's Waldo: Plus Size Adult Costume

    Where’s Waldo: Plus Size Adult Costume

    Waldo, World TravelerWhere to next? Will you traverse a medieval castle, trying to track down your favorite wizard buddy? Perhaps you’ll go deep-sea diving next to a submarine! Maybe you could relax at a crowded beach or maybe you’ll spend your afternoon taking a tour of an art museum. Well, it sounds like you’re trying to live the life of Waldo!It’s no secret that Waldo is the ultimate world traveler. He’s been to just about every place in the world, but he’s also traveled to different times throughout history! Sometimes he gets lost in the crowds, but his signature outfit makes it easy for his friends and family to spot him when he wanders off. When you wear this Where’s Waldo Costume, your friends and family will be able to spot you, just like the classic storybook character.Product DetailsThis plus size Waldo costume comes with everything you need to transform yourself into the iconic character from Martin Hartford books. The costume starts with a simple, long-sleeve t-shirt that has fabric ties in the back for fitting. It features the classic white and red stripe pattern that Waldo wears on all of his excursions, so everyone will start spotting you in a crowd! The matching hat stretches to fit and features a pompom on the top. Finally, to bring the whole look together, it comes with a pair of black frame glasses. All you have to do is pair it with your own pair of jeans! Once you have it all on, it’s time to head on one crazy vacation!Vacay Like a ProIf you’re ready to vacation like a pro world traveler, or if you just want an outfit that helps your friends find you in a crowd, then this Where’s Waldo Costume is the perfect way to do it!

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  • DC Women's Robin Costume

    DC Women’s Robin Costume

    What’s Batman’s problem? He’s always so dark and brooding and he wears nothing but black bodysuits all the time. It’s like he’s trying to show the world that he’s nothing more than a Negative Nelly. We think he needs to take a note from Robin’s book. He might be Batman’s sidekick, but he has a surprisingly more positive outlook on the whole crime fighting game. He doesn’t spend his nights with a scowl on his face as he foils super villain plans. He does it with gusto! He doesn’t wear a gloomy black suit. Instead, he wears a red, green and yellow outfit that really pops. We think he’s got a much better attitude when it comes to being a superhero!If you want to take a positive attitude to being a hero, then maybe it’s time that you dressed up like Robin. With this officially licensed Robin costume for women, you can achieve the look of the Boy Wonder. The costume has with a red top and green accents to give you a vibrant look for fighting crime. It even comes with a cape that looks like the one he wears in the DC comics. A bright “R” symbol also appears on the front, to make sure the bad guys know just who took them down.Once you have it on, you’ll be able to help that grumpy Batman with his crime fighting and with his glum attitude. Maybe you can cheer him up and finally wake him up from the funk he’s been in all this time!

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  • Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-doWe’ve got the perfect costume for youOompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-deeIf you love sweets and All Hallows’ EveWell you heard it here first, we have got the perfect costume for anyone that loves candy and has a fascination with the best holiday on the calendar, that being Halloween, of course! Take a good look at this Men’s Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume! This amazing brown and white jumpsuit matches what everyone’s favorite pint-sized candy-makers wore in Willy’s famous factory. It’s also just one piece, so no need to worry about your suspenders getting loose while you run around, finally free from constant factory work. With a nice long tan or a little bit of makeup and a dark green wig, you’ll look like the first Oompa Loompa to attempt living life outside of the Wonka Chocolate Factory! People will know that Oompas aren’t only talented when it comes to making candy once you enter the party scene! Show the masses that the Loompas can lay down some pretty sweet lyrics on a mic and that their dance moves are smoother than milk chocolate.So if you’re ready to help introduce the world to these talented mini miracle workers that Wonka has kept locked away in his factory for ages then throw on licensed Oompa Loompa Costume. Be the human to help pave the way for these tiny creators of everything sweet, it’s the least you can do for them after their years of helping to feed our ever-hungry sweet tooth.

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  • Adult Katniss Catching Fire Costume

    Adult Katniss Catching Fire Costume

    All right, you did this once and you can do it again! Enter the arena knowing that you will survive and bring yourself and Peeta back to District 12. The Third Quarter Quell was meant to defeat you, but you’ll show President Snow that your flame can’t be extinguished. Step into the arena feeling tenacious in your new jumpsuit designed by the one and only Cinna. Okay, we know that we don’t live in a dystopian society (yet…haha), so you can wear this Katniss Catching Fire Costume if you’re just stepping out to go to a party. Bring your bow and arrow, but you won’t need them because your looks alone could kill!

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  • Forest Prince Costume

    Forest Prince Costume

    It is one thing to be a prince. It is another to be noble. You can be born a prince, nobility is learned. Take King Arthur for example. He grew up poor. The town people mocked him as a boy without a father, to inherit nothing but shame. When he came of age the lady of the lake to him about the sword in the stone. He did what no man could do before, he drew the legendary sword from the stone. After that, he didn’t forget where he came from, he returned to the woods again and again. No matter how you get to power, to retain it you have to revisit your roots. A ruler does well when he spends time among the trees, you never know what they might tell you and who might be waiting there for you. It was while revisiting the forest that King Arthur met Merlin, the powerful wizard, who helped Arthur save his realm. Sleeping Beauty would have never been awoken if a prince hadn’t wandered through the woods and seen the overgrown castle in which she slept. Not to mention Snow White, lying in her crystal coffin in the middle of the forest until a prince came upon the clearing and roused her. It just goes to show that it pays to leave the castle, no matter how fine its trappings might be. In this costume, you’ll find it’s easy to get in touch with your noble side. It’ll be perfect for many events from the Renaissance Fair, to LARPing, to a dapper Halloween costume. The faux fur and leather look as if you might have hunted the wild creatures that they came from. You’ll feel quite at home in the woods, just remember to bring your sword, it’s not only maidens in distress who wait in the shadowy forest.

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  • Julius Caesar Costume

    Julius Caesar Costume

    Toga? Nay! This is not some simple toga, citizen! These are robes befitting an emperor…the emperor. Julius Caesar himself!Old Jules was quite the man. Orator. Aristocrat. Emperor of the known world (or at least what part of the world the Romans knew). Military strategist with some crazy military prowess! We get why you might want to emulate him. Who wouldn’t? The man controlled most of Europe. He was not to be trifled with. Now if you want to step into the sandals of our dear Julius, you might have a little work to do. We don’t recommend killing pirates who’ve kidnapped you, or taking over armies (let alone marching across Europe with them), but you could most definitely start acting the part. Stand a little straighter. Speak with authority. Have a commanding presence. And of course, you could dress the part.This is why our Julius Caesar Costume could not simply be a fancy toga. Yes, it has a fancy velvet shoulder drape (befitting a ruler), but this outfit comes with a laurel headband. Gold colored wrist cuffs. Did you note the attached breastplate? (Emperors have enemies you know, best to be prepared for anything.) This Julius Caesar costume would have you proudly attired and prepared for any gladiatorial games in your honor. What say you? This costume worth the thumbs up?

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  • Teen Titans Raven Women's Costume

    Teen Titans Raven Women’s Costume

    Me TimeWe get Raven. She’s a Teen Titan not like the rest. People might call her grumpy. They might call her too introverted. But sometimes, a girl just needs a little bit of “me” time. She’s got a lot of stuff to deal with. Her dad is an inter-dimensional demon bent on world domination. Her powers also go nuts if she ever lets her temper take control of her. Sometimes demon eyes appear on her forehead…Do you know what doesn’t help her deal with those sorts of problems? Beast Boy shouting in her ear about tofu. Or Cyborg playing loud video games all afternoon. Or Starfire blathering on about one of the many incomprehensible traditions from Tamaran. Or Robin and his constant need to train with Birdarangs every hour of the day. All that would be enough to drive any girl crazy! So, we get it. Rave, if you need to spend some time meditating to keep your calm, then go right ahead. If you want to skip a night out to read your book, you go ahead and do you girl!Product DetailsDo you get Raven? Then maybe it’s time for you to assume the role of your favorite Teen Titan with this women’s Raven costume! This costume is officially licensed from the animated series and it comes with a black, long-sleeved bodysuit with red accents around the waist. It also comes with the dark purple cape with hood. After all, you can’t be Raven without her signature hood! Finally, the purple boot covers help you put the finishing touch on your Teen Tian cosplay outfit.Azarath Metrion ZinthosWith this Raven costume on, you might start feeling like a real superhero! Just remember that it takes years of training to learn some of the magic techniques that Raven uses, so don’t go starting a fight with Slade until you’ve spent some time mastering your chants. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

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  • Child Juliet Costume

    Child Juliet Costume

    But soft!—What light through yonder window breaks?It is the east, and just look at that adorable friggen sun!Obviously Shakespeare went through several revisions in all of his plays, especially the ones that would come to be known as some of his best of dramatic tales. Still, you can’t argue with some of those original poetic phrases.It is time once again to start working on those lines to stand up for an audition in an attempt to land the most prestigious of roles in the play. Will your tyke be the joyous and full-of-mirth-and-wisdom Mercutio? Or perhaps the curiously helpful apothecary that just seems to understand what it is like to be a young couple in love? Perhaps the fire-hearted Romeo who always seems to be just a couple seconds behind in the grand plan? Of course not! For you are here, looking at this page, so you obviously know precisely where your darling is going to land in the casting!It is time to show the world just how friggen adorable your tyke is with this Child Juliet costume. This crushed velvet pullover dress has a square neckline with varying design in the mesh-covered satin bodice and matching arm bands. The dress itself has brilliant gold-braid trim to show the perfect balance of elegant nobility and down-to-Earth grace. The matching stuffed crushed velvet circlet makes for a lovely hat that will still show off your kiddo’s lovely ‘do. Now we just need to get those lines down and this star-crossed tyke will be all star.

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  • Child Oompa Loompa Costume

    Child Oompa Loompa Costume

    Oompa Loompa, doopety-doo, we have a perfect puzzle for you, Oompa Loompa doopety-duss, if you are wise you’ll listen to us!Okay, we’ll knock off that rhyming stuff, because we’re not really employees of Willy Wonka’s infamous chocolate factory (or house of candy horrors depending on who you talk to). Just because we don’t work there doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion about it. We’ve seen the movies. We know what happens there. Kids falling into chocolate rivers. Girls becoming blueberries. Soda that makes you float into fan blades and your assumed demise. In other words, it’s a headline waiting to happen. That headline? “MOST AMAZING PLACE IN THE WORLD ALSO HAS COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE!”Kids have unique ambitions when they’re young, and working at the world’s biggest candy wonderland is probably one of them. These are good goals in our opinion. There are far worse things than that. But if he’s going to get started down this new career path, he needs the right look. This child Oompa Loompa costume is exactly what he needs to get noticed by the purple-suited man himself, Willy Wonka. Well, actually, he’ll look exactly like all the other Oompa Loompa’s, but what he lacks in visual individuality he’ll make up for with intense, unbridled enthusiasm for sugar. When the day comes and he slaps that application down on the front desk we just know he’s going to get that job.

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  • Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    So your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider. And, as if that weren‚Äôt bad enough, it appears that they‚Äôve also taken to scaling large buildings and jumping from rooftop to rooftop in their spare time. We understand your concern! It‚Äôs hard not to have a heart attack when they‚Äôre swinging through the air on a gossamer string, performing daredevil flips and spins in their quest to catch the bad guys.But at least they‚Äôre doing something constructive with all that energy, though, right? Sure, you probably would have preferred that they take up soccer or watercolor painting instead – you know, something on the ground and preferably stationary – but if there‚Äôs one thing we know about our kids, it‚Äôs that there‚Äôs just no holding them back when they finally figure out who – and what – they really wanna be!Thus, we’d like to suggest that you support them in their new-found agility by giving them this Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume! Based on the Ultimate Marvel Spider-Man Comic book, it’ll help your little buddy look just like the real thing! Made from 100% polyester fabric & fiberfill stuffing, the jumpsuit fastens with Velcro at the center of the back, and the soft-sculpted fiberfill padding in chest and shoulders gives the costume a muscular look. The printed spiderweb design and spider on chest will ignite your little acrobat’s imagination, and the hood has mesh-covered eye openings to help them see when they’re scaling up those skyscrapers. So take a note from the book of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben and Aunt Ben…give your spider kid permission to climb, and they’ll soar!

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  • Child Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

    Child Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

    Let‚Äôs face it: it is not always easy being the ‚Äúbaby‚Äù of the family. You get all your big brother‚Äôs hand me downs, from t-shirts to bed sheets to books to curfews. It could be easy, if you‚Äôre not careful, for your littlest dude to start feeling like second fiddle. So this Halloween, let your youngest feel like the one and only king for a day–king of the dinosaurs, that is–in this Child Jurassic World T-Rex Costume, an officially licensed look taken directly from the blockbuster film! Not only will he a get an all-new, all-to-himself full body costume, but he will get to be the ‚Äúit‚Äù dinosaur on the block. He‚Äôs going to totally flip when he tries this jumpsuit on–the tail, the mask, even the really realistic looking dinosaur feet shoe covers! And no one else in the family (or the world, for that matter) wore it before your little guy. THAT is going to make him roar with glee.Which is better than a T-rex roaring with anger. Or hunger, for that matter. No matter. Your youngest will be so grateful for the extra costume TLC, he may even forget to, say, kill Indominus Rex and wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Just don‚Äôt let any of the neighborhood kids wear those sneakers that light up around him. It could spark his ancient animal instinct and set him on a chase. Best serve dinner a bit on the rare tonight, because you‚Äôre bound to be dining with one happy dino!

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  • Child The Hulk Avengers 2 Costume

    Child The Hulk Avengers 2 Costume

    Is your kiddo ready to SMASH!! Great! Then we’ve got the perfect costume for him. Feast your eyes on this awesome Hulk Costume. Based off the MCU’s Avengers 2 version of everybody’s favorite mean, green, fighting machine, this costume is something fierce. Move aside Bruce Banner, there’s a new Hulk in town and he’s stronger than ever. Loki and his alien army won’t stand a chance against your kiddo once his transformation is complete. Ultron and his robotic horde will be running for the hills as soon as they lay eyes on your not so jolly green giant. Did you know the Hulk’s power is basically unlimited? The more he fights the stronger he gets and the more stamina he gains! So when your soon-to-be hero is dressed up in this awesome Hulk Costume he can be sure that as long as he keeps trying, the closer to victory he will be, in anything he’s doing. Whether he’s trying to collect more candy than any other kid on the block or simply save the world, as long as he’s wearing this costume and giving it his best shot, he will succeed.Don’t worry about having to give your Avenger trainee a makeover to match his green jumpsuit. This costume comes with an amazing molded mask with the details that capture the intensity of the Hulk’s face in mid-battle. With this costume and mask combo, your kiddo is bound to have a super Halloween! Just make sure none of the other children make your little green ball of fury angry… they won’t like him when he’s angry.

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  • Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Rexy the T-RexRexy has been the star of the Jurassic Park franchise for over 25 years. She first wowed audiences in 1993 and now she’s still a part of the new Jurassic World franchise in the 2010s. There have been lots of plot points over the course of all the movies, but for us, it really boils down to one thing. It’s really all about the mighty T-Rex! Yes, it really has been same T-Rex starring in all those films. So we’re thinking, it’s about time she got an understudy. Do you have a candidate? No, we’re not talking about having some T-Rex eggs tucked away in the basement, ready to hatch. We think we should get someone suited up to be the next dinosaur star of the franchise!We would, of course, suggest choosing your own kid. When you get them suited up in our Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume for toddlers! It’s officially licensed from the latest Jurassic movie, Jurassic World 2, and it has the dino details that we all know so well. In fact, the only thing it needs is a kid with a great dino roar!Costume DetailsThis costume is styled as a jumpsuit, and it’s fully printed with dino detail, even including a Jurassic World logo on the side. A tail is attached in the back and it’s stuffed with fiberfill. Boot covers are attached, and they fit right over your child’s shoes to make them look like T-Rex feet. All you need to do to complete the effect is to secure the T-Rex headpiece. It fits with hook & loop fastener beneath the chin, and it has soft-sculpted dinosaur face that sits on top of the head!Jurassic roarsChoose this T-Rex costume for toddlers, and we’re sure your little one will be ready to roar. Be sure to check out all of our Jurassic World costumes to find other styles for kids of all ages!

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  • Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume

    Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume

    A brand new addition to your familyAh, so you’ve got a brand new addition to your family. And it didn’t come home in a typical way! That’s right. When you were looking to expand your family, you just booked a flight to Isla Nublar to stop by Jurassic World. And that’s where you visiting the laboratory of Dr. Henry Wu, the masterful dinosaur geneticist, and you had a little chat with him. Well, it wasn’t long after that you returned home with something very, very special. A dinosaur egg. And now that egg has hatched, and you’ve got a mini little T-Rex! Okay, we realize that this is quite a fantastic story, but you can adopt it as your own narrative when you get this Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume for Infants. That’s because we’re gonna turn your kiddo into a baby T-Rex, freshly hatched!Product DetailsThis Infant Jurassic World 2 Hatching T-Rex Costume is styled as a cute little jumpsuit. It’s printed with a reptile print, design, and it has an attached “eggshell” section around the hips. It secures with a hook and loop fastener in the shoulder and in the inseam, has elastic bands at the wrists and ankles, and the tail is stuffable. It also comes with an oversized plush headpiece hood that features facial details. It’s everything you need to get your little dino crawling!Officially licensedThis costume is, of course, officially licensed from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. But it works great for any kind of Dinosaur fun! Ma and Pa could dress up as Claire and Owen with a dino baby when you dress your infant up in this costume. Or you could even dress as Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler carrying around a baby T-Rex! Get your whole family suited up with our costumes, and it’s sure to be Jurassic sized fun!

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  • Womens Sweet Alice Costume

    Womens Sweet Alice Costume

    Ready for the Wonder FallThe daily commute. Pleasantries exchanged over stale coffee. Boring afternoon meetings. Dinners made in thirty minutes or less. Watching sitcoms on the couch. Wouldn’t it be nice to inject a little wonder into your life? What if, instead of working for the man, you followed the white rabbit? Your journey to Wonderland doesn’t have to be forever. Your adventure can just be for an evening. But who knows what you’ll see when you’re looking out from Alice’s perspective? From mad tea parties to playing a dangerous game of croquet with the Red Queen, your version of Alice is sure to take Wonderland by force!Details & DesignWith bright and poppy colors and a flattering fit, this Made by Us Alice costume will always stand apart from the crowd. Our in-house designers took the original Alice in Wonderland dress and added a little rockabilly twist for an extra dose of fun. The top’s collar clasps at the front and has a daring keyhole neckline. An apron ties in a large bow at the back. While a petticoat will give the skirt extra pop, the flared design has plenty of twirl factor. Little details like the ruffles on the shoulders and rickrack trim make this dress a total treat to wear. A Whole Lot of CharacterThis costume doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween parties! Wear this high-quality costume again for a themed party. If you’re looking to head down the rabbit hole with a group of friends, they’ve got a lot of options when it comes to Wonderland characters. Your regal friend can choose her favorite version of our Made by Us Queen of Hearts costume. Or the wild card in your group can choose one our Mad Hatter looks. Just remember to stop and smell the singing roses. They really know how to spill the Wonderland tea. 

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  • Girls Zombie Queen Costume

    Girls Zombie Queen Costume

    SHE’S DYING TO WIN…It’s off to prom, but first, it’s customary to go to a friend’s house (whoever has the biggest, greenest lawn) and take customary prom pictures. You know the ones we’re talking about. Everyone lines up next to their dates, corsages and boutonnieres are exchanged, before everyone’s moms and dads snap pictures on their smartphones. Then it’s off to prom where dancing, snacking (on brains), and partying will take place, not to mention, the crowning of the prom queen. You’re dying to win, even though you’re already dead (well, undead), but zombie teens have dreams too and you’re determined to win the crown. And if you don’t? No biggie, you’ll just eat the girl who does. The girl’s zombie queen costume transforms the living into the undead. It also changes a regular student into high-school royalty. Sit down with your date to enjoy a plate of flesh strips (they taste similar to chicken strips) with your date, then flaunt those “Thriller” dance moves on the dance floor with all your friends and don’t forget to show off that crown. You earned it!                     PRODUCT DETAILSThe girl’s zombie queen costume is a Made by Us design, meaning it’s created by our talented design team and formed from high-quality fabric and materials. The sleeveless dress is a girly shade of pink with a silver braided band around the waist and a matching one around the neck. The dress is tattered, features holes, blood spatter, and a jagged hemline. A faux-gem-encrusted crown, a sash reading “rot queen,” and a pair of bloody gloves are also included.       GLITZ, GLAMOUR, AND GUTSThis is a complete costume, but adding a pair of bloody zombie tights will keep exposed legs warm and a zombie makeup kit will create a scarier, undead appearance.

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  • Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

    Cool with the CrewIt’s not always easy to rise to the top of the popularity scale on a pirate ship. Pirates are famously ornery. Maybe it’s the sun, salt water, or having to eat hard tack for every meal but it doesn’t take much to get on their list. You make one too many peg leg jokes and One-legged Jack will have you standing on the plank by the end of the week. But if you’re too goody-goody it might be a problem as well. You can’t be using a napkin, fork, and knife when you’re eating your grease grits and salt pork. But this salty pirate knows how to walk the line. She’s sassy with the people that like her to be sassy. She’s nice to the cook, polite to the captain. She just knows how to get all her shipmates to like her but you could probably tell that from her outfit, right?Details & DesignThis Made by Us pirate costume is a lot of fun with sassy stripes, elegant flowing sleeves, and just the right amount of ruffles. The featured pants are high waisted to complement your midriff top just right. The high-waisted pants have an elastic waist to help them fit just right. Our designers also created a gold trimmed midriff top with a scooped ruffled blouse neckline. It’s paired with faux leather cuffs that fit on your upper arms and are bedecked with gorgeous flowing ivory sleeves. Star on StarboardWant to make your pirate costume as unique as you are? You have so many options when it comes to accessorizing. Keep it tough with an eye patch, sword, or even a few scars. Feel fabulous with jewelry, a scarf, or even a gorgeous feather-trimmed captain’s hat. Make it what you want it, this pirate costume commandeer everyone’s attention! 

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  • Pretty Purple Mermaid Child's Costume

    Pretty Purple Mermaid Child’s Costume

    Princess of PretendDoes your child know how to dive into a game of pretend like no other? When it comes to creative kids what we see and hear is just the tip of the iceberg. The real action is happening in her mind. Sure, she might be playing mermaid, but where is this mermaid from? You might assume that she’s cove-dwelling, hair-brushing mermaid but maybe not. Maybe her mermaid character lives in a mountain lake and hangs out with unicorns on sunny days. Perhaps she lives in a river in the Amazon, battling Piranas and sleeping in the golden waters of El Dorado. You’ll never get to know all the intricacies that go into your kid’s imaginings but at least you can get more of a hint when you dress your little one in this gorgeous mermaid costume!Details & DesignIt’s easy for others to believe your kiddo’s mermaid origins when she shows up to costumed events in this sparkly ensemble. Designed by our mermaid-loving creative team, this exclusive dress has a shimmery opaque mid-drift and sequined shells making up the bodice. lightweight purple material creates a fashionable illusion neckline as well as long sleeves that slip over the middle finger for a princess cut. The mermaid tail is rich with scale-shaped sequins while tulle flares out in gorgeous tiers to create the fins. Secured with hook and loop fastener strips down the back, diving into this mermaid look is a breeze!Riding the WaveWhile this costume is wonderful for Halloween events and themed parties, you might find your kiddo lounging in this costume while singing to herself in her room. Do not be alarmed. This is simply her leveling up in her games of pretend. Sparkly costumes will do that to a kid. Who knows what underwater treasures your little mermaid will find in her magical musings!

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  • Deluxe IT Pennywise Costume

    Deluxe IT Pennywise Costume

    Why is it that even though all clowns want to do is spread fun and silliness to children everywhere, they are usually seen as horrifying? Oh, right, probably because of this guy! We know Pennywise isn’t really a clown. It’s a mind-reading monster that becomes what you fear most before attacking you, but that just means kids were already crazy-scared of clowns before Pennywise even showed up! Actually, the condition is known as Coulrophobia, which kinda sounds more terrifying than clowns themselves, and there are a bunch of theories for what causes it. Like maybe you saw a particularly bad clown when you were a kid and it turned you off to the whole thing forever, or maybe you just don’t dig clowns and there is no reason! But one thing that is pretty consistent is that if you want to make anything extra-creepy, throwing a clown into the mix is going to do it. So if you are going to a costume party (or the annoying neighbor kid’s birthday party) and you really want to make a lasting impression, this Deluxe Pennywise Costume is going to help you pull it off! Modeled after the classic killer clown from Stephen King’s “It”, this one-piece clown costume has all the hallmarks of a silly, fun-loving clown, like bright colors and fluffy pom-poms. But then the included creepy clown mask will have your friends’ skin crawling faster than you can say “You’ll float, too!” We recommend bringing balloons to hand out as keepsakes to the other party goers so they can remember all of the fun you spread!

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  • Men's Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    When it comes to enviable occupations, there are really only two that come to mind… writing about costumes (obviously), and owning and operating our very own chocolate factory (duh!).Since we already do that first great job, we like to imagine all of the possibilities of the second; the new candy discoveries just waiting to be dreamt up! Everlasting treats that never fade, jelly beans that don’t make your mouth turn bright awful colors, and taffy that can be stretched around the equator if need be. Only a true genius could come up with such things and make them a reality for millions of happy children around the globe. We could be heroes to all of humanity! Not to mention all of the taste testing that inevitably comes with the gig.Since we’re already tied up here, we think you look mighty ready to get your candy career started. But, you could look a whole lot more ready by emulating the sugar king himself, Willy Wonka. That’s why you need this Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka costume. It looks just like the one worn by Gene Wilder in the film classic, with its long purple coat, frilly shirt front, gold bow tie, and even his signature brown top hat. Now all you need to do is somehow gain access to a world class factory, contract a premium sugar supplier, and find some workers who have some mad rhyming skills and then you’ll be all set. Send us some samples, OK?

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  • Adult Katniss Catching Fire Costume

    Adult Katniss Catching Fire Costume

    All right, you did this once and you can do it again! Enter the arena knowing that you will survive and bring yourself and Peeta back to District 12. The Third Quarter Quell was meant to defeat you, but you’ll show President Snow that your flame can’t be extinguished. Step into the arena feeling tenacious in your new jumpsuit designed by the one and only Cinna. Okay, we know that we don’t live in a dystopian society (yet…haha), so you can wear this Katniss Catching Fire Costume if you’re just stepping out to go to a party. Bring your bow and arrow, but you won’t need them because your looks alone could kill!

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  • WWE Finn Balor Boy's Deluxe Costume

    WWE Finn Balor Boy’s Deluxe Costume

    This is a WWE Finn Balor Boy’s Deluxe Costume.

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